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  • “So you finally came. St Elmo’s fire, I shouldn’t have to write to fit your needs alone. In that case you might as well hold someone’s hand as they write.

    Imagine it like this, your favorite author is writing […]

    • Yeah, that drama with Charmeleon was crazy. From a complete 180 degrees flip in stance on the matter to reverting back to being an asshole to outright admitting that the reason they did not want to see our side of things was because they were a coward who didn’t want people to possibly dunk on their story, I did not know quite what to expect.

      … And while I totally get that stories are important to you, that level of protectiveness isn’t something I’d typically expect about a story with only 1k words and two chapters, one of which is just an announcement.

      • Or he could’ve just blocked them and not had them dunk on his story? He was just an immature kid looking to see how far he could push you, I’m afraid. 
        No u’s still a meme? That dude’s fallen behind the times (Coming from someone who still says yeet, I know but ah well).
        EDIT: Turns out no u’s still a thing. I must still be out of touch with modern memes.

    • “This would be better suited to original fiction with your own original gods or wizard characters.”
      I see this as an insult. Thanks.

      People pick the weirdest things to find insulting sometimes…

      • They probably interpreted it as “This story isn’t good enough for Pokémon so don’t drag down the franchise with your story.” Which is a stupid way to interpret it.

  • Not much of note today.

    Anime count: 13

    Hi! I’m doing a round of reviews around the site, hoping to help give people constructive criticism instead of just vague appreciation or flames. If you do choose to t […]

    • Probably offering you a chance to review and prove them right.

      • They did block me afterwards, so probably. Fortunately, they now look like a lunatic by frothing over a review that was nothing but helpful.

        • That’s the funniest revenge. The author counter reviewed again from the looks of it. The beginning reads like a dramatic villain vs hero interaction, haha!

          So you finally came. St Elmo’s fire, I shouldn’t have to write to fit your needs alone. In that case you might as well hold someone’s hand as they write.

          Imagine it like this, your favorite author is writing in a new style that you don’t like and you complain to him. Should he have to adapt to the views of the few or the views of the many? I used a perfectly normal use of bold for notes. Its much simpler and easier to notice. The underline is then used to start the chapter.

          This author should be more grateful, though. If it weren’t for you, and the Blaze hate campaign, she would have one single review which complained about her spelling and called out plot holes.

          • I just tried to read the fic. Why, why would you center align the text? The tenses changed multiple times mid paragraph, and the third person was really distracting. The comma splices were everywhere, along with typos, and the plot itself was ridiculous. (Ash jumps into the ocean off a boat in the middle of the night on a whim and nearly drowns, starting a three year time skip, for starters.)

            Along with grammar issues, weird scene transitions, and the overall unreadability of the dialogue, this fanfiction is so poorly put together I can’t even make fun of it. It’s pretty depressing actually.

            • I wonder… Would they be willing to engage in epic review combat? That would be hilarious to see.

              • Lol. This would be hilarious, for sure. Also, thank you for bringing the phrase “epic review combat” into the world. I really needed that.


                On a tangential note, I should be able to review again soon. Work is dying down and I’m finally able to go to sleep before 12 PM. Looking forward to actually getting stuff done again.

  • Universally positive responses today! A lot of people are getting fed up with Blaze.

    re: Your review to A Trainers Epoch
    30 JunDragonFelicis
    A response to your review at […]

    • Starting to backfire a bit now. Yay.

      • It seems like responses are a lot more positive now. Maybe getting a taste of this “everything you do is perfect” crap is souring people against it, and they can finally see helpfrul critique when it’s given?

    • Nice, more reason to put these authors on my watchlist and then fail to read anyone’s stories

    • The forum was a good idea. I’ve been away from the internet for a bit, but I’m glad to see a page we can link to in order to explain the worst of the Blaze drama to anyone sucked in.

      And more people agreeing with you is a definite win for you guys! Totally made me smile. :)

    • “You’re the savior the Pokemon community desperately needs, but doesn’t listen to.”

      Does that mean you’re the Batman of the pokemon archive? (I know the actual quote is quite different, but it’s too similar for me to pass over).

    • I heard a lot of this Blaze child, and have yet to encounter said being. Who is Blaze exactly? I would love a link to his account.

      • Here you go! Talking with her is like pulling teeth, but not as fun, so I hope you never have to.

      • Good luck. You are gonna need it.

      • Do yourself the favor of a lifetime and don’t get involved with Dragon’s Blaze or related sockpuppets. Nothing but frustration ever comes from talking with that individual. We don’t even know if she’s even a ‘she,’ per se, but Dragon’s Blaze seems to be the primary account as it has stories on it, so it’s what we use. In all seriousness, I wouldn’t even post on the forum Ember linked. Don’t make yourself a target. She goes after people.

        • This is completely true. Blaze is a disrespectful and mean person, and plenty of authors have gotten called terrible things and threatened just because they don’t agree with her stance on Saint Elmo’s Fire. Conversation with her is difficult as well. She doesn’t respond well to direct questions, and her thought processes are erratic. She’ll begin conversation as if in the middle of a sentence or thought, and call you names.

          I’ve only spoken to her twice via other authors, when people I BETA for have let me use their accounts to handle the situation and try to get some answers about her behavior. I’ve also seen three other PM conversations with Blaze from authors I know IRL. From these experiences I can say for certain you’re better off never speaking to this girl. (Assuming she is female)

          That being said, I understand entirely if you need to see for yourself before making a judgement call. I’m the same way. All I can say is that I’ve never used my real account to talk to her, and strongly recommend you do the same. Make a fake. Or two, and respond to her positively on one and negatively on another to gauge for yourself the disparity between her reactions, and the inherent immaturity which is evident in her cognitive process.

          Best of luck

      • Yeah if anyone knows St Elmo’s Fire? Yeah, the user posted on their profile no less a huge lie about me with only the evidence that they faked, and a bunch of made up crazy theories about me. Claiming I’ve somehow been here since 2009 and linking a Fimfiction user to me. The guys rely just pissy I refuse to let him do his little ritual of reviewing people with nothing but a copy-paste spam review that’ mostly him whining at users for not doing things his way. Seriously I even tried diplomacy but when I refuse to bend to him he just made up shit.”

        I can understand the first half, but the second half is idiotic. The point of reviews is to critique people and of their errors. Even when his reviews mostly contain the same format, they’re helpful to those wanting to take writing as a career. Anyone who loves to read stories expect many things– a lot of them being excellent English. More than half of the site has mediocre to deplorable English and grammar. 

        Hopefully, I won’t have to deal with someone like that on Fanfiction.Net.


        • If she figures out your FFNet account name and you start reviewing she’ll probably start counter reviewing saying “Ignore this guy, he doesn’t agree with me therefore his opinion is a lie and you should block him and only listen to me and my friends because we don’t have anything better to do. Also, fuck St Elmo’s Fire.”


          …Tad bit over the top, but probably accurate.

    • (Ember, actually logging in) I wrote my thoughts out, and it turned out nearly a page long. This may contain sensitive subject material to some, so please read at your own discretion.

      As much as I’ve come to dislike Blaze, she is, however, an interesting subject psychologically speaking. As a psychology major I can’t help but notice red flags and speech patterns, or constructing profiles based on raw data and responses to calculated conversational cues. Based on my own observations, I strongly believe Blaze does in fact suffer from an undiagnosed mental disorder.

      People tend to overreact on hearing that term. I would like to clarify that a ‘mental disorder’ is no more morally shameful than a broken bone or the flu, and should be treated medically with the same mindset as physical conditions. Though the symptoms are often purely psychological, today’s technology has confirmed that there are physiological changes to the structure of the brain when such disorders are present. And while I would need to meet her in person and conduct a proper examination to make a diagnosis, or look at a scan of her neural map, there are several factors which are indicative of minor cognitive impairment. (Asking for a brain scan would provide an amusing conversation, even if the odds of success were negligible!)

      Conversational flags which are indicative of impaired neural function are as follows, in no particular order.

      First, is the interesting quirk of beginning conversation with conjunctions, as if continuing an argument which has not actually taken place. (For example, saying: ‘And everyone hates Saint, you’re the exception’ as a beginning to a conversation, or as the first sentence of a response to a completely different and unrelated line of questioning.) This is a common marker for disorganized cognitive function, and is considered a warning sign of several low to moderate severity conditions, even if only witnessed a single time. (Blaze is up to three such instances that I’ve seen.)

