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  • Mixed bag today. We get one of those “I know I just told you you were wrong and dumb but I’m totally not arguing with you” people, and a few more mild responses.

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    13 SepIambic Brose
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    • Someone also contacted me to hear my side of the story, and ended up deciding Blaze was wrong and they’d be fine with a review.

      Hooray, someone used common sense!

  • Mostly boring, though someone had the same idea as me and named their sylveon Oberon and Titania. We end with what looks like a really good OT fic, except for the fact that battles are gruesome and deadly and no […]

  • Very calm today. Someone blocks me, but their message gets cut off so I don’t even know why.

    re: Your review to The Trials of Marena
    6 AugBatmanRules256
    A response to your review at […]

  • A very decent OT fic that sadly does not show any indication of being in it for the long haul, a moemon fic that appears to not be porn, a fic about how hard it is to be persecuted for wanting to screw your […]

    • Her hair was blonde and went down past her breasts.

      Maybe it’s the migraine talking, but this seems a bit extra. “Went down past her shoulder blades” works just as well.

      This story was reuploaded AGAIN. I have no idea what’s going on here.

      Clearly they’re not getting enough hits for their liking.
      In regards to Agent Lancerow, I got two guest reviews telling me to ignore your review and that you were a dick. Even though the worst thing you said was that you felt it was lackluster, which is an opinion, not a fact. I guess there are other people who care about people’s feelings, even if they are misguided in how they go about it.

      • I could see it being relevant if, like, the point was to highlight how the hair was covering her breasts or something of that nature, ya know?

    • That’s pretty much exactly what she does. She even knows it’s wrong– she prefaced a few revenge-reviews like “Though this may seem like the case…” in response to comments like “add more descriptions” when I was reviewing. Pretty standard stuff, but she still felt the need to misinform.


      Speaking of reviewing, I’m thinking of getting back to it at the start of October. That’s when Farla does her round of reviews, right? I figure multiple styles of review could be helpful in alleviating the stress of the authors if they have multiple forms of critique that vary in intensity. My reviews are typically easier on the ego, so hopefully that would help dissuade people from making rash statements about how harsh and evil we all are.

      • I do (a small subset of) Homestuck fic in October, with just a quick dip into Pokemon. I’ll PM you the details.

    • Honestly, I prefer the “no script is totally allowed” over how whenever he says he likes how this person is doing something unusual she claims whatever it is has actually been done a bajillion times, while dirt-common stuff like gamelike battles is conversely something readers have been searching for without success since the dawn of pokefic.

  • Someone has very strong opinions on their right to not tag their story as anime fic. Unlike most people, however, they also couldn’t stop responding to me.

    re: Your review to Courtship of the Mermaid
    6 […]

  • “Fortunately I don’t think PTSD is real so that doesn’t bother me.”

    re: Your review to More than I bargand for a jolteon x sylveon fanfic
    1 Sepmightygamer1121
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    • [I don’t think PTSD is real]Why?

      No reason

      As someone who knows people with PTSD, it’s very real. What a twit.

    • It’s still incredibly insulting. People really like to discredit things that are inconvenient for them just by the basis that they can’t physically see it. The thing is, with things like that, you can even see a change in brain activity. It’s there. People who “don’t believe” in mental disorders are just choosing to be ignorant and punishing those with mental disorders for it. 

    • No need to apologize, you didn’t come off that way.  I was just adding to your statement. I have OCD and PTSD, so stuff like that can get a bit aggravating, that’s all. I was just expressing my personal ire, not to make a retort to anything you said. 

    • I think it’s more that these types are people are cowards, and know on some level they shouldn’t admit they get their kicks from upsetting others.

      • Fair point. It’d have to be some next level ignorance at this point for them to completely disregard the existence of mental disorders altogether. 

        The way I’ve heard people talk about them though, it sounds like they just think people with mental disorders are “lazy” or “seeking attention.” They sounded genuine, but I don’t have a way inside their brains to know for sure.

        What’s you opinion on that end? Do you think people can actually be that ignorant, or is it just being cruel under the guise of ignorance? What do you tell someone like that to get them to stop?

        • I think there are a few separate groups of people.

          On one hand, you have the redditor-types who probably don’t even know what their actual opinion is; they just get enjoyment out of upsetting people and feeling superior to others. This is the hypermasculinist sect to whom feelings are stupid woman things and anyone with them doesn’t matter anyway, so it’s not like you’re even upsetting real people and isn’t it so funny when they get all worked up? This is the ‘malice’ side of ignorance/malice, and engaging them is only for the benefit of third parties, because they’re never operating in good faith and don’t actually care how their behavior affects others.

          On the other hand is people who are ignorant, and who don’t mean badly but propogate some really bad stuff anyway because they just genuinely don’t understand . I think one of the unique challenges mental illness faces is that there’s no way to describe it to someone who hasn’t been through it; there’s no analogous experience. With a broken bone you can say, “Imagine a fracture but worse,” but you can’t really say, “Imagine sad but more and longer” because we you shift from the quantitative to the qualitative. So they try to imagine, and they think, “Well, I’ve been really really sad, but then I did XYZ and felt better, and I’d say I was depressed, so why don’t you just XYZ, it’s so easy!” And on one hand this is a very hurtful thing to say, but on the other they genuinely belief it, and bridging that gap is hard because it’s like trying to explain ‘yellow’ to someone; we just don’t have descriptive language equipped for it. I’ve found that focusing on scientific explanations (eg, ‘it’s a brain chemical imbalance I have to take medicine for that makes it hard for me to regulate negative emotions’) are really helpful because it puts things in tangible terms and lets someone think, “Okay, wow, yeah that definitely wasn’t what happened to me,” which stops a lot of the unhelpful concern. I try to be patient with people like this, because it’s not any more their fault they can’t empathize than it is my fault for being in this position.

          I think, though, what spans both these groups and makes all conversations challenging is fear. Mental illness is very, very scary in a way other sicknesses aren’t, and I think on a cultural level ‘you can just will yourself out of it, it’s nbd’ is a way for people to comfort themselves. Because if it’s a choice, and they don’t make that choice, it can’t happen to them, and sometimes hanging on to that reassurance is just more what a person needs to get through the day than giving it up for someone else’s benefit, and on some level I get that. We all have stories we use to comfort ourselves.

          I also think the treatment for mental illness is uniquely scary to people. The idea that there are people giving out pills that change your thinking freaks people out, and they would prefer these scary thing be completely unnecessary. My husband told me that before we started dating he was super anti-psychiatric meds for this reason, and I’ve started using on other people is something he said to me once, which is that the person I am when I’m depressed isn’t the ‘real’ me who is being somehow destroyed by medicine, it’s the complete opposite. I find that stops people, because they at least know that ‘no actually you should be miserable all the time’ feels wrong, and it’s the only counterargument.

          So, yeah, I think there are definitely things you can say to decent people to make them stop and think, but at that point you really just have to disengage and let them make their choices about whether they want to accept it or not.

