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  • A PMD fic that actually kept my attention!

    [“It’s better than the marshes,” I reminded him. He’d given me the cold shoulder the entire month we’d patrolled the swamps of Route 120, but it was secretly one of my […]

  • A lot of grammar errors but some rather unorthodox first-pokemon-gettings as well, including one where the pokemon gets to have a name of their own. Also, a straight up isekai fic and it doesn’t even involve […]

  • A reasonably varied bunch! Also, the counter-reviews are getting particularly mad.

    [ I don’t really have a specific reason for deleting it, I just felt like some chapters were not as well-written as they […]

  • Act wrote a new post, Gungnir 1 week ago

    Finally wrapping up the Dept. Heaven series, Gungnir.

    This was easily the weakest of the four games. It felt very rushed to me, and kind of all over the place as a result. It’s likely the only one I wouldn’t […]

  • And now it’s reply time! Some authors are angry. Some authors are fine. Some third parties are not okay with some authors being fine and would rather insist they’re idiots who can never improve, and somehow that […]

    • You’ve got a lot of broken line breaks here. Remember that they’re not visible in the editor; you have to line break the first seemingly unbroken line of every message to be sure.

    • RandomGuyontheStreet13 was just… weird. I think he was really defensive about getting criticism and decided to go about it by attacking you instead of really acknowledging what you said. He also seemed quite (ironically and hypocritically) contradictory. Seeing an amateur tell someone clearly much better and more experienced at something how to do the job is always both cringy and entertaining.

  • Arg, something messed up and the document reset, so I may have lost some reviews. Edit: okay, found the original, none were lost!

    [I decided to leave this child by the fountain since it is the place where all […]

    • [Also, you need to really think about the demographics here. How is society functioning if most of the the adult population is completely gone? Because that’s what all the men and a whole lot of the women adds up to.]

      It’s just a little casual pokemon communism. It just works.

      The story is gone. I have no clues about aspects of the society not written here.

      • They reposted it, if you’re interested. 

        • Tried to review that but interestingly, I was blocked.


          [Speaking of universes, this is kind of an AU: all the places, organizations, and even some of the events are the same, but all the characters—gym leaders, champions, and other side characters—are different. You can imagine it as an alternate universe, or simply as a time decades or centuries ahead of the games and anime, it comes down to the same thing.]

          That’s basically a stop reading now instruction to me.



          • What’s so bad about that? Fanfiction overwhelmingly writes characters so out of character that they might as well be completely different, so what’s wrong with a wholly original cast?

            • The writer doesn’t even pick a direction of why thus doing it for “because he wants to.” Replacing everyone for the sake of it doesn’t really do fanfic justice.




              • … Why not? What’s wrong with using the setting, but not the original characters? The setting is usually the thing that survives more intact to begin with.

              • It’s how he framed it in the vein that he doesn’t care. If he doesn’t care, why should I?

                AU, decades or centuries later (doesn’t matter) whereas a futuristic story would be kind of cool, an AU (depending on what) doesn’t justify replacing everyone. 

                Decades might be too small of a time jump for a radical shift.





      • I dunno, the society might be completely unpopulated by adults, but I still don’t think it’d function as poorly as a communist society.

    • Okay, so I appreciate that you didn’t completely gender this by saying “a lot” of women leave too, but it really didn’t need to be gendered in the first place.

      Yeah, women are just as capable as men of being irresponsible assholes who’d abandon an entire town of children!

      Plenty of idiots manage to be good in a fistfight due to strength, and you can totally beat people to death with sticks – honestly, given people train with sticks all the time, it’s not even that big of a problem for the samurai and he’s still got a big advantage if it’s a fistfight and the other guy’s completely unarmed

      It is almost comically easy to fatally injure someone with a bokken. They’re made of extremely dense wood, can be swung wicked fast (especially compared to something like a baseball bat, which is very top-heavy), and the wounds they leave are usually internal and sometimes can be hard to recognize the seriousness of (if even recognized at all). Imagine if someone optimized a baseball bat for use as a melee weapon.

