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Other zombie fiction – I am a Hero

So. Speaking of zombie fiction, I just read a zombie manga, I am a Hero that’s surprisingly well constructed. One of my issues with zombie fiction is people failing to take into account how zombies function. They might learn some factoid (like the popular “zombies are attracted to noise”) and there might be a scenario where people even use that to their advantage, but then they forget about it again. Here, people seem to learn and carry forward those lessons. Also, these zombies are actually a lot less predictable than the standard ones, so they’re far harder to deal with.

In Clothes Called Fat

This single-volume manga by Moyoko Anno is the story of a woman with an eating disorder that was absolutely incredible, but also very, very difficult to read. Huge, huge trigger warning for eating disorders — it actually messed me up for a few days. But if you can get through it, I think it’s a very important work. This may be kind of disjointed, because it’s a bit hard for me to talk about, but more people should read this book.

Huge TW for this post as well.


Sugar Sugar Rune

Anno Moyoco has quickly become one of my favorite mangaka. Sugar Sugar Rune is her shoujo series, and while not anywhere near as serious as works like Sakuran and In Clothes Called Fat, it has the kind of messages I’d expect from her having read her josei works. SSR is big on critiquing femininity but manages to do so without throwing women under the bus, which is really great. It’s also something of a reverse-harem setup, which is extremely rare. The plotting and worldbuilding flounder at the end, but if you like shoujo or have a girl who you think would be into manga, this is an excellent starting point.


Buffalo 5 Girls and Memoirs of Amorous Gentlemen

Buffalo 5 Girls and Memoirs of Amorous Gentlemen are two in-progress works by Anno Moyoco, each about ten chapters right now. Both tackle prostitution, sexual violence and slavery, and the challenges of loving men in a patriarchal world.

I’m generally not a fan of christening things “feminist” or “not feminist” — it’s rarely so simple, the world can’t be neatly arranged into good and bad categories, and arguing about whether or not an author/work belongs in the Club virtually always comes at the expense of actual thematic discussion and analysis.

That said, if you’re looking for manga with strong feminist themes, I haven’t encountered anything quite like Anno’s work. Add her gorgeous art on top of it and she’s easily my favorite mangaka right now.

(Both of these works are on Crunchyroll, and if anyone would like my login info to read them/watch shit just let me know.)


QuickRecs: Gender and Sexuality Manga Edition

So last year, aka the Abyss Stares Back 2017 Fuckstravaganza, I had originally intended to do a post about yuri manga aimed at women, since popular yuri is a complete minefield of lesbian porn for dudebros and then maybe once in a while an actual story about lesbians aimed at the people it’s about. The post got lost when my life went to shit, but I mentioned it in passing to Keleri the other day and thought, hmm, I should go back to that, and then I read The Bride Was a Boy which was so delightful I had to post about it, so it was re-born as this!

A semi-important note: a bunch of these I read over a year ago, so while you’re 100% welcome to make “How could you rec this when on page 5 situation X is super problematic etc etc” comments, the honest answer is that I probably just forgot about that and remembered the parts I liked. Please make those comments if you feel the need because they’re useful, but I likely won’t be able to meaningfully respond. D:

Anyway. Inside: Love My Life, Blue, The Bride Was a Boy, My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness, My Brother’s Husband


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