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  • I exit the room where I have been so cruelly prevented from using a simple teleporter. I attempt to slide sideways around the event flag, but I only get partway along the house before it triggers anyway.

    Lillie […]

    • I’m really disappointed by how little Lillie and Gladion interact after all that. And Gladion’s only reaction is “yeah sorry I guess but I don’t feel like helping you so I’m going to just leave you again”, like, what? Take some responsibility, dude!

  • “As for it not being Pokémon. That was the first chapter, and it says in the description this is about a high school that these Pokémon are attending. It obviously isn’t going to follow the game or the show. It i […]

  • Today we have a high school AU that felt the need to specify characters’ EV values but not how a quadruped can use a toothbrush, an edgy grimdark story about all of America (literally, the landmass) being […]

    • That America one seemed like something I would read. Was it the Americas, North America or just Anglo America like the title suggests. I’m certain that having only a town teleport like in 1632 would be a better authorial choice.

  • And now, at the center, it’s Skull friends!

    Gladion, in a move all protagonists should take note of, just puts his head down and runs past instead of going through all that nonsense about eyes meeting.

    Hau: […]

    • Gladion: We might be able to reach other worlds if we had Alola’s Legendary Pokemon on our side. The people of Alola worship it, but i don’t know if it’s even real…


      And assuming it is survivable…why would leaving her be bad? She’s evidently obsessed with them, so she’s unhappy unless she and they are in the same world. If bringing them to our world is catastrophic, why not just let her go live in theirs?

      I know, right? This confused me so much. She isn’t worth this! Just let the crazy person quarantine herself!

    • Roarke replied 3 days ago

      Which, admittedly, is actually kind of a weak point of the plot here. Lillie and Gladion trying to survive without a chosen one superpower blundering into this and smashing the problems apart is a much more engaging story.This is the part I always find funny about the ‘main plot’ of Pokémon games. It’s so tangential to the actual game that your character can come off as just a random spanner that had an even chance of just never getting involved if someone hadn’t picked the wrong fight at the wrong time.It’s really sad to have villains get defeated just for being in the way.Kinda reminds me of Kazuo Kiriyama somehow? Something about you wishing he’d gone on a rampage against the government instead of the other kids, despite him personally not giving a shit.And he walks right through through the mess of kids, because apparently nobody but Bonnibel understands using pokemon to stop people. Maybe we’re meant to assume that while we were dealing with Lusamine, Hau got his ass handed to him on a platter.Whenever there’s more than one fight going on in the endgame, the heroes are contractually obliged to lose at least one. Hau is a fitting sacrifice.

      • This is the part I always find funny about the ‘main plot’ of Pokémon games. It’s so tangential to the actual game that your character can come off as just a random spanner that had an even chance of just never getting involved if someone hadn’t picked the wrong fight at the wrong time.

        The reason for it is the whole “blank protagonist” deal the games are going for, which gave us dittochild here.

        The issue here is that it’s evident by now that the devs really want to do stories with, you know, engaging characters and character development and arcs and shit like that, but the blank protagonist serving as an audience surrogate is detrimental to that goal. Dittochild can’t be allowed to have a strongly defined character and personal stakes in the conflict because it would get in the way of gamers projecting themselves onto the protagonist, which drastically limits what you can do with such a character narrative-wise.

        Hence the emphasis on NPCs’ stories Farla complained about back in Black, which is resurfacing now.

        Though, admittedly, Lillie or Gladion intentionally finding a psychotic dittochild barely pretending to be human and aiming her at their enemies would make for a neat story.

        On completely unrelated note, I’m finally able to play Torment. It’s pretty cool, though I dislike certain design decisions like a harsh limit on party size and that inactive party members don’t get any XP.

        On the plus side, I play as a nano, and I have ALL the lore skills, all of them. Most of them are off the scale by now thanks to a great item and an ability. And despite not having a single point in social skills, I’m still talking circles around everyone because it’s all Intellect rolls, and I’ve invested two edges in it. Effort system is kinda borked outside of fights, actually.