      Omnivore solely refers to what they consume and has nothing to do with how they get it, if there are other bits they’re not eating, or if anyone dies in the process. Possibly you mean “predatory”?

      And if they’re only eating the metallic portions of pokemon, they’re not omnivorous no matter how they get it.

      Should be [said, “Pi].

      Should also be unincluded. Even if you’re going to make them talk like in the anime, summarizing the tone is always going to be less cringe-inducing than writing out their “dialogue”.

  • A story where pokemorphs coexist with various civil rights movements without there being the slightest connection, one where cutting edge technology lets battles be even more boring, porn, Hala using the tapu to […]

  • Let’s start off on a high, if pre-2019, note:


    Penguins are just so, so adorable doing anything.

    And now, onward into January.

    [ not really any Pokémon attributes, but the world it takes part in is a […]

    • You have black text blending with the background in the review of Getaway Car and some quotes in Pokemon-Mystery-Dungeon-Silva-Mysteria review.

      • Interesting! I was messing a bunch with copy/paste settings. I guess some formatting leaked through.

    • So I was really looking forward to a light and easy January where half the people had me blocked beforehand but apparently Hybrid can’t do anything at all right.

      You just realised?

      Also, will you be doing this throughout all of January?

  • Over the Edge is a classic TRPG that’s getting a new edition soon. The game revolves around Al Amarja, a fictional tiny island nation that survives by virtue of basically having zero regulations on anything and […]

  • “Let me make it clear now that if you do CTRL+F, I only used an exclamation point ONCE, and that wasn’t even a combination with CAPS LOCK. I only use CAPS LOCK when I’m angry or want to prove a point. In this […]

  • A lot of decent but not terribly remarkable stuff. Also, another fic of humans in pokemon costumes.

    Anime: 12

    Blocked, don’t recognize them. Anime.

    Blocked, don’t recognize them. Sevenways is the only […]

  • Happy holidays!

    Lots of people upset about Sevenways today.

    St Elmo’s Fire,

    A new guest review has been posted to your story. Please login to moderate this review.

    Story: A Present For […]

    • This is rather beautiful. The holidays are not going well for Hybrid of Fate. Great responses overall.

  • Some decent stuff today, including a pretty interesting anime AU where Ash is raised by Mewtwo. Most of the trainer fic also at least has nonstandard openings. There is, however, a lot of weirdness around pokemon […]

  • Calm today.

    re: Your review to A Pokemon Apart Reignited
    8 Decdairu123
    A response to your review at

    actually I’m very happy when people care enough to give […]

  • Hey y’all. Tomorrow morning I start four months of nonstop chemo, which is sure to be a living hell. I don’t know how I’m going to react to the new chemo drugs, but if how I reacted to the first one was any […]

    • Oh, nice! I’m sure they’re both excellent reads.

      I’m really sorry about the chemo, but also really glad you’re going to be alright. :-)

      • Seconded. It sucks that you have to go through months of chemotherapy, but I’m glad they say you’ll be alright at the end of it, You got this. Kick cancer’s ass.

        I went over the Spring paper. It was very good! It started off strong a la Virginia Woolf and kept going strong. I’d never come across the various “brow” terms before, which was interesting to see explored with a focus on Woolf and her viewpoints on the subject. 

        I would read the other one, but rape is, unfortunately, a huge trigger for me. I’m sure it was equally as good, however. 

        Good luck with everything. Take it easy when you can. Life won’t be easy for a little while (obviously) but you’ve got us here cheering you on. 


    • I hope everything goes well with the treatment.I read the final paper, and I liked it a lot. I’d first read Naked in Death when I was like 14 years old, so naturally none of the stuff you brilliantly discussed registered back then. I want to re-read it now. Eve <3 <3 <3

    • Hang in there!

      I’ve read your papers. It’s kinda weird seeing you go for srs academic tone instead of more conversational one you use here, but I guess the academia wouldn’t accept a blogpost-style rant about Archer, which is a shame.