      Second, is her obvious compulsive lying, and the inability to admit to her past deceptions, no matter how much undeniable evidence is placed against her. The compulsion to lie is a trait which everyone suffers from to an extent, but it is still a reliable marker when witnessed over long periods of time and in such severity. Dragon’s Blaze has not only lied about her motivations in attacking Saint, (beginning with her bad review, and evidenced by her public attack on Saint regarding said review in a forum, though she swears to anyone who will listen she never cared about his review at all) but also about her use of alternate accounts to construct a false appearance of being correct and popular. (She swears she has never used alternate accounts, even when faced with literal IP tracking, her own mistake of posting the same review on a story using two of her accounts, and, I kid you not, an actual comment from herself in which she admits to using alternates to avoid bans.) The tendency to flat out ignore or deny accusations of even such obvious deceptions suggests either a deep rooted denial regarding any form of negative stimuli, early stages of pathological lying, or an inability to accept change to her own constructed worldview.

      Third is her paranoia and narcissism. These ones are tricky to define absolutely as either a symptom or the underlying cause behind previous symptoms, since lying can be a result of an underlying cause of both paranoia and narcissism, but can also be the root cause of seemingly paranoid assumptions and narcissistic behavioral patterns. Examples of Blaze’s paranoia include several blanket statements such as ‘they made that (clearly evidenced) thing up to discredit me’ or ‘you were probably sent by Saint’, and even ‘you’re obviously one of Saint’s friends using a new account’. Narcissistic behavioral patterns include, obviously, the creation of multiple fake accounts to back herself up in arguments, review her stories, and her severe reaction to criticism. Many of her known alternate accounts, including the one she accidentally left the identical review with, have been seen reviewing her stories as if they are strangers.

      I could go on for a lot longer with my observations regarding other potential warning signs, but this isn’t an actual homework assignment, and I do have work to do. (Sentence structure, obsessive behavior, the need to deny all of her ‘enemies’ statements regardless of their accuracy, inability to spell consistently, and the adoption of various personas also made the list if you were interested) While any single one of the potential red flags above is NOT a valid reason for a definitive diagnosis of a disorder, all of them together is highly suggestive of a real psychological problem. Unfortunately, people displaying symptoms of mental disorders rarely seek help unless their problem becomes severe, so it is unlikely she will treat herself properly, or even recognize the signs and patterns for such conditions.

      I would like to end this message turned essay with an honest entreaty: do NOT use the possible existence of her mental disorder to attack Blaze, or insult her. I really hate it when people throw the names of mental disorders around as if they were insults. These conditions are real, treatable, and in no way devalue someone as a person. While I recognize the poor public perception of such disorders, my thoughts are in no way intended to insult Blaze, in the same way that I wouldn’t mock someone for having a broken leg or cancer as if it made them less than normal. One in every four people experience some level of mental illness every year, but lack of awareness and public stigma often prevents them from being recognized for what they are or treated professionally.

      • Hear hear! I’d upvote this comment ten times if I could. I do think she’s allowing a mental illness to override what might ordinarily be rational behavior. I do also appreciate the statement about mental illness being as normal as a broken leg. There’s a lot of stigma against anything to do with mental illness, and I’ve had to deal with that personally on many occasions. Mental illness is like a physical condition. Most are chronic, can be treated but not cured, and are totally not the person’s fault for having them. Even in places that supposedly specialize in treating disorders are horrifingly ignorant about them in many scenarios. I have been denied treatment on the basis of when someone asked about my OCD if I had violent thoughts and I said yes, because obviously, I do. It’s a super common OCD thing. You can dump a box of pennies off a tall building and at least one will fall on some place that deals in physical health, but quality therapy is both rare and sometimes inaccessably expensive. It’s unbelievably frustrating.

        • I second the therapy is fucking frustrating thing. In my experience, a registered nurse lied about their license, a psychiatrist decided it was a great idea to bring me in to listen to how my mother thought I was the cause of all her problems, and a family therapist told me her interpretation of my beliefs (not mental disorder, literally beliefs), and when I pointed out how she was mistaken about something I said and no, this doesn’t mean I secretly love someone, she said ‘we can all have our own opinions’. She was also mistaken about something she remembered and insisted on remebering it.

          And maybe this is a common thing, but another one asked me what my sexual orientation was without prompting, and insisted on it when I wouldn’t give her a specific result, despite my case having nothing to do with anything gender.

          Point is, ‘treatment’ is often shitty and unregulated, which makes the entire process of getting it worse. Throw in, oh, an asshole family or something  and you get ‘TREATMENT IS A PRIVILEGE YOU MUST GO TO THIS OR ELES YOU FAILED TO IMPRESS THIS DOCTOR SO HE WOULDN’T TAKE YOU’, or perhaps the opposite of ‘MENTAL ILLNESS MEANS YOU’RE WEAK FOR TAKING DRUGS I CAN KILL MYSELF RIGHT NOW’, and I am very sympathetic to people who the system has not helped or aren’t currently getting help. As someone has a lot of mentally ill friends, it’s the people you’re stuck with who make it worse. 

          Dunno if that relates, but I feel like it should be said.

          • Nah, I totally get irritating family bits. Mine threw the mother of all fits after I made one comment on my childhood, how I was terrified of my biological mom, even though I ooze gratitude over literally every kind thing ever done, down to like four “thank you”s over the course of every treated meal. The second I stop the rhetoric that she’s not 100% Supermom, she and my stepmom flipped the fuck out. I wasn’t even allowed to comment on the hospital I was forced to attend, where they stuck me in a locked hallway filled with violent schizophrenics (I WISH I were joking) after going in for suicidal ideations, like that would make anyone see that life’s worth living. Urgh. Break a bone, scream in pain, people surround you with sympathy. Scream because your brain is trying to destroy you, people surround you, call you a freak. Or call you a liar! What a wonderful comparison. No I’m not bitter.

            • Injustices like these are one of the main reasons I was drawn to the field of psychology. It turns out furious anger at the occasional ignorance of the human race is an excellent motivator to learn how to best help those suffering from conditions stemming from their own minds. One of the biggest steps, and easily one of the most difficult, is teaching others to forgive themselves for things beyond their control, and their own flaws. Understanding that mental conditions are real problems and not ‘in your head’ (Excuse my joke), is the first step towards healing. Stigma towards mental illness is present even in those who experience them, making changing that perception all the more important.

              I really think there needs to be a higher standard for care among trained professionals. The mind is a tricky thing to treat, but there’s never an excuse for a trained psychologist to act so terribly. I sincerely wish both of you the best in caring for your mental states, and hope you are able to find competent help in the professional field.

              • [I really think there needs to be a higher standard for care among trained professionals.]

                Do you think this is possible to standardize?  How someone behaves seems pretty difficult to monitor, especially when patient-therapist relations tend to be private, and isn’t something the patient may catch out of denial/not recognizing what healthy relationships are like.

              • This is a valid point. Treating mental health is difficult to standardize for many reasons, including patient care varying case by case on each individuals personality. What works for Patient A would never work for Patient B, but shares similarities with what helped Patient C, for example. It’s more complicated than setting a bone, because the mind is different every time, even if the underlying problem is the same.

                While I do think the tests for determining the qualifications for a psychologist should be more selective, I was thinking more of along the lines of creating healthier environments for psych patients in hospitals themselves. Just shoving people into rooms and drugging them up until they are sane enough to walk out the doors is not good practice, but lots of hospitals operate like this, or similarly. Like slapping a band aid on the mental equivalent of a stab wound, and pronouncing it good because the blood isn’t gushing so obviously anymore.

                I’ve heard a lot of theories on how to improve situations as a whole in treatment facilites, which includes everything from color and music therapy to different drug administration and on staff psychologists for suicidal thoughts. (Which most hospitals do have, these days!) Environment MATTERS. Ideally, there should be no contact with people in worse shape than yourself. Ideally, there should be doctors who understand that patience and love are absolutely necessary in treating suicidal brains.

                Good care for mental conditions does exist in many specialized centers for therapists, but at a significantly increased cost which reduces availability to those who need it. It really sucks.

                Beyond these thoughts, I don’t have much else to offer up. I’m still a student, but even I can tell things need to change, even if I don’t have all the answers. It’s pretty frustrating. I guess even psychologists in training need to be able to forgive themselves for the things out of their control, and do the best they can, one person at a time.

                I feel like I’ve been ranting a lot today. This has been a worthwhile conversation. I can’t seem to stop checking back every few hours. Time for sleep now, but I’ll check back tomorrow. Goodnight, everyone. :)


              • Hm. Thank you for your reply.

                A lot of my friends deal with mental illness, and we talk about it a lot. As the consumers rather than the people who make the system, we probably won’t ever have much influence in what changes (especially with the whole mental illness=can’t think idea), but I think it’s important to know that things could be better and how, rather than accepting that what society is doing right now is the best that anyone can help and if you’re miserable that’s life. 

