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  • Some interesting speculation into Ghetsis’ backstory and motivations, and a game novelization that actually looks decent. Lots of tiny first chapters that go nowhere, otherwise.

    Blocked, previously […]

    • ‘OK’ and ‘O.K.’ aren’t used in professional writing as far as I know. If they are, then they only make very rare appearances. ‘Ok’ is usually seen in informal writing, such as when you’re texting a friend and just want to abbreviate the word because it takes too much effort to write it in the ‘proper form’. I suppose it’s okay to leave it in whatever form you want, but we must acknowledge that the word evolved over time and now ‘okay’ is the most common form for it. Personally, it just weirds me out when ‘OK’ and ‘O.K.’ are used. Two capital letters used in succession bring unnecessary attention to the word. It just looks ugly.

    • While it might have originated as an abreviation, it isn’t used as one anymore. When you say “okay” you don’t think “Oll Korrect” or whatever the actual etymology is. You’re just thinking “okay”. So it shouldn’t be written as an abreviation, no?

      • Actually, I’d go further – the evidence it ever started off as any abreviation is shaky. A lot of casual words and phrases are only found in text long after they’ve been common in spoken language, but people prioritize text because it’s what we have to work with.

        The Oll Korrect joke is more likely to be a play on the fact there was already a word pronounced “oh-kay”, or quite possibly just a coincidence.

    • Perhaps it would be more clear if the copypasta were rephrased to start with something along the lines of “In literary style, it’s written ‘okay’…”

      At which point people would presumably say “This isn’t literature! It’s just fanfic! It’s not like it’s published, I’m doing this for fun”, etc etc

    • Interestingly enough, ok was added to the official Scrabble dictionary a few months ago. Languages do tend to evolve over time, and this is an example of an abbreviation becoming its own word. Like ‘God be with ye’ eventually being abbreviated as ‘Godbwye’, and then further distorting to ‘goodbye’. While it may have been incorrect to use ok in place of okay at one point, I’d say this news changes things. Use ok if you’d like, it’s considered an official word now. Yes, Scrabble is just a game, but ok is also listed under the major dictionary sites now as well.

      Just thought I’d share, since I found it interesting.


    • You do if you’re the sort of hero where the fact you’re being awful to them proves that’s why it’s good to be awful to them! Which, sadly, she’s straight up said is how she thinks this all works.

  • “I never said the story was going to be following Pokemon canon”

    Fuck you
    6 NovPeter Fredrick
    Get off this site you fucking idiot
    secs agoDo I know you?
    1h agoYou spam people’s story reviews
    secs agoI […]

    • The final guy introduced himself by saying that he was lax and chill, and then he promptly proceeded to prove his statement false.


      I used to be a very addicted Pokemon reader in my preteens – seeing the pattern in the quality made it easy to break off my addiction. I hope these reviews are changing the qualities of the Pokemon fanfic community’s works, I truly do.

    • ..What? I’m sorry, I honestly don’t understand what you’re saying. Your statement has no relevance whatsoever. The above was my first comment on this blog.

      • You must be new here.

        Hybrid genuinely appears to have some kind of attention deficit disorder, and has trouble staying on the same topic for long. I had to repeat myself five times before they would even acknowledge I was asking them why they thought I was a girl, for instance.

        This is one of many reasons why it’s best to just not engage.

      • Ah, okay. Thanks for the advice, St. Elmo’s. I am new here, it’s a cool place.

      • This is a total lioe.

      • Coincidence but still funny: Hybrid TRPG.

      • Never told them to be dead

        Go to he’l

      • At this point, she ought to be known as “Hybrid of Fate, the Paradox of Fanfiction.”

        Now that’s an awesome name. If a fanlore page type thing ever pops up about all this, I hope that’s the title they choose. XD

      • Yes how utterly different that is than everything else you’ve engaged in.

        The thing about you being an awful person, Sevenways, is that we know you’re already doing everything in your power to hurt us and have been from the start. You really can’t threaten that we can’t do some new thing or you’ll get worse. 

    • You hate pokemon, you treat everyone below you, your an Alt-left sociopath and you bully people in droves. Shut up Farla I hoipe you die a slow and painful death.

      Really, Sevenways! Your words don’t disappear just because you started typing fresh ones.

    • Can’t speak for them, but generally ignoring trolls is sometimes less fun than interacting, for me. Especially when they’re persistent and relentless, no matter how much they get ignored. I only have experience with teasing trolls on, mind.

    • Unfortunately, this last year has established her to be a bully rather than a troll. A troll wilts when it doesn’t get attention. Blaze, sadly, is just encouraged by being ignored because she’s decided that’s it’s close enough to winning, so she heads out to harass fresh people, while as tiresome and repetitive as engaging with her is, it does shut her up for a bit.

    • Notice also that we are engaging only in low-effort responses, which helps.

