Pokemon Moon Day 27

Well, it’s destroyed ghost-filled shopping mall time!

Current team:
L28 raticate
L28 bruxish
L29 mudbray
L18 wishiwashi – kinda forgot about that one
L27 mareanie
L28 rockruff

Also, going up the collapsed pavement to the side lets me have a chat with a trio of murkrow.

Witch Cosplay: So, I guess I should explain what kind of trial this is, huh?

Mostly, you just need to explain it’s not going to be a sucky one like previous.

She explains the building’s all ghosty, and I need to take a picture of the totem pokemon, which I can do by taking pictures of regular ghost types and waiting for it to photobomb. That…sounds pretty good, actually. Different than previous ones but still involving effort on my part.

…or, it could’ve, but apparently it’s a cutscene string instead. Apparently the designers thought noticing the only moving object in the environment and walking over to it on your own was too difficult.

There’s also a pikachu, which I first thought was just a reference to there being wild pokemon infesting the area, but it keeps running around, so of course it’s actually not!pikachu.

I quite like its creepy pikachu picture closet shrine, too.

Seeeeee meee?! it howls so I guess also its ghost powers let it talk. That’s quite interesting, and between this and the fact it apparently can make a crude effigy look like the real thing until now, suggests this is another valid entry into my pokemon that can successfully pass as human category.

…it kicks my ass.

Let’s try that again but with my salandit.

…who turns out to be too slow. Mudbray, though, is durable enough, and has a speed-lowering move.

Many resets later, I manage to finally toxic it to death despite its lum berry. That was actually a real challenge!

Outside, I apparently report to Witch Cosplay about the pokefinder starting up on its own and she mocks my “attempt to scare her” and says, You’ll have to come up with something a bit more believable than that! when…it’s Rotom. There is nothing spooky or even interesting about it triggering without my direct input. There’s not even any room in the back of the shop, for starters! How gullible do you think I am?

Then apparently she does get freaked out. I really don’t get this section. We all know there are ghosts there. And it was all on cutscene rails so there wasn’t even a good chance to explore and get the feel of the area.

I promptly dive back in to find a keychain. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Klefki’s not a possessed keychain, so it’s not ghost-themed, but it is a good fit for inhabiting a discarded urban area. Come to think of it, everything looks pretty new, so it seems the supermarket only just got destroyed. I wonder if this is connected to the rogue kahuna.

Catching it evolves my mudbray into mudsdale.

Its heavy, mud-covered kicks are its best means of attack, and it can reduce large trucks to scrap without breaking a sweat.

Of course, I’m well familiar with it already since it’s a ride pokemon. I’m also just pretty meh about it in general – it’s a horse. It’s a pretty nice looking horse, but if I can replicate it in real life by having an animal walk through red clay, it’s not that impressive an imaginary creature.

Also, the type really bugs me. Why is it pure ground rather than normal/ground when a big point is made that the ground elements are literally pasted on? Sawsbuck was normal/grass and they had plants actually sprouting from their body.

It inserts its horn into chinks in metal, absorbing metal ions. For some reason, it collects keys.

I keep going, finding more keys.

Salandit hits L33! Salazzle.


Filled with pheromones, its poisonous gas can be diluted to use in the production of luscious perfumes.

Then she tries to learn captivate, which is just a standard debuff with the qualifier it only works on the opposite gender. At least attract makes up for its situationalness by being better at incapacitating opponents.

Many pixels have been spilled over salazzle so far. My own opinion: it turns out I’m pretty okay with sexy reptiles so long as you don’t stick boobs on the lizard (or hips on a snake, stop it people). Also, I guess there’s the sense that she’s a perfectly valid pokemon concept that happens to be someone’s fetish more than something that’s only a fetish making it into the game – people can be into snakes without snakes behind inherently a fetish when they appear. Still, four-legged lizard is cuter and there’s already other two-legged lizard pokemon.

Then she helps me catch a golbat!

Sometimes they drink so much blood, they can’t fly anymore. Then they fall to the ground and become food for other Pokemon.

Steenee evolved! Tsareena.

…yeesh, did we really need still more sexy girl pokemon? Especially in the already so well represented field of grass types?

A Pokemon known for the beauty of its well-shaped legs, it sometimes appears as a mascot in advertisements for beauty salons.

Then right after a pokedex entry that’s about nothing but fetishizing its legs, a new move is learned! Trop kick: The user lands an intense kick of tropical origins on the target. This also lowers the target’s Attack stat. Note that most other things that lower attack in the games are stated to be about looking cute, so there’s that extra layer of condescension here.

Anyway, ugh, not a fan. Salazzle looks like an actual animal, while this one has “boots” that cover her “legs” that make up half her body. It’s like if salazzle had actual lingerie on.

Also, over on the islands, a drifblim and shellder have joined me.

Even while under careful observation, large flocks of Drifblim flying at night will inexplicably disappear from view.

And now, back to the deadly grind of the supermarket.

Ah, mimikyu at last.

You’ve made it over the hump for the Ula’ula Pokedex! You’re rolling along azzz smooth as a Poke Ball!

