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Hey everyone!

There’s a yearly webcomics battle going on right now. There’s too many to read all at once, so the best option is to just read whatever’s opposite something you want to vote for. (It requires facebook to vote but doesn’t seem to care how old the account is, so if that’s an issue you can easily make a dummy account. Or, if your favorite webcomic is losing, a few dozen.)

Anyway, since that’s on we’re going to have a recs post now. Webcomics are free in every way except time, so these range from those I absolutely love to those I found enjoyable enough.

Mortal Engines

 photo Mortal_engines.jpg photo 1280709.jpg photo predator-cities-1-mortal-engines-philip-reeve-paperback-cover-art.jpg photo engines.jpg

Writing-wise, this is a children’s book, not YA. It’s simple but quite serviceable writing and has a really gonzo setting. The characters are kind of simple, but are pretty good, particularly the part where the female ones exist. My biggest issue with it is it doesn’t spend enough time engaging with the setting and it gives the wrong amount of info about it, but it still does surprisingly well there.


I’ve been curious about Maleficent ever since it was the only trailer I saw to involve only female characters. I was also hoping it’d be full of special effects. Beyond that, I wasn’t expecting much, and the few snippets I saw of people talking about it were saying stuff how her backstory would be a woman scorned thing. Then when I looked up the movie to see it, I found it had a 50% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

I was pleasantly surprised by what I actually saw. (more…)

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