  • One milquetoast N fic and a lot of generic trainer journeys.

    Anime count: 12

    I don’t watch the anime, so I’m not going to be able to review this story on content. Please tag your story as anime fic so peo […]

  • Oh hey so I did a liveblog comparing the two Fullmetal Alchemist animes. You can read it over on Archive of Our Own because they will apparently let you post anything there.

    For those not in the know, it’s […]

    • I really appreciate this post for ruthlessly examining FMAB and poking holes in it, though I still enjoyed the show myself.What I REALLY appreciate, though, is how much it validates my decision for not tooling around Internet fandoms. I can’t stress enough how good a decision that is. I knew FMAB fans dumped on the 2003 version (which I’ve never seen) despite it being popular in its own right, but damn if it doesn’t hurt seeing how toxic that whole thing is for folks like you.

      • The trick, to my experience, is to never be part of “the fandom”. Be part of a fandom. A small community that happens to talk about that subject. Like, for example, in its Heyday the Homestuck fandom was infamous for it s toxity, however, despite activelly discussing the comic in foruns as it was going on, I never really had to deal with this shit, because I limited myself to a few forum threads, never the big sites like reddit, Tumblr or the mspa forums.

        I really love disscussing and reading discussions of things I like. So places like this blog and some discord servers are ideal to interact with the community without having to deal with “the fandom” at large.

        Of course, this doesn’t help with projects like Elmo’s. Sorry you had to deal with this bullshit, man. =/

        • Yeah, idk if this is my age showing, but it used to be that you got involved in small communities and got to know people, instead of trying to somehow manage the entire fandom on a platform like tumblr where you’re inevitably going to be managing the emotions of thousands of people. We still had schoolyard drama, but it just seems like such a less stressful way than trying to negotioate the way things are now where fandom interaction means trying to cope with more than any single human being reasonably could. Then add the whole race-to-the-most-progressive thing on top of it where everyone is constantly trying to make everyone else look bad and I can’t imagine how it’s anything but miserable.
          Do fandoms still have small pockets? Or do you just have to get lucky and end up in a fandom that’s already niche and thus small? The sense I get is that you really do have to end up in THE SWARM if you want to participate at all in even moderately sized fandoms, which just seems miserable.
          The only stuff I’m into now outside this blog is already super tiny in English (figure collecting and garage kits) or so unbearably toxic I won’t touch it with a 100-foot pole (DOTA), so I don’t have any sense of what it would be like to, say, join the Pokemon fandom in 2018.
          (It’s also possible this kind of stuff just so triggers my anxiety around being judged by large groups of people that I’m seeing it disproportionately and it’s actually all love and wonderfulness.)

          • I tried joining the ASOIAF fandom this year just to have somebody to ramble about swords and dynastic politics to who would actually know what the fuck I was talking about, and care about it. Instead I just found a lot of people arguing over which incestuous ship was problematic and which ones weren’t.

            So yeah I don’t know why anyone deals with fandom culture. As I’m sure you’ll all know by now. I don’t even know how I got here.

            That said, Tumblr’s Fate fandom is pretty… well, not good, but… they just kind of roll with what the franchise is. The biggest drama in the Fate fandom that comes to mind is the one guy who ragequit a Discord server over porn of Jeanne Alter. Which was fucking hilarious, to see it happen.

            It feels more like /k/ talking about anime than Tumblr, and /k/ has great anime discussions.

            • You might have more luck on forum communities like Sufficient Veloctity or Alternate History, since they seem a lot less concerned with the moral standing of different ships. SV’s discussion/rec thread is here, though for specific suppositions you might be better off going to their history section where all the AH ex-members hang out, or AH itself. As the name would imply, Alternate History has a userbase of people very interested in dynasties and societal developement and wars and the like, so it might be worth checking out though I don’t have any personal experience with it. I’ve heard it has a large ASOIAF fanbase.

          • Fandons absolutelly still have small pockets. Hell, this site is a kind of small pocket for a couple of fandoms, right? Things like small discord servers also or specific forum threads, like I say.

            For example, I am personally really into Steven Universe, which is really big. But I only really interact with the fandom through the tvtrope forum and multiple liveblog discords. I do occasionally browse Tumblr, reddit and the like, but iteract with people? Only through these places. Makes everything easier.

          • Do fandoms still have small pockets? Or do you just have to get lucky and end up in a fandom that’s already niche and thus small? The sense I get is that you really do have to end up in THE SWARM if you want to participate at all in even moderately sized fandoms, which just seems miserable.

