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Dresden Files: Fool Moon Chapter 1

I never used to keep close track of the phases of the moon.

This is a great opening in both the intended way – it raises all sorts of questions and clearly has to do with some sort of magical thing – and in the unintended way of establishing Harry doesn’t actually know much of anything and is pretty lazy. From the first sentence, you know that it’s a mystery, it’s got magic, and the magic system isn’t going to make much sense. (more…)

Dresden Files: Fool Moon Chapter 5

I got out the lump of chalk I always keep in my duster pocket, and the circular plastic dome compass that rides a strip of velcro on my dashboard, then squatted down, my voluminous coat spreading out over my legs and ankles. I drew a rough circle upon the asphalt around me with the chalk. The markings were bright against the dark surface and almost glowed beneath the light of the nearly full moon.
I added an effort of will, a tiny investment of energy, to close the circle, and immediately felt the ambient magic in the air around me crowd inward, trapped within the confines of the design.


And it only took us five chapters to get there. (more…)

Dresden Files: Fool Moon Chapter 8

The police headquarters downtown consists of a sprawling collection of buildings that have sprung up over the years as the need for law enforcement has increased. They don’t match, and they come from a wildly varying selection of styles and designs, but they have somehow adapted themselves into a cohesive whole—much like the force itself. Special Investigations operates out of a big, run-down old building, a huge cube that has managed to hold up solidly in spite of the years, the grime, the smog, and the graffiti sprayed on its walls. It has bars over the windows and the doors and sits hunkered amidst buildings much taller than it, like a faithful old bulldog amidst a crowd of unruly children, struggling to maintain peace and order.

I actually liked this up until he realized that since noir, unneeded metaphor that adds nothing. (more…)

Dresden Files: Fool Moon Chapter 9

A block from the Forty-ninth Street Beach there was a run-down garage, the sort of place you only find in the worst sections of big cities. The building consisted of corrugated metal on a steel frame, oxidating in the rain and the mist rising off the lake so that gobbets of rust ran down the walls in streaks and pooled on the sidewalks in uneven puddles. On one side of the garage was a vacant lot; on the other, what looked like the sort of pawn shop where crooks traded in their spare guns and knives for a few extra dollars when things were tight.

I…I don’t think that’s how crooks work, Harry. (more…)

Dresden Files: Fool Moon Chapter 11

The demon trapped in the summoning circle screamed, slamming its crablike pincers against the unseen barrier, hurling its chitinous shoulders from side to side in an effort to escape the confinement. It couldn’t. I kept my will on the circle, kept the demon from bursting free.
“Satisfied, Chauncy?” I asked it.
The demon straightened its hideous form and said, in a perfect Oxford accent, “Quite. You understand, I must observe the formalities.” Then it took a pair of wholly incongruous wire-frame spectacles from beneath a scale and perched them upon the beaklike extremity of its nose. “You have questions?”

Okay, so the explanation is, there are actual rules saying demons must attempt to break out of the summoning circle and, should they accomplish it, must then kill their summoner.

This is so fucking stupid and it’s really only there because the author wanted to do the whole sudden tone shift you see above, which any non-hack could’ve accomplished by just mentioning the “crablike pincers” snapping etc and it being a demon in a circle followed by the glasses and snooty accent. (more…)

Dresden File Fool Moon Ch15

So there I was being strangled by a ranting, half-naked madman in the middle of the woods, with a she-werewolf dangling from a rope snare somewhere nearby.

So yeah, today Harry’s back to making a big point of the fact the nonhuman monster has tits. We actually don’t even have any evidence this is a “she” at all given he’s just worked out Tera is a shapeshifter, but Tera has a female human body and the part where the brain in that is some monster from the Nevernever doesn’t matter, thus “she-werewolf”. (more…)

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