Category: 2. Insurgent

Insurgent Ch2

Last time, they reached Amity. Come to think of it, Candor was probably the better bet. They’d care a lot about the truth of what happened and they’re capable of defending themselves.

Today we find out that, while it calmed her down and knocked her out, it failed to live up to the no nightmare part and she dreamed of yesterday. (more…)

Insurgent Ch8

I walk from tie to tie, Tobias balances on the rail, wobbling only occasionally, and Caleb and Susan shuffle behind us. I twitch at every unidentified noise, tensing until I realize it is just the wind, or the squeak of Tobias’s shoes on the rail. I wish we could keep running, but it’s a feat that my legs are even moving at this point.

Nothing contradictory in this passage, no sir. (more…)

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