Ladystuck Blind Part 1

Finally getting around to doing Ladystuck. First half!

(cod damn my genetics)

I love how terrible and pink Meenah is here.

lord lord mother; lord listen lover

How beautifully dismal. I like how this is balanced, with them safe enough in their hideout, talking and playing games and with sugared tea, but with the weight of everything that’s happened and will happen dragging them down.

After the Bombs

Hm. I really like the style of this and how Jade handled being alone in such a horrible situation, but Rose’s side of the story seems rushed and confusing – there’s no real explanation or exploration of the horrorterror deal (Jade isn’t curious about something that can transform people into shadows to stop them from dying?), then something bad happens to Jade and something else happens, and then everything’s destroyed and the two are never found. Maybe I’m just missing something obvious, but I really can’t make any sense of it beyond the obvious fact that something was wrong with Rose and she ended up doing something to Jade and it all ended terribly.

Aradia: explore

I’m really surprised to find Aradia seeming the most messed up one in all this. I really love the setup and the interactions of all three of them – Damara’s fucked up and choppy explanations, and Aradia’s halfhearted efforts to help and the implications about what’s going on in Equius’ head the whole time and the perky, inquisitive tone of Aradia’s viewpoint as Damara takes him apart.

The Blinking of Eyes At The Sun

You’re really good at writing stuff I’d never thought of before but feels so perfectly true I’m left feeling there’s no other way it could possibly be. He can torment Damara so much better this way. And I love how circumscribed even her thoughts are – how she’s amazed just to realize it’s possible to go down.


I love how quietly vicious this all is.

She selects a slice of red velvet cake. The new chef is much better. He’s managed to make the cake the exact shade of drying blood without negatively affecting the taste.

And how well you describe the food.

Chariot Inverted

You know, I can’t tell if Aradia is trying to be helpful here and just not doing much of a job of it, or if she’s just saying whatever comes to mind. Either way, she’s definitely perkily disturbing.

“Tell WV—” she begins after the minute has passed, but stops when she realizes that she has nothing of any importance to tell him. It might not even be worth mentioning that she’s alive when the odds are so low that she’ll ever find him again anyhow. “—whatever you think he needs to hear. I don’t know anymore. It’s been too long.”

And this is all terribly depressing. I think she’s less insane than she worries she is – she seemed to have it pretty together until she was freaked out by Aradia demonstrating the insubstantiality of the soldiers – but it’s not much better to imagine her getting to the end of this and killing Jack only to think she’s lost it and not dare come back.

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