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  • Last time, I decide on an approach to this route.

    Also, FWIW, this is the point at which I picked back up after the hiatus, so if I’ve forgotten some details I seem to have remembered last time I beg your […]

    • I’m so confused and I don’t understand how this is only the second arc and already it’s trippy as fuck.

      ahaha.wav Is it so hard to accept the truth? Witches exist. Beatrice exists. Kinzo has started his demonic roulette, inviting Beatrice to select sacrifices in her honor.

      Is it then so strange that she would arrive as a guest? Isn’t it exactly what Kinzo wanted?

      Accept the truth of magic, and look at how everything falls into place in accordance with the will of the witch.

      If they’re freed from being whatever they are… do they become something else?

      It seems to me like a fairly straightforward “I’m going to murder you all” proclamation. The end of their days as furniture is the end of life. Afterwards, there may be a cake in the Golden Land.

      This game is so goddamn meta.

      I actually feel that Umineko has spoiled me in this regard. It’s one of the few genuinely good metafiction stories I’ve read, and now I can’t really stand feeble attempts of, say, VA-11 HALL-A to venture into similar territory.

      I wonder if I would be more tolerant of such things simply for novelty if I didn’t know what really could be done with them.

      Erm, if by ‘really slim’ you mean iterally 5/18 or 27.8%, or more than 1 in 4.

      Actually, the chance of both of them surviving, assuming full randomness, is (5/18)*(4/17) ~ 6,5%, if I remember my theory of probability correctly, which can be considered slim. Your second point stands, though I feel that Kanon can be forgiven for being dramatic here, given the stakes.

      Madman has a point.

      Kinzo: No, I mean they’re literally maggots! Trying to get under my skin and suck out my bodily juices! Ooooh, where is this green fairy?! Where is my salvation?!!!

    • This post. This post right here is what all we witchwatchers crave.

      Also, YAAAY for the spreadsheet. But you should maybe put a warning to the hapless blogfollowers who aren’t also witchwatchers that it’s further ahead than the post and has spoilers.

      Also also, those spoilers are fucking amazing right now. Look at that second twilight (unless you’re just following along the posts, in which case don’t)! Might look like a sort of batshittery nobody could’ve possibly expected but actually R07 is trying to ease the reader into his mad genius with that.

      I’ll do my usual giant textwall about the post later.

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  • Calm responses today, including one that seems genuinely interested in my opinions.

    re: Your review to The Other Side of Mirror
    9 MayRai Sakura
    A response to your review at […]

    • It’s L. Possibly short for “last will”? I really don’t know.

      We currently have a theory that lstwill is actually the prime account, given that it’s the only one that hasn’t been attacked by the alts — Blaze and Fire4Heaven have both fought with each other, but lstwill has barely been mentioned even when they were the one spearheading the initial harassment campaign. It would make as much sense as anything else at this point.

      • I initially read lstwill as Ist will, where ist would be the German word is? I think that was because it says something about being a social democrat on their profile, and my strongest association with that political party is Germany. But yeah, it is an l and not a capital I.

    • I should probably mention that Dragon’s Blaze did try to get convert me by telling me Pokemon should not have names. This was from me reviewing and saying that a vulpix should have a name. It was over 10 PMs and she didn’t once reference the story(gameverse). It was just super important that names shouldn’t be used at all.

    • General discussion goes in discussion posts. Don’t post stuff that’s too off-topic or I’m going to delete it.

  • A pokemon-only society that’s not PMD, and a trainerfic that appears to be walking the walk on pokemon treatment and hints at an unusual plot to come.

    Anime count: 6

    Blocked, don’t recognize them. A […]

    • I always interpreted Dawn’s hair as black, am I insane? D:

    • Or are you saying non-realistic hair colours in anime are non-diegetic?

      That’s always been my assumption, yes.

    • Heatth replied 5 days ago

      Or are you saying non-realistic hair colours in anime are non-diegetic?

      That is actually explicitly the case in many animes. Like when you characters talking about how a blond person is clearly a foreigner or delinquent while half of the world have multicolored hair. Overal, is the setting is meant to be Japan, or Japan-ish, I assume weird colors are for the benefit of the viewers.

      That said I understand that this is not how everyone interprete this trope. Specially in fanfic, where people are naturally reinterpreting the show/game.

      • Yeah, I generally interpret blue and purple as black regardless, for this reason — it’s done to differentiate for the audience.

    • As Heatth explained below, it’s a visual trope that helps identify characters in a visual medium; as such, it has no place in prose. Including it also gets in the way of authors who do want special hair colors to signify dye or magic or something.

    • ‘Most anime does X’ is a pretty useless generalization to throw out without any evidence.

      In part, I think this depends on your demographic, where younger demos are more likely to have flashy, colorful style, which makes sense because kids. I read mostly josei, and unnatural hair colors are very rare, whereas in shounen, especially upbeat adventure/battle-type shounen, it’s less unusual to use it as character shorthand… but even then, more serious shounen tends to avoid it (think Attack on Titan, or Tokyo Ghoul).

      I actually think taking anime/manga on the whole it’s pretty unusual outside of very specific genres.

    • Except you know when the blonde in question is japanese.

      That is kinda my point? Some anime have blond or blond-ish Japanese characters and then suddenly treat another blond character as exceptional for being blond. Indicating clearly that one of those color is diegetic and the other is not.

      Anime tends to treat eye and hair color as real unless proven otherwise.

      Yeah, that is not my perception at all. In fact the opposite. The very fact hair color goes so often unremarked is, despite the setting being otherwise “the real world” is why I assume it is non-diagetic.
      Tvtropes even have a trope for it (Hair Color Dissonance, can’t link for some reason). Admitedly, they don’t provide any source for the examples, but it indicate this is a more widespread perception.

    • It’s not a question of realism, it’s about how it serves the story (what information does this provide? what does it do that black hair doesn’t do?) and how it works with suspension of disbelief. Using visual conventions as shorthand in writing is always going to cause issues for the obvious reasons, so if you do decide to use them, it should be because you’re working toward something, not because you’re having some weird contrarian reaction.

    • No one is mocking anyone, and don’t call other commentors names for politely disagreeing with you.

    • Let me rephrase: As a moderator, I’m telling you not to call people names, regardless of what point you’re trying to make.

    • You know I actually agree with you, right? That was my first comment here, the one you replied.

      My disagreement is you using definitive language for a thing that is, very much, not definitive. In many cases anime hair colors is absolutely non-diegetic. It is either implied by the setting or explicit by character descriptions. That fact lead many of us to assume anime color is by default non-diagetic.

      When it is not made explicit on the anime, then, yeah, it is a matter of interpreation. That is the premise I started from. If you want to discuss that point go reply to someone else.

    • Since it is fanfiction, though, maybe the reason is simply because that is how the writer understand the characters and don’t feel like changing them? Sure, visual conventions can feel awkward in written media, but when you are explicitly drawing from a viual media it can be weird to not refer to it.

      Like, if I were writting a Dragon Ball fanfiction I would describe Bulma as having Purple hair (or maybe Teal, if I was an anime fan), because that is her hair color in the manga. It would be weird for me to change it.