            Fandoms absolutely do still have small pockets; that’s how I do most of my fandom participation myself. But I think the internet has changed in ways that make the experience pretty different, and often trickier, than it was back in the day. Mostly, it’s that the small pockets are no longer the default. With Web 2.0, the default is that everything is as public and addressed to the entire internet as possible, whether either party wants that or not, because that’s how social media sites make the most money. (They want to spread content that the posters want to keep to a limited audience/others want to avoid seeing, in fact, since vicious internet fights generate tons of activity.) Since these sites are the main fandom hubs now, rather than something like LiveJournal that lets you curate your experience and has privacy options, it requires more initiative and effort to find or create any other kind of social space on the internet. 

            It also doesn’t help that a lot of people nowadays (especially younger fans) just don’t know other options besides big social media sites even exist. To the point where lots of people actually just try to approximate the more personal kind of fandom experience on sites like Tumblr, despite the fact that they’re fundamentally unsuited to it at best and designed to actively make it impossible at worst, and have to devise a ton of kludgy workarounds to even approximate it. (And often it blows up in people’s faces anyway because it’s nigh impossible to even keep the website from actively recommending your posts to the whole internet, let alone to implement real privacy measures.) So smaller, more personalized fandom communities are much more niche and decentralized than they used to be. (And since they’re less visible/accessible to casual users, they can be harder to get traction for.)

            (It’s also possible this kind of stuff just so triggers my anxiety around being judged by large groups of people that I’m seeing it disproportionately and it’s actually all love and wonderfulness.)

            I wouldn’t say it’s all bad insofar as that there are, obviously, plenty of wonderful people and communities out there and it’s absolutely possible to have good experiences in this sort of fandom environment. But I do think the format of modern huge social media sites is fundamentally toxic by design, not just as a matter of personal preference. Obviously not all or even most people who use these sites will necessarily have bad experiences, and there’s nothing wrong with making the best use you can of the options available even if those options suck, but in this case they honestly do suck.

    • Naruto is an okay shonen story but otherwise doesn’t have much going for it.

    • Red replied 1 day ago

      I was interested in watching this anime, and I was inclined towards Brotherhood, just because of the theme song… I think I’ll end up trying both now, just so I can understand the comparisons you’ve made better. It’s either this or Naruto.

  • “The only point (once again) that you need to focus on is that I am writing in a way that makes me happy. That is all that matters. Goodbye.”

    re: Your review to A Different Beginning Kanto Reborn
    29 […]

  • Some novelizations of varying quality.

    Anime count: 11

    Blocked, don’t recognize them. Says they’re mad about the anti-CU spam and also that they really do support CU, so either Hybrid convincing them I’m […]

  • Last time, Eva resolves to solve the epitaph.

    So! A few times we’ve seen meta!Bat muse on how their error was not trying to solve the epitaph and actually win the game. I look forward to seeing how actually […]

    • Great post as usual.

      I’m afraid to look. Do y’all know what year?

      I can’t check right now, but if the information was given, it was likely in EP1, during the lunch scene, when Battler officially introduces Kinzo. He talks quite a bit about Kinzo and the Ushiromiya backstory. If no one else does, I will go and look later today.

      We covered the first 12 hours in one post and don’t even get through the next hour in this one! content

      I mean, to be fair the in-game time doesn’t necessarely correlates to the amount of stuff worth commenting. This is specially true for the meta scenes, as time is frozen anyway.

    • The mansion was finished, and the family moved in, in 1952.

    • …What do you think, everyone?

      I think this comment here is way too winkwinknudgenudgesaynomore. I disapprove.

    • Yaaay, more seacats!

      Still here, still not commenting cos anything I say can be used in a court of spoilers.

      Also still hoping you’re doing well.

    • What do you think, everyone?

      I think someone can use some duct tape on their mouth. :P

    • I love the bio pages for the goats. :D And seeing them listed in the credits! I spit out my tea laughing the first time I saw that.

      Augh, the Hempel’s Raven thing drives me nuts. >_< The concept of logical paradoxes being treated as valid arguments in witches’ debates is a really clever one that I’d love to see done properly, but not only are the arguments made in this scene completely unrelated to the actual paradox they’re citing, literally all of them are flat-out wrong. What the paradox actually says is that, by the rules of formal logic, evidence for the contrapositive of a statement = evidence for the original statement. What Ronove and Beato are claiming is that evidence for the contrapositive = proof of the original statement, which is a radically different claim and is just false, not a paradox. (Plus they inexplicably shift the burden of proof halfway through and treat Beato saying “your 19th person can’t be guilty unless you can prove the innocence of the other 18” as a devastating counter, even though it changes nothing since Battler only has to prove a possibility to win.) I think “who cares, I can override anything you say with red” is the only valid argument Team Beato makes in the whole scene.

      … Obviously none of this is actually a big deal, since it’s basically limited to one scene and what really matters is the characterization and the outcome of the debate, but augh, it bugs me.

      This actually feels pretty OOC for Battler, who’s generally been a pretty empathetic person. Even if we’re supposed to read him as purposefully trying not to listen in order to stay distant from her and deny witches, I feel like he shouldn’t be this unaffected.

