Pokemon Moon Day 30

I decide to make another foray into capturing before continuing.

I nab trubbish, who apparently hang out in the grass around the waste facility that doesn’t use them, and then realize I still don’t have a stufful.

Much suffering commences, but eventually, I get a damn stufful.

A touch from anyone except a known friend sends it into a surging frenzy. It’s an incredibly dangerous Pokemon.

Wait, what?

Okay, I mean, the fact it’s a cutesy pink bear but actually mauling death is fine. What’s throwing me is I’ve seen them everywhere. I’ve walked up to them to chat. Even assuming step one of entering Alola is seeing a video of a stufful taking someone’s arm off and that everyone knows not to run over to hug the teddy bear, all it would take is someone bumping into one by accident in any of the public, highly trafficked areas they hang out.

I was told to return to the pre-red-meadow area for Aether business, and indeed, another of their trailers, with a bunch of spinda hypnotizing guys outside.

I’m not so enthralled by debate over spinda spots and instead enter.

Sina: I’ve been waiting for you! Now let me explain about the Reassembly Unit.


Dexio agrees that this is somewhat abrupt. But then, people chattering on forever has been an issue before, so I prefer Sina’s idea.

Sina: Have you been collecting Zygarde’s Cells and Cores?

You’re the stalker, you already know.

Dexio: You’ve collected 10 or more Cells and Cores combined.

Oh come on, surely I deserve an actual statement there.

Anyway yeah, I’ve been collecting bits of a pokemon for them, and also they have a reassembly unit, so I guess this explains why yesterday they were telling me about how I could use the core I found on the zygarde I don’t have.

There’s a lot of words about putting zygarde together, and apparently I can make separate ones?

Dexio then notes that right, Zygarde is supposed to be over in Kalos. Is it a sign that something is about to happen? Or there could just be more than one? I mean, aren’t you guys scientists? Surely you don’t just go by myths alone.

Going over to the machine better explains the assembly business. If I trade over an existing one, I can use that, presumably to make up for the zygarde bits I’m currently missing.

I get doggo version.

Zzzrt! You registered a Legendary Pokemon! That’s, well, legendary! Let’zzz check it out!

Ah, my long-running wish someone would notice my pokedex has an entry for god…and it’s for a legendary I just got handed instead of actually catching, and which is apparently so no big deal that they recruit a kid to gather it up and then don’t even care what I do with it after.

This is Zygarde’s form when about 10% of its cells have been gathered. It runs across the land at speeds greater than 60 mph.

It’s L30, so I guess I’ll take it along.

I finally go back toward the plot, or meander in its general vicinity anyway, ignoring the road in favor of exploring the uphill area first. There’s a scattering of Skull kids about, with pokemon the same level as the wild ones. And you know, that’d be okay – they are clearly not meant to be talented, successful individuals. But they also only have one or two pokemon, because everyone has only one or two pokemon, which means they’ve less of a concern than a wild pokemon SOSing once and making you fight two pokemon at the same time.

And okay – maybe that too is fitting. But at a certain point they just no longer work as an actual enemy. If it’s vital that they have pokemon about as good as wild ones, and vital they can’t own many, they could at least team up for double battles a lot. BW did the thing where a whole string of trainers would fight you with no chance to heal, maybe that would work. Or, if we can’t have them do anything right, then their presence could rile up the wild pokemon and those could be blocking my way instead – maybe a return of the angry bird shadows, haven’t seen those in a while, or some crabs eating berries they left out.

I finally reach the event flag.

A: Yo, what’s up? You wanna join Team Skull?

Hey, why not.

B: Hold up… Is that a Z-Ring? For real? You’re actually on the island challenge? All right then.. I get it… Came to laugh at us losers who gave up on the island challenge, huh?

So do they take your ring, or did you guys just throw them into the ocean while crying to sad music.

A: You showed up so suddenly and got the nerve to laugh at me?!

Maybe she is laughing. Bonnibel is…kind of weird, really. I think the dittochild does more than stare with her fixed smile. She looks kind of amused during battles, I think. This is the typical thing where an insecure character overreacts, but, she’s not on screen and I wouldn’t put it past her to laugh when she sees the opening. Isn’t it funny how people are so invested in their reputation, in their past, in the feelings others connect to their one face, to the future bearing down on their singular life?

A fic about the dittochild prodigy could be fun, I think. She’s not really part of this – the island challenge doesn’t matter to her in the way it does to human trainers. There’s no failure that can attach to someone who can look like whatever she wants, after all.

I’m given that double battle I wanted. And it’s actually rather close thanks to my pokemon being low level and not healing before doing this.

Grunt B: Not fair! I hate strong kids like you! I’m not letting you in!

You are hilarious.

And then they actually go away and the door’s closed!

You there, girl, says some old guy. He walks up to the door. Seems to me you’re trying to get into Po Town. You sure you’ve thought this through? You’d better be ready if you’re thinking of coming in here. Ready to live as Team Skull. Or ready to take on Team Skull.

Yes. Both are fine.

You really think you’re ready for that?

I am!/Maybe?

I wish I could say both at one.

Well, I believe in Bonnibel’s belief in herself.

I guess everyone has their own reasons. I’ve got my reasons, too, for doing what I do. I’ll have them let you in. If you don’t make it, I’ll be sure your remains at least get back home.

Well that sure got dark. Seriously, though? I’m pretty sure any deaths are from incompetence.

I enter into the even more raging storm and fine a gate similar to those of the trial captains.

A, who is a probably different A: Huh? What’s this numskull doing here? What, oh what, should we do?

B, who is definitely a different B and really should’ve got a new letter: Forget about it! We’ve got this Barbaracle… I mean, we’ve got this barricade! Do you really wanna bother moving it out of the way just to take one kid on?

It is waist high you lazy-ass losers.

A: True, true.

B: Go home! Go! You’re not coming in here, got it? Not unless you find some path through here…

It is waist high! And you didn’t even make it go all the way across properly, the end is maybe KNEE high! Bonnibel, just climb over.

Bonnibel refuses, because they are a bad influence on her. Fine then, stand in the rain until tomorrow.


  1. Raven says:
    On your way back from Po Town, you should re-explore the red meadow; there’s an area I think you might have missed

  2. Guest says:
    Try to evolve that stufful. You’re going to LOVE its evo’s dex entry.

  3. Negrek says:

    The Zygarde stuff felt so tacked-on to me in this game. I imagine they felt they had to stuff it in there since they’re not doing Pokémon Z, but it has nothing to do with anything.

    …or did you guys just throw them into the ocean while crying to sad music.

    Headcanon accepted.

    1. Why DIDN’T they make Pokemon Z? It’s a conspicuous absence. Is there a particular reason or does nobody know?

      1. Negrek says:

        No official word, as far as I’m aware.

      2. Keleri says:

        Best guess is that the 3DS game structure has lengthened development time/increased costs to the point where it’s not cost-effective anymore to make that 3rd version.

        http://vgsales.wikia.com/wiki/Pok%C3%A9mon Crystal, Emerald, and Platinum all sold less than half the copies of their preceding versions, but BW2 sold a little over half– their policy might have shifted to favoring sequel(ish) games over the 3rd versions, although here that seems to mean stuffing unrelated Zygarde stuff into Sun/Moon.

        I guess we’ll see what happens with the last games of the 3DS gen, whether it’s the D/P remakes or Pokemon Eclipse/Stars or both.

        1. Farla says:

          You know, I’d be okay with getting rid of the third game so long as they can agree that’s what they’re doing, instead of the sequel-hook style where they don’t quite finish the main games in the hopes of doing another one later.


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