Homestuck Exchange fics!

And now to return to Homestuck for a moment, for the gifts. This is the six hundredth post!

Long Live the Queen (BQ)

This is lovely. I like how clear and distinct they each are even while they’re overlapping, and the colors are really nice, especially how Snowman ended up half green and half black. Thanks so much for this!

I think I’m going to repeat the waiting to get to Ladystuck fic thing. Taking a year to comment on them seems a nice middle ground between leaving criticism on gifts immediately, and not saying anything but squee ever.

I’ll do the regular exchange, though, because that’s generally ignored.

A New Role To Play (AR (Equius, Feferi, Aradia, FOC!))

Their Queen believed in her people, believed that if there was something one of them really wanted to do they’d be able to rise up themselves

I love how you characterize Derse and have such a positive spin on murder-based succession.

This is really sweet! I like his consideration for Equius and his rescue attempt of Feferi and his concern for Aradia – and her description as She was entirely unlike anyone he’d ever seen before, her skin neither black nor white but a shade of grey that declared no allegiances, her horns almost garishly bright when his eyes were unused to any color besides shades of purple, it really highlights how the Dreamers don’t fit properly with Derse’s goals or his job, but they’re a positive thing.

Perfectly Reasonable (Vriska (Spidermom, FOC, Kanaya))

Ah, nice to see Vriska and Spidermom! And I like how random her dice rolls were – weasels!

ad astra per aspera (Roxy (Calliope, Caliborn))

Callisprite is an adorable idea, and this is clever way of bringing her back and defeating Caliborn.

Singing the Same Old Song (DD (Aradia))

I love how you’ve written DD here, and all the little details of Derse – Three fellows whose improperly ironed collars netted them public indecency charges, and the Condesce turning his bar into a place of sugary ridiculous drinks. And Aradia flitting in and out enjoying life and confusing DD is perfect.

Dolce far Niente (Sollux (Aradia))

You do a great job of getting into Sollux’s head here, and I like how you show his relationship with Aradia.

buoyancy (Karkat (Sollux, Jade))

This is terribly cute, and I love how awkward Karkat is at living.

Knight of the Living Dead (Dave (Rose, Dave, FOC))

Gorgeous. I love how developed and expansive this is, Queen of Derse Rose, Dave trying to make sense of things in a universe falling apart, and the glimpses of still other timelines and the seeing this isn’t even the worst way things go with Green Dave’s appearance.

Twisting Prophecy (Nanna (Grandpa, Dad))

That’s a clever way of Jane getting what she wanted, and nicely explains Dad’s presence in both universes.

And while we’re here…


This is so painfully, perfectly Sayaka. The more she’s a good person, the more she hates herself for not being even better. I wonder how things would have turned out if she’d kept at playing the piano from the start and become good at that, or if it’d have even mattered if she wasn’t as good as Kyousuke.

Vriska (Spidermom, FOC, Kanaya)
Roxy (Calliope, Caliborn)
DD (Aradia)
Sollux (Aradia)
Karkat (Sollux, Jade)
Dave (Rose, Dave, FOC)
Nanna (Grandpa, Dad)

Of those relevant to the general tracking:

AR (Equius, Feferi, Aradia, FOC!)
Roxy (Calliope, Caliborn)
DD (Aradia)
Dave (Rose, Dave, FOC)

So, two of five.


  1. Legalist217 says:
    Ember, that was beautiful. I say that here both due to a lack of an AOOO account and because the archive is down presently. Reading that makes me want to go back and rewatch the series before school starts back up again.
    1. Farla says:
      You should be able to post there without an account, although it being down is definitely a problem.
  2. XStrawberryDuckFeathersX says:
    Wow! That first bit of art is brilliant! :D It’s nice the way it overlaps, and I like the…not sure how to describe it… stencil-like style of it. I don’t know much about the Homestuck fandom since I’m not that far into the comic,but I looked through these fics and I really like how well the writing style flows in each of them, especially in Perendosi. :)

    I feel like attempting some fanart now. :p


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