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Another SYOC Horrorshow: “PoKeMoN: DEMON AND ANGEL”

So as you may or may not know, I’ve gotten a bit more up-front with my SYOC reviews: I give a warning about the risks of SYOC and link to the thread, and only submit a character if this doesn’t get me blocked. Back in August, I did this to one SYOC and discovered the author was the most immature manchild I have ever encountered. But in a twist, they actually liked my character, and vowed that they would prove me wrong about SYOC being doomed to failure.

The story is now gone without a trace, but the PM trail is still a worthwhile story in itself.


[25] The Other Pokereviews, Part 72

A weird story where pokemon lose their powers and are despised by the human populace for no conceivable reason; a well-written story from a pokemon’s perspective about how poaching is very wrong and totally different from training; and a decently-written Giratina character study that, unfortunately, tries to explain a particularly nonsensical game mechanic. It does not succeed.

The anime fic has not ended. The anime fic shall never end. If FFN wasn’t run by ghosts, I would seriously consider starting a letter-writing campaign.


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