      • Honestly, I don’t know if I can imagine a situation where I’d feel the need to describe a canon character’s hair color… I’m trying to figure out what I’d do and I just keep coming up with ‘not mention it at all.’

    • I’d just like to note my exasperation that people continue to choose the most boring hills to die on. Why do so few people fight me this hard on Arceus-isn’t-God or training-is-slavery?

    • Oh, Blaze, and you were doing so well this time. Bye again, maybe use this time to go outside.

  • Last time, we finish the prologue.


    And so we begin.

    This time we join Maria and Rosa on a train. It’s October, and one of the shops at the terminal had been decorated for Halloween, which is […]

    • Does she…? I get the sense that she likes George for the exact opposite reason, that she perceives him as sensitive to her feelings when no one else is. I think George likes being a manly man and is projecting.

      Yeah, that’s been pretty much my read too. Being an assertive manly man is What Women Like, therefore that’s obviously what George should be for his girlfriend/fiancée, right?

      The PS translation seems like a complete nightmare all around TBH.

      Incidentally, I’m not sure what the exact deal with the PS3 patch’s translation is (I believe it’s edited from the same original fan translation the Steam release is?), but the full history of the translation is kind of interesting. As I understand it, Witch Hunt originally translated the routes as they were released, which meant they had no idea of the full plot and had to basically give their best guess at an accurate translation and hope it wouldn’t turn out five games down the line that they’d accidentally made it all unsolvable by wording a key line differently in English. As a result, they basically went for a hyper-literal translation in order to prioritize preserving any information that might turn out to be important, since exact wording can be crucial in mysteries, at the cost of having a smooth translation that actually reads well in English. The Steam release apparently got a lot of work to edit the script properly now that they don’t have to worry about accidentally creating plot holes, so I’m not surprised it reads better than any of the other versions out there.

      No idea if those lines you’re seeing in the PS3 translation are from the original version or something the patch’s editors did on their own, but I thought the story was cool anyway. Translation is a really interesting art.

      And it’s exciting to see you starting to work out your strategy for Beatrice’s game! Umineko might be a linear VN, but it still has a hell of a lot of gameplay if you’re willing to get into everything with your own thoughts and reasoning. I’m very interested to see what you come up with.

      • No idea if those lines you’re seeing in the PS3 translation are from the original version or something the patch’s editors did on their own, but I thought the story was cool anyway. Translation is a really interesting art.

        I know there is at last one PS3 patch that does have a different translation, because of the issues of the original translation you pointed. Not sure if that is the version Act is using here, though. If I would guess it is the original, it is the one that have been out for longer, afterall, and what most early fans are familiar with.

        And it’s exciting to see you starting to work out your strategy for Beatrice’s game! Umineko might be a linear VN, but it still has a hell of a lot of gameplay if you’re willing to get into everything with your own thoughts and reasoning. I’m very interested to see what you come up with.

        Were you around back when it was being releasing originally? The whole thing felt like a coperative effort, with fans trying pierce information together to try to figure things out. Despite being pretty much a book, it really did feel like a massive game.

    • In regards to Rosa, yeah, I’d say it’s clear by now that she’s intended to be abusive. She does have moments of what seems like genuine remorse and empathy, but it’s not exactly an uncommon behavior in abusers. Many abused kids recall having good times with their abusive parents as well as the bad, which makes for a very confusing experience, and treating their abusers as two different people depending on their mood is a fairly common coping mechanism.

      You’re broadly on the right track in regards to the nature of the game. It can be said that thematically, Umineko is about choosing the truth you’re comfortable living with, be it one based on facts or on trust.

      In that light, would you prefer to accept the notion of an evil witch possessing Rosa and making her do what she does against her will, or would you rather expose Rosa as an abuser who merely tells fanciful lies to her daughter and herself in order to avoid facing the consequences of her actions?

      There is actually a version with PS graphic and good translation. It involves installing Japanese game image, installing Witch Hunt translation patch on top (which is basically Steam translation with less editing. The last free version was good, from what I remember), then installing PS converted resources on top of that. It comes with voice acting, though, unlike the music, it’s honestly hit-and-miss kind of deal.

      • There is actually a version with PS graphic and good translation. It involves installing Japanese game image, installing Witch Hunt translation patch on top (which is basically Steam translation with less editing. The last free version was good, from what I remember), then installing PS converted resources on top of that. It comes with voice acting, though, unlike the music, it’s honestly hit-and-miss kind of deal.

        It is still an inferior translation, so not ideal. There is a simpler way, though. There is PS3 patch for the steam version, which I am pretty sure doesn’t change the translation. If you really want PS3 graphics and voices, there you go. Or just the voices, which is what I would recommend.

  • Someone unrelated to Blaze’s posse but who was still taking random potshots at me abruptly decided to contact me out of the blue. I didn’t learn much, other than that people continue to love ceding the moral high […]

    • Act replied 1 week ago

      Can I just say that I find it both interesting and really creepy how sexualized the criticism of your relationship with Farla is? A lot of the troll reviews over the years have been obsessed with some weird sexual humiliation as a form of attack, and no one ever assumes you’re friends or, shocker, siblings, but that there must be something lascivious going on.

      • Yeah. Like a lot of the things that keep coming up, it really says a lot more about them than it does about me.

      • @Act, It’s really weird, yeah. I’ve seen it used everwhere, but a lot in this case specifically. I was thinking something similar while going over this post (which is oddly fascinating, these random conversations). God forbid someone share a belief system or goal, no it has to be ulterior motives. There’s probably something screwy going on at a larger scale, given how often sexual humiliation been used to discredit(?) or insult someone. ‘Tis most strange.

        • Well, yes — our culture has a lot of hangups around sexual competition and humiliation. I think the most significant factor is probably our genders being the most available information — a man and a woman working together simply must be in a relationship, cultre has taught us there can be no other explanation.
          (Although, people have been confused about my gender before — it would be really interesting if we could ask those weirdos what gender they thought I was. I also wonder if you could find a correlation with the gender of the trolls, too — Blaze, for all her insanity, didn’t harp on the girlfriend thing much.)

          • Farla replied 1 week ago

            Blaze wouldn’t stop harping on how you were actually a girl, though. And given how weird everything with Blaze got, it’s entirely possibly they were a guy hoping to neg you into a relationship.

            • Act replied 1 week ago

              new headcanon confirmed

            • I seriously doubt Blaze is a guy given the amount of effort put into the ship fic from Serena’s POV.

              I think it’s more that St. Elmo hasn’t written anything oververtly masculine.

              • Supposedly, she thought “Elmo” (an -o masculine name) “sounded feminine” and also thought the default avatar I was using at the time (a silhouette of a man) looked like a woman.

                I don’t even know.

        • Farla replied 1 week ago

          When the other reviewers were female, nobody was too confused about things. I think the idea is that men are always more right than women but will do things for women against their better judgement if they’re having sex with them. 

          This attitude fits great with the other part of the argument, that no one really agrees with me and actually there is a perfect consensus that this should stop.