          This turned into a lot of rambling idek what my original point was.

          • No, this was actually incredibly helpful. I can understand why people who are just malicious toy with others–  bringing people down makes them feel better in some sick way. I suppose the real benefit would be like you said, for the third parties, for people to see that not everyone thinks the same way and can also vehemently disagree with it.
            As for the nice, ignorant people, that helps, I think, to describe it with science. I’ve sometimes used the brain scan thing as proof, which helps sometimes, but I can also bring up the chemical thing. Like, a lot of people make light of OCD, more so than PTSD, which people get is scary, even if they don’t know how. It’s difficult for me to be patient when someone’s being flippant about skittles and m&m’s, and the phrase “I’m so OCD” is absolutely everywhere, but I can tell people that it’s not an organizational thing, it’s an imbalance of serotonin, among other stuff. 
            It’s still awkward and annoying to listen to people talk about how OCD they are, especially as I’ve been suicidal over a mix of OCD and PTSD stuff before. It’s hard for me to be patient with things like that. It’s not wholly their fault, but it’s still galling to hear, and I suppose being patient is something I just have to learn how to be. 
            I think treatment is something that can actually be used to help people understand, though. For OCD, ERP/CBT is literally reprogramming your brain through doing stuff you absolutely don’t want to do, to teach it that it really won’t be the end of the world if I don’t count to seven, seven times and end on a two or step on a crack or something. 
            But then you run into people who won’t understand just how hard it is to do that kind of stuff, because it’s the easiest thing in the world to write something or get out of bed. They’ve never been so frayed that they were spouting gibberish inside their head while frantically grasping for any semblance of sanity until the storm ended. So in that way, it’s like describing the color yellow, yeah. But people also have phobias, so for OCD I suppose you could liken it to forcing yourself to do varying degrees of a phobia, consistently. 
            It’s really important to be able to explain it, and to explain it well. The input helped, thanks. I’m still not sure what I’ll say if I come into the omnipresent “I’m so OCD lol” but to discern if they’re genuinely ignorant and working from there is a good way to go about it, I guess. Here’s to our being able to teach people about depression/OCD/PTSD/whatever. 

            • I guess it’s harder for depression. True depression isn’t just sadness, it’s a soul-crushing void. Someone’s dog dying can make them sad, but it’d be hard to really relate actual depression to them. If you have any further advice for getting people to appreciate that better, I’d appreciate it. Even I need to work on not using the word “depressing” so lightly. 

            • It’s hard for me to be patient with things like that. It’s not wholly their fault, but it’s still galling to hear, and I suppose being patient is something I just have to learn how to be. 

              This is something I’ve been working pretty hard at lately with my treatment team. Just, being able to let go, and to frame it as a problem with the other person and their worldview and not something that’s either a reflection on me or that I’m obligated to fix. I probably don’t have to explain to you how it feels — I tend to fixate on and obsess over these kinds of conversations and can be unable to separate myself from them and it’s super bad for me all around so actively saying, “Okay, after this it’s officially Not My Problem anymore,” and then holding myself to that has been a huge quality of life improvement. So yeah, it’s definitely a learned skill I’m still working on. I also just tend to take things very personally in general and really internalize even genuine misunderstandings, so being able to be patient and then move on is really important.

            • I do think I understand that feeling. It’s like I feel obligated to speak up whenever something– anything — really wrong is said or done, which happens way to often, because the world is effing crazy. And then I feel guilty for not using my unfortunately limited energy to argue because nobody else is doing it, and I feel obligated to pick up their slack, but there’s no way in hell that I can fix everything. It’s even harmed a few familial relations. I don’t really know where or when to draw the line, because I feel like nobody else is saying anything about stuff that I see to be pretty fucked up, but it’s exhausting. And it’s not like they don’t have access to means that could disprove a very wrong stance on things, but people just don’t question what they’ve been taught. They just parrot it. That’s honestly why I like this group so much, it’s because I probably won’t be ostracized for speaking out against morally screwy stuff, because you do it too, and sometimes I even get to learn better-person stuff here as well. It’s a refreshing change from Ye Olden Bible Belt of the USA.


              I’m on my phone right now, and the screen is really scrunched up, so if there are spelling errors, sorry.

            • Ghost replied 1 week ago

              Yeah, I’m trying to work on the “help everyone with a problem” thing myself. It’s noble, yes, but it’s not worth the pain it causes and it’s led to my own problems becoming worse because I’ve neglected dealing with them to focus on helping others. As selfish is it is, people gotta help themselves before they can help others :/

            • I don’t think selfishness is always a bad thing, @Ghost. Two drowning people doesn’t make a rescue, sure, but it’s also okay to just be kind to yourself. It sounds weird that it should have to be said, but it’s important to know that you’re important, too.

            • Ghost replied 1 week ago

              It sounds weird that it should have to be said, but it’s important to know that you’re important, too.

              I’m aware of that, but my logic is that I know my friends have issues of their own they are going through as well, so if I take time to try and handle my own issues, then I’m in a situation where I can’t help my friends if they suddenly start struggling with their problems and need help with them because I’m stuck trying to fix my own shit, but if I don’t take care of my issues then they end up causing trouble down the line for me anyway, so it ends up being a lose-lose situation :/

            • Ghost replied 1 week ago

              And vent over. Sorry about that

            • Farla replied 1 week ago

              A good way of thinking about it might be, just like it’s easier to help your friends than someone far away, helping yourself is the most efficient use of limited energy. And if you take care of yourself, you’ll have energy to do more, but if you run out of energy helping others, you won’t have the energy to help yourself recover and then you don’t have energy to help others either.

              So, even if your brain yells that it’s selfish to do anything for yourself before other people, it’s in their own best interest that you not burn out.

  • Some more original openings today.

    Anime count: 12

    Blocked, don’t recognize them. Says they’re discouraged by lack of reviews.

    Blocked. Name is familiar but I have no reviews on their stories. […]

    • People were already saying I was starting fights just by existing, so you know, screw it. I tried to make it as unobtrustive and unthreatening as possible. If it leads to a worse reaction I’ll change it, but maybe it will lead to people at least clicking the link in my profile.

      • Be warned that this changes a major rebuttal you’ve been able to use for years. Now, if you do choose to continue stating things like this, people will be able to truthfully say that you have — at least at one point in time — incited conflict in reviews. They’d use this unfairly, and won’t care about all the time that you’ve been tolerant of Blaze and co’s behavior. It’d be satisfying, but I think you lose out on more than you gain by loosening up in the platform you’ve stood by for so long, of not fighting in the reviews section.

        If this got to your head, take a break, man. I’m not active right now, and I can’t take your place right now, things aren’t that great on my end. But if this has gotten to you to the point where you would divert from the way you’ve been doing it, I’d take a moment to just breathe and think if that’s really the route you want to take. 

        Bear in mind that your sanity comes before their getting reviews. I don’t want to see anyone here run themselves ragged over reviews or anything review-related. 

