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Pokeauthors Special Spotlight: Another Verse

“… You understand that you aren’t very loved on this site, and if I’ll try to think on and accept your criticism you will have to do the same and try to improve your ways, before starting with the story that ‘people are insensitive’.”

Someone drinks Blaze’s Kool-Aid and decides people wanting to burn me at the stake is proof I deserve to be burned at the stake. They proceed to tell me to repent and mend my ways without actually telling me how, as per usual.


Random Potshot and Obligative Review: Quivering Lips

Someone who was not Dragon’s Blaze left a counter-review on The Two Colors, Pink and Blue:

“Ok first off don’t listen to this idiot below me Elmo. He rags on every new writer and only targets people with smaller stats. If you look at the stories he’s written well let’s just say he doesn’t practice what he preaches.

I hoped I could get some reviewing out of them or at least an explanation of what sucked about my stories, but alas this was not to be.


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