I am a Hero Ch188-190

Is pretty awesome. If you aren’t reading this, you really should. Here’s a bit of the latest translated volume.

Watch the girl and see if you can figure out what’s happening.

















  1. Socordya says:
    I had forgotten to check for updates on this manga, thanks for the reminder!
  2. Roarke says:
    I live for sentient zombies, goddamn I have to check this out.

    edit: Also that Italian guy is so mega-chill haha that’s my favorite type of character in a horror setting.

  3. Emmannuel Alexandre says:
    I totally fell into this trap…
  4. Septentrion Euchoreutes says:
    English translator messed up left from right. I did not noticed the translation bit. I guess zombies have universal translator? I was suspicious at food though, although it was more literary thinking there.
  5. Kaze says:
    I’ve never found a good sentient zombie manga before. I’m intrigued.
    1. Roarke says:
      Oh, you should read Cradle of Monsters. It’s reeeeeeallly good.
      1. Kaze says:
        Not quite the sentient zombies I was thinking of but you’re right, Cradle of Monsters is fantastic.
  6. Dorne says:
    I find multi-lingual fiction intriguing… If I only knew more than one language…
  7. Emmannuel Alexandre says:
    Those hive things reminded me of a Castlevania Boss: Legion or Granfalloon
  8. Dorne says:
    That girl… I wonder..

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