        • Now, if you do choose to continue stating things like this, people will be able to truthfully say that you have — at least at one point in time — incited conflict in reviews.

          No. I am not starting anything. That has always been and will continue to be true. I only put that message on stories where Blaze has already given out her warning. I am responding to the conflict she incited. Anyone blaming me for that would have blamed me for drawing conflict just by existing, as they already have been. Blaze has demonstrated she will counter-review no matter what, so this changes nothing.

          And you know what? It struck a nerve. Blaze edited her spam to respond to it, and in the process outed Fire4Heaven as a sockpuppet. This works and I will keep doing it.

          • Incited was the wrong word to use. Continued, then. The main objective of this group is to help people, right? I believe that furthering conflict in reviews will inconvenience people more than it could help them.

            Keeping a firm boundary in where is acceptable to speak of others is a policy that I think should remain in place. Even if you did strike a nerve, the point here is to help, not to strike back at Blaze, even if in doing so reveals a puppet most people who follow this conflict closely already figured out by now is a puppet. 

            Honestly, it sounds like this has gotten to you a bit. It might be a good idea just to take a breather. You’re doing something noble in giving good critique, but don’t let this spat with one insufferable FF user get to your head. I know they’ve been accusing you of stuff like that, but don’t change how you’d ordinarily behave just because people are predisposed to disliking you.

            We know you’re in the right, even if they don’t. That’s just going to have to be enough. “Be the bigger person” and all that. 

            • While it’s not much my style, the fact is Blaze pushes harder when she’s left alone but she really doesn’t like the sockpuppet thing. She’d started doing stuff like reviewing people four times (Fire4Heaven, KingPyle, lstwill56, Hybrid) and sometimes even more (dusted off the DB Second account for some reason, anon reviewing under Twenty4Seven, etc). There really isn’t much that’ll make people’s review sections worse at that point. She’ll either back off some of that to pretend they’re not sockpuppets or she’ll keep doing what she’s already doing anyway.

            • Act put it rather succinctly, in my opinion: “giving her that doesn’t seem worth ceding the moral high ground of being able to say you never once got into a review spat.” And all that besides, Blaze isn’t the only person who’s disagreed with our side of things, nor will she be the last. I’d rather keep our side well and clearly on the moral high ground so that future dissenters can look into the situation at hand and be able to more effectively see a side to this that isn’t just someone screaming negative things at people through the review button. Giving that up just to deal with one person seems like a bad trade-off, even if that one person is the single most obsessed person to ever haunt the pokemon archives. 

            • Honestly, it sounds like this has gotten to you a bit.

              No, it hasn’t. It’s annoying, but it hasn’t actually affected the way I do things.

              I honestly don’t think Blaze only wants a reaction from us at this point. We’ve been starving her for months and she just keeps pushing. She seems to get very genuinely upset when we bring up sockpuppetting. I think she really does want to destroy us, not just get a reaction. In that situation, defending my integrity is worthwhile.

              This isn’t about “the moral high ground”. None of the authors actually care about that, or even care enough to find out that there’s any moral conflict in the first place. Blaze makes up whatever she wants and people believe whatever they want. Again, you saw the responses I’ve got. People already think I’m inciting conflict by reviewing and not defending myself, so seriously, why not? Why not.

              Again, this worked. No one has bothered me about it so far, but Blaze absolutely lost it. If it gets a negative reaction later I’ll stop, but until then, this is an effective tactic.

            • Ultimately, the decision is yours. You do have a right to defend your integrity, but I will maintain the position that it still isn’t right to defend yourself in reviews. 

              “This isn’t about “the moral high ground”. None of the authors actually care about that, or even care enough to find out that there’s any moral conflict in the first place.”

              It kind of is about the moral high ground, though. I know Blaze doesn’t give a damn, and I know most people don’t give a damn, but I was once one of those assholes, you know? Having access to a side where I could see more than just someone trolling via review was something that helped me not only stop being a troll to your cause, but it led to a chain of events where I ended up helping out a bit. 

              I know most people won’t care to look deeply into it, but I’m one of those people that did. And stuff like your policy on transparency is what helped me to see that. It’s unfair to future FF users who actually do want to come in with an open mindset to willfully open a space in which Blaze could fill an author’s review section with another troll-review, just to give a rebuttal there. 

              At the end of the day, this isn’t about Blaze, this is about being able to help as many people as we can. One of the major complaints I had with the way you were doing things was in your delivery. The “preamble” helps with a lot of that, but continuing a fight would be counterproductive — it could potentially alienate people who could have been allies if they had just a little bit more incentive to listen to our side, instead of seeing what looks like (to them) two trolls duking it out over some poor author’s review section.

              It’s easy enough for people to mistake what you’re doing and what we’re all doing as simple abuse, trolling, etc. Blaze isn’t worth making it harder for the people who genuinely do want to get to the root of all this to understand the situation as a whole. 

              • It’s unfair to future FF users who actually do want to come in with an open mindset to willfully open a space in which Blaze could fill an author’s review section with another troll-review, just to give a rebuttal there.

                Again, while it isn’t my style, this seems pretty alarmist. “Open a space” already applies to him leaving any review because Blaze will post a counter-review then have two other accounts come in to say something about how he’s a troll yes I also agree he’s a troll and they should’ve blocked him. We’ve seen what Blaze does to people who say they appreciate the concrit but not the warnings (…or even just says “thanks but no thanks” to the concrit) and it’s go ballistic at them with every account. Acknowledging what’s already going on for stories that got the initial spam warning, as one extra line on an actual review, that’s still meant as information for the author, is probably not going to be the breaking point here.

            • @Farla, I’m still against ceding the moral high ground, overall. I think that giving up the ability to state that you’ve never done something that can reasonably be assumed to be continuing an argument could be helpful in the short term, but what if this madness with Blaze ends? Bending one’s stance on how things are typically done — I’m fairly certain I’ve seen St Elmo’s Fire state on multiple occasions that he does not get into arguments in the reviews section, and doing this would render that statement null and void. A statement made to better combat one user isn’t a good trade-off. 

              I know Blaze is crazy, and she doesn’t show any signs of stopping now, but that doesn’t mean she has an infinite reservoir of energy to keep up with all this. It’s possible that Blaze won’t be an eternal plague on the FF forums. In that scenario, yes, Blaze is no longer a problem, but now those who have defended their honor inside of a review cannot say that they haven’t argued using the reviews section before, because even though the statement will have been directed at the author, to the average onlooker and maybe to the authors themselves, it could appear as though Elmo is just stirring the pot.

              Blaze certainly would take it that way. If she takes our mere existence as an affront, a statement directly addressing her insanity would probably incur even more ire from her, and even more reviews than she would normally make between all her alts. 

              I don’t think it’s being alarmist. People are already incredibly eager to see us as the villains of this scenario. Giving them something, anything, that could possibly be seen as stirring the pot is counterproductive to preventing people from thinking that we’re just trolls and disregarding valuable advice. 