    • Farla replied 1 week ago

      Yeah that really has no bearing about how fucked in the head it is to reply to someone saying, “also fyi I’m male” with “NO YOU’RE A GIRL SHE SHE SHE SHE SHE!!!” a million times.

    • Fire4Heaven, Istwill56, Final Fight 45, For45Why, and 20Seven2 are all her, as far as I can tell.

    • Plus your user name is of a movie which I think is mostly made up of female fans.


    • Farla replied 1 week ago

      It’s a bit difficult given how much multi-accounting has been going on, but the most recent ones have been new so this may be all of Blaze/Blaze and her roomate(?)’s accounts (unless I forgot one…):

      I think that’s all of them, but I may have forgotten or there may be another account from years ago she’ll dig up.

    • Bye once again, Blaze.

    • I just pulled this out of trash to note, hi exactly the same IP address as “Stone” who thinks changing your name would get around the block because you don’t know how blocks work!

    • I feel like I should add that this kind of thing isn’t normal for the category and they’re just somebody who wandered in recently from elsewhere. Most people are really very nice.

      • Yeah, just seconding this. We’ve been doing this for a very long time, and while people sometimes get angry, this is the first sustained harassment campaign we’ve ever dealt with.

        Unfortunately it also means the blog has a lot of trolls right now, which is also unusual. Please be liberal with the report feature if someone says something messed up.

    • Dragon Blaze also accidently forget to switch FFN account when posting the Fire4Heaven copy-paste reviews two days ago.

      Now I guess she’s in full Fire4Heaven-is-not-me mode.


      That’s the review Fire4Heaven was posting.

      • It’s even more obvious if you could see the rest of the alt names Blaze was posting under, and the emails she used with them.

        Protip for future trolls: please don’t make all your totally-not-mes with totally-not-throwaway-emails follow a naming theme. Please. Have some dignity.

    • Bye yet again Blaze, please don’t make me IP ban your whole town.

    • Stop jumping in to defend yourself at every turn, Blaze.

    • Blaze, literally only you would be throwing this sort of a tantrum about how nobody’s allowed to be tired of talking to you so you’re going to filibuster us until we say that actually you’re all a very nice person and shouldn’t fight with yourself. Bye yet again.

    • I believe there is a good story in a real life town somehow highly invested in Blaze’s Crusade against Farla. The mayor calls the national guard with she bans the town on her personal website.

      National Guard: “WTF?”

    • Oh hey! Now that you’re back, can we talk to your very real mod friend?

    • Pissed off enough to sic a very real moderator on us and totally get us banned like you promised???

    • I think it’s only fair I get to at least hear what I’m accused of directly from these very real people who consider me so important they need to “review” my case instead of just banning me outright. I’d also like to contact them about this very real meeting where they totally decided to discontinue the world feature.

      Also, just curious: so you’re sure that none of the other accounts on that list are yours?

    • For45Why.

      As for why its that? Never make a bet while drunk

      You know that you can change the account name? The only thing that comes to mind with 45 is Trump.

    • The account made in 2009 was based on the 2016 election?

      Again: You’re sure none of the other accounts are yours?

    • Hey, so I just updated this with another question they answered. Shockingly, it turns out they were not the fake me as Blaze claimed.

    • Are the other accounts yours or not?

    • Dude, if you don’t provide any evidence, your claims are meaningless. Provide an FFN username at least if you want me to believe you.

    • Not. Why? Because not everything is this stupid Blaze obsession you have.

      Well that’s very interesting, because you just so happen to be using the same email address Final Fight 45 did back here, which coincidentally also had the exact same IP address “Cerrie” was using at the time.

      Is there anything else you’d like to tell us, Blaze?

    • My email is seconded so what?

      It means you need to get better at your sockpuppetting game. Also, bye.

    • Oh, so different IP addresses are no longer evidence you’re different people? Cool, thanks for giving us legitimate grounds to accuse literally anyone of being a sockpuppet. Bye again.

    • Ye gods, all this sockpuppeting is like the new MsScribe.

    • and neither am i

      I never said you were. Is there anything you’d like to tell us?

    • See, I’ve been trying to do that. She’s the one who keeps subverting blocks to keep pestering us.

    • Hi, Blaze.

    • You believe I’m Blaze, don’t you?

      I don’t, actually. You’re using a different email address and you posted here before Blaze started harassing us. But since you failed to provide a real account for me to follow up on and you’re now suddenly being so defensive when I never actually accused you of being a sockpuppet, I dunno, that makes you look kinda suspicious.

    • Is your answer “prove me wrong” whenever someone calls you out?

      Yes. That is how evidence-based argument works.

      Lastly, as for calling me “dude”, I’ll have you know I’m actually a girl.

      Sorry, that’s a speech habit of mine. I was using it in the gender-neutral form, if that is any consolation.

    • You keep using “apathetic”. I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

    • Man, this is still happening. Also disappointed that Blaze and co. didn’t bump up my review count with hate reviews or other chaff.

  • Very reasonable responses today, including some nice discussion about geopolitics and worldbuilding.

    re: Your review to Screaming Silence
    6 MayGoldenMusketeer
    A response to your review at […]

  • A Pokemon Colosseum novelization that actually looks pretty good, and several other novelizations that do not.

    Anime count: 5

    Blocked, same person who wrote an earlier screed.

    Hi! I’m doing a round of r […]

  • Someone who was not Dragon’s Blaze left a counter-review on The Two Colors, Pink and Blue:

    “Ok first off don’t listen to this idiot below me Elmo. He rags on every new writer and only targets people with […]

    • you proceed to complain that people don’t review your stories

      Citation needed.

      I complained here specifically because they said they did have opinions on my story, in which case, yes, it is reasonable for me to expect clarification if not an actual review detailing what they didn’t like.

      It’s difficult to review one-shots because they often don’t have (or need) deep/coherent world building or characters.


    • You want “blond”. “Blonde” is the feminine form.

      That’s an extremely controversial thing (if something can be controversial with no-one really giving a toss) to “correct” someone on, tantamount to correcting someone for using the Oxford comma. Blonde is common for both genders in the UK, in the same way blond is common for both in American English. And yes, it’s also common to borrow the French distinction in both forms, but far from universal. I’ve seen blonde used in novels, broadsheets, journals, etc.

      I’d argue that giving an adjective gender in English is just weird, especially if you agree with the movement to de-gender nouns (waitress, etc.). It’s utterly alien to the language.

      • This is news to me. I’ve always been told to use the gendered forms in English.

        Also, you will take my Oxford commas from my cold dead hands. Dropping them can lead to some truly spectacular ambiguities.

        • People squawking that the Oxford comma is optional in prose is so weird because the reason AP killed it wasn’t because there were debates about it’s gramaticality, it was literally so printers could save the cost of commas when they had to arrange giant printing presses; it was about eliminating as many letters as possible without making it completely unintelligible, not making some crazy statement of prescriptivism. . Citing AP conventions re: grammaticality is like the quickest way to indicate you don’t know how styles work and somehow people say it on this blog all the time and eventually I’m just going to snap.

