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Dresden Files Summer Knight Ch5 Part Three

Ah, the ides of January. Let’s check in on these idiots.

The Merlin’s evil anti-Harry plan is accurately pointing out that they need a full Senior Council even more now that the wolves are at the gate.

“Let me guess,” I whispered. “He wants to fill the opening on the Senior Council so that he’ll be able to control the vote?”

I’m pretty sure he wants to fill the opening because the previous guy is dead and the wolves are at the gate, Harry. (more…)

NaRe 2020 Day 11

A fic engaging with pokemon treatment and ethics! Also, Ash and girls, but one of them is weird because the girl’s side of things is the actual story and yet for some reason the narrative keeps drifting over to Ash doing nothing of note. And yet another PMD fic with a quiz that accidentally brushes up again the possibility of doing something interesting with it.



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