Christmas Author Responses

My Christmas gift to all of you: more author responses.

Animefreak2109 | No Subject

A response to your review at

I’m srry I don’t understand what do u mean by troll properly
It was just something me and my firend did when we were texting

Toadsie | No Subject

A response to your review at

lol i dont care

yaoiful-Magickat | re: Your review to Coffee Date

A response to your review at

Ah, sorry this is so late, I’ve been moving and without internet. First off, thank you for taking the time to point out what I need to improve, I think. The way you worded some things sounded a little stab-ish so I’m not sure if you were trying to poke fun at me or not but I’ll assume that’s just how you word things.

I wasn’t going for a perfect work, I know I’m not a professional by any means, but I do attempt to learn from my mistakes especially when someone points them out. This story was built on a ‘get it out of my head’ structure and posted it out but obviously didn’t take too much time to read through it before doing so. Generally I would’ve read and re-read my work, but that ends up in a ton of fanfics that I feel uncomfortable with the idea of posting or I chop them to bits and grow to dislike them.

The censoring of their names came from Kill Bill, I’d been watching it a lot at the time and thought they needed different names, or at least first names, but couldn’t think of what that would be so went with blocking it out completely instead.

Again, thank you and I will do my best to keep a mindful eye in the future to anything I type down.

upbeatTempest | re: Your review to Trollhood

A response to your review at

I suppose you’re right. I can see what you mean, in both reviews. Although this was written a while ago, it wasn’t too long ago to recieve some criticism. It apparently recieved quite a bit.

Though i know my reason for “CU” helping “UT” so early, you are right. It’s not very interesting to watch as one tells another what to do.

I also figured the cast could consist of colors in between, but i was far-fetching it with him having “royal blood”.

I thought since Sollux and my troll would have SIMILAR interests, they could have met online or something and bonded on mutual knowledge of computers and other tech. I would think the troll society still would have had online websites and ways to talk with one another besides Trollian. Though i guess that doesn’t work either, as friendships are normally based on colors of the caste, like you said.

i appreciate your reviews, though i’d like you to know, i really just wrote this for leisure and wasn’t even expecting reviews.

United Systems Navy | re: Your review to The Long War

A response to your review at

Oh hey! you came back!

Punctuation…yeah, I’m going to admit here I didn’t start editing my chapters before episode 3, which also solves the capitalization part I think. The prelude to the attack was just me trying to show a little bit of the colonies before everything went to hell for whatever reason.

As for the commander, stick around! He starts cracking under the pressure by episode six.

Thanks for reviewing! I’ll post another review up soon. Just a request. Since I’m dividing my plot up by episodes, not chapters and thus it structures a bit differently, could you review by episode, or would I have write one review corresponding to each part of the episode?0

United Systems Navy | Characterization

With NaNoWrimo finally over I’m going back and editing the mess I have written so far. I noted your complaint about my commander being similar to Adama. I was trying for most of the story to make the commander badly paranoid, to the point where its detrimental to his relationship with the rest of his crew. Since you seem to know what you’re doing can you give me some advice on how to pull off the dangerously paranoid commander without making him too far over the top?
I-am-Silverfish | re: Your review to Awake!

A response to your review at

First off, thank you for reading and reviewing my work. This is probably the nicest critique have ever received. While I don’t particularly enjoy criticism, I appreciate you taking the time to point out the errors in my work, and more importantly, showing me how I can fix them. In the future, I will try and avoid making the same mistakes. That said, I will probably not be fixing the mistakes you noticed any time soon, if at all. I like having a record of how I have grown as a writer, and honestly, the mistakes you pointed out don’t seem major enough to justify removing my work from this site. Finally, this work itself was my (somewhat pathetic) attempt to troll people in a non-cruel way, so I don’t think having a few grammar errors will really impact most peoples perception or enjoyment of this work.

Thank you again for reviewing, and I apologize for the errors.

GFYB | re: Your review to The Adventures of 3:11 and Scratch

A response to your review at

Hello, Farla. Just getting to your reviews.

While I can understand every reason this fanfiction would receive an animadversion such as this, Doli, in this fancition is not a substitute for an OC of mine. Also, this entire mini-series is pretty much based from crack-RPs I have with a Doc Scratch every now and then.

Yes, I understand, it’s a bit invidious to Homestuck lovers how terribly off this is, but don’t worry, I take the fault for not pointing this out leaving readers in ignorance and so on. Come to think of it, people who abide by the laws of reality probably find this pretty offensive as well.

As for describing the outfit, I was too lazy to draw it, though I will consider keeping that out of any future fictions.