          • It’s mandated it only be used to avoid ambiguity in plenty of academic style guides (for example, the one at Oxford) that don’t seem to give a damn about wasting space. Perhaps because the Oxford comma is ugly and interrupts the flow of reading.

            • …yes, the exact point is that it can mitigate ambiguity and should be used to do just that.

              • So you’re not arguing that you must always use the Oxford comma, but only that it’s non-optional where the sentence would othewise be ambiguous? If so, yes, I agree. 

      • There are a lot of things in linguistics that are ‘extremely controversial,’ and this is absolutely not one of them.
        The reason you see blonde/blond used interchangeably is precisely because there’s been a push to neuter words in English. This one moved faster than lots of other words because the difference is entirely aesthetic; there’s no pronunciation difference in spoken grammar, so there’s no habit to break in written. It would probably have been eliminated anyway over time. I honestly wouldn’t even point it out to someone except as a fun fact, but you could make an argument it’s good to let people know in case they get a professor one day who super cares.
        It’s utterly alien to the language.
        This is just completely absurd. Of course it’s not, and you even manage to acknowledge in your comment that there are vestigal gendered nouns speakers use today. English wasn’t developed in a lab in 1962, it evolved like any other language and lost features over time, among them grammatical gender.

        • Huh, interesting. I still prefer the gendered forms for now just because I like standardization; until we can settle on one or the other, seeing the two forms used interchangeably feels like chaos to me.

        • I wasn’t suggesting gendered language is alien to English, it isn’t, I was suggesting that gendered adjectives are – I was very specific about that.
          Which they are. I’m not making an etymological or genealogical point, I’m aware they used to exist in Old English because I had to study it at school – my point is this: they stick out like a sore thumb in modern English, they are a tiny anomaly in what is otherwise one of English’s few actual rules.
          Blonde/blond is just borrowing the French convention, and the only others actually in use are French, too – petit (used almost exclusively in the phrase “petit bourgeoisie”)/petite, brunette/brunet (while the masculine form is defunct, brunette is usually only for women). You might see alumnus/alumna, I guess, but I never have outside of a dictionary.

          • Germanic languages absolutely have gendered adjectives, what are you talking about.

            English’s few actual rules.

            now you’re just trolling

            • English isn’t a generic Germanic language, it’s a specific thing. Most small rodents have tails, that doesn’t make a guinea pig with a tail not weird.

              • I’m not sure what a ‘generic Germanic language’ is. English is Germanic. Are you making some weird linguistic supremecy argument, where English has risen above its heathen forebears?

              • No, I’m making the same argument as in my example. Just because something is true of a set in general does not mean it is true of a particular member of that set. Gendered adjectives are odd in the English language even though they wouldn’t be in another Germanic language. 

                I’m saying that English isn’t wholly defined by the linguistic group it’s a part of, no language is. Something could equally be normal in SinoTibetan lavishes as a whole but weird and out of place in a specific language of that group.

              • Act replied 1 week ago

                Right, this goes back to the idea that English wasn’t invented in 1960. English does have some vestigial gendered adjectives, which we know because we’re literally discussing them. English lost that over time, while other Germanics didn’t. It will likely continue to lose the survivors as time goes on. But there are still remnants of it, in the same way snakes still have tiny pelvic bones.

    • You should definitely review his story to show him what you mean! Also, while you’re here, I myself have a longer chaptered story that presumably reaches whatever minimum length you need for proper nitpicking hate, if you please.

    • However, I dislike having to review unfinished stories because sometimes it is not fair to criticize or comment an aspect of the story that has yet come full circle.

      Yeah, but if something isn’t working for you at the moment, that’s still a problem, and it’s much easier to correct as I go then redo it afterward. I’m not going to be mad if you misread something because the fact you’re misreading is itself a possibly fixable problem.

      Another Verse is pretty planned out, but I’m currently only several thousand words into Ch5, and I think I might need to have written through Ch6 or more before I’ll be sure Ch5’s actually finished. While it’s novelization-like, I’m not going through events in the same order, which slows things down and means I need to have things planned out more to make sure everything’s connecting up properly. It’ll be thirteen chapters in total, and it should speed up as we near the end and I have less to pieces to keep track of.

  • “As for the whole ‘world’ thing, majority of the time, people don’t bother with that, because it limits who reads the stories since people don’t generally use that search. If I don’t identify it to a world, that […]

    • Oh, I just got bored by the incoherence and banned them. They didn’t actually leave, because they really want to fill the bingo square of being an actual troll, but now their screaming about how we’re bad so they’ll never, ever stop harassing us and also they’re definitely not that other person with the same IP address goes straight to spam.

  • Something about an established trainer trying to summon Arceus to heal his daughter of magic sickness. Not much of note, otherwise.

    Anime count: 5

    This belongs in the Anime world. Find your story under […]

  • Last time, we got to know Beatrice.

    We move over to Jessica for this section. She’s at school, which she usually enjoys as a break from her rigid homelife. However, right now she’s worried — she’s rather […]

    • It’s cool hearing your analysis and speculation on the workings of Umineko magic as it comes up! I’d read those love charm plotbunnies, honestly.

      Hello darkness my old friend…

      Natsuhi’s biggest pet peeves with Jess seem to be a) her course language, which wasn’t present here

      Actually, I don’t think this part is true. Remember that “coarse language” works a bit differently in Japanese than in English. What Natsuhi takes issue with isn’t Jessica literally swearing, it’s the way she talks—like a rowdy tomboy rather than a proper lady. The English version sometimes translates this to swearing to get across the effect/make it less confusing when Natsuhi tells her to watch the language, since that kind of thing doesn’t really translate, but in general I bet you can assume that if she’s speaking casually like a teenager, she’s using the kind of speech her mother disapproves of.

      Suddenly the lights go down, and… Jess’ band is giving a performance? Uhhhh???

      Explanation in case you’re confused here: this is a big Touhou reference. Jessica is cosplaying a Touhou character and performing a Touhou song, and the comments scrolling across the screen as she plays are a reference to how comments on Niconico videos display. (In 1983, yes. Maybe there’s a time-traveling witch in town?)

      I really like how you’re thinking about the internet as a space to explore/express your identity here. I had some similar thoughts here and there while playing. (I’ve also spent a whole lot of time wondering what might be different if some of these characters had had the internet as an outlet growing up.)

      • Sometimes I forget how low Act’s power level is due to her love of Weird Magic Japanese Mystery Novels… and yet despite that.. she somehow didn’t know Saber’s true identity from the start of her playthrough of Fate Stay/Night, in the Year of Our Lord 2015, and let this touhou niconico reference completely fly over her her head.

        Please wait warmly until Act stops letting herself be held back by common sense.

      • What Natsuhi takes issue with isn’t Jessica literally swearing, it’s the wayshe talks—like a rowdy tomboy rather than a proper lady. 