                There are lots of ways you can fail at your goal. Don’t let giving up be it!

            • [The second I stop the rhetoric that she’s not 100% Supermom, she and my stepmom flipped the fuckout. I wasn’t even allowed to comment on the hospital I was forced to attend, where they stuck me in a locked hallway filled with violent schizophrenics (I WISH I were joking) after going in for suicidal ideations, like that would make anyone see that life’s worth living.]

              This. This SO MUCH.  Down to the locked hallway, damn. The one I was in wasn’t full of violent people and mostly sad teens, and the only way you could get out was if your parents let you. After living outside their toxicity for a few weeks, I get stuck into a hospital to hear that I’m stuck in it until ‘she loves us again’ because anything less is an illness.

              The staff says one of the kids looked like a holocaust victim to his face. A trans kid gets his birth name written on his food because who fucking cares. They tell someone with an panic attack to ‘pace around the hallway’ to calm down instead of offering anything else. Oh, sure, they’re there to keep you alive, and congrats, you’re not dead. You learn to lie or live in a hallway with other mentally ill people and somehow expect that to be better.

              And if you scream ever again when you’re out, you’ll be sent back in. That’s how it works for minors, and for adults for what I’ve been told to be optimistic because it’s less often you can get thrown in.

              Combining the ability to incarcerate people with narcissistic, asshole parents is a horrible idea. Uncaring bureaucracy with worship-your-parents mentality, hm.

              • @ Ember, on behalf of the mental health community, thank you for looking out for us. I’m sure whoever you end up helping will really appreciate quality aid. As for me personally, I’m working through stuff, but functional, which is really all I ask for. 

                @ Indiscretion, I forgot about the hellish staff! This one dude was just wandering around, looking like the poster child for someone just totally “lost” and dropped something, and asked if they’d make sure he didn’t kill himself. One of the staff mocked him, called him a liar, told him to snap out of it, and when I came to his defense, I got asked what the hell it had to do with me, which led to an ineffective trail of phone calls trying to get the POS fired while my doctor took a vacation, and my other “just as qualified doctor” wouldn’t approve the necessary discharge interview for fear of upsetting the other doctor, also forcing another three days of cash shelled to the hellhole that is Peachford. I entertained myself by recording the gospel of Skinhead Jesus, who is not much at all like Bible Jesus, btw, despite his insistence on being both Moses, Jesus, God, and I forget who else. But why leave a place where you get treated to random shouts of “I AM the Third Reich!” Just curious, did you experience an odd cultural phenomenon concerning currency to do with cigarettes and/or cups of cran-grape juice? You could buy a friend with a cigarette, or if you managed to hold on to one of these plastic pudding cup things filled with juice, you could earn people’s favor there. Fascinating culture distinction from the outside. A guy named “Big Dog” actually chose to stay because he had power and influence over the Veterans’ Guild People, who held enough influence to threaten the staff.

                Mental hospitals are wack, yo.

              • Logging in because I realize how messy that last comment was. I should really stop using my phone to text stuff more often. Maybe the cigarettes thing was for adults-only, a minors place probably wouldn’t have that. I do want to know if your place had something similar to that, like some sort of snack or drink that was in high demand so people bartered over it. The culture inside the place interested me; that was part of what kept me sane. 

              • Hearing all your experiences with hospitals makes me feel grateful I managed to luck out and get supportive parents and friends to help me though the worst times. That does not sound like a fun place to be.

              • @ FFN Lurker, yikes. That sounds rough. My family can be pretty bad sometimes, but they can be pretty good sometimes as well. I hope things look up for you when you get older, at least. I’ve never had the cops threatened on me. Best of luck with everything.

      • Farla replied 1 week ago

        That’s really good to know. The opening conversations like it’s the middle thing struck me as off, but I didn’t know the specifics.

        Blaze’s first interaction with me was over here, where she seemed to open coherently, but then immediately has a sock show up to tell us she won, then things got steadily less coherent and with more spelling errors as time went on. I’ve talked a lot with St Elmos’ Fire but we weren’t sure if the issue is that she can be okay if she’s calm but loses coherency when she’s angry or if there’s always major problems communicating with her and it’s just more obvious when she’s mad. How are the initial posts in terms of red flags?

        • That was certainly an interesting read! It’s pretty obvious that Blaze did a ton of research to back up her points, but ultimately I’d have to agree with Saint on the subject of Arceus being referred to in the same linguistic context as God. I am unfortunately guilty of doing this exactly one time in my own fanfictions, but it felt off even then and I only included it because I honestly thought that it was the norm, no matter how cringey I personally found it. (I was little, and worried about pleasing everyone) Time for an edit on old work, I think.

          As far as red flags during that particular conversation go, what really struck me was the gradual decrease in both rationality and intelligently constructed arguments. She started off fairly strong, but began resorting to insults and alternate accounts bit by bit, while her speech patterns degraded. This in conjunction with the greater rate of spelling errors as the argument escalated suggests a condition which is exacerbated by emotional turmoil.

          Again, I would like to point out that singular red flags themselves are not enough evidence for a mental illness. Many people become less coherent when angry, and make more mistakes as a result. Blaze appears to be considerably worse than what I would consider normal in this regard, but she can absolutely control her grammar and spelling issues with effort, as we’ve seen with a few of her more unique alternate identities. This again suggests a condition which is highly treatable, and only a mild to moderate severity. If it were worse, it would be far more obvious.

          One mistake Blaze is making is in her emotional consistency between all her fake accounts. The tone of her fakes always gets much worse at around the same speed as the Dragon’s Blaze account. Real people, who really are separate, don’t do this so uniformly. Occasional disagreements between her fake accounts is simply not enough to hide her personality markers in each account.

          • Made a similar mistake as well. In my case, I hit writer’s block and wanting a story to start with a character going “For Arceus’ sake” was what got me writing again.

            Would ignoring people’s requests to not get involved to do what they perceive as right be a red flag too?

            • Not by itself, no. That kind of response is fairly normal, if a little rude.

              • In conjunction with what we already know?

              • That’s where determining symptoms can get tricky – once you notice several red flags, it can be tempting to assign negative meaning to lots of normal behaviors as well. I would hesitate to say for certain, since ignoring others and doing things your own way really is fairly normal. However, it COULD be a sign of obsessive behavior and narcissism, especially since it is seen in conjunction with established markers of impaired neural function.

                All in all, I can’t really say for certain on this particular point. It really could go either way.

              • See, I’m tossing around the idea that it might be something on the Autistic Spectrum. I know some people on the spectrum have issues with spelling amd grammar, particularly when they get put under a deal of stress, i.e.: Fighting with someone over a topic such as Pokémon. They don’t like change and some don’t respond well to being told they are doing stuff wrong unless it’s carefully and kindly explained to them, i.e.: Elmo’s review setting Blaze off.

                Mostly theory, but I’m aware a significant portion of the Pokémon fandom are on spectrum in one way or another. In comes Blaze to scream at me for that in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

              • I’ve avoided speculation on a definitive diagnosis so far, simply because signs and symptons for different conditions can vary considerably by individual, and due to the possibility of multiple minor conditions being present simultaneously. The Autisitic Spectrum is especially difficult to determine as an underlying cause for various behavioral patterns. This is doubly true for the more mild cases, which can often mimic other conditions and be misdiagnosed as a result.

                I wouldn’t feel comfortable pointing at a specific disorder without speaking to her in person or obtaining a medical history because of this. However, autism is a lot more normal than many people think, since it isn’t often recognized unless the symptoms are severe and life altering.

                Another interesting point I’ve studied is the increased rate of mental conditions among authors! As someone who writes, I find this very cool. Writing is often used as a treatment and a coping mechanism. Personally, I really like how art is so often the result of channeling and treating pain and emotional turmoil. They say real art comes from real complexity of character, which is only achievable through experiencing powerful emotion, whether negative or positive.

                I could rant about this particular subject for ages. It is so, so cool. But…I have actual writing I’m neglecting right now…XD So I’ll check back here a little later. I hope my insights have been of interest!

              • Same problem here. I need to get started on my next chapter, been too busy playing Skyrim and Gundam Breaker 3 agaim -_-

              • Skyrim is my nemesis too, haha! Such a wonderful game…and SUCH a time waster…hours gone like minutes is normal for that game. I’m doing a Dark Elf playthrough and I’m loving everything about it so far. <3

              • I’m doing a modded Nord run currently. Almost got all of the main story, DLC and faction quests done, just need to finish the Mage quests and then I just have the side quests left.