      Anyway, your work is interesting. Straight detectives are usually not my cup of tea (like, full disclosure, I’m mostly familiar with the classics because there are some really good Russian movie adaptations of Agatha Christie and Conan Doyle), so I wouldn’t know the state of the genre today without your paper. It’s a really interesting direction for it to evolve into.

      I may pick up Naked in Death at some point. The futuristic setting gives it an edge that would make it more appealing to me than normal for detectives, and from what you describe it sounds rather relevant in modern climate.

      On another topic, I actually didn’t know the whole highbrow-lowbrow thing comes from phrenology. I thought it was basically referring to highbrow writers having an image of being incredibly smug and consequently having one eyebrow frozen high.

      I haven’t heard the word “middlebrow” at all before, so the paper was enlightening to me.

      I think you’ve earned the right to write about teletubbies or something next semester.

      Teletubbies actually had a batshit discourse surrounding them at one point, ranging from “dumbing down of our children” to “gay agenda,” so good luck with it.

      • Lol yes I forgot to mention they’re both written in Academese.

        • Have you poked at any of the later … in Death books? I’ve read like 30 of them but it was half my lifetime ago so I don’t remember how well the others stack up to Naked in Death.

    • Best luck with the chemo, I hope you have a good recovery. Hopefully after that this whole thing will be “over”. (I know it is never really ‘over’ but, you know)

    • “Book Emergency”.

      By the time I figure out what one of those might look like, you’ll probably be done with all that unpleasant stuff.

    • The fall paper wasn’t as rough as you made it out to be. I enjoyed the read, and your breakdown and analysis of the subject matter. Couple of typos, but overall well constructed. I haven’t read enough mid century detective fiction to be aware of the racist tropes surrounding the misrepresented rape culture of the time, so it was especially informative to read as a relative outsider to the source material.

      It sucks to write about depressing subject material. I just finished a thirty page American history essay on an in depth analysis of how the Dust Bowl ecological disaster affected the Great Depression. The only thing that got me through it was frequent breaks for Breath of the Wild and the new Let’s Go game.

    • Yay, good news! Or rather a good new, which is you’ll be alrightish eventually. Yay to that, as all the rest of it sounds like crap but the yayable bit is the most important bit here.

      You go Act, kick its ass and take its name. Then chuck that name to trash, cos who’d wanna keep the name of a cancer?

  • A cute Yueltide fic with delibird, and a really awesome opening about a shiny hunter tracking legendaries WHO GET “IT” PRONOUNS I’M SO HAPPY. Mostly just standard openings otherwise, including another entry into […]

    • Your review of Chasing the Gods makes me want to go read it now. I’ll set aside some time later to do just that.

      Also, that is really odd, about the incest thing, yeah. Why is it that it’s so friggin’ popular? Wasn’t there a whole anime devoted to a brother/sister romance thing? I think it was called Oreimo. What the heck, people?

      I liked these reviews! Good reasoning for the “why this doesn’t work” and a few rewrites that I’m sure’ll be helpful. It’s been a while since I’ve set aside the time to go over your weekly critiques– makes me want to do a few myself. Things are settling down (FINALLY) over on my end, so I’m planning on doing a few reviews before Christmas. Maybe I’ll encounter a few gems, myself, then!

      • Wasn’t there a whole anime devoted to a brother/sister romance thing? I think it was called Oreimo. What the heck, people?

        This is a whole genre in anime, little-sister romance. It’s a creepy combination of virginity fetishization, the desire to have some power over their partner, sexualization of children, the harem idea that women are all (literally all) secretly after your dick, and (I’d guess) a more normal fascination with the taboo. It’s like all of anime’s worst tendencies just coalesced into one mess.

        • Well, that’s disturbing! Like, I knew there was a problem with that stuff in anime, but I didn’t know it was an entire genre. That’s just really disturbing. Why do people think this is okay to put in media? It’s not taboo because it’s socially unacceptable, it’s socially unacceptable and a taboo because it’s fucking horrible. Why in the world do studios condone it? It’s insane. 