And thank you so much for coming to me about this in such a decent manner.

And finally, the one I’ve been waiting for since hitting the terrible copy of The Queen is Dead:

ToastedWhiskers | re: Your review to An Unprompted Snowman Drabble
A response to your review at

Can I just ask what the point of this was?
I didn’t actually ask for people to come along and pick apart something that I did because I wanted to write something for Snowman.

I took creative liberties. A lot of people do.
I wasn’t trying to world-build, to come up with a great epic. It’s a fucking thing that I wrote early in the morning for the sake of writing.
Yes, I have probably read that, I probably borrowed some phrasing subcosciously. Have the author of that piece tell me they’re uncomfortable with it being up, and I will take it down so as not to encroach on their apparent right to be the only ones to use such phrases.

Who /cares/ how many words it is?

Thank you, stranger, for absolutely shattering me out of the blue with a completely uncalled for picking-apart of this piece. I do so appreciate it, and I hope it made you feel good.
I’m going to go return to, you know, my life now, wherein I don’t waste more valuable time than my comfort demands on people who apparently have nothing better to do than be jerks on ?

Jolly good.


  1. Coz says:
    Well I was going to take up their kind invitation to let them know I’m uncomfortable with how close it is to the Queen is Dead, but it seems they already had a feeling I might drop by, as they have this on their profile:
    PSA: The removal of my piece of work, An Unprompted Snowman Drabble, was due entirely to the fact that it was brought to my attention that it could be taken as a rip-off of another story that I am quite fond of. Regardless of the fact that the person mentioning this was being incomprehensibly rude at the time, and with little to no actual good reason, I wouldn’t want to upset the author of the other work, and I’m simply not in the mood for a confrontation, or for doing more explaining myself than I deem absolutely necessary. This may also serve as a reply to the person who did the reviewing, as I am not actually in a state of mind to reply directly to them.
    1. Farla says:
      I responded to the PM with an offer to ask you, so it seems they panicked. Luckily I thought this might occur and made sure to save it in advance. 

      I like the part where they still carefully avoid naming the story they totally didn’t actually rip off and really respect, though.

      1. XStrawberryDuckFeathersX says:
        Oh, and this at the bottom of their profile:
        ‘ Reviews are great. Constructive criticism is fantastic. Straight up, unasked for nitpicking over details that aren’t actually important? Not so much. If you would like to be an editor or a book critic, go get a job as one, and kindly leave me alone. If I wasn’t happy enough with my work as it is, I wouldn’t post it. Thank you. ‘
        YEH FARLA GO GET A JOB AS A BUK CRITIK FARLA!I love how they try and sugarcoat it with ‘kindly’ and ‘thank you’ and then they act like an asshole in the PM. Makes me laugh when they act all sugary-sweet on their profiles, and then not-so-sweetly in their PMs. :P
        1. sliz225 says:
          ‘Reviews are great. Constructive criticism is fantastic. Straight up, unasked for nitpicking over details that aren’t actually important? Not so much. If you would like to be an editor or a book critic, go get a job as one, and kindly leave me alone. If I wasn’t happy enough with my work as it is, I wouldn’t post it. Thank you. ‘
          I . . . do not think this author knows what constructive criticism.  I really don’t.  What sort of criticism do you think he would accept?
          1. XStrawberryDuckFeathersX says:
            I have no idea! Seems like they don’t accept any criticism at all. And I’m happy with the work I post when I post it, too- Doesn’t mean I get butthurt when people tell me how to improve. XD
          2. Farla says:
            Well, in fairness, “you’re totally copying someone else” is more than concrit. But in fairness, being offended someone caught you stealing is pretty stupid.
        2. Farla says:
          I don’t think it was sweet so much as a wounded baby deer gambit where they try to look pathetic for sympathy and support.
  2. Bhel-Elryss says:
    Jolly…Good? What kind of person literally ends something with Jolly good? Seems suspicious. 
    1. XStrawberryDuckFeathersX says:
      Seems like a poor attempt at sugarcoating all the rest of the stuff. :P
    2. Farla says:
      Hardcore passive-aggressive.
  3. XStrawberryDuckFeathersX says:
    ‘ lol i dont care ‘This pisses me off to no end. I actually received a few author responses where the author basically doesn’t care and says they’re leaving their story as is because it’s ‘their style’ (even the flawed grammar is ‘their style!’).

    I find that annoying, because if you stick to your style and your style only, then I think that leaves out a lot of potential improvement. If you don’t try different stuff and ignore people’s suggestions, then how are you going to get new tips and ideas to improve your writing? Sigh…I guess some people are just lazy and/or assume their perfect piece of writing couldn’t get any better.