Considering how much of each pokedex is repeats, that’s really not impressive at all.

It’s especially annoying to have Rotom keep chiming in like this when I actually like the way the pokedex is set up – I really like being able to see what’s on each island, and having each island have unique pokemon only would’ve removed the sense of a coherent region. Also, given apparently Rotom only says one thing, we really don’t need to hear that same message for each island.


A lonely Pokemon, it conceals its terrifying appearance beneath an old rag so it can get closer to people and other Pokemon.

But also, it can apparently make some sort of illusion to actually look like the pokemon it’s pretending to be.

Also, there’s a second entry, for the busted costume form. I guess this setup is where the mega pokedex entries will eventually be?

If its neck is broken or its rag torn during an attack, it works through the night to patch it.

It’s an interesting gimmick as well – while it doesn’t totally make sense that a wall of water smacking into it would do precisely enough damage to break the neck and no more, it does seem reasonable that attackers would assume the apparent head was a valid target when it’s likely the entire real creature is closer to the ground.

I’m less convinced by it needing to be half fairy, but then, the games have yet to convince anything needed to be fairy. (Come to think of it, this seems like while trying for a novel type combination they missed an even more interesting one – ghost/normal, for the fact a sizable part of it is undeniably physically there.)


  1. Raven says:
    I think Game Freak is trying to get away from Fairy types being just the cutesy pink-and-sparkles type.

    1. Haven’t they already done that though? Klefki wasn’t terribly cutesy, and Slurpuff looks downright demonic. (Or was it the other one, Swilix? Whatever.) I don’t see what’s fairy-like about Mimikyu, but then again I don’t see what’s fairy-like about most fairy pokemon because “fairy” isn’t an elemental property to begin with.



      1. sophiecognito says:
        Well I always assumed the fairy typing goes back to actual fae creatures, them being trickers and not sparkly nice all the time for those that don’t the cutesy label. 

        1. But that just goes back to what I was saying — if “fairy” just means “tricksy” you can give it to a third of the pokedex. (And besides, I thought dark type was the tricksy one?) It’s too poorly defined.

  2. someone says:
    ““fairy” isn’t an elemental property to begin with”. Bug and Fighting are?

    As a more serious answer, it pretty well covers “Light” and “Magic”,  two types the fandom had been clamoring for.

    1. Bug is also an iffy one (they really had to reach for a lot of moves in the third generation onwards), but it’s at least an objective physical description. Fighting is also a bit weird as an inherent property, but Japanese culture does do stuff with spiritual fighting energy and discipline and stuff that can conceivably make it work. I’m not a big fan of ghost type, either. Dragons get a pass from me because a) dragons and b) they are very clearly an unusual thing that’s rare and has virtually no interactions with the type chart, though I do think they’re sticking it on a bit too many things nowadays.

      But “fairy” just breaks it for me. It’s too specific. Are we going to get a “troll” type too? Why are they dragon killers? Why does fire resist them but they aren’t weak to fire? Why are they strong against both normal and dirty fighters? Every single one of their type interactions is such a bizarre reach — even the steel weakness doesn’t make sense when you think about it, since their mythological iron weakness is because ironworking is unnatural. Creatures who are naturally made of iron shouldn’t be death to nature spirits.

      If Pokemon was built on taxonomic classifications like Shin Megami Tensei it would be fine. But it just doesn’t make sense next to pokemon who are merely “fire” or “water” type.

  3. I have a theory on how this side of the type chart kind of comes together centered largely from the relation between psychic and dark types. Psychic types gain their mind over matter power through knowledge. However, dark types represent an alien way of thinking, of surviving. Dark is not so much dirty fighting or evil, but a way of living that to outsiders may seem strange or even brutal. As it’s harder to understand, psychics have trouble with it. Though the move “miracle eye” allows psychics to see the dark type for what it truly is.

    Fighting and fairy both counter darkness due to their rather self-centered natures. Fighting centers around itself and it’s own code of honor. It will just muscle through problems without needing to understand the dark corners of the mind. On the other hand, fairy is it’s own rather unique force. I’d draw more from “fae” than magic or light. They frolic around without a true care focusing almost solely on their own positive. If they ever do pay the dark any heed, it would be as a crusade against evil.

    Despite all that, it largely comes down to balancing for why any type in Pokemon is the way it is, and then falls to creative fans to nail down the somewhat loose explanations. Though I rather like my idea of it due to dark being so much more interesting as a foreign mindset instead of “evil” (even if that is it’s name in Japanese).

    1. Dark is not so much dirty fighting or evil, but a way of living that to outsiders may seem strange or even brutal. As it’s harder to understand, psychics have trouble with it.

      But they’re flat-out immune to psychics while bugs and fairies, who are even more alien, are not. I’ve always taken the interpretation that there’s a bit more to them than just a certain lifestyle, and that they have some sort of demonic anti-psychic energy.

      If they ever do pay the dark any heed, it would be as a crusade against evil.

      But traditionally, the fae have no concept of evil. Their morality is completely alien to us. I guess going by your logic they out-weird dark types, but then dark-types feel redundant.


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