            • Arguing in reviews is the thing where two people review over and over to argue with each other instead of talking about the story, not an oath to never reference other reviews. People reference and disagree with past reviews all the time. The issue is having the conversation with the author vs cutting out the author on their own story to argue with a third party.

              Moral high ground requires a moral argument why one thing or another is actually better. It’s easy to see why mass reviewing everyone just to say Fire4Heaven is a sockpuppet and her warning is bullshit is disrespectful to authors and the purpose of the review system or why arguing back and forth with her counter-reviews is a bad idea. I don’t see the same argument for not ever referencing something happening as part of an actual review. Keeping quiet in general isn’t automatically moral and each time it’s been attempted here it’s accomplished nothing.

            • What Ghost said below makes it sound like Blaze has gone crazy– crazier than usual — over this, reviewing people with spam that she might ordinarily have passed over. Even if the reviews not going to be continued, you are still provoking Blaze because that’s just how she operates. She goes ballistic over this kind of stuff. I think the optimal thing here is the least number of people pestered by Blaze, and provoking her seems to have the opposite effect.

              The moral high ground here concerns how many people we risk Blaze targetting, but also to what degree. Even if she’s targetting a whole lot of people already, by making that statement, it’ll probably provoke her into making even more revenge-reviews. I get that you’re not going to be holding a series of back-and-forth in an author’s review section, but there will be the back-and-forth of Blaze’s review, then a review that provokes Blaze, then even more revenge-reviews from Blaze. Wouldn’t it be simpler to just PM people if we really wanted that information sent out? If you can review them, you should be able to PM them as well.

              Blaze’s obsession is absurd in scale, but that doesn’t mean we should make statements like she does, and post them all over the archive, all for the sake of discrediting her, just as she tries to discredit us. To an outsider, I’m pretty sure it would give the appearance of an enormous troll war. 

              We already have a reputation of being trolls. People from all over the internet, not just the FF forums, vilify us, especially you and St Elmo’s Fire, who have been around for longer and have made more reviews. The average person coming onto the scene won’t exercise a drop of critical thought and examine what’s being said/done in a review, and just see that the review was incentivizing to this user named Hybrid of Fate, and sure enough, Hybrid of Fate comes by to make more reviews.

              We need all the damage control we can afford just to be able to convince those actually willing to exercise a bit of rationality that we’re not trolls and that we’re actually trying to help. All the cards are stacked against the people of this group in regard to collecting sympathetic thought or just deflecting the underserved hate, which can result in people turning away advice that could have been of great help. That doesn’t mean we should make it any easier for our side to be disregarded though.

              My point in all this is that there’s probably a small number of people who can be convinced that we’re not evil. It’s not fair, it sucks that we have to jump through so many hoops just to get others to see the obvious, but that’s the situation that’s at hand. 

              All this being said, I can imagine it’s a great deal more aggravating for either you or St Elmo’s Fire than it is to me. You’ve been doing this for longer, and you’ve been a target of abuse for longer and more intensely than I’ve been. I’m not even actively reviewing right now. But what one member of this group does affects how everyone sees us. When I first came onto the scene as The Reeds of Enki, I hadn’t even made many posts, but people were already ousting me as evil doomlord #X in a Reddit post. I want the least amount of getting blocked before I can post a review as possible, something that would benefit us all when we go about our reviewing business. 

            • I’m on the other side — she wants a reaction, any reaction, and giving her that doesn’t seem worth ceding the moral high ground of being able to say you never once got into a review spat. I’d just continue to not counterengage, no matter how tempting it is.

            • This got huge, but just to elaborate on my original post: I wasn’t referring to taking a moral stance of some kind for other people’s benefit, I was saying that for me personally, I think the feeling that I’d be engaging with her on her terms even if I didn’t want to, and thus would be on some level letting her control my behavior, would trump wanting to jab back at her in reviews specifically. Reviews are and should be for the benefit of the author and I think I’d feel ‘off’ about letting her corner me into engaging with her in that venue. I don’t think it’s wrong or lesser to tell people she’s a terrible person in general and I didn’t intend this to come off that way, because you absolutely have the right to tell your side of the story.

      • Personally, I would change the wording, though. “As explained in my profile” can sometimes give a “you should already know this” vibe. Perhaps inviting them to read your profile if they want to know more would work better? Something like: The full details are in my profile if you want to know the whole story, but Fire4Heaven is a sockpuppet and a pathological liar with a grudge against me.

        • Again, this worked. No one has bothered me about it so far, but Blaze absolutely lost it.

          He’s not kidding. She’s now ranting about ignoring anything Elmo says on stories he hasn’t even reviewed yet. 
          It might be a bad idea, but you can’t deny it’s hilarious to watch.

      • FWIW, I think Blaze is a bully, and bullies don’t stop because you ignore them. I think she deserves to have a light shone on her actions. She might not stop, but you pointing her out as an example of how not to be may influence and/or give strength to others.

    • Wtf I’m in Pokémon got hit by Fire’s warning and left a review thanking him for it, hence the block.

      The first thing I remember was waking up with a baby Zorua in the Kanto region. This sounds like one of those SI fic where the writer gives himself his favorite pokemon

      This reads like an MST fic :/

      I feel that capitalizing species names, like capitalizing any common noun, is confusing and disorienting in a story, doubly so when people often use species names as given names for particular pokemon.

      So if all the Pokémon owned by trainers had nicknames, it’d be acceptable to capital species names? Or would it still be non-capitalized?

    • Not to this degree, no. Before it was usually something like “Nice story. Please respond.” Now it’s “St Elmo’s Fire is a lying and a twat and you should ignore everything he says as it’s lying and you should block him because he’s lying.”

      She’s stopped for a short while now, so I’m guessing she’s actively trying to find legal ways of getting rid of us. In which case, I’d probably direct her to the Digital Homicide vs Jim Sterling case as proof that doing this legally won’t work :p

  • “Well guess what buddy?  You messed with the wrong writer.  I know you are a troll, and I know you think you’re smart.  But you screwed up.  I happen to know some of the devs in charge of this website, and get […]

    • This was followed by them getting swarmed by the sockpuppet army. It’s a shame the story was wiped, because it was truly amazing to see Blaze throwing a tantrum just because this response featured the word “thanks”. 

      Guess who got screencaps!

      Thank you for the advice and criticism!!

      Now see, if more people could just say that instead of “OMG, you suck so much, like how dare you criticise my story!!1!” we’d have a healthier community.

      I REALLY don’t care. I’m here to write, not listen to others and their personal preferences. 

      But you clearly do care or you wouldn’t be complaining :p
      Also, I skim read Bandicoot’s thing, but it looked like more whining over how you “tore his story apart”.