        • I would also say that she always has at least a degree of impaired neural function, but that emotional instability makes it more obvious. All the more reason to be nice to Blaze, while maintaining a firm stance that certain behavioral patterns of hers aren’t acceptable.

      • I’m actually…really surprised we haven’t heard from Blaze herself yet on this thread. Or a ‘random bystander’ who totally thinks Farla is in the wrong, Blaze is the victim, and that we’re all evil for suggesting she might have a legitimate problem.

        I’m both pleasantly surprised and cautiously optimistic. She would almost certainly derail any attempt at a mature discussion of such serious issues.

        • I think Act IP banned her on multiple addresses so she’s probably just watching. She hasn’t changed her bio to make a comment on it so I guess she hasn’t noticed.

          • She definitely noticed, she sent me dozens of increasingly unhinged PMs about how I was the real evil for not letting her comment.

            I didn’t respond, assuming — rightly — that she’d eventually scream herself out, which she did, and she also seems to realize that I’m not going to let her through, so she gave up. She does seem to be reporting random comments to test if I watch the moderation queue or if she can disappear comments that way, which obviously is asinine.

            • Oh man. I can almost hear the screaming fits. o.o Thank you for being our Blaze filter, I really appreciate it

              • Well, at least we know we haven’t offended her by discussing this. Just that she can’t comment to tell us why we are wrong and evil for discussing her.

                she’s trying to report comments? Which ones? Genuinely curious as to who she’s trying to get rid of.

              • Not really any consistency, unfortunately. A smattering on older posts (which makes me think she was seeing if I wouldn’t notice because they were older) then a whole crop of very recent ones, possibly to see if I was still moderating comments post-diagnosis.

                Also, full disclosure, there’s no way to tell who’s actually doing it, I just assume it’s her because I can’t imagine who else it would be.

              • Ah, okay. Probably testing to see if you can see it then.

  • Some decent trainer stories, some less decent trainer stories, and a story about the SuMo protagonist being an eldritch monstrosity! Unfortunately it is not clear where it’s going with it.

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    • Not much to say about this update, so have something I just something I remembered seeing:

    • My hovercraft is full of spoilers!!! Therefore I continue to say nothing. Except possibly lol.


      Also, y’all be very wary of commenting about things. We kept saying everything is spoilers at the start and, lo and behold, %80 of everything is still spoilers %20 of the way in. I love the blind flailing in the dark that’s going on in this post here. This is what I signed up for. Protip: Don’t ruin this.[/blogpolice]

    • RE: Shannon: I wonder that every time I see her full-body sprite. Do the other orphan-servants also have tattoos? Was it just a limitation of her costume design? Is it actually an important plot point? WHO KNOWS

    • I’m not sure Bat’s fate is worse than Rika’s. For one, Battler is here willingly. For another, the end result here isn’t the extermination of an entire town, it’s the murder of some jackass family on their private island.

      Rika wasn’t aware of the Hinamizawa disaster. For all she knew what was happening was that a friend of hers went crazy and then she died. That was the fate she was trying to fight. The whole town also dying was a consequence of her own death that she wasn’t really aware of.
      As for Battler’s fate not being so bad in comparison. The thing it is his family. Even if they are all a bunch of assholes, he still loves them. So that is why he suffers more than Rika, I guess (then again, Rika’s family also died, though she seemed to stop caring). I do agree that even with these consideration, Battler’s fate doesn’t seem particularly worse.

    • You never know! Rika was 9 in a very rual town. The local public educaiton is clearly not great, considering it was a single teacher teaching simultaneously kids of all ages. Maybe they never learned about Hiroshima because it would be too scary for the younger ones.

      (fixed, thanks)

    • I think the idea is that Maria inherited a reversal of Kinzo’s gift: where he is abnormally resistant to magic, she is abnormally open to magic.

    • This is so cool! I like that you can see for some he took bits and pieces while for others he was clearly like, “Yes, this was exactly what I had in mind!”

      It’s interesting to see them contextualized because I think for mostof the oufits I wouldn’t have pegged them as lolita-style on my own — they fit so well and and naturally into the setting that they don’t feel like costumes in the way a lot of lolita fashion does.

      • I was going to say that Kinzo was born in the wrong century and that if he was a teenager today he would heads deep into the lolita community (is that how you call it, it sounds weird). But apparently the movement started in the 60s! (it wasn’t called that, though)

        I guess Kinzo is still too old for it, but make you wonder if his family has any connection to it at all. Like, Rosa is president of design company. Maybe it is for they are her target market.

    • I think it might minimize if you put it under a spoiler? TBH I don’t care but if other people find it distracting I’ll fool around and try to find a solution.

      • Large images like this seem to mess up the “go to comment” function when you click in the sidebar. I think it is because it sometimes go to the comment before loading the image, which then shift the screen around.

      • Yes, but images in the post proper also mess with the function for the same reason, so those images are not a huge deal in context.

    • The Stakes design are a reference to Higurashi. It is the uniform of the moe café Angel Mort. Here picture:

      Angel Mort uniform

      Not that this remove his blame, of course. He is still the one who created the original design, after all. And although it is a somewhat amusing reference he could have jsut not.

    • I kinda misread you at first and thought you were proposing making Shannon more monstrous. Which would actually be amusing.
      Anyway, R07 is rather clearly inspired by Ars Goetia in his demonology, which makes it very disappointing that he didn’t draw on it for actual character designs. Depictions of demons in Ars Goetia are fucking amazing.
      Here’s Asmodeus, for example:

      (I would actually be OK with the current uniform for this character.)
      In general, I’m eternally frustrated with media depicting demons as, like, sexy succubae or bishie boy with horns or whatever when we could have this:

      And that’s one of the mild designs.

      • I kinda misread you at first and thought you were proposing making Shannon more monstrous. Which would actually be amusing.

        Or one of you could just actually comment on the giant fucking lizard tail that she’s been dragging around this entire time. Isn’t that monstrous enough?

  • Also, because it can’t be said enough, fuck John Green

    • Jesus fuck YouTube, I think the situation has earned me a more flattering thumbnail than that.

    • Christ, Act. I hope you get well soon.

    • God, I hope you get better. I don’t know what to say, but I wish you the best.

    • Well, that’s never pleasant news, and I fully understand why you’re having a hard time processing it. I can’t comment from personal experience, but I know a few people who’ve gotten similar diagnoses and saw them struggle with it. Thank you for telling us, I know that can’t be easy.

      The good news, to the extent that there can be “good news”, is that it sounds like you’ve caught it early, and that means it’s very likely to be treatable. Try not to think of it like you’ve been given a death sentence, although I know the jerkbrain may not make that easy. (I’m sorry if this comes off badly, I’m not great at being supportive and the failure mode of that is often mansplaining.)

      I wish you the best of luck.

    • Well, shit. Hope you’ll be OK.

      Damn, such things always sound like empty platitudes to me… I hope you know that I admire your work and value you as a friend. You’re an amazing, insightful person, and you deserve the best out of life.

      Also, have a cat:

      This is Murmusha. He lives in the vicinity of our dacha and occasionally drops by to ask for food. Despite being a wild cat, someone has shaved his fur for the summer, and we don’t know who or why.

    • Well, fuck. That really sucks. I hope it gets treated successfully. I just want you to know that in the short amount of time I’ve been here, I felt like I was making a difference, even if most of it wasn’t on Dragon Quill or just handling comments in the comments section — this place of yours is a powerfully good thing. I know what you mean about the whole worthlessness thing. I’ve got a heap of mental stuff of my own, and emotionally recognizing that I’m a worthwhile person is a hard thing to do, so I’ll leave you with some positive notes for you to keep in mind:

      1. You do help people. You’ve helped me, specifically, to become a better person, all of you have. Meeting St Elmo’s Fire kicked off a chain reaction that I have not regretted since I came here. You’ve been a very good influence on me, and I really appreciate it.

      2. You’ve created a community of people who can get together and talk about how messed up the world is and not get yelled at for it. I don’t have that anywhere else, really, and it’s a really cool thing to have, to have made.

      3. Far from being racist, from what I’ve seen of you, you’re considerate and empathetic and want the best for people. If the world had more people like you, maybe I wouldn’t be quite so jaded.

      4. I don’t know you well, so this all might come off as a bit off, and if it does, sorry. But it looks like you’ve got a good number of people here who’ve got your back. A ways back you said to let you guys know if I needed anything (a gesture that I really appreciate, by the way), so let me return it. I don’t think I can offer much other than positive vibes, but let me know if you need to vent or whatever. I’m pretty good at that, at least, but again, I’ve only been here for a few months, so I hope that positive vibes or what have you will do.

