Pokemon Moon Day 29

I’m sick of playing Moon late and having it be bright noon, and also of missing all the nighttime pokemon, so I change the time settings and then go hunting cleffa.

I find one, but while trying to whittle it down, a clefairy appears! And the way the call for help mechanic works, I’m assuming clefairy are rarer or only appear when called, so I get that one.


On nights with a full moon, they gather together and dance. The surrounding area is enveloped in an abnormal magnetic field.

And I promptly evolve it.

According to tradition, people who see a pair of Clefable skipping by can look forward to a happy marriage.

Another cleffa summons a chansey! So it is again spared. Also, seems chansey don’t call for help themselves.

Not only are these Pokemon fast runners, they’re also few in number, so anyone who finds one must be lucky indeed.

Remember how pokemon used to run away? I mean, it was annoying, but it was a challenge.


Because of its silhouette, it’s believed to be a star reborn. For some reason, it loves Minior.

Oh hey, my wimpod evolved into a golisopod!

It battles skillfully with its six arms, but spends most of its time peacefully meditating in caves deep beneath the sea.

And it learns first impression. “Although this move has great power, it only works the first turn the user is in battle.” But it’s only 90 power? That’s good, but there’s plenty of regular moves that are 90 power, ones you can use more than once. Blast beak is 100 power, burns anybody that hits you, and the only downside is you go second.

And it still nopes out if it loses half its HP.


There’s no point to the leaf in its mouth, aside from an effort to look cool. It’s mischievous, so it’s not well suited to inexperienced trainers.

What a great bit of lore this is! Pancham is a tiny adorable bear, so it’s presumably far from the very worst option for an inexperienced trainer, which suggests most pokemon are actually not newbie appropriate and perhaps this is part of how our player character is a prodigy. I wonder what pokemon are particularly good for inexperienced trainers? Dogs, maybe – and we do see a lot of rockruff around. Chill sea cucumber mon is probably an easy pet too – pick one up and set it down somewhere else, water it periodically. And what seemingly easy pokemon are actually a terrible newbie pet, like chinchillas?

Apparently there were more polis back in the park area that I missed, too. Going there, I find there’s a recreation of the first gen nugget bridge, including a demand to join Team Rocket, though afterward the guy says that nope, Team Rocket’s disbanded and no one knows where Giovanni is. More to the point, the bridge is wholly ornamental unlike the other that was actually something you needed to cross and so something of a challenge. Also – it was something of a challenge levelwise, while everyone here is dead easy.

My noble samurai coward bug just went on to learn sucker punch.


It’s the leader of Poliwag and Poliwhirl. When Politoed roars, they all cower in fear.

It’s hard to picture this goofy thing as some intimidating creature, but it does evolve with the king’s rock, after all. Though – I notice poliwrath isn’t there, which is weird if it’s the king evolution.


It marches over the land in search of bug Pokemon to eat. Then it takes them underwater so it can dine on them where it’s safe.

Hm. I guess that makes sense – venture outside of your preferred area to exploit other food sources, but stick to the water as much as you can.

Oh, also my rockruff is evolving! At last.

Into the way too skinned-anthro lycanroc.

It goads its enemies into attacking, withstands the hits, and in return, delivers a headbutt, crushing their bones with its rocky mane.

It doesn’t look that durable, honestly. It does learn counter immediately after, so I guess that fits.

I then evolve my new poliwhirl to complete the set.

Its percentage of body fat is nearly zero. Its body is entirely muscle, which makes it heavy and forces its swimming prowess to develop.

This makes way less sense – fat is more common in water than air – water conducts heat rapidly and you can’t usually hide in a low-flow area the way you can with water due to the fact water holds way less air. And fur doesn’t work well under water either. Plus pure muscle just sinks, and then you have to use more energy staying afloat.

Alright, finally going to the event flag – a thing that sure takes all the fun out of actually looking for somebody in a kimono.

???: Man oh man… What is going on today? Someone actually bothered coming to this kind of sad place?

Dude there is a guy hanging out right behind you. I can see him from this camera angle!

Well, no matter. I’ll take you on. Keep you company.

The adults in this game are weirder than usual.

Tell me. Uncle Grimsley is going to flip a coin. Will it be heads or tails?

I am given the third option of neither, but I go with the first option, heads, on the basis Bonnibel doesn’t care. Are you trying to screw her over? I will beat you into a pulp anyway.

He then gives me a creepy stare for a while, while Bonnibel meets his creepy stare with her own °‿°

…Astonishing. You just took a stab, like some kind of prophet.

Man actually has a point. Bonnibel is, I think, an unconcerned force of nature sort.

Right now, you and your Pokemon are shining brilliantly. A loss is a loss. I’ll give you Sharpedo’s info for you Ride Pager then. Ride it to victory.


I…guess sharpedo means I can actually travel between areas in the water…? Unlike a lapras, which is so unsuited for longterm travel…???

He then explains a sharpedo can break the rock barriers, and where Po Town is, and that it’s full of Team Skull. I am deeply unclear on why the guy is here and why he’s saying this to me.

Who cares though, riding around like this is awesome.

I find two swimmers on the beach doing crunches, which seems reasonable. Of course, the guy’s dialogue is referencing the fact they’re exercising while the woman is complaining about how when she gets in the water there’s icky pokemon.

Then it’s to land for good, for now. I enter a pokecenter to find an Aether person who wants mimikyu info. It’s this odd little thing that looks like it’s got a sack on its head. Lives at the site of the abandoned Thrifty Megamart. Upon doing so, they say, It’s gotta be a really scary Pokemon under that cloth, right? No one knows what’s in there… Even if it’s my job, they can’t just expect me to come survey scary ghost Pokemon like that!

More importantly, how would ecological surveys work with undead creatures? Like, if there aren’t enough, do you have to torture more pikachu to death or something?

I come upon a meadow, where I find a new oricorio morph. Although nothing can compare to pompom cheerleader bird, I quite like the red one.

I’m disappointed the meadow’s yet another one of these that’s more set piece than actual area, with most of the place (including the beautiful ponds) inaccessible.

There’s a guy who won’t fight me until I beat everyone else. He then sends out a hariyama that’s holding a flame orb which spends its entire time using fake out over and over until it dies.

On the other side, I find a Skull kiddo, so I’m presumably going the right way. I’m actually not all that good in fights. But no one will pick fights with me as long as I’m in Team Skull, you know? I thought it kind of worked the other way around. Admittedly, Skull does seem to go for intimidation, but they also seem to get a lot of pushback.

I enter the police station he’s standing next to, which is now full of cats and find a zygarde core. Apparently, that’s important and among other things will let me teach the zygarde I don’t have a move. I’m told to try it sometime.

Really, though, the police station is adorable. There’s four cat dishes, three extremely fluffy kitty beds…the kid or whoever is running this place is taking good care of the grumpy kitties.

Well, Po Town proper will have to wait for tomorrow, I guess.


  1. Raven says:
    Go back to the Pokemon Center really quick; you seem to have missed the Aether outpost next to it

  2. Poor Grimsley. Alolan life did not treat him well. That, or he just got old and creepy. The guy always was my favorite Elite 4 member though. Even if he doesn’t have a good reason to be in Sun and Moon, I’m glad he made an appearance.


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