        Yeah, this is a good point. The other way the game tries to capture it is by having her truncate words (like, goin’ instead of going and such), but that can be pretty easy to read over. It would have been more effective with lots of slang or having her chat with her friends in some kind of recognizeable vernacular (think Azumanga’s using a Brooklyn accent for Osaka) and then switch to standard English with the family. But, that may have been a lot to ask from a fan translation and it’s really a nitpick.

        Explanation in case you’re confused here: this is a big Touhou reference.

        I actually knew that the costume was a Touhou reference, but did not realize the song and letters were as well! Good to know.

    • Wtf Kanon.

      Lol, the coat is apparently Shannon’s idea of date attire. Wtf, Shannon.

      Who wanna bet it’s an old Kinzo’s coat?

    • Last time, we got to know Beatrice.

      And by know you mean ship. It seems to happen to everyone at some point, though you’re particularly quick.

      We (inside the episode opening flashback) flash back to Shannon suggesting she have Kanon pose as her boyfriend (after flashpinballing her relationships with George and Beatrice).

      Complete disregard for chronology: check.

      Lol, the coat is apparently Shannon’s idea of date attire. Wtf, Shannon.

      Inexplicable fashion senses: check.

      Also apparently Jess keeps brass knuckles on her and threatens her friends with them regularly. Okay, Jess.

      Schoolgirl packing at school: check.

      Yup. It’s an R07 story.

      Oh… well, that’s sad.

      It’s the biggest tragedy of the story that we don’t see Natsuhi reacting to Jessie’s niconico performance.

      As Kanon wonders if he did the right thing — BEATRICE MUSIC!

      If I had Golden Sneer start playing whenever I appeared, I too would be ambushing people all day erryday.

      Bea is a straight shooter.

      Further commenting on this is unnecessary.

      and as they wandered through the eternal desert in the hell of love, they would be tormented by eternal thirst…!

      Modern internet slang: ruining good literature since 1960

      What are you, the chorus? Go talk to the girl and tell her it’ll be okay, geez.

      Kumasawa is too old to deal with all the emotional pain crap running in this family.


      There’s so much stuff I can’t comment on and it’s only gonna get worse for the forseeable future. It’s the fate of all blind follower following Seacat fans to suffer so. Beatrice too stronk.

      • If I had Golden Sneer start playing whenever I appeared, I too would be ambushing people all day erryday.

        Golden Sneer doesn’t usually play whenever I appear, but that’s never stopped me from ambushing people all day erryday.

    • Bea is a straight shooter.


      Just ask Natsuhi.

  • “And since part of your penname is Elmo yeah dude Elmo is for kids not adults. So grow up!”

    Responses are otherwise appreciative, including a few messages in support of me re: the Blaze conflict.

    re: Your […]

    • I knew that the counter reviews would backfire on our hecklers sooner or later. It’s really great to see that you’ve been getting messages of support.
       This person gave me a follow out of the blue shortly before sending this. They still haven’t responded.
      Ah, I encountered that person as well. They randomly favourited and left a nonsense review on one of my stories. I engaged with them for a while to see if I could extract any genuinely useful criticism from them, but no such luck.

  • A “parody” about hey did you guys ever consider pokemon training is really dangerous???? and not much else.

    Anime count: 5

    Blocked, don’t recognize them. I’m pretty sure they didn’t have me blocked the day b […]

    • [you ought to know hospitals don’t need to cost money]

      Not reading carefully, this threw me for a bit of a loop when I glanced over it. Damn, America sucks.

  • Super chill responses today. The worst I’ve got is someone upset at Blaze’s review abuse.

    re: Your review to The Missing One
    21 AprWanderingKalosan
    A response to your review at […]

  • …in Sword of Destiny, Geralt and a side character have a conversation about how obvious it is women have the right to terminate pregnancies and it’s so weird anyone could ever have been against […]

    • The image doesn’t work.

    • Yeesh, that’s a right-wing fantasy straight out of left field. Or maybe not, maybe it’s completely expected and I was just trying out a turn of phrase. Yeah, probably that.I bought the game a while back and it was high on the list, but now it’s going to the backburner, which is just as well.

      • I don’t think it’s any sort of coherent political stance at play here, right wing or not. The likely thought process here went something like this:

        – Embryos are kinda creepy, so the idea of them coming back to life to haunt the living is scary;

        – But we want a twist here, so how about they crave love they were never given?

        And then nobody stopped to think about what the result says on the thematic level.

        • Agreed, but it’s fucked up they come specifically for the mothers instead of both parents.

          • Yeah, that’s the part that took it to the next level for me.
            Then again, the games aren’t subtle about their view on women. There’s apparently a torture scene where as the woman is being brutalized the camera just sits on her bare breasts the whole time, and then their defense of it when it made people uncomfortable was that it was ‘realistic’ because All Violence Against Women Is Sexual Violence. Which is way more than I ever wanted to know about the dev team.

          • That’s a valid point.

            I feel like there is a decent story buried in here somewhere. Maybe if revival of embryos was someone’s deliberate plan, with the thematic framing revolving around how other people would not allow the women who went through abortions to simply move on and resurrect the past in an attempt to “punish” them for perceived sins or something to that effect.

            • I don’t think I’ve ever seen this actually done, but I did see a similar failure that had a similar solution.

              There was this Filipino horror comic, and one issue had aborted babies coming back for their moms, which people said seemed rather misogynist. But it’s their culture that tiyanak are aborted babies that murder them! It’s not sexist, monsters just happen like that!

              But aside from the fact monsters come out of those same cultures, the monster itself isn’t specifically about abortion. The monster comes from an abandoned dead infant, including aborted ones. The comic had them getting thrown into a dumpster after being aborted, so they’re mad at the disrespect. In-comic, this was presented as just part of how bitches had it coming – look at their heartlessness! – but it was also because abortion was illegal. It would have been easy to present this as a situation where everyone had a hand in creating the monsters by pointing out the reason all the bodies were going unbaptised, unnamed, and unburied was because of the laws against abortion in the first place  meant the women and doctor had to hide what they were doing. And that also better lines up with the real issue around abortion, which is things like access to contraceptives, about money and social support, about being “ruined”, etc that result in situations where so many women have no choice about getting pregnant and no choice about what to do about it.

      • The weird thing is that I also don’t get how it won so many awards and people were like THIS IS THE BEST VIDEOI GAME EVER MADE. It’s… okay. If you’re completely desperate for a wRPG and this is for some reason your only choice, it will scratch that itch. But it’s so boring. The story isn’t interesting, the gameplay isn’t interesting, and the quests are of the ‘go talk to x and see a cutscene telling you to talk to y; go talk to y and see a cutscene telling you to alk to z’ variety.

        It’s also technically an open world but I get the sense it wasn’t originally designed as one. The progression through the map is incredibly linear, and there’s not really many sidequests. It may be unfair to compare it to Skyrim but it was being called the BEST GAME EVER so I feel justfied: in Skyrim, you get to the first town and there’s five quests sending you in five directions, and you run into quests by chance constantly, and even the villages are huge and elaborate with named NPCs going about their lives. In W3, the vilages and even the cities are tiny filled with generic Peasant NPCs who are completely disposable, the sidequests are all local, and most are simple fetch quests. In comparison to how much content there is, the map is weirdly big. There’s no reason for it to be as big as it is, because it’s mostly empty.