      I’ve seen a lot of people have these reactions, so maybe I’m just weird, but I’ve honestly always liked these jarring disparities in Battler’s thinking. There’s some places where it is clearly sloppy writing, like his chronic VN protag affliction of forgetting basic facts five minutes after stating them, but I actually always read moments like the one you’re commenting on here as deliberate characterization, which was one of the things I found most interesting about Battler as a protagonist.

      Battler’s usually been noticeably empathetic and caring towards practically everyone he meets, but his mindset seems to become incredibly polarized sometimes, even to the point of blatant irrationality, when he’s focused on fighting Beatrice. Ever since EP1, the game’s kept circling back to the contradictory elements of his desire to deny Beatrice—he simultaneously refuses to believe a witch as the culprit or that any of these people could be such a horrible murderer, so he spends EP2 ping-ponging between none of these people would EVER do something so horrible how DARE you, and arguing whatever theory he can to deny Beatrice as impersonally as if he were discussing a mystery novel rather than accusing those same people of murder. So in scenes like this, I always got the impression that he wasn’t suddenly stupid and callous so much as selectively oblivious and leaning really hard into viewing Beatrice as a one-dimensional villain and obstacle to be defeated rather than a person. And after the breakthrough he just had in proving the possibility of the 18’s innocence, he probably needs her to be that unsympathetic villain more than ever to prove his faith in his family right.

      And this is neither here nor there, but Battler is current trapped in a time loop being killed by demons and constantly revived while he and Bea’s ghost duel over a murdergame. We are far past the point of supernatural stuff existing, unless Battler plans to go the ‘it was all a dream’ route later. The situation Bea is describing is not any more outlandish than the one Battler is currently living, and I don’t see him denying that any of this is happening.

      Battler.txt, right there.

      The family moved to the island in… I’m afraid to look. Do y’all know what year? Did they always live there? No, Rosa said something about ‘when they moved to the island’.

      I can’t find an exact date in EP3 or EP1, but Rudolf says they moved to the island “about thirty years ago”, while 1967 was 19 years ago. We’re never given exact ages on most of the adults, but there’s enough timeline clues to conclude that Rosa is about 30, so they’ve probably lived on the island her whole life. And there’s supposed to be a significant age gap between Rosa and all her older siblings, so I assume the move happened within Krauss, Eva, and Rudolf’s lifetimes, but while they were young enough to all spend at least some of their childhood on the island.

      I’ll be excited to hear your continued thoughts on Deep Beatrice Lore™ With Rosa next time!

      • (…)he wasn’t suddenly stupid and callous so much as selectively oblivious and leaning really hard into viewing Beatrice as a one-dimensional villain and obstacle to be defeated rather than a person.

        One (discontinued) livebloger I particularly like used to call Battler “Cognitive Dissonance Man”. It was more in relation to him arguing against witches to a witche’s face, but I think it applies well to this caracteristic of him.

        • Haha! That’s him, all right.

        • That kinda goes into the use of metafiction in Umineko and the nature of the meta-world.

          Like, if you take it at face value, it does make Battler look very stupid since magic is obviously undeniable here, unless he’s willing to argue that time manipulation is totally natural.

          However, I don’t think that such a literal reading is intended. It feels to me that the meta-world is, well, meta, it exists outside of the story proper and is populated by… idealized representations of characters? Manifestations of their underlying principles as they relate to the narrative? Something like that.

          We do know that meta!Battler and gameboard!Battler are not the same person since gameboard!Battler doesn’t behave like someone who knows his family is going to be murdered in a day.

          And from that perspective, much like you can’t argue that since magic doesn’t exist in the real world it can’t exist in a fantasy novel, you can’t argue that a witch existing in a meta-world implies magic exists on the gameboard. Though the comparison is not 100% since I feel there is a potential for magic to exist on the gameboard so long as Beatrice doesn’t lose the game, and the same goes for the opposing theory.

          OK, it’s rather rambly because such concepts are kinda hard to formulate.

      • So in scenes like this, I always got the impression that he wasn’t suddenly stupid and callous so much as selectively oblivious and leaning really hard into viewing Beatrice as a one-dimensional villain and obstacle to be defeated rather than a person. And after the breakthrough he just had in proving the possibility of the 18’s innocence, he probably needs her to be that unsympathetic villain more than ever to prove his faith in his family right.

        I agree with this reading. Still, Battler seemed more canny than this – he just missed out on an opportunity to learn more about his enemy.

    • Granted, she’s off to a good start, but only because she’s standing on the shoulders of the grandmaster himself.

  • St Elmo’s Fire,

    A new review has been posted to your story.

    Story: Blood is Thicker than Water
    Chapter: 1. Chapter 1

    From: TheMasquedAvenger ( )
    Reply URL: […]

    • Hmmm. Might just be me, but I don’t think that person was trying to troll you. They might have gotten a bit defensive there at the end, but I really felt that it was genuine.