      5. You’re awesome! You made a cool blog with a cool name with cool people in it. That’s something I would never have done. Keep being awesome for a long, long time still.

      • I actually found this site through Farla’s Hunger Games reviews, but Act’s Fate review… it was fascinating to see someone go from “no Rin don’t date the sexy ghost man” to “Archer deserves a hug at all times he is a good boy” in the Year of Our Lord 2015. It’s kinda what got me back into Fate, honestly. It’d been so long since I’d actually interacted with the original game, and now… Well, now I’m preparing a summoning ritual to properly channel my desires into obtaining a bikini-clad fox-girl armed with a parasol despite my limited resources in a video game.

        So… there’s that.

    • *puts digital hand on your shoulder* Friend. Like the others, I care about you and want the best for you. I’ve always expected good things from you and will continue to do so, even if I can’t read them because I’m an outsider on Umineko-related things. 

      When you said “I don’t have a good segway out of this,” I had the absurd thought that you’d suddenly get all chipper and end like some Youtube personality with the whole “Like, Subscribe, Comment” spiel. But no, you continued to be a real person, and one I like. 

    • Wow, that’s awful news, even if you were kind of expecting it. I hope your treatment goes well and you can get back to normal life as soon as possible.

      For what it’s worth, it’s been a privilege knowing you, and I hope we’ll get to hang out for many years to come. Thanks for introducing me to some great novels, for hilarious commentary on some not-so-great novels, and for sharing your thoughts with all of us. You’ve always been a good friend to me, and my life has definitely been better for having you in it.

    • I am sorry for you and hope you’ll get better.

    • Farla replied 2 weeks ago

      I hope things go as smoothly as possible, Act. It’s horrible and unfair you have to deal with this at all. I’m glad to have known you so far, and I’d like that to keep being true as long as possible.

    • Oh geez, I just saw this now. I’m glad you caught it early and I hope everything goes alright.

    • No, Act, thank YOU for everything; I hope I’ve given back at least a fraction of what I got here and that it may, in some way, bring or have brought you joy. For what it’s worth, my wife and I can understand what you’re going through, and we both have faith everything will work out alright. Cheers, and love!

    • I’m really sorry to hear that and I hope that you get better soon. Probably doesn’t mean much coming from me when we’ve hardly interacted, but still, staying silent didn’t feel right…

    • I’m sorry to hear what you’re going through and I hope everything goes well medically.

      This blog you’ve helped create and run is a really wonderful place, a model of civility and analysis, that’s always been there for me when I need a bit of sanity or biting critique in my day, and I really appreciate everything you’ve done to make the blog what it is. You’re so insightful, sharp-witted, and funny, and the voice you bring in your commentaries is moving and unique. Thank you for all the hard work you’ve poured into this website, and everything you will continue to do!

    • OH NOOOOOOOOOOOO I’m so sorry Allie! I hope everything goes very smoothly and speedily and you can be like “lol remember when I had cancer?” years and years down the road.


  • “I am someone who appreciates constructive criticism. There is a fine line between you giving criticism to help someone and criticizing someone because you think you know everything. You are really flirting with […]

  • Another Biblepunk thing, and a lot of standard mediocrity. But in brighter news, a journeyfic that actually looks fun and good!

    Anime count: 8

    I am sorry, but your fluency in English is not yet at a good […]

    • Finds the story dedicated to him’




       I’m not entirely sure what I expected.

    • I remember Pokemon X-Y Rewrite – I wrote a review for it myself, only to refresh the review page and see that you’d beaten me to it!

      On a vaguely similar note, mind if I borrow the warning about Blaze on your profile and include it on my own?

  • Last time, none will be left alive.

    So, metagame time! I’m curious to see what tack R07 will take with this going forward so that it’s not just a repeat of stuff meta!Battler and Bea have already discussed […]

    • Is… is this Bat asking Maria to proposition him for oral sex when she’s 18? Am I insane? Is there another way to read this line?????

      I think in the original “to eat someone” is an euphemism for sex in general. Which doesn’t makes it at all better, yeah.

      Well, that was kind of disappointing. It does wrap up some necessary plot loose ends, and in a spectacularly weird way, but I was hoping for some meta discussion about the route. Womp womp.

      I mean, half of the regular story was already some meta discussion about the route. =p But, yeah, I understand what you mean.

      I mean, hey, at least we now know Rosa will stop short of literally killing and eating Maria.

      Now now, you aren’t being fair. Rosa won’t kill and eat their siblings either! Isn’t her such a good person? Though I guess, unlike Maria, they kinda deserve it.


      Btw, now you are so close to finish EP2. Back when Umineko was first being released, Ryuukishi also released some “Extra-TIPs to go along with it. These were some extra stories or commentaries that aren’t essential to the VN plot but could still provide some interesting extra context on the story and characters.

      The first couple were published together with EP3, if I am not mistaken, and are called Bernkastel’s Letter and Anti-Mystery vs Anti-Fantasy. If you are curious, I can give a link for you to read.

      • I mean, half of the regular story was already some meta discussion about the route. =p But, yeah, I understand what you mean.

        I think we’ll just have to accept that there isn’t a distinction between meta story and story story. Beatrice took over, and she’s more interested in hosting banquets than discussing stuff she’s already told Battler. If he can’t keep up, that’s his problem.

    • Battler seriously seems to think that’s how you’re suppose to talk to women.



      I’m guessing he got it from Rudolph, who is a real shithead.

      • Well, kids being shaped by their parents, mostly to their detriment, was a major undercurrent theme in Umineko so far, so it’s not an unreasonable interpretation.

        On the other hand, I feel like there has to be a better way to show shithead’s influence that doesn’t run the risk of being seen as the usual anime shit.

    • Dangit, did we let slip that Beato’s magic is all based on her maintaining the AO3 title Witch of Femdom?

      You jest, but I can actually put forth a serious argument that Beatrice is the Witch of Fanfiction (and not in a sense of being into kinky stuff but in a sense of metafiction interpretation). Unfortunately, it relies on a couple of facts from later episodes that are not really spoilers but are heavily connected to spoilers, so we’ll have to wait.

      • Heh. A friend of mine actually has a fairly comprehensive list of fandom-based Umineko witch titles (which I think are very on-point), and Beatrice is a Witch of Fanfiction by her classification too. I’m glad this isn’t an isolated opinion.

      • … Let’s be real, though. In a sense of metafiction interpretation… But also in a sense of being into kinky stuff.

    • I must say, that scene was pretty hilarious in the anime:

      I mean, it was intended to be absurd and over-the-top in its evil, but actually showing what VN tells us… produced odd results.

      Is… is this Bat asking Maria to proposition him for oral sex when she’s 18? Am I insane? Is there another way to read this line????? I’m just going to move past this because wtf.

      Aaaand Battler’s perviness rises its ugly one-eyed head again.

      What I don’t get is that it’s not even a major character trait of his, which would be bad but at least understandable in a “audience wants it” misconception way. As it is, there is a couple of scattered comments from him like that here and there, but otherwise he’s portrayed as a decent sort, so what’s even the point of them?

      I guess it could be that he’s intended to be generally like that, but R07 understands that when murders start, any person would drop that shit, so it ends up as a characterization footnote…

      IDK why it’s here, really. Beatrice’s fetishes at least tie in with her role and add to the whole wicked witch routine she has going on.

    • Look up “cycle of abuse” in the dictionary and you’ll find a full Ushiromiya family portrait, let’s be real here.

      • Well, Jessica seems alright?

        *Next episode reveals that Jessica is actually a witch and was planning to sacrifice Kanon to Satan. Satan got there first.*

    • You know, after thinking about it for a while I’m now convinced that the actual answer will be “Beatrice both has a body and doesn’t, somehow, because Ryukishi hates me personally”.

      Quite obviously, Beatrice exists as a cursed portrait that, due to Kinzo’s obsessive magick, occasionally comes to life and wanders around.

      That notionally satisfies the fair play rules as the portrait was introduced to us early on, and so counts among the list of suspects.

      Plus, just look at it.

      It’s clearly plotting something.

    • So, I’ve got an idea to feed Umineko to Botnik predictive keyboard and see what happens. Unfortunately, there is no transcript of Umineko available for obvious reasons, so I did the next best thing and just fed it Act’s LP. Here is a quick result:

      “The kids are charging the door to the golden land. It’s inevitable or something. This is him at the wedding convinced the camera is going to backfill the details she needs to justify. The scene ends with bat thinking that even if this all sounds crazy, it is. After all, the gold from the golden land will soon be left to me.

