Mockingjay Ch8

Last time on Mockingjay, Katniss was Jesus, the protagonist of a B action flick, then the sort of asshole who prefers to look at a burning hospital and say that they’re probably all dead so it’s more important to swear vengeance than to concern herself with saving anyone. I’m pretty sure these things are only all compatible with the help of some of the especially apocryphal books.


Mockingjay Ch5

Last time on Mockingjay, Katniss rescues the most annoying characters so they’ll be there to annoy me in the rest of the book, throws away half of the animals she hunts to rot after saying no one in 12 is wasteful, 13 thinks tributes are collaborators and her request for the moon turns out to come with the condition she only gets it if she doesn’t fuck up the whole mockingjay thing.


Mockingjay Ch2

Last time on Mockingjay, Katniss wandered around the ashes of her former home, thought clearly how she can’t think clearly, and explained she was refusing to help the rebellion but still willing to use her potential help as a bargaining piece to make them take her on dumb, resource-wasting outings. Peeta is still captured. Would that he’ll stay captured for the rest of the book. Oh, and Snow left her a rose.


Mockingjay Ch1

Last time on Farla avoided things, Farla didn’t read the final book of the horrible trilogy she has learned to hate so, so much! So today, we’re finally settling in for the end stretch.

So to recap, there were explosions and Katniss woke up on a flight to District 13. Also, 12 got blown up, but that place kind of sucked, so I don’t see the problem.


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