      I’ve read both that story and The Boulevard of Broken Hearts, and I have to say that the Hau story is a poor reflection of what you’re capable of. Concerning Luna, I actually had similar thoughts, if memory stands correctly. I think what the person was looking for was “motive,” not “purpose.”


      Part of the issue here is that, even if you don’t intend to, you can come across as really rude, even if you’re probably not intendng to be. Phrases like “blindingly obvious” and the parenthetical (big hint: main character), followed by insinuating that they didn’t read it correctly might make responding back appear more trouble than it’s worth.


      I’ve given flawed reviews before. I’ve given you flawed reviews before. It wasn’t that I wasn’t trying, or that I was incompetent, it was just that I might have overlooked into something or interpreted it differently than how you/the author intended it. Sometimes I accidentally skip over things, even.


      But at the end of the day, for this review, I think it was a solid response. They might not have told you how you wanted or intended it to come off as, but they told you how it came across to them. It’s up to you what you want to do with that information.

      • Mm, while I’d have reacted differently (and did, for that matter – and then didn’t get a response, suggesting it wasn’t what they were fishing for) “the execution is just dead and lifeless” is super, super common from people who went in intending to attack the fic and are upset it wasn’t the garbage they were hoping for. I get it all the time from people who start off the review saying, “So Farla the terrible, let’s see if your writing is any good!” and not from people who don’t.

      • Phrases like “blindingly obvious” and the parenthetical (big hint: main character), followed by insinuating that they didn’t read it correctly might make responding back appear more trouble than it’s worth.

        Well, note that this was after they had already responded once and made it clear they were not acting in good faith. If they had given a more genuine response I might have been more charitable.

        Also, in addition to what Farla said, “but what about the humans” and “you clearly didn’t actually want to write this” are also common talking points from our opponents, and also this guy reviewed ZadArchie to just rant about both of us, so.

        • Hey. Sorry for the late response, didn’t intend to suddenly go dark in the middle of a conversation. Life stuff got in the way, still in the way really, so I can’t say as much as I normally would/might go dark again if you respond. (I’ll get around to it eventually.) 

          In this instance, I’d say it looks like they might be a troll, or at the very least someone who’s just looking for something to criticize you on, not necessarily to critique fairly. Farla’s not getting a response at all supports that idea, yeah. 

          I still think you should try to be a little more tactful though, Saint. I know most people are just trolls, and you’ve been dealing with them for God knows how long, but it’s easy for people to mistake genuine aid for trolling when you respond with such negatively-charged words. I’d be hesitant to continue a conversation if you told me those things, for example. That’s not to say you can’t give a troll a proper thrashing, but I didn’t see enough to warrant it from the messages received before you responded with the comments I was referring to before. 

          I hope both of you are doing well. I’m probably going to stop by the misc. post just to share my undying hatred of harems, but after that, I’m probably going to step away for a bit. 


          • The thing is, you’re getting a biased sample because I don’t repost conversations with non-trolls. I have gotten several genuine reviews I’ve responded to more politely, but I haven’t reposted them here. I’m generally good at noticing when someone is a troll and when they’re not.

            Like, really, a genuine reviewer doesn’t randomly accuse people of being joyless robotic hacks. :p It was pretty clear what was going on here from the beginning.

    • Harmless self promotion. Everyone does it

    • Not when it’s patently obvious the fandom they are reviewing is me. If they’re willing to boost the review count on my other stories, I see no reason not to encourage them!

  • Almost entirely positive! It’s a shame they also got tantrum reviews from Hybrid/Sevenways.

    Oct 31RuGrimm

    A response to your review at

    Hiya Farla!

    I’m […]

  • It’s Halloween! (Just St Elmo’s Fire and a Hybrid of Fate sock.)

    Happy Halloween! You asked first, so you’ll be the first one reviewed.

    [ If […]

    • You seem to be referring to a single pokemon here. When you’re using a pokemon’s species as its given name, you capitalize it like any other name.

      The one time a pokemon name goes uncapitalized in these things…

      • Oh, it’s actually pretty common for people to overcorrect like that. It’s the same reason my dialogue paragraph grew so large, I’d point out where they needed commas and they’d replace valid periods with commas too.

    • Yup! People responded pretty quickly.

  • Calm responses today.

    re: Your review to The Unøwn Boy
    17 OctSubject 666
    A response to your review at

    Hey, thanks for the critique. I know you’ve been dragged […]

    • Heh, but I suppose that the review count looks good to random passerby scrolling through the Pokemon tag XD

      Can confirm, higher review counts do make people take more notice of fics that would otherwise be ignored

    • Good stuff here. It’s rare that there’s such a unified lack of lashing out at criticism. I imagine that might have been a nice change of pace, Saint. It might be an omen of good portent– or just an outlier from normal behavior, haha. Either way, it’s cool. I’m thinking of making a few reviews soon. Hopefully things’ll still be calm by then.