    People have even said to me that they’re leaving it as is when there’s grammar mistakes because, apparently, it’s fine to not make the grammar as perfect as possible. ( I MEEN ITS JST FANFICTON!!!11 ) I wish authors wouldn’t be so lazy sometimes. They seem to assume ‘Well it’s not published so it’s not important’ or some other stuff like that. :/

    Also, most authors seem to completely overlook the fact that you’ve actually given them positive as well as negative feedback and then all they do is yell at you as to WHY YOU DID NOT LIKE THEIR AMAZING STORY.

    ‘It’s a fucking thing that I wrote early in the morning for the sake of writing.’

    Ugh…I don’t care if the author typed it on their iPhone whilst break-dancing. They still made the error and need to change it.

    I wish people would just leave out the reasons for their mistakes- because I personally don’t care why they made the mistake- and would just say ‘Thanks for your review!’ or something. Still, you must laugh your head off reading all the angry responses. I’m sure Pokemon Review Month in January will bring you much more of that. :P

    Sorry about the rant there, Farla. I hope you have a merry Christmas! :D

    1. Farla says:
      If you change, you’re admitting what you’ve already done isn’t as good as it could be! People would rather say that they meant to do it this way, or else they could have done it right but they just don’t care, that’s all. Sure, maybe there were some errors, but whatever, that’s only because they wrote late at night it’d have been perfect otherwise!
      1. XStrawberryDuckFeathersX says:
        Excuses, excuses, eh? :(

        I don’t want to know why they messed up, I just want them to say ‘Thanks’ and move along. :P I’ve noticed that a lot of the responses you get are full of ‘why I spelt X wrong’ or ‘why {mistake} isn’t my fault’ or ‘Why you’re completely wrong about calling my story anything outside of perfect.’ And sometimes, the old ‘LOLdon’tgiveafuck’ or ‘ You’re a bitch!11’  :P Must get tiring, but it must be funny for you. :P

      2. XStrawberryDuckFeathersX says:
        One more question, Farla- how do you get the boxes containing the PMs to appear on your blog? I can only copy-paste the text from them onto the post. :)
        1. Farla says:
          Are you using blogspot or another site that has a rich text editor? You need to paste in there, so it’ll preserve the formatting.
          1. XStrawberryDuckFeathersX says:
            I’m using WordPress, so I’ll give it a go. Thanks! :D
    2. Laura says:
      [I don’t care if the author typed it on their iPhone whilst break-dancing.]
      If I ever write a troll!fic, do you mind if I use that for my troll excuse?
      1. XStrawberryDuckFeathersX says:
        Yeah, sure! :D
  4. XStrawberryDuckFeathersX says:
    Here’s something else I’ve noticed: You know how everyone says that you should be nicer to people in your reviews if you want nicer responses, Farla? Well, here’s some proof that, even when you’re ‘nicer’ or less direct with your critique, people are STILL going to get pissy about it. Just like someone did on this occasion.  Some authors just can’t handle anything other than ‘PERFECT!’
    Even if you are polite in a critique, some people just can’t handle the fact that someone dared not to shower them with endless praise. :/ Hopefully the NaReWriMo in January doesn’t bring you too much of this. If it does, I wish you luck in dealing with them all! :P
    1. XStrawberryDuckFeathersX says:
      Whoops, that link didn’t come up for some reason. :SAnyway, here was the PMs I got for my review, which is here:

      ‘Well anyway, I’m still writing how I do, and thank you oh so very much for putting me off writing almost completely.’
      ‘Sorry if I sounded rude just then, but the way that you are putting things makes it seem like you are trying to force me to change my writing, but people doing that makes me feel really horrible and more depressed than I am, as I am already with depression problems, despite being 13.’

      Proof that, even if you are politer or less direct, people will still get stressy about it.

      1. TheArmada says:
        Error: story not found
        1. XStrawberryDuckFeathersX says:
          That confused me too, then I found out that she deleted it later on. Luckily she apologised and realised that she overreacted. :)
      2. Farla says:
        If you’re having trouble linking, try just pasting in the full URL.
  5. sliz225 says:
    Farla: what’s the review swap thing you mentioned?
  6. GeniusLemur says:
    “It’s a fucking thing that I wrote early in the morning for the sake of writing.”
    Then why did you post it? I’ve got a ton of stuff that I idly banged out one afternoon just to get some writing in, but it’s not good enough to post, so I don’t.

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