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NaRe2018 Authors, Part 1

“About the Pokemon names being capital, they are being treated as pronouns for the story, not for grammatical sake.”

It’s time for replies! For anyone new, these posts are 50% about wallowing in the most ridiculous things people say and 50% about letting sane people say their piece. Once, in the beforetimes, they were almost entirely screaming madness, but those days have passed. (more…)

Pokeauthors Special Spotlight: The Duality of Authors

Something interesting occurred in this batch: I gave two authors essentially the same review, yet the responses I received were quite different, and quite detailed. For those interested in how content of review correlates to author response, I draw your attention to this case study.


The Other Pokeauthors, Part 83

“And yes, I admit, my story seems cliché, following the trope of other stories out there, but let me ask you something. How often do you run into a Pokémon fic, or any other fic in general, that has done anything original? I can almost guarantee there are stories like mine that would be written the same way, and you probably gave them some criticism as well, but you should know that not everyone is perfect.”


The Other Pokeauthors, Part 79

“But what truly amuses me is that the people on the Capitalization-Thread do not realize that you are actually the troll, the one who is attempting to rile them up over a petty argument, and seem to be succeeding, unfortunately. But that will not work for everyone, and sooner or later you run into a wall headfirst. You must have been lucky for the past 16 years on this site, nothing less, nothing more.

Just know this. Your attempts to toy with other authors will come back to haunt you, for even if you had written a thousand stories, it would negligible compared the great number already on this site, the ones written by the general populace. Banning others is not a solution, and neither is it an option one can use in repetition. Because sooner or later, you’ll run out of people to ban.”

Why are we getting so many people who have apparently never seen a real troll before?


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