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DQ on Twitch

Hey all. I am on the cusp of getting my life back together which is nice, and while I’m not up to writing just yet I am up to playing games again, and I’ve had a few people express interest in watching me play games for some reason, so you can find us on twitch at twitch.tv/dragonquillblog/. Currently on the horizon for me are Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 (Tara Version), Vanishing of Ethan Carter, and the original Fallout. I’d def take requests, too.

I’m hoping to be back at Umineko soon in written form as well.



We Have a New Like Button

Unfortunately we’ve lost old likes (which is sad because I was really enjoying all that sweet, sweet internet validation lately), but on the bright side this one is less obtrusive and not affected by comment editing.

Two questions:

  • Do we want a thumb or a heart
  • Do we want upvotes and downvotes, or just upvotes? Leaning toward the latter since we’ve gotten downvote spammed in the past.

Flirting with Overjustification

Hey all.

I know we have a good deal of lurkers here — either that, or illhousen has his Russian hacker network IP spamming us every day — and I’d appreciate even those who are usually quiet weighing in on this.

Today I got a marketing email linking to a free download of mass-released game in exchange for a review. The game is not freeware — it retails for $10, so it’s effectively $10 in compensation — this wasn’t an individual asking for a personal favor, and while there was no “you can only play it if you review it OR ELSE” caveat, it was pretty clear that was the gist.

(I don’t know why someone would go after a publicity review from a person who hates everything, but here we are.)


Site Speed Update

Hi all! I figured out what was causing the slowness and I’m really proud of my 1337 SKI11Z so I feel the need to tell you.

Basically our “Recent comments” plugin was checking every single post for new comments every time a page loaded. This is bad plugin design and it should feel bad.

I’ve disabled it, things seem to be running smoothly, and I’m looking out for a new plugin; bear with the lack of informative sidebar until then.

edit: Jeez this widget is so much better. Are the excerpts too big? It takes up a lot of space but I kind of like it. I can set it to any character length I want so lemme know if it’s distracting like this.

Potential Downtime

Hey all, I’m going to try to do some stuff with the comments in the back end, so things may get wonky for a while. Please bear with us <3


You can now reply to max-nested comments inline, and Edit and Report no longer get eaten! edit ii: so close yet so far

Should be all set~

Hi! The weirdness of post times and disappearing comments should now be over, and even better, we should see a significant bump in site speeds! Please let me know if there’s still lots of lag on your end or if you notice any bugs.


edit: I noticed that weird broken html string at the top of post pages and have submitted a support ticket to the host about it. But holy shit the site is so much faster.

edit ii: nvm, fixed it myself, sorry New Host Support Ticket People





edit: signups restored! weeeee being able to control comments is fun~~~~

edit ii: site may be experiencing some downtime, please do not be alarmed



New!job has been ridiculous as far as making me feel like I’m no longer slowly dying goes, and to that end I’ve updated our menu bar a bit!

  • The recs tab is now up-to-date, organized by category, and will be kept up in real time
  • Farla’s tab now contains an archive of her and her smaller counterpart’s completed reviews (formerly “Master Post”) to go alongside the one of my reviews I’d been upkeeping anyway. There was no need to have duplicates, and I think this is generally easier to parse.
  • I’m working on a separate landing page to archive guest posts.
  • The “Members” tab that was useless while we still have Disqus is gone til it’s needed again.
  • When the new commenting guidelines go live they will now have a place to live on the nav bar.
  • I’m going to set up an @d-q.net email for Mini-Farla as well, so stay tuned to the contact page for the next exciting installment.

I’m also going to get back to trying to move us off Disqus.



So many posts today.

Anyway, I did something I should have done a while ago and set up an email for us. You can contact me and/or Farla at dragonquillblog(at)gmail.com. I did this because I wanted a separate Imgur account for LPs. This account is, shockingly, imgur.com/user/dragonquill.

We’re almost like a website now.

Look at the Fandom You’ve Wrought

No post today since I spent two days last week in the ER (good times, good times), but I did manage to head to my comic shop today to treat myself.

This isn’t what I intended to get, but… it came with a poster.

How could I say no to an Archer poster??

Anyway, stay tuned for such exciting updates as Shirou contemplating groping Sakura and so much Ilya. <3333 Ilya.

Also I just think you should know I had an amazing pun for the title of this post and when I sat down to write it I forgot. I’m really disappointed.

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