        Overall it’s just super mediocre.

        • Well, it was going to be behind BattleTech (which is a fun mech tactical RPG), finishing Pillars, and now Pillars 2 anyway… if I can stop playing goddamn FortNite for twenty seconds.

          And I apparently need to play Umineko if I ever want to show my face in a comments section again…


          • If you didn’t play Umineko, it’s OK. I will judge you silently.

          • The tough thing about Hirgurashi and Umineko is they’re soooo long. I adored every instant of Higurashi but it’s so hard to sell to people because it’s like 70 hours minimum. Howlongtobeat says the average for Umineko is 73 hours.

            Like they’re definitely worth all of the time but it’s still a lot of time.

            • I mean I’m sure I’d be faster than that average, but yeah it’s huge. I’m trying to put it in perspective by like, remembering how long it took me to read the Chalion or Fifth Season series. I’m actually sleeping healthy these days, a big achievement for me, so I can’t just all-nighter Umineko like I did those books.

        • Power of the franchise + fans with superficial understanding of the books. Note that many people in the fandom dislike Ciri and think that Geralt should have been the sole protagonist. They also view him, well, the way the games portray him: a badass power fantasy who carries two swords because one is not badass enough. The games do deliver on that front.

    • Are you judging the Witcher series based on storytelling or specific aspects of the game/other forms of media? I’ve heard good things about it, even if I never played the games myself.

      As for abortion, it’s a sticky issue. The problem is, by saying women can’t have one, it’s forcing them to carry around a great inconvenience. The other problem is, a lot of people believe that life exists at conception, even if it is on a much more primordial scale, like how a baby is less developed than an adult human. For the camp who does not believe that a fetus does not constitute as human life, the inability to have an abortion is kind of like imprisoning a womb and the woman with it.

      But for the camp that says that it’s life, the side that says you can’t just bash a baby’s skull over the head because it’s crying too loud and inconvenient and annoying, abortion is the killing of your own child. It’s a really, really sticky situation where you’re dealing with conflicting ideologies and no way to really prove that they’re right. I’m not factoring religion into this because things just go to hell when you do, but I can actually see where people see life as being important and special from conception.

      People get excited over pregnancies. They throw massive parties for instances of pregnancy — baby showers. They get scans to see what this pebble of human flesh looks like and freak out over a heartbeat, even if it still isn’t very developed yet. Being able to snuff that out does seem rather like legalized murder, but asking a woman that does not want a child to grow said child in an increasingly swelling womb is also problematic.

      And then there’s the whole “Well, that’s what happens when you engage in reproductive activities statement,” and when you combine that with the school of thought that says life begins at conception, a woman would be killing her baby (excluding cases of rape) because she wouldn’t want to deal with the consequences of her and some guy’s actions.

      And back over on the “Life does not begin at conception statement,” you’re asking a hell of a lot from someone to finish growing a human being. While you aren’t legally obligated to raise said child, it’s still there and might even try to find the woman that gave it up for adoption. It’s a mess. A sticky, sticky mess with conflicting philosophies that can’t really be proven one way or another with completely opposing goals.


      TLDR; There isn’t one “right” side to the abortion issue. It’s a hot, sticky mess. If you want my personal stance on it, because I’m already this far in, I do think that life begins at conception, but because there exists that ambiguity, abortion should be legal. I’m just personally not a fan of it.

      • You might want to take a look at Farla’s UnWind readthrough.

        • One thing UnWind has taught me is that attempting to find middle ground on this issue seems to lead one to batshit country.

          • The author was in no way attempting to find middle ground on the issue. The lesson is that if a batshit, biased author tries to find middle ground, the result will still be biased and batshit.

            • That’s a fair point.

            • Hm. Actually, specifically I’d say the issue is thinking they’re hanging out in the middle ground when they’re actually way off to the side, so they’re incredibly smug about being reasonable and fair while they have no real idea what the actual range of opinions on the subject are.

              A straight up Jack Chick style thing is still reprehensible, but it at least admits it’s making a stand instead of throwing out something horribly biased and claiming it’s the rational midpoint and we should start the discussion there.

              • I see, so they’re so far removed that an attempt at compromise on their part is still alien, but they think they’re being magnanimous. Like people who think not blaming women for miscarriage is the height of grace.
                I do have to give Jack Chick some credit: like you say, he’s not gaslighting.

              • Mmm, yeah, the issue is that UnWind presents itself as a satire of both pro-choice and pro-life, but its pro-life portrayal is just an exaggeration of real beliefs (or, in some cases, just plain real beliefs taken to their logical conclusion), while its pro-choice portrayal is pretty much perfectly removed from actual pro-choice position and concerns and only makes sense if you buy into pro-life preconceptions in the first place.

                The end result is that the supposed middle ground is a lot closer to pro-life default position than the work seemingly goes for.

      • Putting aside that this weird screed has nothing to do with the point I was making…

        TLDR; There isn’t one “right” side to the abortion issue. It’s a hot, sticky mess. 

        Oh, it’s complicated. I had no idea! Here I was thinking I could evaluate my own life experiences and decide for myself, but that was just my ladybrain fooling me! Thank god a man is here to tell me I’m not capable of grasping all the nuance. My mind is blown.

        • @ Act, I was never implying that your experiences should be invalidated or that a male’s words are worth more than your own. The statement wasn’t to you specifically, more of to the audience at large. I’m sorry for not making that clearer. This blog occasionally has discussions over themes and such, as I understand it. All I wanted to do was add my input on the subject. I don’t think that it was too far off the mark, as it does go over a controversial topic in the video game this post goes over, but if you disagree, I’m really not all that invested to argue. 

          • The thing about abortion is that we’re very rarely discussing the thing itself.

            For example “Should horrible things happen to women to punish them for abortion, which in turn is really about punishing them for having sex in the first place and trying to dodge their rightful punishment of pregnancy (and poverty and shunning)?” The word abortion is in there but it’s not actually about abortion, and no one is discussing fetal/infant rights in it.

            • @Farla: My misunderstanding, then. I’m new here, so I don’t really know all of how things go down and such, so I’m sorry if I say something irrelevant, especially if it comes across as offensive. Yes, the issue of fetus-monsters gunning after one half of the equation that made them is a serious issue, and should be addressed. I’ll try to understand the context of these posts better in the future. Thanks for letting me know.

              • Yeah, a big issue with abortion discourse is that a lot of it is actually dogwhistling for other, much worse ideas. Any time a hot-button issue is being discussed, it pays to analyze related beliefs.

              • It’s not so much that it’s irrelevant, as I’ve never really cared about staying on-topic here, but that you felt the need to write a condescending essay explaining, to a nearly-30-year-old American woman who manages a feminist blog, possibly the most visible women’s rights issue of our time, as though it was something I’d never heard before. It was a a helf-step from explaning my own post to me.

