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I Miss the Sunrise, Episode 0 Part 1 (Guest Review)

Reconstruction Zero: I Miss the Sunrise is the prequel to The Reconstruction, a game you may remember as the subject of my first foray into a multi-part review series. Due to the game’s extreme pacing issues and my own inexperience, that review was a messy affair I don’t wish to repeat, so I plan to do something a little different this time. Like The Reconstruction, IMTS is split into five distinct sections plus a prologue, so I figure I’ll do what I should have done with The Reconstruction and review each arc individually instead of going into the amount of depth usually reserved for books. I will, however, be covering episode 0 – the prologue – in detail, both because it’s pretty dense and because I think it’s helpful to get you established before we take off. There are some episodes I might have to split into several parts, but we’ll see how it goes.

IMTS is very different from its predecessor. The plot is totally unrelated aside from one minor subplot and, of course, thematic similarities. The setting is science fiction rather than fantasy, and I think that’s something that works in its favor, as the author only has to explain relevant divergences from the normal laws of physics instead of trying and failing to explain an entire magic system. It is overall a lot more polished and coherent, and I hope I will have more positive and enriching things to say this time.

The game is freeware, and can be downloaded here if you’d like to follow along. (more…)

I Miss the Sunrise, Episode 1 Part 1 (Guest Review)

Just as episode 0 was a more effective prologue, episode 1 is a more effective first arc than The Reconstruction’s chapter 1. We’re thrown into action early on, sidequests are meaningful instead of busywork, and multiple long-term plot hooks are set up instead of only one. (more…)

I Miss the Sunrise, Episode 2 Part 1 (Guest Review)

Hello everyone! Farla is busy this week, so you’re stuck with me. To make up for getting bumped in January it’s going to be all I Miss the Sunrise, all the time.

“His Master’s Voice” is the name of an old British record company. The name refers to the claim that their records were so perfect that a dog would be unable to distinguish the recording from its owner’s true voice. I presume this is meant to refer to Typelog and their ability to perfectly record all sensory information, but I think this is a bit too specific a reference. To me at least, the phrase connotes copying, cloning, and deception. If we are the dogs in this metaphor, that means we can’t trust our own senses, because we can’t know what’s real and what’s a copy. That leads to expectations of distrust, betrayal, and surreal horror, which is… not at all what this arc is about. I believe I may be thinking about this more than the developer did. (more…)

I Miss the Sunrise, Episode 2 Bonus 1 (Guest Review)

Hoo boy. Episode 2 has waaaay more bonus material than episode 1, and it’s only going to get more extreme from here. I’m pretty sure I actually spent more time on this stuff than I did on the actual missions. Not only are there more characters, everyone gets one more scene than they did in episode 1! I have no choice but to split this across two posts. (more…)

I Miss the Sunrise, Episode 3 Part 1 (Guest Review)

We’re finally going to see some plot this episode. Exciting!

“And yet it moves” is supposedly a phrase muttered by Galileo after his trial, showing that he could not truly recant the evidence in front of him; an act of scientific defiance. This makes it a stock Deep Historical Quote™ that gets thrown around a lot, but it’s not terribly relevant to this arc aside from the very general connection to scientific progress. (more…)

I Miss the Sunrise, Episode 3 Part 3 (Guest Review)

So hey everyone! Somehow Blogger overwrote the next two posts with a different one while I was editing it, so I lost the whole thing and had to rewrite it from scratch. I did not even know that was possible and I still don’t have any idea why it happened. Fun!

And it really sucks because this is the part where all the plot happens! Sorry if my disgruntled rewrite can’t do it justice.


I Miss the Sunrise, Episode 3 Bonus 1

This was supposed to air last week, but I decided it’d be best to postpone new posts until the Blogger/Wordpress War was at least somewhat resolved. Also, I’m a real boy now! We won’t have to fuss with that silly “guest reviewer” nonsense anymore.

Anyway, it’s time to wring a few drops of character development out of everyone… and investigate those mysterious databanks. (more…)

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