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[25] The Other Pokereviews, Part 55

“[Hilda] was […] always kind to strangers and making sure her Pokemon wanted to travel with her and battle on her behalf.” An N shipping fic that actually brings up the pokemon treatment issue, but obviously doesn’t go far enough. We also got another one of those totally realistic technobabble fics, and a hilariously over-the-top sue.


[25] The Other Pokereviews, Part 52

Today we’ve got a fic about N that just ends up being generic grimdark, a grimdark fic where humans are enslaved by very human-like pokemon, and a terrible pokephilia thing with a hardboiled noir teenager.

Also, by popular demand, I have now created a copypasta on why OT fics are bad and the author should feel bad. You’re welcome!


[25] The Other Pokereviews, Part 42

Featuring one of those “realistic” fics that spends ages explaining how the Australian military chose to genetically engineer an umbreon as an infiltrator because big cats are stealthy.

Also, “In the city of Rustboro, society is changing alarmingly. Humans and Pokémon walk in the same streets and drink at the same bars. Poké Ball sales are at an all-time low. Some Pokémon are even joining the city’s politicians. Matters are not helped, however, by the rise of a new terrorist Team, hell-bent on fully integrating Pokémon into human society…”


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