          • On a related tangent, I’m watching an anime right now that has child sexualization. It’s really freakin’ weird and hard to watch, but I promised myself I’d get through it anyway. The rest of it’s great, but holy crap, there are two characters that have their own romance gag going and they can’t be older than eight. There’s a woman with huge breasts that sleeps with the kid and emphasis is put on that fact. It would look extremely disturbing if the genders were reversed, but somehow sexual advances from a much older woman to a young boy is okay. Overall, the anime is very enjoyable. It has lessons in friendship, (good) humor, acceptance of unfamiliar cultures, other good stuff, but come on. I wrestled with the idea of quitting the anime after the two eight-year-olds were the butt of a sex joke. 

            The anime in question is Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, by the way, for anyone that might be familiar with it. 

            • Oh good lord, who in the world got you to watch that.

              • Friend recommendation. Miiiiiiight have to take certain recommendations under reservation, haha. Not all of it’s bad… Just a lot.

            • I’m actually in the same situation with Made in Abyss.

              The anime is sooo good. Great art, funny characters, the sense of adventure and weird world with the emphasis put on bizarre ecosystem.

              Buuuut there is always this undercurrent of “so, does the author want to fuck those kids?” which… ah… leaves me with mixed feelings.

              It’s like…

              “Look at the pretty pictures!”

              “But this is Wrong.”

              “But look at the organic resurrection machine!”

              “But this is Wrong.”

              “But look at the way the story cleverly subverts the typical Hero’s Journey by making it a one-way trip!”

              “But this is Wrong.”

              And so on.

              Anime (which I’ve seen first) apparently tones it the fuck down from manga, but all it means is that the whole thing just kinda creeps on on you. It’s, like, “OK, I’m probably just imagining things. It’s a comedy scene, the creators probably just struck a wrong tone on accident.” Aaaand, no. This shit keeps happening, so… yeah.

              • Act replied 4 weeks ago

                Wow, I’m shocked to hear that. The Made in Abyss manga is great and at chapter 46 I wouldn’t have felt the need to warn for that at all. 

              • @illhousen, You pretty much described my thought process in a nutshell. Good stuff here… But child sexualization. More good stuff there… But child sexualization. I’m already this far into it… But child sexualization.

                I’m still deciding whether or not I want to continue or not, I’m leaning toward “no” on my end because of a scene I happened to be spoiled on that had the main character seriously contemplating laying hands on the effectively-eight-year-old in her custody all because she was drunk. 

                Like, seriously. Come. On. That’s so not okay. How is that even supposed to pass for humor? I saw it on a goddamn “X funny scenes” thing on youtube. Aaaargh. 

                I’ve never seen Made in Abyss, but it’s been highly recommended to me before. It looked very interesting by the premise. I’m going to take your experience here as a precaution and not get myself into another Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, though. Like I said before, there are genuinely good aspects to the show, but I simply cannot condone child sexualization. 

                Good luck with whatever choice you make over on your end. Ultimately, it’s okay to like a thing so long as you acknowledge the bad things and don’t justify or pass over them just because the rest of it is good. (I think Act or Farla said something like that here, these words of wisdom come not from me lol.) Let me know what your final decision is, if you’ve decided yet.

              • Had a similar situation with a manga I read a while back called Missions of Love. (Watashi ni xx Shinasai!) It’s about a novelist who struggles with writing romance given her own inexperience, so she decides to blackmail a two faced guy in her class into helping her get some practical experience. (Mission 1, hold my hand, stare into my eyes, ect.) It was pretty interesting seeing her learn the physical descriptions, and eventually the difference between love and childish lust, and the relationship between her and this awful guy was legitimately interesting. They kept trying to outsmart each other, and he didn’t know she was a famous novelist whose latest work was based off HIM. I struggle with romance writing too, so it was really cool to read. The only weird thing was her secondary love interest being her cousin, but it was pretty obvious that was never gonna happen. The story lines got super sexual a bunch of times thanks to the premise of the manga.

                Anways, three quarters of the way through the manga, they revealed the characters were 12-14 despite their appearances. Everyone thought it was a high school manga until then, fml. All the sexy storylines were suddenly creepy as hell.