        • *Stuff about Torment*
          You and I need to have a long chat about this game later. I finished it, aye, and as a nano, because Scan Thoughts is amazing. I finished the game with like 5 Intellect Edge and 18 max pool, so I never ever failed an Intellect check (or any other check honestly). I feel like there needs to be more combat interspersed through the game, and fewer opportunities/greater cost to resting, to force you to wring yourself dry and start failing checks.
          The three best companions imo are Rhin, Erritis, and Matkina. In that order. Rhin especially is such a good companion despite being so statistically underwhelming. Patrick Rothfuss of the “Maxed-Out Character Sheet” Kvothe fame wrote her. Delicious irony.

          • I’m just done with the first town and everything in it. Has an Intellect pool of 19, actually, though I basically didn’;t bother to rise the other two manually at all, there are plenty of opportunities to rise them for free.

            Agree on Rhin (anyone who’s called a variation of Rin is bound to be cool. It’s the law) and Erritis, though I also like Cal (whatever’s her full name, one of the first party members) because I have a thing for arrogant researchers who venture beyond reason.

            Didn’t see much of Matkina yet.

            Rhin actually makes a decent healer if you invest in the appropriate skill and buy the healing ability for her, plus there is a unique item you can get from the Order of Truth that’s only usable by her and increases cypher limit (plus she can buy Resourceful, IIRC), so you can make her the character with all of the bombs. Hiding also helps her avoid being targeted.

            Overall, while she’s definitely weaker than other characters and starts with lower experience than pretty much anyone, she’s still useful.

            Patrick Rothfuss of the “Maxed-Out Character Sheet” Kvothe fame wrote her.

            Seriously? Well, that’s really unexpected. I pegged him as a hack who can’t do decent characterization if his life depended on it.

            As for resting, the first town actually does have a reason to postpone rest since Cliff’s Edge keeps falling apart, which may potentially deprive you from a quest, and that guy could be executed if you take too long. Plus the serial killer quest, which I think requires Matkina to complete, so if you pick it up early, you’re kinda fucked when rest is concerning, considering the troubles of getting to her.

            Not sure I approve of this way of limiting rest, but it did lead to be depleting my Speed and Intellect pools (Might is basically useless most of the time) and running around dry, so it does work.

            Now, as to combat, yeah, it’s clearly not the heart of the game. I don’t actually mind that much since the game is clearly about exploration, but it would be nice to get into a few more confrontations without the burden of knowing there are superior alternatives around.

            (Then again, some fights pay off better. The first fight actually rewards you with more XP for winning it than avoiding it, plus loot, and you can still spare the main guy for future quests.)

            Also, do you know if there is a level cap and what it is? I’ve heard you can only go up to fourth tier, is it true? Thinking about varying my team to bring everyone up to snuff if it’s possible.

            • Roarke replied 2 days ago

              The level cap is filling out the fourth tier, yeah. The Last Castoff is all but guaranteed to hit it. You can afford to swap folks out and still have them be semi-useful, but Rhin IIRC cannot be swapped at all. Also, I know Rhin is good as a cypher monkey. I just mean statistically, she’s fairly weak.
              Having varied pools will help you a bit in later parts of the game, but much of the time it’s fine to specialize.
              You can cheese a lot of stuff just by specializing yourself in Intellect pool/edge, Erritis/Aligern in Might, and Matkina in Speed. You’ll reach the point where a minimal investment will succeed a very difficult check.
              Not sure I approve of this way of limiting rest, but it did lead to be depleting my Speed and Intellect pools (Might is basically useless most of the time) and running around dry, so it does work.
              Time-sensitive quests is a nice way to limit rest, in my opinion, but it’s still too easy. My only problem was there was no warning that resting caused changes/events until Fulsome’s lackey started waking you up for new murders.
              Of course, I played Sagus Cliffs during the beta, so this time I perfectly did everything time-sensitive before resting once.


  • “Still don’t care. Bug odd.”

    Thank you.
    1h agoJoetheknight406
    A response to your review at

    Thank you, this was very informative. As for the part about not […]

  • Lots of people who don’t understand how to tag their story as anime-related.

    This belongs in the Anime category. Find your story under “Manage Stories” and select it from the dropdown menu in the “Category” […]

    • Shared cultural context, like you said. Most of these writers are from Christian-dominated cultures and use Christian expressions, so it’s easier to just use the terms even if they might not make literal sense in a fantasy setting.

