AOOOOOOO Replies, Part 3

We continue, now coming to the misty days of October 2011 and beyond, with the first rumblings of what’s to come.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll admit there’s a fine line to walk between what I was trying to achieve and purple prose, and there were times I tripped into the latter. And thanks for pointing out the awkward sentence, I can definitely see where I could have clarified that. If there’s anything else you felt was awkward, I would like to hear about it.
As for the finish– this was written long before anything was revealed about Bec Noir, other than what he looked like. At the time, it was my interpretation of Jack Noir’s previous personality that managed to remain unchanged from the transformations. Not nobility insomuch as an inability to be so completely monstrous as to genuinely love watching anything die. Again, this interpretation was made moot by Hussie’s updates, but I don’t feel like taking it down.

600 days ago
Not me, just a celebrity I resemble

…Er… I’m not? I wrote this right after the update where Vriska killed Tavros. Back when we didn’t know how John would react, and when we didn’t know that Vriska would feel remorse? So… yeah.

600 days ago 

crow sitting on a dead tree top during sunset

Thank you, I’m glad you did! And to answer your questions, for Fin it’s a win that ends with more gambling. His is a long slow decent into “whoops I can’t pay you back, ever” territory. And for Cans it’s partly that he’s romanticized what he’s doing in his head (he has to, he gave up his dreams of academia to help his family) and the thought of being offered money to intentionally lose is just insulting, and it’s partly just a bad idea all around for him. If people get wind that he’s willing to take a dive for any reason, not only would the crowd turn on him, but he could end up barred from competing.

600 days ago
crow sitting on a dead tree top during sunset

Thank you! I was a bit worried about what you’d think of this one (like you said, it’s pretty pat, and it’s sort of an Ode to Badfic Plots), so I’m glad to hear it was enjoyable on the whole!
As for questions, Snowman does care about breakfast, but Itchy also enjoys annoying the piss out of people, and she’s learned that sometimes the easiest way to deal with him to to not react. He’ll get bored soon enough and she’ll be able to eat without him trying to stick his fingers all over her food. And Cans story is true! Though he probably didn’t end it quite as abruptly as Crowbar did.

600 days ago

Thank you very much! I’m glad you enjoyed it. :] I’d really hoped he’d be a more interesting character than he eventually turned out to be.

598 days ago

Thank you! It is so satisfying. ^_^

598 days ago


Okay I’m going to ask you to stop leaving comments now. I write for fun, not professionally, and I’m just not looking for criticism. Thanks for taking the time to read, but if you don’t mind, I’m just going to ask you to refrain from commenting if all you’re going to do is put down stuff I wrote more than six months ago.

597 days ago

So reasonable sounding! Sadly for us, their crazy tantrums were confined to their tumblr. It’s also the beginning of my review feud with this subsection of the fandom.

It’s what they do. They are the most adorable broken shells of people.
Thank you. Fortunately, I suspect that Can Town will be much better in that regard. Their population is going to be so small for a long time to come that violence won’t be in anyone’s best interest, and WV is very good at getting people to cooperate for their own best interests.
(WV agrees with you.)

597 days ago

yeah looking back on this it’s definitely not my best work
more reactionary than anything else
…I tend to do that a lot and I think my writing suffers for it

594 days ago

It was intended more as a ‘train of thought’ than an action-packed, intensely plot-oriented narrative. Just exploring potential aspects of the way canon can be twisted to suit people’s veiws of characters.
As I said, it was written for a friend who really, really ships Karkat with Jack, and as I don’t see it at all personally, it was more an exploration of which elements of their interaction could be taken as symbolic of a relationship (Karkat finally not being alone, him finding someone else who he views as having the same anger issues as him, etc) and twisting the facts to fit.
The fact that Jack’s hesitation isn’t explored is largely the point.
It’s a reflective piece, and the request I was given was to write the moments after Jack arrives and kills all the trolls except Karkat, ending with his death.
Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback though, it’s nice to know people are actually reading etc. x

592 days ago

It is the best thing because AR insisting upon acting as if he knows how to use weapons and then Doing It Wrong is always the best thing.
They really deserve to be a part of something unambiguously good after everything they’ve been through.
Also, thank you!

590 days ago

Thanks for the crit! I actually wrote all of this fic on my phone on the way to a college visit, but really that’s no excuse on my end.
I don’t think I portrayed it that well, but my reasoning for having people be confused on why she loved mail so much was it wasn’t special to them. They were invested in what they were doing of course, but they really couldn’t understand why she found mail of all things special. Maybe to her, their jobs seemed sort of boring as well.
Thanks again for the crit though, I’ll try to work harder next time!

588 days ago

Honestly, I wrote it by request, intended to be taken just as the scene and not with an overlying plot. It’s the bitter end to a doomed timeline, and really the title and how things got there were an afterthought, something to give it reason and therefore an added bit of emotion, but not something I planned to extrapolate on.
Basically, Kanaya becoming a rainbow drinker is a pretty big deal and necessary, and I assumed her lack of an appearance in a Gamzee vs Vriska fight would result in some extra bad consequences, either Gamzee killing Vriska and doing something to attract Jack, or Vriska killing Gamzee and seeking out Jack without giving Terezi a chance to intercept her.
The sex was the main part of the request, “I would like them to do it because they are such good bros that they wouldn’t let each other die virgins and that would be really touching” was pretty much what I was asked, and judging by the response, the person who requested it was not let down. : ) It was also suggested that I post it here, so I did.
But yes, this is obviously not my most well thought out piece. :p

587 days ago

I think you’re missing the point of the Daddy Droog AU.