  • A “Team Plasma wins” AU that may not be completely awful, a poke-empath who actually focuses on helping pokemon, and a few other semi-interesting things.

    Anime count: 3

    If KingPyle is bothering you, a list of […]

  • Atelier Sophie is a boring game piloted meanderingly by a bland, nothing protagonist and lacking some of the major gameplay functions that make the series interesting. Everything about it feels phoned in, from the […]

    • The only reason to play it would be that you have played every other game in the franchise and can’t wait for the next one to come out. The gameplay was probably the worst the series has ever been, IMO.

    • Arland is objectively the best of the franchise, but Firis does have some stuff to recommend it — my biggest complaint about it was that it was very short, but they tried an open-world thing that I think really worked and Firis herself was very likeable. I just started Lydie & Suelle.

  • We join the cast on the deck of the boat, headed to the island.

    Rudy and Hide are smoking, kicked out of the main cabin by Eva, who hates cigarettes. Understandable.

    Hide says that every year, the Eva he […]

    • “…Master, you haven’t done anything wrong. Krauss-sama has grown into a sturdy son, and Eva-sama into a lovely daughter. You haven’t made any mistakes…”
      The lies we tell for love.
      So believe me that you can definitely achieve it. Believe in my magic
      Always trust ghostly little girls promising power and wealth. It is fine.
      Hide promises George is happy and well-adjusted.
      “His fetish for teenage maids notwithstanding, I mean.”
      Bea refers to him as Ronove.
      I, however, shall refer to him as Sebastian and expect him to say “I’m just a hell of a butler” once per appearance.
      Incidentally, is Ron’s name a reference to anything? I’m terrified to Google anything now and will just address all my questions to you people.
      From Wikipedia:

      In demonology, Ronove is a Marquis and Great Earl of Hell, commanding twenty legions of demons. He teaches art, rhetoric, languages, and gives good and loyal servants and the favour of friends and foes.
      He is depicted as a monster holding a staff, without detailing his appearance. He is also described as taker of old souls; often coming to earth to harvest souls of decrepit humans and animals near death.
      Other spellings: Roneve, Ronové, Ronwe.

    • Incidentally, the PS translation of ‘seven ass nee-sans’ is ‘seven sexy ass babes’ which is veeeeery different and says some unique things about AUtranslation!Battler’s mental state. He’s into some hardcore shit.

      So, what you’re saying is that he’s a good match with Beatrice.

      Can I ship Bea and Archer????

      “What are you fighting for? Whether or not you prove that no magic was involved in the murders, the victims cannot be saved. People die when they’re killed. The only person left to save here is the witch. Which I’m going to do. With my dick.”

    • Hide says that every year, the Eva he knows vanishes and USHIROMIYA EVA sudden appears again, a short-tempered, angry woman who bears no resemblance to his wife. Rudy is kind of shocked to hear Hide describe her as ‘patient and gentle,’ but I’m not — her interactions with George and Hide have by and large been very loving, and it makes sense she’d revert back to who she was as a kid with the family. I think that happens to a lot of people for the worse.

      Umineko portrays this so well. The opening scenes of EP3 honestly give me chills in that regard.

      She tries to find the rose magically, but has to deliver bad news: it was uprooted by all the wind. Maria refuses to accept this and demands Bea teach her how to revive it. Bea tells her she (Maria) is not skilled enough yet to do that. Maria starts to cry and Bea says fine, I’ll help you. And together they bring the rose back to life.

      There’s some things that are beyond even a Golden Witch’s power. Saying no to Maria is one of them.

      Sadder than Archer? Omg. Can I ship Bea and Archer???? I need to think on this.

      I’m giggling a lot at the concept. I don’t feel like they’d get along very well in practice, though.

      Lol, never has Bat been more of a reader expy than in this moment. R07 could have just written “(A/N: I know this is a fuckton of new people, bear with me plz)” and it wouldn’t have been clearer.

      tfw you just want to solve your family’s murders but your GM keeps derailing the plot to talk about her NPCs

      Incidentally, the PS translation of ‘seven ass nee-sans’ is ‘seven sexy ass babes’ which is veeeeery different and says some unique things about AUtranslation!Battler’s mental state. He’s into some hardcore shit.

      I like the suggestion that Battler’s ill-advised kinks are in any way an AU.

      Of course that I’ve put that together probably means I was supposed to and now Bea will say Ronove wasn’t around last routes and I’ll feel stupid again.

      The best part of Umineko liveblogs is watching new readers’ thought processes inevitably deteriorate into this tangled mess. :D

      Eva route, yeah!! Among other things. I hope you enjoy where this one goes.