              • @ Act, I never intended it as a comment made specifically to you. Again, I’m sorry if it came across that way, I can see how it could have. My bad. It was meant to open up a topic discussion, not to preach to you something that I’m sure you’re quite aware of already. Again, my intention was never to belittle or even address you specifically for the majority of the post.

                The first bit, where I used the word “you,” was directed to you. After that, I tried moving into a more generalized audience and failed miserably at conveying that change-of-audience. I at no point in time was telling you that you were incapable or unaware of anything related to that issue. The people here seem, to me, to be very, very capable and intelligent; I was not willfully inferring anything that would be contradictory to that.  

                I can also see where my comment came across as that, though. I did not mean it as a direct offense, or as an offense at all. I simply meant to open up civil discourse, which is part of why I made sure to include points from both schools of thought.


    • I mean, I kind of deserve it because it was super clear after the second game that the writers didn’t understand Sapkowski’s books at all, but I still don’t even get how that’s possible considering they’re unsubtle to the point of preachiness.

      I pushed through mostly fueled by the irritation that they could be such shitty adaptations.

      • Well, I mean, even the first game couldn’t claim to be a faithful adaptation, what with the very first scene undoing the series’ ending and all.

        • That was stupid but at least kind of understandable. The botching of characters/plot/themes is both stupid and nonsensical.

          • Weren’t characters Butchered in the first game as well, though? I actually don’t remember. I don’t remember anything about it except for vampire tit pics.

            • Geralt and Dandelion were basically the only major characters in the first game, and the rest of the game was so WTFy that I think Geralt’s OOCness kind of got lost in the shuffle. I also played it before I’d read the books, so that was a factor, too.

    • Weirdly, the bestiary entry specifies they only attack women. I think the idea was that it was breaking out to go after women but the father had to deal with it because only a family member can stop it.

    • Just in case you needed more evidence that these books are. not. subtle. and that the devs can screw off:


    • What point are you trying to make?

      • That they didn’t read the comments or quite possibly the post itself, I guess.

        • Yeah I was going to just ignore it but this is the third or fourth iteration of this post they’ve tried to make and morbid curiosity has won out.

    • So, nothing to do with the point I was actually making, then. Good to know.

    • And judging folklore monsters that modern devs decided to use by modern standards is wrong because…?

      Like, changing monsters to fit the themes of your story is not exactly a new concept. Literary vampires have very little in common with folklore vampires (who were closer to zombies in appearance and function, being a mtaphor for plague rather than sexual predation). Werewolves used to be sorcerers with the power to turn into wolves whenever, with zero connection to the Moon. Demons are portrayed as anything from embodiments of human sins to eldritch abominations beyond our understanding to just a race with good and bad people among their ranks, etc.

      That the monster used in the game is accurate to folklore inspiration is pretty much irrelevant to the point made since using monsters accurate to folklore is not inherently valuable in any way. Especially in Witcher, which started as a collection of short stories subverting fairy tales and changing their details as necessary to fit author’s vision.

    • So, to pivot a moment, there’s a movie coming out that people are upset about.

      Could the things depicted in the movie happen? Yes. They are a sequence of events that are not impossible in this universe. Does that mean there’s nothing questionable about thinking the world really needs a story about a boy who pretends to be trans to fuck a lesbian into heterosexuality who then states that only cis men are real men? Weird, isn’t it, how others line up to describe this thing that just so happened to reinforce a lot of damaging lies as “so realistic”?

      Stories about how dead babies turn into monsters that murder women take place in a cultural context that says women should die for murdering innocent babies. You could argue the writers are merely incompetent for not noticing the implications, but that doesn’t mean the implications stop existing, it just means they accidentally wrote a bad thing instead of purposefully wrote a bad thing.

    • Yeah, the opening lines of the post was so gently phrased I tried to parse it as “this is championed as being the LGBT film but it’s focused on a cis boy romance with no other representation so let’s not get super excited” and then nooooooooo it is not.

    • Holy fuck that plot, what is wrong with people.

      edit: Just in case anyone wants their faith in humanity back, The Bride Was a Boy is amazingly adorable 10/10.

    • . Please don’t try to pretend that the books were some shining monument of gender equality. They aren’t. They’re written by a straight white man. What did you expect?

      Just because you don’t want Sapkowski to be an EEEEEVIL feminist doesn’t make it untrue. The book were clear to the point of preachiness about Sapkowski’s stances on these issues. An ‘adapation’ that directly contradicts those stances is a shitty adaptation. Though I have to say, that you could read this series and somehow not come away thinking, “Wow, Sapkowski really thinks women’s right are important,” explains so goddamn much about these games.

      The Witcher 3 may not be a perfect adaptation of the books, but whatever it is it’s not bad.

      No, like I said, as a videogame it’s ‘meh.’

      More to the point, dude, you’re allowed to enjoy things I (or anyone) don’t like. You don’t need to write massive irrelevant essays justifying your choices. You can just say, “Well, that’s a shame, but I still enjoyed it for what it did with Polish folklore and gameplay,” and no one will be like BURN THE HEATHEN. It’s okay to like problematic things. It’s not okay to froth at the mouth that anyone dare disagree with you. Said frothing is also not actually a super convincing argument.

       How socially advanced we are!”

      If they are thinking this they are not just bad writers, but incredibly stupid human beings.

      Act here is fuming

      Lol, project harder.

      edit: Ahaha, I just realized this was in response to illhousen. You’re lecturing a Russian man about how much he misunderstands Russian men’s feelings.

    • Because a lot of the cultural folklore in Eastern Europe is pretty sexist and misogynistic in the first place.

      Yes. Therefore, using such monsters unmodified produces sexist and misogynistic stories, which was the point of the post.

      It was the devs’ choice to use this particular monster instead of turning to other folklore tales, nobody held a gun to their head. Therefore, they can be criticised for it.

      And the point about modifying the monsters is about thematic change, redefining what they represent. Vampires were about a plague, a threat from within that spreads uncontrollably. Dracula changed them to be about the evils of sex and foreigners, basically. Later works reframe them farther. Werewolves used to be about someone making a deliberate choice to harm the community, now they’re about a curse one must endure, about the horror of losing control over one’s actions. Demons can basically represent whatever, and quite a few examples I could name have nothing to do with any branch of Christianity. Might & Magic demons, for example, are just straight up aliens with sci fi tech and everything.

      From what I understand, the game doesn’t change the thematic makeup of the monster in question, and so, even if you place value in using recognizable monsters, the result can still be criticized with modern sensibilities in mind.

    • Act replied 1 week ago

      Geralt’s pro-choice views 

      You should learn to distinguish between the attitude of the book and the feelings of individual characters. No one is talking about Geralt, who is not a real person. We’re talking about Sapokowski.

    • Farla replied 1 week ago

      This actually comes up a great deal in the Dresden reviews.

      If we’re to believe the character relating the information is impartially telling us how reality works in their universe, then yes, it doesn’t prove anything about the character’s own opinions (though, if you know for objective fact that in your universe abortion is murder and the souls of innocent babies end up suffering for it, that’s probably going to factor into the opinions you form). Instead, it means the constructed reality as a whole was made with that opinion in play, which is far worse. An individual character’s opinions may be wrong, but when someone says, “The world objectively just works this way!” is a much stronger statement. Barring a tiny fraction of works that are about raging against God itself, it’s cloaking opinion in fact.