586 days ago


Oh geeze, ahaha. You know,
you started commenting to my fics and I didn’t realize until afterward
that I’ve read a couple of your fics and really liked them, and it was
really cool UNTIL YOU COMMENTED ON THIS ONE because it’s a hot mess and
I’m embarrassed. I’m surprised you didn’t mention the glaring continuity
error that I still didn’t fix, honestly.
(Or did I fix it? Or did I maybe just hastily add a sentence to weakly justify it? Or did I just…not? Hot. Mess.)

585 days ago

That sentence, yeah. It’s a
clunker. I honestly don’t tend to edit these things, and it shows in
stuff like that. There were things in it I liked enough that I didn’t
scrap it, but…eh. I’m open to suggestions. Maybe I will polish it up
after all.
As for Droog and distinguishing the doctor as a pawn, I
can defend my positions on those, but I don’t want to
sound…well…defensive >.>

585 days agoThis will end up being the lead to the most spectacular blowup I’ve gotten.

It really pleases me that you
like this, because I feel like it is probably the most quality thing in
my Archive’d fics right now.

585 days ago
crow sitting on a dead tree top during sunset

Girls in general. As Droog
said, Slick’s an angry runt, but I feel like more girls would be afraid
of Droog than Slick. Slick has a hair-trigger temper, but the things
that make him angry are simple and easy to avoid. Droog’s much harder to
read, and the consequences of making him mad are usually worse than a

584 days ago
crow sitting on a dead tree top during sunset

Political pornography! She
had a large collection of subversive porn that was actually a metaphor
for some politically touchy subject. Getting caught with porn could get
your punished, but getting caught with inflammatory materials was an
instant ticket to exile or worse. So they’d try to disguise a lot of it
by hiding it in pornography. The Black Queen found a lot of it amusing
and ended up collecting it.
But she’s actually wrong about who
took it. She thinks Jack stole it, but it was really the Dignitary who
lifted pieces from it, just so he could leave them in Jack’s desk and
piss him off when he’d come across tracts with the Queen dominating Jack
as a metaphor for the Derse royalty dominating Derse.

584 days ago
crow sitting on a dead tree top during sunset

She’s pretty sure it’s Droog,
but she’s not bothering to mention it because as far as she can see,
Stitch is also aware that it’s Droog, so this isn’t the Midnight Crew
plotting against them and that’s about the point where her interest
breaks down. If Stitch wants to do something stupid and dangerous, he
can do that, just as long as he’s not putting the rest of them in
I’ve always felt like they don’t place a lot of importance
to gendered clothes, and people mostly wear what they enjoy. It happens
that the bulk of women prefer female-coded things and that men prefer
male-coded things, but it’s not universal, and it’s not taboo to dress
Stitch is partly right and partly freaking Fin out.
Fin wasn’t really conscious of the full implications of him trying to
steal Droog, but certainly one aspect that pushed him to hit on Droog so
aggressively was the fact that he was Stitch’s girlfriend and all that

584 days ago


  1. Guest says:
    “slick didn’t tell his own story, though, is because he doesn’t very
    much like talking about derse. and star wars, in a way, is similar
    enough; disenfranchised rebels standing up to the reigning power
    against rather long odds.”

    *long-suffering sigh*

    1. Farla says:
      What’s particularly disappointing is it really would be fine if only there was a glimmer of self-awareness that just because the second most powerful guy on Derse thinks he’s one of the oppressed underdogs doesn’t mean he is. And that’d also have resolved the problem of it not being Homestuck fanfic so much as a summary of Star Wars with Homestuck Character said, in front of it.
  2. luckyspike says:
    yo considering i made an attempt to talk to you about my fic and have tried to go forward with more awareness of characterization and stuff it’d be really awesome if you didn’t bring this up again. i am aware i made mistakes and said some shit that was stupid and childish, and it sort of makes me uncomfortable that it’s being reposted for some kind of entertainment value.
    1. Farla says:
      I’m reposting everything I’ve gotten as a way of showing the range of responses people give. I can cut all yours out if you particularly want, but they’re comments right there on the fic itself for people to see.
      1. luckyspike says:
        it’s not so much displaying the range that bothers me, really, or even the comments themselves – i did, after all, leave them up. i think the thing that makes me most uncomfortable is that they’re being re-posted for entertainment. this all happened a while ago, and i’ve changed my way of thinking a lot, and while the comments i made are embarrassing enough themselves, the added sort of public humiliation of having them put in a series that thrives on the entertainment value behind unreasonable responses is honestly really disconcerting.

        to be honest, i’d prefer you leave my responses out.

        1. Farla says:
          Sure then, I’ll delete.
        2. actonthat says:
          While there are a number of responses that do have entertainment value, this is more of a sociological experiment than one in humiliation. Seeing what kind of reviews elicit what responses is interesting to those of us who are into this weird little subgenre of literary criticism. And it’s always important as an editor to see the reasons people give for their choices and what they don’t like to be told. Not to mention that if Farla doesn’t archive the responses, people tend to claim… well, odd things about the actual conversations.

          Point being: I’m not here to point and laugh at people, and I don’t really think any of us are. *shrug*

        3. Ember says:
          And I just deleted my comment quoting from it. Sorry for making you uncomfortable, and thank you for being so reasonable!
        4. Ember says:
          Or tried to anyway but it just orphaned it again. WTF. Sorry.
          1. Farla says:
            I don’t much understand why it’s working this way, but it’d likely work better to try editing away the text.

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