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[25] The Other Pokereviews, Part 34

Nicely varied crop today. There’s a grimdark war story that’s currently nothing but a hilariously overdetailed summary, as well as some idiot who thought crowdsourcing whether or not pokemon could talk was a wise idea. Also a good-ish story about the Alola PC freaking out at the nihilego’s similarity to Lillie, though it seems to have mixed up cause and effect. Also also a Team Plasma story, but no idea where that’s going.


[25] The Other Pokereviews, Part 33

Today we have a high school AU that felt the need to specify characters’ EV values but not how a quadruped can use a toothbrush, an edgy grimdark story about all of America (literally, the landmass) being teleported into the the pokeworld, and a humanized pokemon story that thought a humanized gardevoir was a better vehicle for addressing toxic masculinity than a just plain human character. Is it just me or is this batch weirder than normal?


Pokeauthors Special Spotlight: Reducto ad Absurdum Edition

We jump ahead to the recent past. In February I reviewed this non-fic and the results were simply amazing. The author blocked me so I lost my own responses, but they’re impressive anyway.


Non-stories are banned on this site. This belongs elsewhere.


Pokereviews Day ??? Romance Finale

So while, as usual, I got sick of doing the romance side of things pretty quick, this year I pawned it off on somebody else! And because now somebody else was going to see them, and because I knew that genre labeling on FFN is rather inconsistent, I said to send back any fics that might be interesting so I could review them in the end.

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