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Pokemon Moon Day 42

So you’ve completed all four of your grand trials. Then go forth to the Pokemon League.

I just want to say, yet again, how utterly disgusted I am by your callous discard of your culture in favor of me-tooing the mainlands’ system. This whole game has been people talking about their glorious traditions and yet when one idiot suggests dumping that all no one else pushes back? (more…)

Dresden Files Grave Peril Ch20

Well, first I mislaid the game and then I left the notes on the wrong computer, so here we are again!

Last time, instead of properly warning either Michael or Murphy, Harry rushes off to save Murphy and gets there too late, so off he goes to try to save Michael.

Now, previously, Harry visited Micky (it seems like M is a cursed letter this book) and gone on about their wonderfully homey home. Now he’s doing the same thing about Michael’s place, which is a chunk of suburbia with, yes, white picket fences, plopped into Chicago. (more…)

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