      It would be very ineffective for them to force us to solve the riddle. Asking the person who made it in the first place would be much quicker and easier because of that unavoidable fate. He also gets a weird look on his face looking like he didn’t, and the clock strikes midnight. “

      • I feel like it says a lot about Umineko and my writing that this makes perfect sense to me. (it really does sound like me…)
        Anyway good to hear I get the gold.

        • “The kids are charging the door to the golden land. It’s inevitable or something. This is him at the wedding convinced the camera is going to backfill the details she needs to justify. The scene ends with bat thinking that even if this all sounds crazy, it is. After all, the gold from the golden land will soon be left to me.

      • Unfortunately, there is no transcript of Umineko available

        Actually, the Something Awful Let’s Play (the link ist to the archive, not SA proper) is pretty much just a transcrip of the game. It is missing the stuff on the screenshots, but most of the text is there.

    • If we’re posting memes, I think I’m obligated to share this too:

      Art of Battler typing away frantically, going “FUCK!! FUCK! FKUC!!”. Open on his computer is the Wikipedia page on “Rokkenjima Murder Incident”, the summary of which reads, “The Rokkenjima murder incident happened during the time frame of October 4 and October 5 on 1986, the family was ALL KILLED BY ME BEATRICE!!! WITH MAGIC!! KYAHAHAHAHAHA[1]“. The sidebar is labeled "When they cry” and shows an image of Battler crying, wearing nothing but a collar, captioned “Battler being incompetent” in red text.

      (Source is here. No spoilers on that page, but the rest of the artist’s blog might have some, so I wouldn’t click around.)

    • This is the best crossover

    • This makes a loooooot of sense, especially in light of the one spoiler I accidentally ran into.

      if Shannon and Kanon are aware about their relation to the Ushiromiya, they may be reluctant to pursue their respective relationships because incest.

      Or, if they don’t know (can’t have some servant after that inheritance!), it explains why the family is so against it above and beyond social mores.

      • This makes a loooooot of sense, especially in light of the one spoiler I accidentally ran into.

        Hmm, since there are other first time readers around, I won’t ask what that spoiler is, but assuming it is a real spoiler, will you remember to mention it on the blog proper? I am curious.
        PS:Although, now that I think about it, if you intent to hide that information, won’t that compromise the blog? You won’t be able to talk honestly about stuff related to it, no?

    • That is a great post. I think I said before, but I love reading your comments on here.

    • That’s 4chan? I always wondered what site those screenshots were from.

    • Fucking wild to see someone refer to 4chan as a “fandom hub”.

      • 4chan is not as monolitic as many think. There are boards that are actually quite ok, with a minimum amount of nazis. It also got a lot worse since the late 00s, if I am not mistaken.

        • I know that. That’s what makes it so weird to see someone… frankly, to associate fandom culture with 4chan at all. /a/ and /tg/, at the very least, are far better places to discuss their topics than your typical “fandom hubs”, at least the last time I checked.

          And… considering /a/, that’s fucking saying something.

        • Yeah, even if you discount all the nazis, 4chan is still a rather bad place to discuss stuff due the fleating nature of the board.

          Still, I remember a there having being some good discussions there, for both Umineko and Higurashi. I didn’t visit often, and I rarely posted, but I do remember that being a thing. I think it wasn’t on /a/, though. Probably on /v/? Or some other obscure board. 4chan format is a lot more tolerable if a new topic isn’

        • I accidentally posted mid sentence

          I meant to say 4chan format is a lot more tolerable if a new topic isn’t being created every 5 seconds.

      • If your fandom is Hitler it makes perfect sense!

    • That second one is amazing.

    • … Eh. Distant incest is hardly the weirdest thing this family has normalized.

  • “Thanks for the advice…but no.”

    Edit: They actually did elaborate! See the response below.

    Reply to review
    16 JunManifold
    A response to your review at

    Hi […]

    • On my phone again, so my off-computer persona and the inevitable typos that follow will have to do.


      That was one heck of a ride, MidnightWidow87’s PM. I thought it was blaming you for their leaving the fandom, but then it turned into appreciation.


      I like the word you used to describe short sentences rattled off (staccato). I might use that in the future. What you said about capitalization also caughr my interest; I’ve always just advised excess capitalization for clarity’s sake, using someone’s pidgey versus a horde of pidgey, for example, but you’re right. We do slow down for capitals for a brief second; possibly because we relate it to new beginnings or an item of great importance. I might use that as well.

    • The response is whited out, hard to see unless you right click and select the text so it appears in blue, just letting you know. Don’t know if the site’s being weird or if something went wrong in one of the steps getting it here or not.

      As for the response itself, I don’t really get how offering someone advice on grammar is being a perfectionist. It really is the first thing people notice about a story. To me, writing is weird in this way that you have to take time to see if it’s really good, but if it has bad grammar, it’s an immediate sign of poor quality, possibly because the story hasn’t been edited or some other deficiency in the process.

      Like, with art, you can have all these different and varying styles, and they can look weird, but still be fun to look at, but if you mess with the basic building blocks of writing, it shows. Immediately. I won’t even read through stories that have cool premises but are just painful to go over because of the grammar violations. (Outside of reviewing, of course, lol). If anything, I’d say my reviews harp on people more.

      People can be weird, I guess. The review in question really wasn’t that intense at all. You just made said person aware of a few capitalization issues and clued them in on dialogue rules and gave advice on first chapter stuff. Then, above, you get this person named FandomReader12 saying “Sorry about St. Elmo’s Fire, he’s a jerk but some of us actually now how to talk about writing. I’d say your story is pretty good, keep writing my dude.” What did they say about writing other than some vague thing that can be applied to literally any story, ever? 


      • And in improper grammar, too! What do we “now” about grammar, guys? Clearly not as much as this person, who can’t even manage to use the right spelling when telling people that you don’t need to be talking to people about grammar/spelling stuff! Captain Irony come to save the day, I guess. 

        • If they are on a tablet, they are annoying to type with because the spell checker on some of them is so stupid it makes Neanderthals look like scholars. So that might be why.
          Just tried to warn someone about the whole shebang and my tablet made Fire’s warnings look readable compared to the message I sent them. Stupid spell and grammar checkers…
          EDIT: Looked at his response. Why do I get the feeling if Elmo had carried it on Rocsen would’ve descended into  “I fucked your mom” comments?

          • Oh, believe ma, I’m well aware of the typos that can be made when not at the computer haha. I make more than a few myself. It’s the timing of it, when people are complaining about how grammar isn’t a problem and wben they make errors (usually worse than just a missing “k,” admittedly), that bugs me. Blaze is the worst at it, but it’s still aggravating just overall.

    • “Perfectionist” This kid has no idea what a perfectionist is.

      • In all seriousness, true perfectionism is a massively debilitating disorder. Someone can have the world’s best essay sitting in their desk, but won’t turn it in because it isn’t “perfect.” It’s pretty scary. Never happened to me, but I’ve met a few people who had it. It’s not a fun thing. Striving for an impossible goal, only to beat yourself up for the inevitable failures that follow in aiming for that unattainable objective, as well as all the other things that pile up, like a brilliant student having failing grades because nothing they ever make is worthy enough to turn in, in their eyes.

        Again, on my phone, so there may be a few spelling errors. Tried to be a bit more thorough this time, but I’ve become sadly reliant on the red squiggly line.

        • I’m usually either “this needs to be perfect” or “I don’t give a rat’s ass, let’s get it finished off”. It’s annoying because I’ll either get started on something and then never finish something because it’s not perfect or get bored of it and submit it in a rubbish state. 

  • I’m seeing concrit reviews on stories for the first time in a while! I was able to skip some stories because of this.

    Several weird entries today, including one thing that was just a religious pitch. Actual s […]

    • The line breaks in always gave me issues. They had an annoying habit of disappearing entirely weeks after the chapter was posted, making it seem like there was no transition between scenes. I bet this bug was fixed since I had the problem, but I still use other symbols in place of the horizontal line breaks now.

      I like that someone else knows the difference between ‘blond’ and ‘blonde’. See also ‘fiance’ and ‘fiancee’.  Little details like this are important for writing.

      I clicked on a few of the story links to see Blaze’s counter reviews, and she’s giving really bad advice to people. Like ‘you can end dialogue with a period and then describe how it was said’, or ‘grammar rules don’t exist’. Hopefully people will disregard her advice when they see how many typos are in her reviews,  lol.

