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The Other Pokeauthors, Part 33

“As for it not being Pokémon. That was the first chapter, and it says in the description this is about a high school that these Pokémon are attending. It obviously isn’t going to follow the game or the show. It is not following characters from the game or show. It will be different. This is however considered a Pokémon fan fiction. Just because the Pokémon act sort of humanlike is not the sole deciding factor in what the fanfic is or isn’t. Again I thank you on grammatical corrections but I do not appreciate you putting it down saying “This has nothing to do with Pokemon”.”


Pokeauthors Special Spotlight: Reducto ad Absurdum Edition

We jump ahead to the recent past. In February I reviewed this non-fic and the results were simply amazing. The author blocked me so I lost my own responses, but they’re impressive anyway.


Non-stories are banned on this site. This belongs elsewhere.


Pokereplies Part 10

“Also it IS perfectly acceptable to create a line of dialogue in the way as I have in here. It’s something I’m exceptionally picky about. I would know since I’ve honestly attained a bachelor’s degree in the English writing field and have never had these taken off or commented on before.” 

I was going to ask if you guys thought any other field had so many degree-holders hellbent on proving their degree means nothing, but then I remembered that animal sciences person arguing that all female animals come standard with boobs, and there’s those architects making accidental death beams, so yeah, presumably this is just one of those eternal constants.

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