      (In my recent fic which incidentally Farla you can read now, I played with this by having Gladion — a white blond kid and therefore presumably a mainland American — use “God”, but having Hau use “the gods” when repeating the same phrase to reflect the fact that Alola has the only confirmed polytheistic religion in the franchise.)

    • I believe it is relatively new, yes.

    • It’s mostly about swear words and the least effort. The complaint exist in the context of authors replacing “god” in such constructions as “goddamned,” “oh my God” and so on with a pokemon name, which just reads really awkward (a similar phenomenon exist in fandoms for stories – mostly anime – set in Japan where characters swear “kami damn it,” which… is not really a thing you are likely to hear from actual Shinto followers).
      The argument here is that if you really want to use religion-themed swears, it’s OK to assume that cultural context necessary for their existence (in this case, a religion similar to Christianity in a sense that people believe in one God and swear by the word “god”) is present in the setting.
      Of course, if your goal is actual world-building, you can do whatever you like. Weird cults worshipping gods that are yet to be born, quasi-gnostics convinced they’re a part of divine entity fractured and trapped in the material world, a death cult convinced that we’re all dead and need to die again to be reborn, whatever would make for an interesting story and can more or less plausibly exist in the setting.
      In such cases, however, you should use more general swear words that won’t force you to mutilate the language.


  • I got into Adventure Time about a year ago. It was billed as a spiritual predecessor to Steven Universe, so I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. The quality is pretty haphazard – individual episodes can b […]

  • Gladion: …All right. Let’s go.

    We sink down with Faba smirking at us.

    Gladion: …Everything looks the same. I guess it’s only been two years, though.

    Hau, either oblivious or having picked up that […]

    • Weird that it’s tied to memories.

      Oh, I think this is a translation goof. When you actually get the memories you’ll see they look like disk drives, so I’m pretty sure they mean like computer memory. Null looks like it has cyborg parts, so presumably it’s reading some program that triggers some change in the rest of its body.

      Plus, it’d connect neatly with the bit about eighteen memories/type changes when normal-type Arceus only has seventeen plates.

      I was about to say this is because the Pixie Plate brought it up to eighteen but actually no, it is 17. That is a weird inconsistency.


  • Well, I’ve beaten the boss of graffiti town and he’s run off somewhere new, and there’s no police force so it’s not like him being gone means anything else here changes.

    I head out. That old guy is there […]

  • Bonnibel is still refusing to just walk over the fence. Fine, Bonnibel, be that way. Apparently there’s an area off the red meadow, we’ll go there.

    There’s a bridge, and water, and some guy staring into […]

  • “Thank you for the help. I really do appreciate it but, this is fanfiction. A place where I can write about anything.”

    I’m very sorry
    1h agoSomeRandomFanficWriter
    A response to your review at […]

  • [Red is tired of people treating Pokemon with such disrespect.]

    Yet he still believes pokemon aren’t people, apparently.

    [Please point out any errors. I will fix them immediately, and it will improve […]

  • I decide to make another foray into capturing before continuing.

    I nab trubbish, who apparently hang out in the grass around the waste facility that doesn’t use them, and then realize I still don’t have a […]

    • The Zygarde stuff felt so tacked-on to me in this game. I imagine they felt they had to stuff it in there since they’re not doing Pokémon Z, but it has nothing to do with anything.

      …or did you guys just throw them into the ocean while crying to sad music.

      Headcanon accepted.

      • Why DIDN’T they make Pokemon Z? It’s a conspicuous absence. Is there a particular reason or does nobody know?

        • No official word, as far as I’m aware.

        • Best guess is that the 3DS game structure has lengthened development time/increased costs to the point where it’s not cost-effective anymore to make that 3rd version.

 Crystal, Emerald, and Platinum all sold less than half the copies of their preceding versions, but BW2 sold a little over half– their policy might have shifted to favoring sequel(ish) games over the 3rd versions, although here that seems to mean stuffing unrelated Zygarde stuff into Sun/Moon.

          I guess we’ll see what happens with the last games of the 3DS gen, whether it’s the D/P remakes or Pokemon Eclipse/Stars or both.

  • I’m sick of playing Moon late and having it be bright noon, and also of missing all the nighttime pokemon, so I change the time settings and then go hunting cleffa.