              • @Embershine, Yikes. Talk about being blindsided. That’s extremely odd, though. It’s like the opposite of creepy “loli” things, where the author makes a character obviously young in appearance and then makes it “okay” because she’s three hundred years old or something. (She just looks three, see? Totes fine now.)

                I googled Watashi ni xx Shinasai. The guy, at least, does not look 12-14 range. The girl could pass for older as well, especially if she’s a published novelist. This person went out of their way to make passable older people young. 


              • Wow, what? I only read a little bit of Watashi ni XX Shinasai, when it first came out, and I would’ve never fucking guess it turned out like that. It just seemed like they were going to limit it to stuff like kabedonning or maybe a kiss they never actually got around to doing… And they definitely looked like anime high school kids (though, admittedly, I was reading it in Shoujo Magazine Rip Scanovision). The heroine was kind of short and small, but that’s not really atypical for anime.


                Looks like it actually has a sequel, where they’ve become an official couple, and actually are high schoolers. I only skimmed it, but it looks like the raciest thing they do is have a kiss in a photo booth, though its played up like they fucked in it.

              • Yeaaah, took me by surprise for sure. The two MCs are 14, and the other rival love interests are as young as 12. (Which is especially creepy because one of them attempts a couple assaults if memory serves.) They actually did say ‘middle school’ about halfway through the manga, but I thought it was a translator error. Then they revealed in print the main characters were 14 almost at the end.

                They didn’t get too explicit, because it’s a shojo, but it definitely pushed the line into ‘adult manga territory’ more than once. I’m a little surprised they got away with that much, actually.

                And I mean, I guess anime aging has always been a bit hit or miss. But seriously, the lead girl is extremely well developed for someone just out of elementary school. It felt really unnecessary to make everyone so young. Like…the lead guy’s voice might not have broken yet. It really did ruin the entire image of the characters I had up till then.

                I might check out the sequel if it’s far enough in to the story. :) Or I’ll wait for a while until more chapters are out. I did enjoy a lot of aspects of the story, or I wouldn’t have gotten so far, so if everyone is high school aged I won’t have to live in denial, lol.

              • The site I happened to find it on only had a single chapter, posted seven months ago. It did seem like the female lead was a bit taller (though I suppose it could’ve just been art progression, since I don’t know what the end of the original manga looked like, it seemed like the ratio of her head to body is smaller than the first chapter of the original) and curvier.

                I also found a speech bubble that says its her first day of high school, but I didn’t notice any mention of how long its been since the first manga. But I’d still be charitable and say all the characters are more likely to be 14 than 12 in the original. Third year of middle school, which is the same as first year of American high school. So they’re proooooobably equivalent to high school Freshmen in the first manga, and are 14 going on 15.

            • Cool Kyoushinsha can actually tell a pretty mature and uncommonly adult romance story when he’s not busy being an absolute fucking creep. The anime I Can’t Understand Why My Husband Is Saying is actually also by him, and its an extremely good story of two married adults. Even Kobayashi is a surprisingly rare type of adult character in anime.

              It’s just that it seems like Cool Kyoushinsha is doing that entirely on accident, and would rather tell stories about sexualized children and girls with beach balls for tits. He even has a manga about a hentai artist (with beach ball sized tits) where her editor describes her work as “the rantings of a virgin addicted to masturbating” and I immediately thought that it absolutely had to be based on a story Cool Kyoushinsha had with his editor. And that’s one of his less disgusting series.

              There’s the manga he wrote about a college-aged guy (that looks like twelve) who writes a picture book series about detached breasts getting a beach ball breasted roommate whose dick is just constantly falling in between them… urgh, he’s got a lot of gross shit in his library…

              The two Dragon Maid spin-off manga (Elma OL Nikki and Kanna no Nichijou) aren’t drawn by him (and possibly aren’t written by him, though its his name on the cover) and are infinitely less creepy. The chapter of Kanna no Nichijou where Kanna and her creepy friend get into Kobayashi’s makeup actually reads like a chapter where two fifth graders got into their mother’s makeup. I still need some of a Creepy Anime Filter to ignore some of it, but I actually think that’s because I can’t take it out of the context of the main series where it would’ve been handled in a far more creepy way.

