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The Other Pokeauthors, Part 70

“In the future, however, I would ask that you please refrain from leaving reviews that barely touch on the content, whether for my stories or for others. Your review here was 9:1 critique to content, with only that little bit at the end, which itself was even half about the writing itself rather than content. I’m open to critique (and it’s helpful when readers point out typos, plot inconsistencies, thematic problems, or whatever else since I’m only human and I make mistakes), though I may not agree with the concrit the way I respectfully disagree with almost all of yours. But I also think there’s an unspoken etiquette we should all try our best to follow on these sites regardless of whether concrit is sound or not. Reviews are great to receive and so is concrit, but when authors put in the work to produce stories, whether excellent or clearly novice and in need of improvement, it’s kind of nice to hear feedback about the actual content of the story. Everyone from professional writers to amateurs wants this when they share their work with the world. Even though this is just the first chapter and not much yet has happened, as you correctly pointed out, it’s still polite to try to follow that unspoken guideline as much as possible. As it stands, I have only the faintest idea of whether or not you even liked the chapter, if you are interested in where it could be going, thoughts on characterization, or any other number of content-related issues that are important for me to hear about as a writer. Whether or not you accept my suggestion is entirely up to you, of course. But just to be clear, if I get more reviews or PMs from you that are similar to this one, I probably won’t reply. To do so would waste even more time than I already have on this response.”

Another author makes a similar argument in this very batch. Were authors always this entitled, or is this a new thing?

We do get an author who’s genuinely interested in portraying pokemon as people, though, so that’s a plus.


The Other Pokeauthors, Part 69

“Capital letters are only at the start of names of people/pets, or names of places like ‘Paris’ or ‘London’, or even words to describe something. A title that could contain 7 words wouldn’t have capitalized letters at the start of every word if they weren’t names of people, pets, of places. For example, ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’. Harry and Potter have capitalized letters at the start because they are names. ‘Deathly’ and ‘Hallows’ have capitalized letters because they are important items so they’re in the title and their name has a capital D because it is part of the name and it describes something.”


The Journey of “The Journey of Aura: Kalos Saga”, Part 2: The Lucki-ing

Yesterday, I posted the PM chain of communication failure. I ended on agreeing to review the author’s story if he agreed to read and review Lucki, with the hope that my story would get something across where my regular words had failed me. I wanted him to get to chapter twelve – it’s not the final denouement, but it would cover the issue of showing a pokemon’s wishes conflicting with that of their trainer, which was the point that stood out as the worst element – or at least, the thing that most bothered me – in what I’d been told about the story. And at the very least, I was hoping that seeing how he talked about Lucki might help me understand him well enough that I could communicate any of my own thoughts on his story successfully.


The Journey of “The Journey of Aura: Kalos Saga”, Part 1: The PMing

Alright. I’ve been busy, mostly with life but partly with my own brain-eating fanfic (two chapters and twenty thousand words in!). Back months ago when I wasn’t half so busy, someone appeared to ask me to beta read their boy’s-first-power-fantasy-with-trophy-girlfriend fanfic. I attempted to direct them to someone else who might actually enjoy that. They attempted to tell me that actually I should totally read their story, with each PM making it clear it was even worse than I’d previously pictured, until ultimately it wrapped around to such loathing I agreed just to see how much worse it could be. (more…)

The Other Pokeauthors, Part 62

“You seem to be convinced that the convention of the English language is to not capitalize the names of Pokémon, but this is clearly false. The convention of every single person using the English language to write about Pokémon, except for you and perhaps handful of others on this website, is to capitalize them. While you may not like it, the English language has adopted this new convention to talk about these new entities. It doesn’t frankly matter whether “a Pilot’s eyes” is correct, because we not talking about pilots, we’re talking about Pokémon. To use such a condescending example despite its irrelevance is to discredit yourself as an authority. “


Pokeauthors Special Spotlight: Armchair Therapy 2

An author discovers the blog and has a meltdown because showing what people objectively said is defamation now. They express this concern by posting conspiracy theories about me everywhere, because my critics are hypocrites. I tell them to think positive and stop sending me death threats.


The Other Pokeauthors, Part 61

“I find it very funny that i originally posted this on FictionPress & i was told that Pokemon stuff don’t belong there & i need to post it here & when i do, i’m now getting told that my story isn’t allowed here for my writing style? WTF can a guy post his story he worked on for 2 years & have people review the story itself instead of where its at or how i write it?”


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