The Other Pokeauthors, Part 154

The author of a previously failed SYOC gets affronted because I pointed this out. Other people are very chill.

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The Renegade Kingslayer

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Subject: re: Your review to New Age: Knights Rising

A response to your review at

A shame you’ve fallen from such good graces. At one point, you had sent in a character to Cavalry Academia only for you send me a review like this. I won’t tell you how disappointing this is to see this betrayal of yours when you think that it’s simply “okay” to impose your thoughts and views onto others. I suggest you rethink your priorities in the future but hey, if it’s worth being blocked by everyone who doesn’t conform to your way of thinking so be it


The story they mention is now deleted, which really says it all.

24 JunLewd Lillie
A response to your review at

Tanks for comment. Dis I not considered, may change, we’ll see!

PS: people mad I let you review my work, I don’t know y.

re: Your review to Prehistoric Park
27 Juncorviknight
A response to your review at

I will take some of these things under advisement. Thanks for your thoughts.

28 Jun[anonymized for protection]
Hi, you recently reviewed my story. Contrary to what many people may think, I enjoyed your criticism. However, there seems to be a mass of people on this website that think otherwise. How come? I’ve had 5 people approach me to not interact with you, and the reasons they give why hold no water.
secs agoThe link in my profile explains matters.
re: Your review to [REDACTED]
Jun 29[anonymized for protection]
A response to your review at [REDACTED]

Interesting review, very thought provoking. Thanks for taking the time to type the whole thing out.

I’ll be honest, I had you blocked for a while because some weirdo messaged me ten minutes after I posted and told me to do so, and I figured I’d save myself some drama… but your criticism is generally a cut above, as far as I can tell. Cheers!

1m agoIt is generally wise to take the ramblings of strangers on the internet with a grain of salt.
secs agoOh, and, that person is going to target you now, because they consider refusing to block me to be taking a side against them. So you might want to block them if you haven’t already.

And another author gave a positive response, but requested not to be reposted.

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