              Elma OL Nikki is pretty fine, though, since it’s mostly about one of the dragons being an Office Lady and eating a shit-ton of snacks.

      • I actually think that the reason it’s so popular in anime and manga might have something to do with the fact that it’s a really convenient way to not only explain why the characters live together (allowing for more intimate interactions than if they just saw each other at school, where there are no baths to walk in on each other at all) and explain why the girl loves the boy without actually having to actually explain it because they’ve known each other for their entire life.

        Though, to be fair to OreImo, it starts off as kind of a joke (as the title says, his little sister actually isn’t cute) and the point was about having a viewpoint character to observe the antics of the little sister, but it apparently stopped being a joke entirely due to the fact that the author caved to death threats he started receiving when the main character started going out with one of his little sister’s friends.

        That said, little sisters falling in love with their older brothers have already turned into a cliche ripe for subversion. I have seen some manga (such as Ane Log) which are about people who paranoidly obsess over the idea that their (totally normal) sibling is in love with them to the point of basically doing to their sibling what they think their sibling is doing to them. And in Fudatsuki no Kyouko-san (by the same author of Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san), people treat the MC like he’s a siscon weirdo, because he’s weirdly and extremely overprotective of his little sister; but that’s actually just because she’s a vampire and he doesn’t want anyone else to know, and there’s nothing weird at all about their relationship. And some, like Cyclops Shoujo Saipu-chan just outright use it for laughs, because the MC is apparently the only person on the planet who thinks the way his younger sister treats him is fucking weird.

        I think the weirdest one I’ve stumbled across is Maria-sensei wa Imouto Gachizei, by the same author of Yakumo-san wa Edzuke ga Shitai. It’s actually not even about a older brother and younger sister, but an attractive teacher and her scary delinquent student; and actually manages to somehow be weirder. The teacher has a crush on her older brother and her scary student who looks like him who does, like… older-brother… roleplay? It’s not even romantic, it’s just like… he treats her like his younger sister and she… does… younger sister stuff?

    • Ghost replied 4 weeks ago

      Arceus is not the Judeo-Christian God. It just isn’t. Those ‘golden semicircles’ are the Dharmachakra of Buddhism. It is very, very explicitly a Dharmic-inspired deity,

      Googling this as I type so probably will miss some vital facts, but I looked into the Dharmachakra and from what I’ve garnered, Arceus’ Dharmachakra would apparently represent the four Noble Truths from Buddhism.

      From what I can garner, the Truths have some logic to them that explains why Arceus chooses not to intervene, but I’m struggling to understand them :/

      • Well, it’s not necessarily literally a Buddha. Arceus has symbology from a whole lot of religions, and, well, Pokemon is just pop culture. I don’t think there’s meant to be any serious religious meaning, they just stuck a bunch of symbols on Arceus because it looked cool.

        I maintain my theory that Arceus doesn’t intervene because it’s actually just an ultrabeast that can’t hold its breath for very long.

        • Ghost replied 4 weeks ago

          I maintain my theory that Arceus doesn’t intervene because it’s actually just an ultrabeast that can’t hold its breath for very long.

          Well, that makes more sense than mine. I just figured it couldn’t intervene because it can’t leave the Hall of Origin unless someone plays the Azure Flute and opens the staircase to it up

        • Points to Elmo for the humorous reasoning behind Arceus’ lack of action. I’m definitely using that later if the opportunity arises.

          If you were planning on incorporating Arceus into a fic, you might explain it away by having it be omnipotent or nigh-omnipotent, but not omniscient. Could be that it’s just cruising the cosmos without a care or clue in the world as to what’s going on in that weird blue-green planet light-years away. 