    • I seriously do have to wonder why anyone tries the “I AM TOTES FRIENDS WITH THE ADMIN WHO WILL TOTES BREAK THE RULES FOR MY PETTY VENGEANCE” gambit. As soon as a few days pass and nothing happens, the other person learns you’ve got absolutely nothing on them. This instance doesn’t even work as intimidation, because they said they already reported me, so I might as well go out in a blaze of glory anyway! It’s so bizarre.

      I think people like this user severely overestimate just how encouraging a writing site is supposed to be.

      Well, feedback can be very encouraging. Authors often cite comments as a big motivation to keep going, because it shows their work is getting traction. If you’re just writing in a void you may not think you’re doing anything worthwhile and stall out.

      Of course, what this means is that no reviews at all are often more demotivating than bad reviews, so doing as they suggest would be even worse for this.

      • “I seriously do have to wonder why anyone tries the “I AM TOTES FRIENDS WITH THE ADMIN WHO WILL TOTES BREAK THE RULES FOR MY PETTY VENGEANCE” gambit. As soon as a few days pass and nothing happens, the other person learns you’ve got absolutely nothing on them. This instance doesn’t even work as intimidation, because they said they already reported me, so I might as well go out in a blaze of glory anyway! It’s so bizarre. “

        To try to force you to apologise and do as they say. It’s like I say to people who try to use the “Wat dey do iz illegal!!1!” argument as their excuse for harassing you guys: If it was so illegal and against site rules, the admins would’ve zapped you a long time ago. I mean, this has been going on long enough that the admins would’ve noticed by now, so yeah, no, not illegal, just unpopular :p

    • Well, this was certainly entertaining. Keep it up.

    • Does this ever work on anyone?

      Other 12-year-olds?

    • What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in Fanfiction School, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret edits on Bulbapedia, and I have over 300 confirmed stories.

      You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

  • In which someone uses finally uses “they” pronouns for a legendary. We also get an idiot mad scientist who sees no downside to making a supersoldier that hates him. One of these days I’d like to see one of those […]

    • Ghost replied 2 weeks ago

      One of these days I’d like to see one of those stories where they don’t abuse the experimental monster, just for the novelty.

      But then that wouldn’t be fun to read, would it? Which means I’m gonna write it.

      • Well, there are all sorts of interesting things you could do with it. Maybe the experiment thinks they’re going to backstab it and becomes a paranoid mess, splintering off to create their own side anyway. Maybe the experiment has a genuine philosophical disagreement with its creators and decides to rebel for actually complex reasons. Maybe you can do a cool transhumanist thing where the experiment is accepted as a person and gets up to all sorts of cool superhero shenanigans working for the scientists/the government/whatever. Maybe the heroes can try to play to tropes and turn the experiment against the mad scientist, only for that to blow up in their faces when it turns out the experiment is 110% on board with what the scientist is doing because the scientist actually did the work on getting it on board because they weren’t an idiot.
        Really, “poor abused experimental monster” is so overdone at this point that just about anything else will be more interesting.

        • I was honestly thinking more along the lines of “Scientists create experiment to help protect people and experiment does job well, but then rogue scientist takes control and convinces it to do bad things because it helps good people”, but a transhuman would be interesting to write about, tbh.
          Edit: it’s up. Not saying what it is called since I’m not a twit who promotes my stories on other people’s stuff but you’ll know it when you see it. :p

      • I think it’s creepier when they’re kind/”kind” to the experimented-on kid/animal anyway, brrrrrrr.

    • I did a bit of digging and found that it is actually a real weapon – the Mannlicher M1895, which is called the Infanterie Repetier-Gewehr M.95 in German according to Wikipedia. It was used by the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but not by Germany, in the FIrst World War, so the fact that an American was using the weapon on the Western Front in the fic was historically inaccurate and reeks of the “I use this cool and awesome weapon in mulitplayer on Battlefield 1, so my cool and awesome character has to as well” mentality. 

      • It’s amazing how quickly a story can go from “this is an interesting story” to “oh, it’s just slapping random historical names on stuff with no actual research” when people do a little bit of research 

      • I can’t check the story itself, because it was seemingly deleted, but it may just’ve been a typo. The G98 was the standard infantry rifle of German forces in World War 1.

        That said, while I was looking to see if BF1 had the M95 in it, I discovered that “K-bullets” is a in-game gadget that increases damage or something, so. Yeah.

        • K-bullets does more damage to vehicles in exchange for less range. Sort of like an early version of armour piercing ammo. Was that an actual thing in WW1 or no?

          • Apparently, though I can’t say how widespread they were. Sorry, but World War 1 is not my speciality. But from what I’ve been told about the game, Battlefield 1 took basically everything that had ever been even designed in the era of WW1 and treated it like it’d seen mainline battle use, like the fucking Pederson Device of all things. So who knows.

            • Well, they had to have some variety otherwise there would have been like three gadgets :p

        • I can’t check the story itself, because it was seemingly deleted

          It was reuploaded, if you wanted to check for yourself. 

    • Nitpick: Not sure if it’s the canonical demonym, but Sinnohan would have a glottal stop in it (Sin-o’an) which is awkward in english. “Sinnonian” (drop the h, which is for pronounciation anyway) rolls off the tongue a bit better. (compare Torontonian from Toronto… but for Ohio it’s Ohioan so gaaaaaah forget it lol)

  • “First, I thank you for telling me how to set it to the ‘anime’ world setting. I genuinely didn’t know how to do that!” But definitely no one cares about the world settings!

    Your review
    25 AugKoNDo9
    A […]

    • He popped up in the forum for a bit, then has been quiet ever since. Probably busy with school.

      That’s an impressively staccato train of thought.

      They are attempting to psychology him into stopping, which suggests they are mature/smart enough to try that. Shame the issue isn’t Elmo being hurt but years of dealing with the worst FFN has to offer showing that their way is the most efficient way of dealing with issues like what most stories face.

      • [They are attempting to psychology him into stopping, which suggests they are mature/smart enough to try that.]

        Agreed, but I wouldn’t call that mature in the slightest.

        [I will be honest: you were the user I admired the most on  . I had the most respect for you. I wanted to become exactly like you. I wanted to become a grammar perfectionist like you. I wanted to stand out of the crowd like you.]

        [You are a coward. You act like you’re tough. You are critical or direct. It hurts other people. I know that you have a lot of anger deep down. You are hurt.]

        [True strength isn’t about making fun about other people’s stories, or writing a harsh review. True strength is being able to always move on, no matter what. You…show some of these signs, yet you are weak.]

        This shit sounds as manipulative as hell. Either they don’t really mean (made up?) the first few things, of how they admired St. Elmo’s Fire and then later thought otherwise due to an unspecified set of events… or they did and originally admired the making fun of other people’s stories as if trolling was what his reviewing was all about, before they changed to realize that being an asshole to other people is kind of a shitty thing to do. 

        I can see a having-the-best-motivations-but-completely-miscontruing-everything situation because communities dedicated to mocking people aren’t rare, and not un-respected either. Idk though, anonymous bait has all the trappings of any other anonymous activity, such as sockpuppeting.

