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There’s a poll currently to your right. You can still leave suggestions, and if there are good ones I’ll redo the poll Monday to include them. You can also just keep leaving suggestions to try to convince me. Which book is picked is going to be by a mix of how much you want me to vs how much I want me to.

For yesterday’s suggestions:

A Wild Contributor Appears!

Hey, guys. I’m not Farla. Some of you may know me from Reviewing Rowling (which I have not abandoned, I promise!) or my time spent in the Pokemon fanfic arena, or just from seeing me absentmindly commenting on Farla’s rantings.

The Great and Wonderful Farla is allowing me to post some of my reviews over here. They’ll largely be original fiction review from my time spent modding over at Figment. Figment doesn’t have a page where you can view your past reviews, and I want to keep track of mine for my own reference as well as for a place to direct people who request from me so they can see what they’re getting in to.

You’ll be getting some short reviews from me, as well some some long, comprehensive crits.

So, that’s my story. Enjoy this “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore” screencap from Yahoo!’s homepage. I hate you, Yahoo.

Next time on Dragon Quill

Well, we’re approaching the end of this month.

If you look at the Future Books post, you’ll see that stuff is ranked on likelihood. Stuff listed as more likely requires fewer votes. Think of it as a compromise between democracy and my favorite form of government provided I’m on top, dictatorship.

Graceling 60 (34%)
Wither 58 (33%)
Battle Royale 53 (30%)
Elantris 28 (16%)
House of Night 24 (13%)
Temeraire 22 (12%)
Sexteen/XVI 22 (12%)
Witchblade 12 (6%)
Eon/Eona 10 (5%)
The Scorpio Races 10 (5%)

See, from this, it should go Graceling, Wither, Battle Royale, and then Elantris as a distant fourth. But I really want to do Wither, while Graceling was a lower tier, so I’m going with Wither first. Then there’s the issue that Battle Royale had 44% of voters voting against in the other poll. Not sure what to make of that.

Currently, I’m planning on doing Wither, then Graceling. Graceling, though, looks like it’s more a Hunger Games level time investment (or more) than Summoning or Gemma were, so I may put that off in order to do it properly. Maybe I’ll do Elantris early, since I think it’d be easier given it’ll be the second time through.

I’m also considering what to do with WWZ. You may notice it’s not on the poll, that’s because I was always going to do it and it’s listed as such. Since the chapters are somewhat standalone, I’m considering doing those for interludes – I’ll start a book on the beginning of a month, and if it runs over or finishes under, I’ll post WWZ until the next month starts.

And I think it’d be fun to do a first-gen run at some point, with Blue. As a bonus, my computer can actually run that, so I can get easy screenshots and you can glory in 90s gameboy graphics.

Lastly, I finally read the beginning of the initial trilogy of Exalted books (a widely hated batch) and found them intriguing from a writing perspective, so I’m thinking of doing those. (They’d also be a nice break.)

At the end of the month, when I move on to Wither, I’ll post a new poll set.


So here are the top four:

Pokemon Blue 99 (38%)
Matched 96 (37%)
Battle Royale 81 (31%)
Delirium 78 (30%)

Combined with the secondary poll on what people don’t want, we get

Matched 96-36 = 60
Delirium 78-39 = 39
Pokemon Blue 99-76 = 23
Battle Royale 81-77 = 4

This is why it’s important to vote in both polls.

So it seems I should go with Matched, which has almost as many votes as Pokemon Blue and far fewer antivotes. Graceling should wrap up one week before the end of this month, at which point I’ll be posting the first few chapters of WWZ and carapace fic (you will learn to love them or else) until June. Depending on the situation, I might just go with Pokemon Blue anyway, it’ll have more to do with how much time it looks like I’ll have to work on these.

The polls will remain up for a bit in case this does not properly reflect your will, after which I’ll throw up a new set. I checked out Unwind, which was brought up a while ago and immediately dismissed on the grounds I don’t need to touch things everyone agrees are stupid, and discovered that actually it was well received and actual professionals in charge of actual reviews they get paid actual money for said things like “the power of the novel lies in what it doesn’t do: come down explicitly on one side or the other.” The sides being if murdering a thirteen year old for their organs is right or not.

So that’ll be added to the polls next, along with sequels to stuff I’ve already done. So if you really, really want to learn what happens next in the book series about if raping thirteen year olds is right or not or any of the rest, you can vote for that soon. And if you have more suggestions, you should give them now because I can’t edit the polls once I put them up.

Edit: adding links into the Future Books post, so people can check out the books’ openings easily.

Reviewing Rowling Update

Chapter 6 is FINALLY up. Please do comment over there, or I won’t see it. :)

These take so much longer to do than the FiOS chapters, which I can usually knock out in one less-than-an-hour sitting. Part of it is that the chapters are longer and have more substance, and part of it is that there’s just a lot more that needs to be said. The problems aren’t as obvious and can be a bit boring. The posts are almost three times as long as FiOS posts.

Regardless, enjoy!

500th post!

So, as I warned you earlier, next month’s going to be all fanfiction, all the time. Or fanfiction mixed with some B2 since I doubt I’m going to be finishing that by the end of this month.

Last time I did this, I was considering turning PMs off for the duration and having a forum thread for people to post in instead of the author updates I posted here. So, what would you prefer? Posts here compiling the responses or a thread on the FFN forum for people to post in? The forum thing has the benefit of being easier and of everyone on the same page, but the downside that most people will probably just miss it. It also means people can’t PM me for legitimate reasons, which usually happens a couple times. There’s a poll on the right and you should comment here with whatever reason for your feelings you want me to consider.


