Pokeauthors Special Weirdo Spotlight

Someone made a throwaway to troll me and for some reason couldn’t stop responding.

U gay
Jun 13Is your name elmo because you had a touch me elmo as a kid and got molested? Haha
Jun 14Do I know you?
Oct 18Idk do you?

Note the time gap here. I have no idea why they took three months to decide to continue the conversation as if nothing happened.

Oct 19No, I don’t. Protip, baby troll: People don’t care about insults without context. If I don’t know who you are or why you’re doing this, your attacks have no sting.
Oct 20Kind of hypocrirical for you to say since no one knows you either, and i highly doubt they give a fuck about your insults either.
Oct 20Tell me more how very little you care, baby troll.
Oct 28Oh so what are you? A “big boy” troll? Lol. Wheres your english degree telling people whats grammatically correct and incorrect.
Oct 28oh my god I can’t believe you’re still responding

Seriously, you need to tell me why you’re doing this if you want me to care the tiniest whit about what you have to say.

Nov 1But you just responded too……. so thats pretty hypocritical since you apparently “dont care” lmao.
Nov 2I very obviously do care about the mystery of why you’re doing this, and I’m not ashamed to admit that.

Protip, baby troll: That is something we in the business call “leverage”. You have something I want. But you have to be willing to part with it if you are to get any use out of that fact.

Let’s start with something more basic. What is your goal in sending me these messages?

Nov 2What could you possible want from me? Also what “business” do you have? Is this your job? If so thats pretty sad my dude, and im doing this because i can and your a bitch so ima talk shit and make fun of you.

Also get some better insults than “baby troll”

Nov 2Okay, let me be more direct, baby troll: You understand that I can block you at any time? You continue this conversation, and whatever you think you’re getting out of it, only at my whim. But I’m getting bored now. If you make it clear you won’t tell me what I want to know, I will stop engaging. Given you are still, for some reason, responding to me, I presume this would deprive you of something you want, so it is in your own best interest to give me what I want.

The fact that I have to spell out these simple concepts to you like you’re five is why you are a baby troll. You are very, very bad at trolling if you cannot understand this.

Last chance. You are very obviously not doing this just “because you can”. You very obviously have a preexisting grudge against me and have some reason to think I am “a b***”. I would like to know that reason. If you do not answer, I will block you, and this conversation will end.

Nov 2Oh my god, why do you have the profanity filter up. Are you literally a child?
Nov 3If i had a filter up i wouldnt be able to say bitch now would i? Your just so dumb you mistake letters for stars lol. Also go ahead and block me, id say that would not only be VERY ironic because a lot of authors block you for your trolling, but at the same time if you block me that proves your unwilling to continue the argument because you have nothing against me therefore are basically raising a white flag and admitting defeat. Go ahead block me, cuz if so i win and you lose and makes you my BITCH! LMAO! ;)

and come on…….. your gonna give up that easy? Your st elmo afterall the most popular troll on here right? That would crush your reputation if people knew how much of a quitter you are. But like i said, im doing this because i dont like you, you think you know everything when your just a pissant behind a keyboard. So fuck you and have a nice day ;) (not really) now what can you say to comeback on me? Will you respond? Will you bitch out? Will you admit defeat and block me and prove you cant even handle internet smoke? Find out next time on dragon ball Z!

Nov 3[If i had a filter up i wouldnt be able to say b*** now would i?]

…You have a very poor understanding of how this site works. Check your account settings.

[Your st elmo afterall the most popular troll on here right?]

Okay, that’s finally something. Where did you hear this?

Nov 4I didnt. Your comments are on literally EVERY story so its kinda obvious
Nov 4No, they aren’t, and no, it isn’t. How long have you been following my reviews and how many have you read?
Nov 9It reeeeeally is though. Just ask any author and theyll know who you are (sadly) and how am i supposed to know how many ive read? Theres so many theres not enough time in the day to count.
Nov 9I notice you didn’t address my first point, that they are not in fact on every story. I haven’t reviewed at all for several months. When did you start following my reviews?

[Just ask any author]

Are you sure? Who have you asked?

Nov 17All the main ones at least
Nov 17Baby troll, there are literally a hundred thousand Pokemon fics on this site. “The main ones” change every month. You’re going to have to be a bit more specific, or else I’m going to assume that actually all the people you asked thought I’m awesome and you’re just too embarrassed to admit it.
Nov 20I dont need to ask, i can go to a story, go to reviews and you or farla will be there.

Also theres only a little over 92k fyi. Since your so adamant about correcting people i figured you wouldve know better

Nov 20[I dont need to ask]

Oh, so you were lying, then.

Welp, guess I was right, and everyone actually loves me! Good to know.

Nov 21They love you because its funny seeing how petty you are and so thwy make fun of you for commenting like you know a damn thing lmao
Nov 21Now you’re just making things up. I’ve never seen anyone making fun of me! No, everyone loves me because my comments are so helpful.
Nov 21Believe what you want to
Nov 21Pics or it didn’t happen, baby troll.
Nov 22Would a middle finger suffice?
Nov 22u mad

Okay but seriously, enough of this charade. Just tell me which of my reviews got such a bee in your bonnet.

Nov 22None, i just wanna know where your english degree is
Nov 23Baby troll, you are very obviously a throwaway account of someone I reviewed. I can’t change my behavior if you don’t tell me what has you so upset.

I’d also like to know why it took you three months to respond to me the first time, but whatever.

If you can’t answer this, I’ll block you, for your own health. It’s not healthy for you to beat yourself against a wall.

2h agoOk block me. That means you lose tickle me elmo
secs agoWeird flex, but okay.

I honestly have little idea what they were trying to accomplish. Perhaps they planned to brag to someone somewhere that I blocked them? Or they were trying to bait me into posting it here in the hopes it would look like they owned me? Dunno.

Just talk to me like a normal person instead of embarrassing yourselves, hatefriends.

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