    • First, I thank you for telling me how to set it to the ‘anime’ world setting. I genuinely didn’t know how to do that! I should probably spend more time than I do trying to figure out the settings for this site.

      Who was the blimp who said nobody cared about the world setting system? Because he was wrong.

      I, Constantine/Brtnvm, declare to you that from now on you are my rival and my goal is to surpass you!

      Graham Aker did that line better than you did, kid, and he’s a hell of a lot cooler. Stop trying to live out your anime fantasies and just keep writing your stories.
      Edit: Maybe I didn’t read it properly, but I swear you changed the top bit from commenting on Brtnvm not actually doing anything to commenting on the whole World settings thing :/

    • I see it as kind of a have-fun mindset. None of this matters, none of this is real life, so why not?

      [since open conflict or fighting is pretty much impossible on this site and probably prohibited, at least i can resist your negative influence on the minds of young aspiring writers by becoming your rival!]

      St. Elmo’s Fire is probably criticizing people for the kicks. And probably all those other people too. So why don’t I have my fun and mess with them too, just like they’re messing with everyone else? (They obviously aren’t deeply influenced by upset author’s responses, so they obviously must not care for anything anyone says.) So it’s not like anything they or I say actually matters, not like either of us will get hurt, so… 

      Probably doesn’t really help that writing lays over the line between actual skill to get better at and indulgent hobby. Fanfiction is just fanfic, and reviewing goals are tiny and stupid, not like real serious anything. There’s no real conflict or debate, this is all a game.

      [You have made grammar into your golden calf!]

      Improving grammar? What a silly, inconsequential goal! It shouldn’t be anything near important enough to allow for reviews advocating for it!

      [Somehow you even convinced Mega Espeon to join your side! So he betrayed us! He is the traitor! Don’t trust him because he who betrays once shall betray twice!]

      No one’s doing anything right or wrong on either side, duh! We may as well be two sides on a chess game! People lie about their motivations all time in mafia games like these.

      [From what I saw, this person seems to have a “attention seeking” mindset as they tend to post things riddled with grammar errors. It’s best to not try to even contact them.]

      …does it make sense how this would sound like ‘STOP HAVING FUN GUYS’ to a person who might be thinking like this? Probably some of my assumptions are wrong, but if someone’s not taking this as a doing harm/not doing harm situation, you can’t really productively react to them as if it is.

    • From what I saw, this person seems to have a “attention seeking” mindset

      I’d say that’s all there is to it. There was a day or two with our copypasta paragraphs as if to get a rise out of Blaze. They want someone to play cops and robbers with and they’re not fussed about which character they get to be.

    • Don’t think it’s from the games. Seems more like he’s watched too much anime, I’m getting Japanophile/weeboo vibes from him. 

  • Nothing of note today.

    Anime count: 15

    I don’t watch the anime, so I’m not going to be able to review this story on content. Please tag your story as anime fic so people searching for anime fic can find it. […]

  • Act wrote a new post, sorry 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    spam problem should be fixed, figures it would ramp up while i’m sick from chemo

  • Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass is an RPG by Kasey Ozymy, the developer of A Very Long Rope to the Top of the Sky and The God of Crawling Eyes, two games we previously reviewed. It’s clear that the developer lear […]

    • Also I’m not normally one to complain about this but wow the Steam community is whiny. The only story boss I actually lost against was the Lingering Eye, and even the optional bosses didn’t give me much trouble. Git gud, kids.

    • This is going to sound really bizarre, but can you hide the title image under a cut? I must have seen it while I was sick and now every time I come to the blog and see it I feel nauseous…

    • Yo, I’m playing this. Spoilers ahead.

      I’m not done, I’m currently at the Pulsating Mass Hub where you fight winged Buck with the eyeballs and spoiled myself on a lot of the plot, but the standout plot moments to me so far were:

      Andrew’s in game stuff kinda showing off how self-centered he was. In the pyramid, there was a mural of how he did a really advanced science fair project ‘with’ Jimmy, and how Jimmy was a great ‘lab assistant’ for it. Which convinces him that Jimmy as a genius who needs to be ahead in school, for some reason. I think it’s interesting that Jimmy dreams of there being a book that holds the knowledge to defeating the pulsating mass (defeating cancer) even though he also is acknowledging to himself that it’s inevitable and the book won’t help, and all the finding and pursuing the book is driven by Andrew.

      Helga is also similarly confusing. I think in her Rainbow Park (?) scene she says something like, if I knew what was happening I’d buy you a shelf full of teddy bears, and clearly doesn’t hold Jimmy to the extreme guilt he holds himself to for stealing the Jonathan bear. Except before that Jimmy still has a huge dungeon and character arc with it in his dream world and terrifies himself with Jonathan I-know-what-you-did Bear… so I guess that was a lead up to him putting things in perspective in the carnival dungeon?

      When you’re fighting Jimmy, I like the transformation note of ‘Jimmy imagines himself as a monster’.

      Before this, there was a Lars beach scene where he’s talking about how shitty people have treated him and then suddenly I WISH I HAD AN ASIAN GIRL. THAT WOULD MAKE IT ALL BETTER was really abrupt and terrible and why. Having Hitomi exist to fawn over Lars at the school and then literally have a baby with him and fulfill every ideation with zero deconstruction or second-guessing of his fantasy was…. why. Why. I don’t know if there’s something to be said that I haven’t reached yet, but so far it felt like it was played so straight it was nasty.

      The Punch Tanaka suicide scene and Jonathan Bear suicide baiting him thing felt unfitting. Like the author probably had a need to show that Jonathan was malicious and Punch needed a drastic life event, but that’s about as far as the reasoning goes, I think. The rest of Jonathan’s arc doesn’t really have much to do with giving in to despair or thinking the world would be a better place without you (he’s more of greed and guilt and not forgetting), so he doesn’t really fit with that scene, and I have qualms with attempted suicide being the major life event that is needed to change people for the better. Punch acts better to his crew, goes on a journey of self improvement, and helps Jimmy and then sacrifice-saves Jimmy by holding off demonic Buck, with his suicide attempt being the spur for all of these things via fall induced memory loss, which is, ugh.

      I think there’s an argument to be made that this is all Jimmy’s skewed perspective of things and how things work, but it really doesn’t seem like that that was addressed or tied in storywise as an unhealthy perspective. And Jimmy has plenty of examples of thinking about these things, like Cordelia and Timothy Mouse, who both question if they’re doing the right thing in how they behave to other people (is Cordelia a bad person if she helps people to be seen as a good person? is Timothy hurting his family like his abandoning father by going on his own journey?) that the lack of anything that suicide KILLS PEOPLE (like how Punch’s suicide attempt could have easily killed him) and sacrificing yourself for to help people you think you owe is not a healthy anything. Believing you’re a burden to others unless you sacrifice yourself is bad.

      There are other things I’d want to mention but I spent a longer time than I thought on these.