      • It’s what I hope for as well, that Blaze’s own incompetence concerning anything to do with writing serves as a warning for people to not listen to any of the content in her “advice.” It’s clear by the content that she doesn’t know what she’s doing, but every little bit helps. I don’t envy all the writers getting caught up in her insanity, but hopefully they’ll just ignore her. 

    • “A magikarp for a starter? Seriously? Is he trying to get this kid killed?” Why does that make me laugh? Probably because it’s Lysandre and it would probably be something he’d do.

      Also, can confirm that going off the plot of the games will cause you to peter out. Had that happen twice and it resulted it two projects getting scrapped.

      • Oh hey, that’s the story from the person who blocked me before I could submit the review! I don’t know why St Elmo’s Fire wasn’t blocked when I was, but I distinctly remember being very, very irate with Blaze and co. (which is mostly just Blaze and Blaze’s accounts) for successfully turning the person away. I spend a lot of time on those reviews, so it’s very annoying when I can’t actually post them properly. Perhaps the person is willing to accept criticism now, since they didn’t block St Elmo’s Fire. I still have the review on the forums, so it’d be an easy manner of directing said person’s attention to it if they didn’t want another critical review on their story. 

        • Nope, still blocked.

          @St Elmo’s Fire, how did you manage to post a review? I tried posting three days before your review, but got blocked. How come I got the special treatment this time lol? I would have thought you’d be the one to get blocked, since you’re more (in)famous and all. 

          Welp, their loss. I even did a nice rewrite for their benefit, but I guess it’s just too trollish for their eyes. They’re talking about something called DARF and how they’re not an idiot in their review feed. Do you have any idea what that’s about, anyone?

          • I remember seeing your review posted on the forum. They don’t have me blocked either – very strange. People’s minds work in odd ways sometimes. 

            If it makes you feel any better, I’d just finished writing a review a couple of days ago only to find that Elmo had beaten me to the punch when I double-checked the review section before posting – I know the feeling! 

            • Ah, I’d hate for that to happen! I hope I don’t get ninja’d much in the future. But that is so weird to me. You didn’t get the block, St Elmo’s Fire didn’t get the block, just me. And I try to be super tactful in my reviews! 
              I’m just happy the latest person I reviewed didn’t block me before I realized my aid was unwanted. That was the longest review I’ve ever done. Did you know that there’s a cutoff point for how long a review can be? It’s apparently at 3570 words, for those interested. 
              Well, anyway. If people don’t want our help, it’s their loss, ultimately. It’ll be annoying when it happens, but oh well. May you and I not be blocked nor ninja’d by Elmo in the future, Talarc! 
              Edit: words, not characters.

          • DARF is something to do with the Doomguy54 guest in his reviews. I can’t remember what, but I’m guessing they are IRL friends.

          • No idea. I am blocked now, but I didn’t get any message clarifying things.

  • Jeanette became a registered member 3 weeks, 5 days ago

  • Last time, the witch will revive.

    We join the loose ends in the chapel, where Rosa is dragging Maria along as she attempts to pilfer a gold bar from the corpse table, because priorities: Rosa has […]

    • This whole epilogue feels like Beatrice’s personal noncon fic, tbh.

      Heh, yeah, it does.

      on the surface this looks like a breakthrough, but the fact it Maria only entered the scene after the gold left and a space opened up.

      I don’t think I ever noticed that. It was always a bit “too little too late” for me, but it is sad to know it is even littler than I originally thought. =(

      Next up is the Tea Party, and then we get to visit with Rika again <33333

      She is great. I am most glad I got to read Higurashi between some of Umineko episodes, so I could understand how great Rika is. <3

    • This whole epilogue feels like Beatrice’s personal noncon fic, tbh.

      AU where Beatrice just gets an AO3 account like a normal person and none of this has to happen.


      So what will happen next? Will some weird people wearing goat masks start doing the Bon Festival dance or something…?!

      Beatrice isn’t that garish, Battler.

      – Act, August 2017

      I think it’s interesting that the game makes sure to note there’s no way to recover the gold at this point — on the surface this looks like a breakthrough, but the fact is Maria only entered the scene after the gold left and a space opened up.

      Yeah, agreed completely. I’d say the content of what they’re saying in that scene does constitute a real breakthrough in some respects, in that they’re finally acknowledging some critically important things for the first time, but seeing the kind of circumstances it takes to make it happen (and the fact that Maria still has to be the one to walk her mother through it even so) is damning in its own right. And that’s even without having to address the issue of whether that progress would really have lasted if they’d survived, or if it would have just become the start of yet another honeymoon phase.

      Anyway, we’re not done yet! Time to get our meta on.

      It’s cute that you think it was ever even off!

      • AU where Beatrice just gets an AO3 account like a normal person and none of this has to happen.

        Since we’ve established way back that Kinzo is already there, writing his OC/Beatrice fic, that can only lead to a shipping war.

      • If I’ve learned anything over the past year, it’s that Beatrice is always that garish.

    • There’s a poem by Brazilian author Bernardo Guimarães called “A orgia dos duendes” (“The orgy of the sprites”, loosely translated), in which witches, werewolves and various other things that go bump in the night hold a feast in the woods. It’s a very striking poem which was very innovative for its time and place, even though it draws on old Witches’ Sabbath imagery.

      I mention it because the goat-headed witches descending on Kinzo is strikingly similar in some respects, which shows just how deep into that well Ryukishi dug. If this were an author like, say, Nasu, who was already known for his love of Western mythology and folklore I wouldn’t even bat an eye, but “Higurashi” was so Japanese in its imagery and reference that I’m kind of surprised Ryukishi pulled the shift off so well here.

      A minor thing, really, but I found it noticeable.

    • Act cut out a ton of it. Like, it’s a good deal longer and there’s more than a little styling on massive monsters with stuff like killing them with a pen with Maria’s help. She and Maria work together super well when it comes down to it, it turns out.

      • Yeah there was a huge amount of repetitive description of them running from and fighting off the goats that didn’t really lend itself to recapping.

    • And here is an orchestra remix.

    • Sure, done.

    • The first time I played Umineko, the scene with Rosa having trouble letting go of the gold to save her daughter seemed weird because she came off as the least money-obsessed among the siblings, so it was strange that she of all of them would have a scene like that.

      • Well, she may not value the gold to the same extent as her siblings do, but apparently she values it more than she does Maria. Part of it, I feel, is that the dreams of other siblings do involve their family and their children. The search for gold for them is partly justified by providing their children with bright future, while for Rosa Maria seems like an inconvenience more than anything else.

        I mean, let’s look at the other parties involved.

        Eva is a terrible person, and her parenting style did George no favors, but she does seem invested in him. If it’s not exactly love and more like a project, well, I do believe she values him more than a piece of gold.

        Hideyoshi seems like he genuinely values family.

        Natsuhi demonstrated the last route that she takes her duty to protect the children very seriously. If she were to go after gold at all, it would be so she could bash goats’ heads with it.

        Krauss… maybe. We didn’t get much characterization for him being being a fuck up with finances.

        Rudolf, for all there is bad blood between him and Battler, does feel like he loves his son (he probably would get Battler to carry the gold, though).

        Kyrie… maybe. Her relationship with Battler is more that of friendly acquaintances rather than family.

        • Kyrie makes such a show of being put off by the money that I feel like she’s especially invested in it.

    • Also, wow, is that Rosa’s “badass redemption scene” people bring up in her defence? I’m 100% unimpressed.

      I don’t remember, you are only following along with the liveblog here, right? Reading the game is a different experience. There is a lot more narration and emotional writing. It is easier to get caught in the momment.

    • Yeah, it was definitely a high-stakes, exciting scene, but certainly not redemptive. I don’t even think it was written to be redemptive; right up until the very last second Rosa doesn’t change her behavior, and even when they’re both about to die the best she can do is woe-is-me. If anything, it hammered in what a shitty person she was.

    • I don’t disagree with your ultimate conclusion, but the scene is framed as a redemption. The whole point is that Rosa realized Maria should be the most important thing and it seems she was finally having a honset talk with her daughter, instead of giving excuses and empty promisses. It is not quite the same as her previous patter, as you mentioned in another comment.

      Now, that doesn’t necessarely mean anything. As Act pointed, Rosa change of heart only game after the gold started being a possibility, which cast doubt on how honest she was being. And as you said, it still close enough to how things aways were that the “redeption” is suspect from the get go.

      But there is still enough differences, flowery language and drama to make it look like a redemption scene, which is the whole point.

    • A sneak peek at the third episode (second try):

      • idk why this joke is so funny to me but it is hilarious

        • Beatrice, of course, eventually makes good on her promise and sacrifices Battler and her schoolgirl persona on the second twilight. Battler thinks she’s trying to tell him something, but he’s incompetent.