          Also, I may be able to shed some light as to why people use Arceus as a Judeo-Christian god figure. Have you seen the movie, Arceus and the Jewel of Life? In it, Arceus nearly sacrifices itself to save people from a meteor, but stuff happens and it tries to go all Old Testament on the world. Its signature move is called “Judgment.” Obviously, it’s not a biblical figure of any means, but I thought that might shed some light as to why people make Arceus a centerpiece of poke-religion. For those just looking at the games, Arceus is just a really powerful thing that’s somehow okay with being summoned by a ten-year-old’s flute skills and then being stuffed into a high-tech sack immediately after being serenaded into existence. 

          Like you said, pokemon is a hodge-podge of pop culture, and a legendary pokemon that’s attributed to the creation of existence is bound to take from any number of creation mythos. An analogy could be: Arceus is to religion as English is to actually comprehensive languages. Arceus is classified as the “Alpha pokemon,” which gives off “alpha and omega” vibes. Trying to shoehorn it into fitting one religion might be an exercise in futility. 

  • “Hey, heard you’re a Poké bully to others. Not nice,you might not care but stop and grow up. Mind you’re own business and support not shame. Byyyeeeee. P.  not stop until you stop”

    For bonus points, this was a […]

    • Yes, it is. This is two positive responses and zero negative ones (not counting the anon review, who could well be an earlier respondent and thus cannot be fairly counted). That makes me look very good.

      For real, Sevenways, last thing before we ban you: telling people not to air their grievances with me was the stupidest thing you could have done. Because people who respond to me are the only ones who are visible, to all the world it looks like everyone loves me now. If you want to destroy me, you need to let people tell me they hate me.

  • The Curious and the Shiny got a reboot! I unfortunately fell behind on the original, but the new version is looking great. There are a few good openings, otherwise.

    Anime: 9

    I don’t watch the anime, so I […]

  • Some weirdly belated revenge reviews, and otherwise polite responses.

    re: Your review to Hellbound Dollhouse, A pokemon horror fanfiction
    23 Novmckanto
    A response to your review at […]

    • So, what, you expect me to stop anonymizing them? Precisely how stupid do you think I am?

    • Sevenways, you spend even more time spamming than I do reviewing. If I’m stupid, what does that make you?

    • [citation needed]

    • Your critical comment is void of substance and use, which is exactly what to avoid when criticising – not just on pieces of fanfiction either. With criticism, it isn’t enough to simply say what’s wrong or what you dislike. There should be advice on how the recipient can improve. Not that I agree with the content of your comment, just saying.

    • You’re the one bringing them into this. My comment didn’t refer to them at all – it was directly towards you. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you had crushes on them. I’m wounded.

    • Okay, then. You spend more time, let’s generously call it posting, than I do. If posting is stupid, why are you doing it so much more than me?

    • [citation needed]

    • First, I never lie with thereviews.

      You just said it was okay to write child porn of pokemon trainers because they’re teenagers, not little kids. In addition to teenagers still being underage, the protagonists of the Alola games, in which the fic was set, are 11.

      Authors have literally been bullied into suicide over this. Telling these authors they have nothing to worry about is criminally irresponsible. Stop it.

    • Can’t help but notice you did not even acknowledge my point about teenagers still being underage.

    • {I only counter review you.}

      LOL, what? You counter review a list of like ten people! Including people who aren’t a part of this blogs admin group, and just happen to disagree with you/interact with them! This is a new level of bullcrap, Hybrid.

      Even if we don’t take into account the sockpuppets, you personally, the Hybrid of Fate account, counter review tons of good authors who give well meaning reviews.

    • Do you think it is okay for adults to bang teenagers, Sevenways?

    • Um, no. Address my main point instead of deflecting with the sock puppet issue. The Hybrid of Fate account counter reviews many people, including those who don’t agree with Saint’s capitalization standards and the Arceus as God stance. Claiming otherwise is a flat out lie.

      Are you capable of taking responsibility for the actions of the Hybrid of Fate account?

    • Hey Sevenways, if you don’t want to answer Embershine’s questions you can answer mine. Do you think it’s okay for adults to bang teenagers?

    • Oh? I thought this was “Never about your review”?

      You’ve said that many times. Either answer his question or mine, or you’re admitting that you did only care about the review.

    • There are some who would say your refusal to answer this is tacit admission you hold a very unsettling viewpoint, Sevenways. It is in your best interests to answer.

