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Pokeauthors Special Spotlight: On Fanon

“The Hall of Origins itself is fanmade and used in just about every story with Arceus in it, and in every story I’ve seen with it, all the Legends were there.”

Ahhh this is cathartic. Now that we’re out of AOOO I finally get to throw down with one of those people who think their ten-steps-removed game of fanon telephone requires no explanation when dropped into fanfic.

And yes, they did just say a canon location is fanmade. Don’t worry, it gets worse!


The Other Pokeauthors, Part 46

“Moon is a better name than Farla, who you seem to have a colossal boner for.” I don’t think I’ve had things escalate to sexual remarks that quickly before! Interesting that Farla gets attacked directly but the best they can muster is that I’m gross for being subordinate to a woman.

Surprisingly nice responses besides that, though. Even the revenge reviewers got weirdly positive.


The Other Pokeauthors, Part 43

“A decade ago was way different than today. A decade ago, all Pokemon names were in all caps. Now we have official games where everything is lowercased but the species name is STILL capitalized. So, YOUR facts are the ones that are wrong. This is their universe, their rules, their spelling.
But what it sounds like you’re saying, to me, is that J.R.R. Tolkein, one of the most celebrated authors of the 20th century, would also be a bad writer by this assumption. In Lord of the Rings, he capitalized the word “Ent” which is a species. According to you, however, that is not a word which should be capitalized according to your specific doctrine. How, then, do you explain that?”


The Other Pokeauthors, Part 38

“Capitalization occurs when referring to a specific name, title, location, or set/subset of people. For instance, we refer to them as Muslims, or Christians, or Jews, because once the subset class is stripped, they have no real meaning, as they refer only to a specific group. In Pokémon, this means that referring to the species Pikachu would require capitalization because it refers to a specific group of nouns with a similar trait (like that of being a Pikachu). Now let’s look at the individual Pikachu, which has to be capitalized because it refers to only one specific set of creatures with similar body traits.

This is why we capitalize Muslims because the word refers to the group of people that adhere to the religion of Islam, and has no other meaning unless you force a stereotype. In that sense, all Pokémon names MUST be capitalized.

In addition, Pokémon itself is a title and shortened form of Pocket Monsters, a title that refers to the general subset of all creatures, each of which share a common trait.


Finally, take your British English rules and shove them up your fat ass. If you were smart enough to pay attention in school (which you obviously didn’t and is why I wasted half-an-hour on you hopeless piece of shit) dialogue can be formatted ‘”Speech.” Person word’, simply because most word processors automatically correct to that and will count ‘”Speech.” person word’ as being incorrect occasionally.”


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