Pokemon Moon Day 28

My pokemon could stand to level up a bit more, and I’m missing a lot on this island, so I’m going to ignore the event flag and try to add more to the pokedex.

Togedemaru, for example.

The long hairs on its back act as lightning rods. The bolts of lightning it attracts are stored as energy in its electric sac.

What is with them and not translating the name of pikachu clones? Also, why do they keep repeating electric types for the pikachu clones? I mean, yeah, this guy’s got /steel on there, but it’s still a round electric type with cheeks and a tail.

So back in the first gen when no one knew there would be more, I remember all sorts of pikachu clone fakemon. You know what they were? DIFFERENT. FUCKING. TYPES. Firechu! It’s pikachu but fire type!!! Same for the whole pikablu business – and indeed, marill does resemble pikachu but it’s not loathed as a stupid clone.

Mimikyu seems like it’s this, but its whole thing is being a fake pikachu, so of course the type should be fake. Togedemaru suggests the actual lesson hasn’t been learned.

And the idea of a metal spike lightning rod of a pokemon is so cool, too. The animation where the triangle pattern on its body pops out isn’t bad either – but its actual model is just a round pikachu ball with triangle marks. When petting, I can poke it and make it puff up hilariously, but I don’t want to have to anger my pokemon to make its design interesting. Why not an actual spike-covered hedgehog? I don’t think we’ve even had a spiky pokemon since sandslash – I guess shaymin, as an actual hedgehog, but that’s a pokemon most of us don’t actually get to play with.


Electricity leaks from it in amounts far greater than the amount of electricity it eats.

So is this yet another notch for the idea pokemon are reality-violating matter generators, or does electabuzz eat things other than electricity?

I wonder if, rather than electabuzz being a menace to power plants, this means power plants are in fact a menace to electabuzz – they’ll get lured in by the delicious electricity, but will ultimately starve while gorging themselves unless removed.

Also, my shiinotic learned strength sap, which subtracts ATK from HP and then feeds it back to my pokemon. It also lowers attack, but doesn’t specify if this changes the amount of HP the move gives. If it does go off the modified attck, it’s a bit annoying from a draining point of view but means the move is brutal against anyone with maxed attack.

…or actually it doesn’t subtract anything from HP. I just replaced giga drain, my only attacking move, with a move that does no damage.

Well, that’s what TMs are for.

Elekid, now.

This Pokemon is constantly fighting with Togedemaru that try to steal its electricity. It’s a pretty even match.


See, I’ve been using my ground types for this, because every move they have, as well as those of the electabuzz showing up to help, are electric. So, they can only fight by shooting electricity. And even if we assume attacking moves are in some way distinct from how togedemaru want to steal the electricity…well, half of them have lightning rod as an ability, which means they’re powered up by getting hit with electric attacks.

Alright, I’ll go do some plot now. I can’t even remember why I’m supposed to go here.

Plumeria: Back so soon, hmm? I wasn’t expecting you just yet.

…it’s been ages, Plumeria. Get a watch.

Plumeria: It takes these dumb Grunts way too long to deal with you kids… So I guess it’s my turn now!

The grunts proceed to aggressively dance at us in what I assume is some sort of mating display. Hau at least seems pretty impressed.

Plumeria: What? I told you before. Next time you get in our way, I’m not holding anything back!


Yet more supposed boss with only two pokemon, though – L34 golbat, L35 salazzle.

Plumeria: Hmmph! I can’t even stand myself right now!

I am disappointed in your lack of pokemon, I must admit.

Plumeria: Hmmmph. Guess you are pretty tough.

Don’t be like that! I believe in you. Just get another four pokemon, okay?

Plumeria: Now I understand why my Grunts waste so much time battling kids. But if you want us to return the Pokemon, then you’ll have to come to us. Alone. The boss is dying to meet you, hmmph! See you at our base in Po Town!

I have heard much of this and would love to. Thank you!

Hau: Ugh… Battles you can’t afford to lose aren’t any fun…

Oh Hau. I’d like to appreciate your decency here, but the game is so easy you just sound whiny.

Witch Cosplay runs off into the building to find out if those inside are okay, and Bonnibel follows at a more relaxed pace. Inside, we find one of the small kids sobbing that their anklebiter of a pokemon has been stolen.

Witch Cosplay: Darn it, those numskulls actually did something pretty clever for once!

…they angered someone who can kick their asses, then invited said ass-kicker over to kick their asses again?

Hau belatedly rushes in to be horrified at the fact I must go alone. As if he was actually doing jack back there.

Witch Cosplay: Team Skull has taken over Po Town… It’s basically their private playground now. If you’re gonna go, though, try to find this guy on Route 15 who’s wearing a kimono… He might be able to help you get to Po Town.

Then the small child offers me a tribute of a rare candy in return for retrieving her pokemon. Just saying, small child, maybe if you’d used this your pokemon might’ve been able to fight better.

Before I go, Hau has one last thing to add: I-I’m sorry, Bonnibel. It’s my fault. Now you’ve got to put yourself in danger because…I couldn’t stop them…

Ah, Hau. It really does seem like you’re going mad under the stress of a job you really don’t want and aren’t suited to.

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