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Dresden Files RPG, by Evil Hat Productions, Part 1 (Presentation, Introduction, Basics)

Just look at his face, so silly

OK, so, a proper review of Dresden Files RPG. The game is set right before the book Changes, so there are going to be some spoilers, mostly concerning supernatural creatures, metaphysical concepts and such rather than specific events and characters as I would try to avoid talking about them.

For all the three of you who care, you’ve been warned.


Dresden Files RPG – Our World, Introduction Story (TRPG)

Since Farla is summoned once again from her home dimension and is doing another DF book, I thought I would look at Dresden Files RPG. More informative posts (the game is huge compared to the ones I normally talk about, so there probably would be more than a single review) will be soon-ish, but for now I have some things to say about the introduction short story provided for the second volume of RPG by Butcher himself.

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