    • You’re welcome.

      I’ve found a screenshot generator that actually works. It can’t do custom text, however, so I had to add that myself (and I’m fairly sure that fonts don’t match, but, eh).

      It’s a somewhat annoying process, but, hey, now I can make stupid jokes on the internet and be all artsy about it. Worth it.

    • I’m on a roll today, so one more for Undertale fans:

    • I’m reasonably sure that “let’s take a huge dump on Van Dine and his view of mysteries” was one of the mission statements for writing Umineko. Not just in relation to this specific point but in general.

    • sitting around and only doing theoretical physics makes you a murderer

      The culprit, apparently.

    • Well, there’s a reason Christie/Sayers/Carr are still household names and Van Dine is… not. Christie’s casual British sexism/racism are anachronistic, but her psychology generally isn’t and her writing certainly isn’t. I haven’t read as much Sayers or Carr, but they both also, in my experience, tend to hit on the humans universals as underpinnings, which isn’t easy to do.

    • To be fair, he’s old. For all we know they did try to do the whole furniture thing, and that ended with Beatrice awkwardly applying a balm to Kinzo’s hurt back until he could sit straight again.

      They decided to just play chess for the rest of the evening instead.

    • Dead Dove Do Not Eat? That’s something I should Google in Incognito Mode, right?
      Edit: Googled it. I don’t know what I expected.

    • What’s this then? Is it like a Let’s Play in written format like the LP Archive or is it something different? Forgive me for being ignorant, I’ve just decided to take a nosy at this

      • This type of annalysis/commentary is often called a ‘liveblog’ (because you blog “live” as you watch/read). There are many other names for this kind of stuff in the Internet, though.

        • I’ve always thought of this and Fate as Let’s Reads, since VNs are 99% text anyway.

    • The thing about it that’s the most interesting/sad to me is that she’s throwing out this coping mechanism as a desperate way to try to show her mother she’s one whole person who can’t be loved in parts. Like, the only way she could get Rosa to acknowledge that she loves her entirely, not just when she’s behaving one way, was to appeal to Rosa’s own ego. “You know how you’re really just one whole person? So am I, so please love me,” is so sad not just because she has to beg for her mother’s approval, but because she knows she won’t get it unless she placates Rosa first.

      • …Is typing that nick really easier than just logging in?

        • Act replied 3 weeks ago

          Lol, it autocompletes, so yes!

          It’s actually usually that I’m not on my own computer and don’t want to log in somewhere else.

    • That’s always been one of the most upsetting aspects of Maria’s relationship with her mother, to me. (…I say, as if there aren’t many more.) The way she’s forced to parent Rosa whenever she’s been an especially terrible mother; and, of course, how Rosa wholeheartedly encourages that dynamic by showering Maria with rare praise and gratitude whenever she does.

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  • “you’re a dick, i’m just letting you know”

    You have received a message from:


    Reply link:

    Subject: if you don’t […]

    • Ember replied 1 month ago

      By that definition, not only does some fanfiction qualify, but many published books do not. This website alone is full of examples of unstructured, unpolished professional novels. Don’t give the gatekeepers more credit than they deserve.

    • If you don’t like it, don’t read it. and I’ve heard all about your rude reviews dickhead. Plus i am new to, GOT IT?!

      That’s interesting. The response I got to my review was:

      I’m still kinda new at this, but thanks for the tip

      I guess that the difference is between your reputation and mine. Still, I got blocked in the end as well, so perhaps it was just the fact that they were more annoyed by the time you reviewed? People are weird…

      • Probably the reputation. In Talarc’s case, they probably got the usual PM from the other guys and then they blocked Talarc.

    • Maybe I’m being old-fashioned, but for me a story can only really be a book if you read it on paper rather than electronically. It sounds really weird to me if people talk about ‘their book’ on FFN. I’ve written stories on FFN, but I wouldn’t say that I’ve written any books. Whether it’s ‘professional’ or not isn’t a factor. 

      That’s my definition anyway, but maybe I just have an outdated view on exactly what a book is! 

    • “Dwankitybag:You wouldn’t capitalize pokemon or mouse or dragon so you should go kill yourself you f*** dwankitynag”

      Did he just misspell his own name trying to insult you? Come on, way to kill an insult.

      • One of the funnier kinds of complaints I see is when people say they don’t need help with grammar everything about their sentence(s) says otherwise. 


        Speaking of grammar, I am on my phone now, so there may be a few spelling errors here and there. I am not a very good texter. 

      • Act replied 1 month ago

        Maybe he was punning on his own handle by calling Elmo a ‘dwankitynag.’

    • Talking to Novum Arkilum was honestly more draining than dealing woth Blaze. At least I can just say “Screw it,” and leave them alone even if they poke me with the hate-stixk, but actually trying to get him to fix his own goddamn mess was like pulling teeth. I finally got him to say that he would give an apology and a public statement, but I don’t think that’s happened and I’m not deciphering his cryptic last PM sent to me. I don’t think he ever properly apologized to Farla, even when I gave him something exact to say.


      He also asked me for “temporary help” concerning the construction of his forum and if I could review his Harry Potter story, because our reviews are apparently not evil enough now to warrant getting us all removed from fanfiction.


      @ St Elmo’s Fire, How much time did you get to spend with the lovely indivudual in question? Count every second that you didn’t have to deal with him a blessing. It was like the idea of personal accountability was an alien idea, like not wanting to get between Farla and Blaze’s “cat fight” (yes, he called it that. I’m surprised he wanted anything to do with me, but I’m not entirely sure he got how sarcastic I was being with him) in the interests of his own sanity. What even is responsibility?

      • I responded once more to call him out on the petition and he did apologize, but fortunately I did not engage further.

        He did actually make a public apology on his forum last I checked, but the forum now seems to have disappeared.

      • Farla replied 1 month ago

        Yeah, he’s a dickhead. It’s less “doesn’t get responsibility” and more “doesn’t give a fuck that it is”.

        People who go straight from being assholes to asking for favors are generally going to be awful people, and this one managed to be worse than usual by not even stopping his shit-talking before asking for the favor. Every interaction that had  a person is talking shit behind my back and then appearing to ask a favor has gone the same way as this. Even if you do the favor, they’ll just demand another and then melt down over that, or they’ll return to shit-talking, or both at the same time.

        It’s best to have firm boundaries. They rely on being unreasonable enough the other person will do them a favor just to move things further, then they’ll renenge on whatever deal and demand another.

    • “If you don’t like it, don’t read it. and I’ve heard all about your rude reviews dickhead. Plus i am new to, GOT IT?!”

      This is ignorance. I am honestly disgusted at how this kid responded to a review. From what I have seen, the reviewer said nothing about not liking it and merely criticized. If people said that fucking trash to me, I would no doubt report his/her stupidity.

      • Eh, the “new to the site” bit makes me think they’re probably just a kid. They’ll grow out of it.

        • I agree. It does rather sound like it was from just a kid; might be their first real critique or something.

    • Elmo and Farla have got another story about them in the Pokémon fandom again. This time they’ve been cast as a pinsir and a poochyena, and it’s surprisingly well written for a take that.
      How do people find the time to do this? Especially when you guys have not even touched the dude?

      • I aspire to reach the levels of infamy in which some random ass pokemon gets cast as “The Reeds of Enki” in a story. It’ll probably never happen, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

        • I’ve read two stories written about me before.  Three rants that addressed me directly in some form. 

          I myself wrote two stories to vex two different people.

          The Reeds of Enki sounds like a mystical item in D&D.

          • Hmm. I wouldn’t mind being a magical item in D&D either. Maybe +2 INT -2 CHA so long as you blow a magical set of reed pipes every day? I dunno. 

      • I kinda wanna see those stories.

      • I’m going to write a story about Act and Farla where they’re both FUCKING HIPOPS.

    • Although, I do recommend not actually joining them in making stories with names of pokemon made just to provoke. That just seems like a really bad idea overall.

  • A few stories with pokemon whisperers that do not seem to be going anywhere good.

    Anime count: 7

    Hi! I’m doing a round of reviews around the site, hoping to help give people constructive criticism instead o […]

    • Line breaks don’t show up on the mobile app, I’m afraid. They’d be better off using ellipse for line breaks

      • The mobile app lacks line breaks? 

        • Yep. No button that can put them in and if you do it through the browser it won’t show in the story. I’ve had to switch between ellipses and minus symbols because if you spam them to make a line break the app just wipes them away. It’s annoying to deal with.

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    I am just here to mostly see what stories have been created (Something pokemon related). I might read some reviews time from time.

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