    I find one, but while trying to whittle it […]

    • Poor Grimsley. Alolan life did not treat him well. That, or he just got old and creepy. The guy always was my favorite Elite 4 member though. Even if he doesn’t have a good reason to be in Sun and Moon, I’m glad he made an appearance.

  • My pokemon could stand to level up a bit more, and I’m missing a lot on this island, so I’m going to ignore the event flag and try to add more to the pokedex.

    Togedemaru, for example.

    The long hairs on […]

  • Well, it’s destroyed ghost-filled shopping mall time!

    Current team:
    L28 raticate
    L28 bruxish
    L29 mudbray
    L18 wishiwashi – kinda forgot about that one
    L27 mareanie
    L28 rockruff

    Also, going up the […]

    • Haven’t they already done that though? Klefki wasn’t terribly cutesy, and Slurpuff looks downright demonic. (Or was it the other one, Swilix? Whatever.) I don’t see what’s fairy-like about Mimikyu, but then again I don’t see what’s fairy-like about most fairy pokemon because “fairy” isn’t an elemental property to begin with.


    • Bug is also an iffy one (they really had to reach for a lot of moves in the third generation onwards), but it’s at least an objective physical description. Fighting is also a bit weird as an inherent property, but Japanese culture does do stuff with spiritual fighting energy and discipline and stuff that can conceivably make it work. I’m not a big fan of ghost type, either. Dragons get a pass from me because a) dragons and b) they are very clearly an unusual thing that’s rare and has virtually no interactions with the type chart, though I do think they’re sticking it on a bit too many things nowadays.

      But “fairy” just breaks it for me. It’s too specific. Are we going to get a “troll” type too? Why are they dragon killers? Why does fire resist them but they aren’t weak to fire? Why are they strong against both normal and dirty fighters? Every single one of their type interactions is such a bizarre reach — even the steel weakness doesn’t make sense when you think about it, since their mythological iron weakness is because ironworking is unnatural. Creatures who are naturally made of iron shouldn’t be death to nature spirits.

      If Pokemon was built on taxonomic classifications like Shin Megami Tensei it would be fine. But it just doesn’t make sense next to pokemon who are merely “fire” or “water” type.

    • But that just goes back to what I was saying — if “fairy” just means “tricksy” you can give it to a third of the pokedex. (And besides, I thought dark type was the tricksy one?) It’s too poorly defined.

    • I have a theory on how this side of the type chart kind of comes together centered largely from the relation between psychic and dark types. Psychic types gain their mind over matter power through knowledge. However, dark types represent an alien way of thinking, of surviving. Dark is not so much dirty fighting or evil, but a way of living that to outsiders may seem strange or even brutal. As it’s harder to understand, psychics have trouble with it. Though the move “miracle eye” allows psychics to see the dark type for what it truly is.

      Fighting and fairy both counter darkness due to their rather self-centered natures. Fighting centers around itself and it’s own code of honor. It will just muscle through problems without needing to understand the dark corners of the mind. On the other hand, fairy is it’s own rather unique force. I’d draw more from “fae” than magic or light. They frolic around without a true care focusing almost solely on their own positive. If they ever do pay the dark any heed, it would be as a crusade against evil.

      Despite all that, it largely comes down to balancing for why any type in Pokemon is the way it is, and then falls to creative fans to nail down the somewhat loose explanations. Though I rather like my idea of it due to dark being so much more interesting as a foreign mindset instead of “evil” (even if that is it’s name in Japanese).

      • Dark is not so much dirty fighting or evil, but a way of living that to outsiders may seem strange or even brutal. As it’s harder to understand, psychics have trouble with it.

        But they’re flat-out immune to psychics while bugs and fairies, who are even more alien, are not. I’ve always taken the interpretation that there’s a bit more to them than just a certain lifestyle, and that they have some sort of demonic anti-psychic energy.

        If they ever do pay the dark any heed, it would be as a crusade against evil.

        But traditionally, the fae have no concept of evil. Their morality is completely alien to us. I guess going by your logic they out-weird dark types, but then dark-types feel redundant.

  • We jump ahead to the recent past. In February I reviewed this non-fic and the results were simply amazing. The author blocked me so I lost my own responses, but they’re impressive anyway.

    Non-stories are b […]

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