FFN thread
1 (25%)

Posts here
1 (25%)

I don’t have an opinion I just like voting
2 (50%)

Well I’m glad there’s such clear consensus.

Post 666!

Well, let’s check in again.

Battle Royale is going to be continuing for quite a while. So, here’s your new poll question:

I’m thinking of doing something different for Saturdays in general and not just when I can substitute someone else’s work for my own. Would you prefer:

Following up on book sequels I don’t want to spend chapter-by-chapter time on (ie, Darkest Powers)
Miscellaneous other book reviews
Miscellaneous nonbook things (movies, games, comics)
Recs posts in particular
More Battle Royale
Something else

If you have a good idea for something else, speak up. I can’t edit the poll once I put it up and I’d like to have the thing up by the weekend.

Suggestion post

If you’d like to suggest non-book media you want reviewed, here’s the place. (Book suggestions go here.)

If you’re not interested in those at all, then glare angrily at the people making suggestions and go vote against it in the poll again.

Current List:
Sailor Moon
Yume Nikki
The Witch’s House
Mad Father
The Crooked Man
The Mirror Lied
Mermaid Swamp
Fresh Pretty Cure
Mirai Nikki
All the ways the zombie genre has failed me
Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Star-Stealing Prince
Senki Zessho Symphogear
Madoka movie
UnderTale (demo)
Rule of Rose
Vacant Sky
Alice Is Dead
Aquarion Evol
The Mother RPGs
From the New World
Queen Mary’s Script
Dreaming Mary

Next Time On

Well, the Host very technically did not include rape, so you’ve dodged the bullet on the Exalted series this time. But how long can you keep that up?

It’s been a close race.

Beautiful Creatures 44 (24%)
Animorphs 44 (24%)
Pokemon game to be determined 36 (20%)
Fever (Wither sequel) 35 (19%)
Daughter of Smoke and Bone 34 (18%)
Elantris/House of Night 32 (17%)
Dresden Files 31 (17%)

For much of it, Animorphs was neck and neck with Beautiful Creatures, and it’s just caught up once again, but Animorphs is looking like more of a time investment. I’d like more slack before I commit to it, so it’ll come next.

I was seriously considering ignoring both top slots for the moment, because I just did a Twilightesque book and a yeerk book, why are you voting for more of that, but that brings us to Pokemon, which is also a time investment, so Beautiful Creatures it is.

Unfortunately! We’re approaching the part of the year where I have other considerations than obeying your will. Beautiful Creatures should wrap up early September. In October, Pokemon XY comes out. November is Na-whatever, January is pokereview time. Given the likelihood I won’t be even halfway done with Pokemon Whichever come November, I may use September for reviewing instead. If Animorphs proves tractable, that may pop up in the gaps, perhaps in the post-Pokemon Whatever November period.

While you’re waiting for the schedule to open up again, enjoy the new poll where you get to vote against stuff instead! I’m assuming it’ll work out much the same as the regular one, it just seems more appropriate.

Here’s What’s Happening

I mentioned last time that we’re coming up to the part of the year where I don’t listen to your opinions! Pokemon X and Y are coming out in October, then November will be carapace fanfic, something desperately needed to try to catch up, a sweet free month for December, then on to January pokefic hatefest.

I decided I’d try to plow through another book within the one month allotted for September. I’m going to do the 27 chapter Fever. Divergent and Delirium also share this surprisingly popular chapter number, but my decision is based on three very important factors:

1) I want to actually finish the series I start
2) I’m absolutely sure Pokemon X or Y will not contain rape
3) I am absolutely sure I will need a guaranteed rape-free breather after doing Fever.

So I mean really, it’s do it now or wait until I’m ready to do another pokemon game.

Assuming I finish Pokemon X/Y on schedule, I’ll do whatever 27 chapter book is winning in the poll for December. Or maybe Animorphs. Or I might just post guest reviews for the whole month, not sure yet. You’ll have to wait all the way until February for things to really go back to me following the poll without caveats.

And then you’ll probably vote for more rape books, because apparently apparently not being a rape book is something rare and precious these days, which means when I’m done with it I’ll ignore you guys again and do another Exalted book before venturing back into the pit of horrors that is your will.

Exalted tutorial/story + Starter pick + Next Time On

Let’s end this on a happier note!

This is the most adorable and best written tutorial to ever exist. It’s intended to (try to) introduce people to the infernal workings of Exalted’s combat system, but it’s done so well it’s worth a play for the story too.

Now, about the voting. It bugs me that I’m starting new series faster than I’m finishing old ones, so to address that, next poll will be just sequels. Your desire for me to start on yet another series in Daughter of Smoke and Bone has been noted. Let’s see about getting the existing stuff done.

Animorphs – a hella lot
Beautiful Creatures – 3 more books.
Chemical Garden – 1 more book
Eona – 1 more book
Gemma Doyle – 2 more books
Graceling sorta series – 2 more books
Matched – 1 more book
Unwind – 3 more books.

Exalted novel is also on the list because it’s definitely a thing that’ll happen.

Tomorrow (or the next) pokemon posting! In the meantime, you may make your case for which starter I should pick. Act quickly, you have until I finish transcribing the opening to that point.


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