    • Some goetic demons have cool pictures, though, like that owl with great legs. But yeah, their descriptions are pretty lacking and businesslike. There is a lot of repetition as well.

      It is interesting to note, though, that if we go by goetic tradition, Stakes actually bear a higher rank than Ronove, being Kings of Hell.

    • Hey, you are back. =D Good luck with you chemo, I hope everything goes well

      I just want to say that Eva’s refusal to change her name speaks to me on a spiritual level. I didn’t change my name when I got married, and my family has not gotten over it. They write me checks I can’t cash, send mail to a person who doesn’t exist, and even made my cancer updates page out as Act Husbandsname. It’s like they didn’t bother discouraging it because they didn’t think I’d actually not change my name, and now they’re getting revenge. It’s crazy how much sexist people care about this bullshit.

      Man, I am sorry. =/ I can’t even comprehend that, specially considering it is your own family that is disappointed you didn’t give up their own name. I mean, in the US you don’t even get to keep your maiden hame, right? You outright replace it, isn’t it? Over here (Brazil), by tradition women get to keep at least one of their surnames (people usually have  2), furthermore they can keep both even if they take their husband’s name.  Overall it is just not as big of a deal, at least in my social circle. My mother changed names for the first marriage, but didn’t bother in the second. And in my generation I only know one person who changed name after marrying.

      Anyway, I really like that Eva flashback. It painfully show how normalized the Ushiromiya misogynism is, which is reinforced by comments by Rudolf later and earlier. I am not nearly as endeared to Eva as you are, but her background really suck and it goes a long way explaining how she is. The real tragedy is that she herself internalized a portion of that sexism and use it to attack on Natsuhi.

    • (In lieu of a general Umineko discussion post—)


      According to their site, it will be a free update to the Steam release including full English voice acting, an option to use the PS3 graphics, and unspecified “new content directly from Ryukishi07”, plus a free full audiobook adaptation featuring the same voice cast. They’ve got a 20-minute preview of the audiobook showing off some of the VAs as well as an English version of the anime OP. A Kickstarter’s launching in a week, apparently.

      I was nervous, but it sounds really good. All the voice acting in the preview ranges from solid to fantastic, imo. They haven’t officially announced Beato’s VA yet, which is the big one, but assuming the audiobook’s third-person narrator is in fact her, I’m very hopeful. (And god, the English cover of Katayoku no Tori is incredible. It sounds great, the lyrics flow well, and the tweaks made to the lyrics for translation actually make them fit the story much better! I hope they release a full version.)

      (Spoiler note for Act: There’s nothing I’d call spoilers on the site or in the video—the audiobook excerpt is the first body discovery scene from EP1—but if it matters to you, the video/the stills from it on the site do include some art from the PS3 version past the point you’ve played. I don’t think any of it actually spoils anything, especially with how fast some of it flashes by, but FYI.)

  • “How sad for you. Like any competitive sport, there is a stake, even if it isn’t saving the wold from an all powerful world ending evil.”

    This was in response to me saying it’s wrong to kill people to win a […]

  • EJ became a registered member 3 weeks, 3 days ago

  • “I think that I should challenge the Elite Four,” she had told them, “After all it was what I set out to do, and it is why I continue to push forward,” Valerie stared at the intelligent faces surrounding her, […]

    • Nuzlocke authors continue to not understand you can’t transplant epic fantasy stakes into a sports anime.

      I know of several sports animes that’d disagree with you wholeheartedly.

      • Actually… in epic fantasy, we’re often given little explanation for why people are doing dramatic risky thing, because it’s self-evident. Sure, the characters can have backstory and reasons because it’s good to have deep characters, but it’s as often to explain why they initially weren’t all-in on the worldsaving or whatever.

        Sports anime spends absurd amounts of screentime establishing why and how much each individual person wants to win or why and how much one person cares about another to explain why they’d risk their dream to help another one achieve it in order to make the equally absurd seriousness people have about it balance out.

        You can’t have faceless soldiers dying for their leader when the plot is about how much the leader wants to win this year’s idol contest.

        • Okay but I was talking more about, like, Inazuma Eleven GO: Galaxy, which involves a soccer tournament for the fate of Earth. If the Earth Eleven team loses the Grand Celesta Galaxy soccer tournament, aliens will colonize Earth as a second home after theirs is eaten by a black hole.

          Hell, the main character of the original Inazuma Eleven series, who is a goalkeeper, has a special technique called the Outer Dimension Hand, which eventually “evolves” into the Outer Dimension Hand Remastered, which takes the form of a punch into the ground which generates a huge swirling hemisphere of defensive aura that blocks incoming shots from the goal.

          • Okay, but that’s clearly not what I was talking about. Yes, you can artificially insert epic fantasy tropes into any genre, but I was referring to the normal setup, because the normal setup is how the fic worked.

          • Inazuma Eleven GO: Galaxy, which involves a soccer tournament for the fate of Earth. 