      • Helga is also similarly confusing. I think in her Rainbow Park (?) scene she says something like, if I knew what was happening I’d buy you a shelf full of teddy bears, and clearly doesn’t hold Jimmy to the extreme guilt he holds himself to for stealing the Jonathan bear. Except before that Jimmy still has a huge dungeon and character arc with it in his dream world and terrifies himself with Jonathan I-know-what-you-did Bear… so I guess that was a lead up to him putting things in perspective in the carnival dungeon?

        Yeah, I don’t really know what’s going on there. Maybe Jonathonland represents him getting over it, but it’s really confusing. This is what’s frustrating about stories that are all metaphor, we have no objective scale to judge anything against or to know what’s going through the protagonist’s head.
        I was talking about it with Farla and what she thought was going on was that Jimmy thinks everyone is lying to him when they say he’s a good boy, because you have to be nice to ill kids regardless of what you really think. In that light, Helga may be reenacting a real-life conversation where they already found out and forgave him, but he’s not convinced. I really don’t know, though. Jonathon is very weird in general in the way that Jimmy keeps trying to understand him and make him into a sympathetic villain — it may just be an extension of Jimmy being empathetic in general, or it could be him focusing on a specific thing. (Abandonment? There’s a postgame scene that implies he fears that.) I initially thought Jonathon may have represented Jimmy’s hatred or frustration, but Central-Jimmy seems to represent that already.

        The rest of Jonathan’s arc doesn’t really have much to do with giving in to despair or thinking the world would be a better place without you (he’s more of greed and guilt and not forgetting), so he doesn’t really fit with that scene

        I think that’s more the Pulsating Mass being evil and, in particular, screwing up the way kiddie narratives are supposed to go. That’s something I was struck by early on with the bees: the setup is the textbook RPG opening of the wise monarch giving you a quest that they can’t deal with themselves because *mumble mumble*, and then it all gets flipped on its head. The Punch suicide felt similar to me — the way that scene is supposed to go is that the heroes talk him down and we learn an important lesson about life and friendship etc. Jonathon forces that off-script. So I think that’s more Jonathon acting in his capacity as an avatar of the Pulsating Mass rather than as Jonathon himself.
        Can’t really speak for the rest of it. I didn’t really see Punch’s suicide attempt as the spur that started his character growth, but rather Jimmy fighting the Pulsating Mass for control of the narrative — see, he’s okay, he didn’t die, everything’s fine.
        Have you been finding the secret areas with snapshots of the real family members? They’re in Blue Staff River, the Blood Marsh, the Path of Enlightenment, and Shinryu. They’re frustratingly vague, but provide some insight into the real-world situation.

        • [Have you been finding the secret areas with snapshots of the real family members? They’re in Blue Staff River, the Blood Marsh, the Path of Enlightenment, and Shinryu. They’re frustratingly vague, but provide some insight into the real-world situation.]

          Just found the Blue Staff River/Helga one! They seem rather mundane? to me. Helga talking about being overwhelmed by the situation (but promising to talk to Jimmy later!) seemed like the most important quote, while the others felt like normal everyday motherly Helga stuff. The items from here were: Rollerskates (Don’t be afraid of falling. If you don’t deal with the embarrassment now, you’ll never have fun.), Helping Hands (Who wants to fight when you can just hug it out? Jonathan only), Caffeinated Inhaler, the first two of which are unique.

          [The Punch suicide felt similar to me — the way that scene is supposed to go is that the heroes talk him down and we learn an important lesson about life and friendship etc.]

          …is that a rpg trope thing? eek, yeah, I don’t really imbibe a lot of different media, I wouldn’t know.

          I don’t know, I think co-opting your characters for the pulsating mass just feels kinda lazy to me.  I guess it makes sense overarching with this being Jimmy’s dream, but what stood out to me about it most at the time was how it advanced the arcs, gave the player a reason to push Jonathan in the fire and the Punch thing, rather than the game going off-script as a subversion.

          It took me a while to find Blue Staff River (That’s the first secret area I found) and I’m currently pulling skulls around for Blood Marsh.

          • …is that a rpg trope thing?

            Oh no, it’s not a specific thing, but whenever it comes up (like a Very Special Episode or something), the characters are supposed to behave like Helga does in the scene. It does serve the purpose of advancing the plot, obviously, but tonally that’s the reading I got from it.

            The Blood Marsh secret area has nothing to do with the skulls. It’s in the cave — one of the walls with the hands has a secret passage. The Helga area is pretty underwhelming, but the others are a bit meatier, I think, especially Andrew’s.

    • I felt like the game peaked at the third arc with its storytelling, then just didn’t know what to do with the secret knowledge plot, so it just spun its wheels enough so the creator could brag about how long the game is and then just ended. Jonathon was way more compelling to me than the pulsating mass itself.

      Seconded. I liked Secret Meridian’s aesthetic, but the plot definitely slowed way down.

      The ultimate futility and finality of it all in the ending also pretty much kills any desire to speculate on things, at least for me, because ultimately none of it matters.

      Yeah. I talked about this in A Very Long Rope and I Miss the Sunrise too. I really hate stories where the ultimate lesson is “No hope, get the rope.” It’s one thing if this is a tragedy, where we know this going in (another reason this would have been improved if we knew about the cancer from the start), but to pull people in like it’s a normal adventure story and then say “LOL J/K it was all for nothing, everything is misery and suffering forever” is just cruel. Art should tell us something more meaningful than that.

      If this was something like Jimmy grappling with the end of his life and how to cope with it, like, you know, an actual cancer story, that could be interesting, but that’s not really what we get.

  • “Fun fact: Outside of fan fiction, I actually wrote an original story and got it published under my real name as a paperback, and that was BEFORE I began writing that fanfic of mine based on Diamond and Pearl, so […]

    • White text is a thing that occasionally happens in those posts. It’s an issue of WordPress default formatting (white text) conflicting with ffn default PM formatting (black text).

    • Do you remember how you tore my fanfic apart? You and people like you were EXACTLY what I was afraid of going into that one. I was just trying to have some good and (mostly) clean fun with my fandom and nostalgia, but oh no, you couldn’t stand for that, could you?

      What a drama queen.
      Also, Northstar Pokeshipper is another one of those FASTEF Crusaders who want Elmo and Farla to go away but don’t actually DO anything. Guess they liked that story and tried to defend it, but failed miserably at it.
      Also, probably an issue on my side, but the text is showing up white instead of black (EDIT: It fixed)

    • I actually made a career shift and am now solely teaching college composition as I angle for my PhD! Next time someone claims their teacher told them to do it you can now tell them you too know a teacher.

  • Lots of SYOC fic today for some reason.

    Anime count: 6

    Hi! I’m doing a round of reviews around the site, hoping to help give people constructive criticism instead of just vague appreciation or flames. If y […]

    • Readers shouldn’t have to give you clicks just to figure out if the story is something they want to read.