      Look at your own argument here – “because reality, we can’t argue with it, we just have to tolerate it”, as if this is like the fact entropy sucks, even though what we’re discussing is fictional and as such is an non-neutral reflection of people’s own history and biases. The worlds people construct are far more powerful, and have the ability to do far more damage, than anything presented as individual opinions.

    • That is a better position as it’s rooted in content rather than the notion of historical accuracy, so to speak.

      I would still question the use of this particular monster, given how it plays into preexisting narratives. Even if its actions in the game are not objectionable, its existence still tells us that the world operates under pro-life assumptions.

      As I’ve said before, the monster can probably be salvaged if it were an artificial magical creation or something else that divorces it from natural laws.

      As it is, the quest is at best needlessly questionable.

      For what it’s worth, I don’t think the devs were actively malicious in deciding to include this element in the game as malice is honestly a pretty rare motive is such situations. Most likely, they didn’t think about the implications of their work as much as they should have.

      Btw did you read the Witcher series in russian?

      I did, but it was over a decade ago, so the details are hazy, and I don’t hold strong opinions on the books one way or another.

      If, as you say, similar issues can be seen in them as well, that is worthy of discussion. There is a few posts about the books themselves on this blog, which can be found through tags, you may want to bring it up there.

    • Act replied 1 week ago

      Holy shit dude, if you aren’t able to participate in an actual conversation without just posting irrelevant massive walls of text, maybe stop and consider you’re not saying anything anyone cares about.

      I usually don’t care about on-topicness, but if you can’t stay focused I’m just going to spam your comments. I do not have time for some self-important dudebro’s pages and pages of ranting about how wronged he is for my not liking his favorite game. I do. not. care.

  • Mostly boring stuff today, though a story I reviewed a while back did get reposted with some edits and additions that are nice.

    Anime count: 3

    Hi! I’m doing a round of reviews around the site, hoping to h […]

  • Very few responses today, but the ones I get are pretty good. I guess I’ll just have to assume everyone’s being chill!

    re: Your review to Genesect In Space 3: An Ultra Space Odyssey
    18 Aprgemerl720 post
    A […]

    • now I’m doing it to help new writers

      Then stop sending anon reviews in my name.

    • Glad to see those who did respond seem reasonable. A shame that the number of responses is down but not surprising. Hopefully there’ll be some more in the next batch.

      The fact that there are at least some people who are as baffled by Blaze and co’s obsession as we are is good to see as well. On that note, I received a PM out of the blue last week from an old acquaintance who’d been ‘warned’ about me by Blaze – their reaction was similar to the ones you’ve collected.

      • You know, I think the exhaustive smear campaign actually ended up working in our favor. I think what must be a good number of people now got curious when they caught the smell of drama and looked into it themselves, and now people are realizing that the only thing this has ever been, was to give helpful constructive criticism. It’s rather nice.
        On a side note, I’m sorry for not being able to get many reviews myself out as of late. I don’t see that changing too much in the immediate future, but I need to funnel all my efforts into something outside of fanfiction for a little while. I’ll review when I get ahead, but I don’t think I’ll be getting many done in the next few weeks. 
        TLDR; keep fighting the good fight — I think you’re winning. I sadly cannot be in it for the immediately foreseeable future, however. 

    • As I said, Blaze, you bear responsibility for the things people do in your name. If you want me to stop blaming you for it, tell them to stop.

    • Every Anon review has an ip adress tag.

      No they don’t. Stop lying.

    • Where can I see the IP tag, then?

    • No one has ever impersonated me prior to you starting this crusade. You think I’m too stupid to see a correlation there?

    • They’re you, and we’re done here.

    • Are… you under the impression that if you just ask, the developers will give you access to the back end of the site…?

      Surely on some level you have to realize how absurd your own words are.

    • You give them too much credit.

    • How old did you say you were again?

  • Today there’s what looks to be an interesting thing about pokemon personhood, though the first chapter is too short to really tell where it’s going. There is also a very disappointing pokeworld history hea […]

    • So in the time between posting the previous review and writing this, the author blocked me. Even more bizarrely, they later undid the block and requested another review. There are no heckler reviews, so they must have been in contact with the author through PM.

      Oh man, this is the guy who gave the pokemorphs huge tits and said skirts were degrading! That was years ago. I wonder if this will end up as fetishfic too?

      • Oh, so they are! It looks like this story is a remake of that one. It hasn’t gotten to the actual transformation part yet, so maybe. I did actually follow it to see how it continued, but it hasn’t updated yet.

    • I mean, if you want to review it, be my guest.

    • What are you talking about?

    • New rule: talking about future reviews counts as being off-topic. If it matters, you can wait for the relevant post to air.

    • Comment chains have gotten messed up, so I’m posting this here to start a new seed.

      @Blaze: The reviewing agreement was for one day. I let it continue because I wanted to let the blog posts catch up a little, but you’ve been doing such a terrible job I’ve felt the need to start reviewing again.

    • Blaze, if all of us say one thing and you keep hearing another, there really isn’t anything we can do about that. You can pay attention to what people say or keep being mad about imaginary things.

    • You’re welcome to go look at what was actually said and try to find a quote.

    • I’ll never understand the mentality behind that, though I suppose it could be seen as an admission that they’ve lost the argument if they need to try and incite the community against us in this way. If we’re as evil as they claim, then surely the community would be able to see it for themselves without needing to be reminded every few days, but whatever. 

      In any case, the more non-stories they post, the more legitimate stories will be pushed off the front page and there have already been people angry about that. Once they realise how pointless it is, I’m sure they’ll eventually stop. 

    • As usual, I have no idea what you’re even trying to say.

    • Your whole reason was “No one gives reviewsx” not “Give reviews my way”

      The original suggestion was that you write positive, but detailed comments that addressed what you thought worked in the story. Neither Elmo nor I promised to stop reviewing for any longer than one day.

      In any case, the content of your reviews over this past week proves to me, at least, that there’s still room for proper concrit reviews in the Pokémon category. If you’re not covering the same things as Elmo and me in your reviews, then you can’t expect to completely take our place. 

    • Okay Blaze, I’ve been tolerant for a while, but I draw the line at insulting authors for taking our advice. You do not get to drag other people into this.

    • Okay then, would you prefer the term “threaten”? Because “Also don’t that their advice to heart. They are a minority. It effectively is writer suicide.” could also be described that way.

      If you attack a bystander again, you will be banned from this blog. You can vent here or there, but not both. The same applies to Istwill, as I will be acting under the assumption that he is an extension of your will. I don’t care if you know him personally or not, if you’re in good enough contact to get him to do this in the first place you’re in good enough contact to rein him in.

      You have been warned.

    • > RPF, chatfic, and second person stories are banned on FFN

      Good lord, something good has come from that site. I can’t believe it.

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