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The Other Pokeauthors, Part 131

“I have seen that you also use bad grammar yourself, you hypocrite […] you use “I’m” instead of “I am” and “don’t” instead of “do not” to give mention to your poor grammar, as well as you typing “pokemon” when it should be spelt “Pokémon” (capital “P” and a “é” instead of an “e”).”


The Other Pokeauthors, Part 125

“Well guess what buddy?  You messed with the wrong writer.  I know you are a troll, and I know you think you’re smart.  But you screwed up.  I happen to know some of the devs in charge of this website, and getting them to lock out your IP address is just a matter of IMing them, which I already have.  Think you can make more alternate accounts?  Not from that device.  I’m going to have you blacklisted wherever you appear.  So have a nice day, and kindly go…”

Does this ever work on anyone?


The Other Pokeauthors, Part 123

“Fun fact: Outside of fan fiction, I actually wrote an original story and got it published under my real name as a paperback, and that was BEFORE I began writing that fanfic of mine based on Diamond and Pearl, so don’t you EVER try to tell me that I can’t write, mate. I can clearly write well enough to convince people to pay me MONEY for it. Let’s see your counter-argument for THAT one.”

People really have no idea what we do here, do they?


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