            Space Jam (1995)

  • “I think you’re reffering to the fact I use dashes instead of quotations. That’s my languages way of speaking. Again, I couldn’t be and I can’t be bethoered to change everything. Besides, When I read my first […]

  • An interesting fic from a voltorb’s perspective, and a story with a paralyzed protagonist that completely glosses over all the challenges this would imply.

    Anime count: 10

    If KingPyle is bothering you, a list […]

    • Sevenways, you still don’t get it.

      Also, and I know I shouldn’t expect you to make sense but it just nags me, if you’re arguing that Support would fail to take action for two months, then why would it prove anything that your accounts weren’t deleted? Obviously, they were completely convinced by your email screenshot and deleted your account, but glitches made it fail.

    • Sevenways.

      Look, I don’t know what you’re even doing anymore. You know I know. You know I saw the IP addresses, you know you claimed your Mega Sevenways fimfic account on one of the 45s – you know you deleted that account for that very reason, after spending a long time crying about how I’d hacked some post of yours on my forum to say lies because you couldn’t edit away the incriminating data. I can understand frantically lying to other people that this isn’t true, but why do you keep trying to convince me?

    • It’s almost certainly legitimate text because they’re really not capable of typing straight long enough to fake that. It seems like it’s the email response they got when asking for the Final Fight 45 account to be deleted because they stupidly said under that name “Hello I’m Mega SevenWays56 on Fimfiction I wrote 22 stories spent time on TV tropes to understand tropes, cliche and what not to better myself. I know this is hard for you to understand but the little since nonsense is literally nonsense.”

      The reason so much of the email’s data is obscured is more likely because they got the 45 account deleted way back in August (which, by amazing coincidence, is the date on the screenshot) which was then confirmed by the second screenshot where it’s dated last night and puts the time as August 14th, or “six days” before August 20th.

      You might think this is a super pointless lie but it makes precisely as much sense as their previous statement that I had been taken to court and got an internet ban and had to pay tons and tons of “dollies” in damages.

    • And lo, my account is still not deleted. If the admins failing to ban you is proof all our evidence is faked, the admins failing to ban me is proof your evidence is faked. You can’t have it both ways.

      Still waiting for the converstaion where the admins specifically said our evidence against you was false.

    • Seriously, does this work on you? If you say I’m lying enough do you believe it, so you think it’s weird that the same doesn’t convince me? What’s going on?

    • No, Sevenways. We saw them reply to a request to delete one of your socks, presumably the deleted 45 account that identified itself as Mega Sevenways.

    • Again, does this work on you? Is that why you keep telling me I’m lying? If I just post “actually you’re a duck” a hundred times are you going to head off to the nearest pond quacking?

    • That’s not what attachments look like in Gmail. It is, however, exactly how they appear in Google Drive. You took a screenshot and pasted it in.

    • Sorry you got caught in the spam filter, it’s been tagging everything with a link.

    • Okay, so you’re just making wild leaps, then. That does explain it.

      Here’s another one for you: As seen by the fact I’m still around, everything you said is clearly false.

      To prevent this from going in circles, future responses are going in the spam box. Go outside.

    • Sevenways, stop reporting St Elmo’s Fire’s comments and other people’s to hide them. I get that you’re a total hypocrite but you should be able to figure out it won’t actually make the comments go away.

    • Pointing at stuff I post publicly continues to not be the shocking expose you think it is.

      I am “censoring” you because you are banned here and are using IP spoofing to get around it to keep harassing us. I do not tolerate you attacking bystanders and wasting their time with bad-faith arguments.

    • Honestly at this point I’m willing to believe they told Sevenways they were gonna delete me just to get her to shut up.

    • The joke is that they’re not using the word ‘censor’ properly.

  • I have a seven-week break before chemo starts again. Let’s gogogo!

    The title screen has changed to a shot of… the chapel, I think? May just be the main house.

    Good morning.
    This is a surprise, that […]

    • It lives! Not much to add except this:

    • It’s great to see you back! How are you holding up?

      I hope you have a great time with EP3. It’s one of the strongest episodes, imo, and for a number of different reasons I have a feeling you’ll like it a lot.

      On a separate note, I feel like you ought to see this:

      Fake screenshot. George says to Shannon: "However, Flareon is the only fully-evolved fire-type Pokémon that cannot learn Solar Beam."

    • Hurray! More Seacats  from Act. Hope you’re doing well and things are going good.

      So I know last time I was kind of joking about writing a paper on fair play in Umineko but I was talking about it to my advisor at the start of the semester and she seemed super into it

      The more Umineko related stuff gets done, the better. It’s best literature ever written after all. Assuming you have any spare free time from blogging it, you should totes do a Seacats academic paper. You’re certain to get the best Umineko related academic paper writer award for that, we believe in you.

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