      Do you think it is okay for adults to bang teenagers, Sevenways?

    • If things are not stated people do not assume underage.

      I see someone has not spent much time in fandom.

      Amazing that you said all that and still didn’t actually answer my question. Do you agree teenagers count as underage?

    • Indeed. See also here, where she tells the author his rewrite is confusing and filled with plot holes because Saint said it was better. And also said not to trust any praise from a previous reviewer?

    • You’re a pedophile.

      “No U” ~ Sevenways

      You know, given your known history of having every single thing you accuse us of actually turning out to be a thing you’re doing, I’d be careful about saying this, Sevenways.

      Show me where you answered my question, because I don’t see it. Do you agree teenagers count as underage?

    • Act replied 1 month ago

      Elmo, I know you’ve decided for whatever reason to engage with Blaze, but letting someone post here after repeatedly using ableist slurs is something I’m super uncomfortable with. I already banned her once for this. IMO, that should be it.

    • Ok, I know that even when I was writing for the blog I wasn’t a moderator, but is this really the level of discussion you guys want for Dragon Quill? Something which, at best, is a childish temper tantrum of astonishing proportions?

    • Act replied 1 month ago

      I had her completely IP banned and spam filtered at one point, but for reasons I’m not clear on that was reversed. I feel pretty strongly she doesn’t deserve a platform, but I also am not well enough to enforce that right now, so unfortunately all I can do is say I’m pretty unhappy with her being allowed to talk like this and control the discourse here, too.

    • Farla replied 1 month ago

      Yeah, I was trying to corrolate things. I’ve got them all saved so I’ll just pop that back on.

    • {St Elmo’s Fire; Stop making pointless assumptions. Also stop being a dumbass. If things are not stated people do not assume underage.You might be a pedophile but no one else is.}

      Yeah…I don’t know how to tell you this, Blaze, but you didn’t actually answer the question. He asked if YOU think it’s okay for adults to bang teenagers. Which you have yet to express an opinion on.

      That snippet NEVER address the question. Saying ‘don’t assume it’s underage’ does not equate to ‘I think underage is bad by nature’.

      He didn’t miss it, you’re just awful at getting your point across.

  • An interesting story playing on the replacement of Kris with Lyra. Some okayish openings otherwise.

    Anime: 11, plus one manga fic.

    [only the scratches of the hard wax against the paper, the wind rustling […]

    • Eh, it’s possible they blocked both of us and just don’t want to be involved.

    • Chapter titling isn’t so bad as long as they’re separated from the story with a line or a break. I like to do this in stories where the chapter titles are important, as a courtesy to mobile readers who don’t have the drop down menu. It also makes reading a fic feel more like a novel, since books print chapter titles as well. Just my two cents. :)

      • There are two problems in my mind:

        1) Almost no one separates them with a line. It’s rare for them even to be bolded and centered, which is just barely acceptable to me.

        2) The dropdown menu manifests in the story body itself, which throws off centering in the first line. This makes centered chapter titles look awful.

        A lot of this is poor design, yes. Ideally, I would like something like AO3’s system where it has its own special place and formatting. But, given these limitations, I think it’s better to leave it out.

        Maybe put a line above as well as below…?

        • The website format definitely isn’t ideal. There are some workarounds which make things look better, however. The way I usually do things is like this:

          Chapter 1: Title here


          Author’s Notes, if any.


          Story begins here.


          The left align prevents the dropdown menu from altering the appearance of the text, and I keep things bolded for an obvious separation from story and non story content. The symbol I’ve taken to using, ~o~, is because of a recurring error within the site which sometimes deletes the line breaks between mobile and the site itself. For a while, line breaks would randomly disappear from stories between different browser types. I consider them rather unreliable, and decided on a workaround to compensate for the site’s flaws. It’s also nice not to add formatting on the in site doc manager with every chapter.

          All in all, the site could just use better formatting and cross platform consistency as a whole. I do still think chapter titles can be attractive if executed well, and they’re actually a requirement for users on mobile.

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