      Say it louder for the people at the back? I think more people could do with being told that, so many summaries are just bland and don’t explain the story at all

    • At least that would mean there’s something to spoil. “Jane Do goes on a pokemon journey in New Region!!!” doesn’t even inspire that much confidence.

      Also, as I think Farla has said elsewhere, if the only interesting thing about your story is the twist, that’s a bad story. I’m going to talk about this in an upcoming review, but I think a lot of stories would actually be better if they’d let go of the idea their twist is the most brilliant mystery ever and just tell us outright at the beginning so the story could be spent actually exploring the implications of the twist. Like, I don’t know much of Twilight, but saying “The love interest is a vampire!” halfway through isn’t nearly as interesting as the question of “So your love interest’s a vampire. How are you going to deal with that?”

      • It’s a lot more fun to explore the implications of a twist than it is to build suspense up to it, I find. Might just be my writing style, though.

        There’s a lot of stories with generic summaries that get read, but it’s mainly because people want to see a ship in the story or something along those lines.


    • …Which makes me realise I really should include an author’s note stating “This will not be a dark story” since the backstory is dark, not the actual story itself :/

    • Yep, that’s the big reason I bring it up. If they know what they’re doing, it’s a simple matter to say “Well actually my plot is this.” If they freeze up and realize they don’t have a plot… that’s something they need to figure out before they continue.

    • There’s definitely an art to a good summary, but that’s why you have to give it a try and practice– I’ve changed my stories’ summaries many times to try to make them more hooky– rather than just throwing up your hands and going “i suc at summeries lol”

  • Someone actually apologizes today after realizing Blaze’s account of me was wildly inaccurate.

    Review on Summer Storm
    11 AugThe Meta Guy
    Hey, sorry I didn’t respond before now (been a bit busy with life, […]

    • You’re a toxic prick who is ruining FanFiction.

      At least they used the right you’re.

      Just enjoy the story

      I can’t enjoy stories with major grammatical errors. They throw me out of the story.

      Then don’t read it. You don’t need to leave a paragraph of errors

      Then how are we supposed to enjoy it if we don’t read it? You are an author, it’s literally your one job to make something people can read. If your response to people who criticise is “Just enjoy it” and to those who can’t read it is “don’t read it”, you really shouldn’t be posting your works on any site with a review/comment function.

      Note to self: Stay away from their stories.

    • You are absolutely not allowed to talk to commentors this way here. Enjoy your ban.

    • I haven’t been following what’s been going on in the forum so I can’t speak to the specific situation, but please don’t worry on account of us. Farla, Elmo, and I know people overreact sometimes and it’s okay; we don’t get upset about it and we know it’s part of learning to deal with criticism. Don’t beat yourself up for making a mistake.

    • I’ll have to backread the forum, but in general I’ll say that we’re a community that values learning from mistakes and sincere apologies leading to genuine change. I’m going to guess and say that no one died (you didn’t kill anyone, right?), so if your behavior changes going forward it won’t be remembered.

      • It’s very hard to admit you did something wrong and need to change. If more people were willing to confront their behavior like this, the internet would be a better place. Be proud of yourself for learning and deciding to be better!

    • It’s okay to let it go, too, even if you’re forgiving yourself and not someone else. Don’t let the memory of something bad you did get in the way of being better, be it for overall health or as a person. It was a bit of a clusterfuck, yeah, but you learned from it, which is more than what most do. As Act said, you should be proud of yourself for that. I came onto the scene after trolling St Elmo’s Fire, and I don’t think everyone hates me here, so I wouldn’t worry over it. It’s not the end of the world.


      … Unless, by some chance, we were off in translating some ancient prophecy and doom is indeed upon the horizon. Then, I’d suggest worrying about that instead lol.

    • If by “the whole thing” you mean life in general, it’s eh right now. Been dealing with a bunch of anxiety stuff amidst worse symptoms. Apparently, the heat makes my anxiety spike, so I have even more reason to hate warm weather now. Yay. It took me nine hours just to muster enough strength to do a damn syllabus quiz. Took like 5 minutes when I could actually do it, but damn, it’s annoying, not even being able to do simple tasks a lot of the time.

  • Today there’s a a fic that plays out the scene from Unoriginality 30 almost verbatim with absolutely no trace of irony.

    Anime count: 14

    I don’t watch the anime, so I’m not going to be able to review this sto […]

  • You know those made-for-TV movies MST3k and Rifftrax do sometimes, where it obvious it was two episodes of a show that were smooshed together into a ‘movie’ because halfway through the plot resolves and the entire […]

  • Act wrote a new post, Phantom Brave 1 month ago

    Phantom Brave is a very good, surprisingly heartfelt tRPG with some wonderful messages about female friendship, disability, environmentalism, and prejudice. It also has a really unique item system that had a […]

    • With a bit of totally-not-creepy detective work, can confirm she owns and has sunk ~60 hours into Phantom Brave PC on Steam. 

       Sometimes console games don’t port well to PC

      Speaking of console games that did port well to PC, I recently played The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel on Steam, and damn if that didn’t scratch the traditional JRPG itch I’ve had for months. The PC port comes with a goddamn Turbo Mode where you hold a button and it speeds up everything – cutscenes, combat, exploration. Game had good writing and likeable characters, too.

      • Act replied 1 month ago

        Just adding on that while i played it on Steam, I played with a controller so can’t comment on the keyboard mapping.

        Also I hated Cold Steel but apparently I’m the only person on the planet who feels that way. 

    • I mean, I’m not surprised you disliked Cold Steel. They were aiming straight for the demographic that likes high school harem/romcoms. And Catholic schoolgirl uniforms. The dev team still can’t write and design an ending to save their lives. There’s a lot to criticize it for and, if I remember your Trails in the Sky review right, it straight-up does worse with female characters. 

      I know it sounds weird for me to criticize it like that and still say I like it, but, well, I’ve got doublethink down to a science at this point. 

    • Act replied 1 month ago

      I just use an XBox 360 controller with the SteamLink. We have the Steam Controller but it’s too big for my freakishly small hands.

    • Nerem replied 4 weeks ago

      I was also going to suggest Soul Nomad, if only because it’s a direct sequel to Phantom Brave and is a pretty good game too.


      Also Grim Grimoire, which is another game that Soul Nomad is a sequel too. Which is a very weird game and has a very cute romance in it.

      • Act replied 4 weeks ago

        GrimGrimoire has been on my wants list for a loooong time and is very tough to find. Will def do it eventually.

    • I could find it… unofficially.

      • Well, yeah. But I like having physical copies of things. I also prefer console to PC when possible.

        • Sadly, outside of remade/reissued games, Atlus basically releases a couple of copies and calls it good. So a physical copy is sadly going to be expensive.

    • If there’s a new character class/ item you want to use, fuse an old one into it,  and it keeps all the mana of both.  Alternatively, you can pump up character/item’s mana by consolidating useless ones into it. 

  • Ashley changed their profile picture 1 month ago

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