Pokemon Moon Day 46

I’ve very nearly completed the pokedex, so I decided to keep doing that for a bit.

So, supposedly, goomy can be found somewhere on Akala, but, as when I first tried, attempting to zoom in on the little indicator just makes it vanish. So, I head to outside of Po Town, where apparently it’s also hanging out.

My munchlax evolves!

It eats nearly 900 pounds of food every day. It starts nodding off while eating–and continues to eat even when it’s asleep.

Marowak’s learned a new move, stomping tantrum. It seems kind of a random choice. It’s a ground move, which means it’s yet another move that fits non-Alolan marowak’s type while I still have no fire or ghost moves. Do know headbutt. Should ghosts even be able to use normal type moves?

Trapinch is evolving…

To help make its wings grow, it dissolves quantities of prey in its digestive juices and guzzles them down every day.

That is some crappy writing. “large” quantities would totally have fit in the pokedex entry. Now all it’s saying is this pokemon eats at least two things a day – sure, that’s more than some things do, but it’s not a huge amount either.

Ah, goomy!

Its source of protection is its slimy, germ-laden mucous membrane. Anyone who touches it needs some thorough hand-washing.

It’s also apparently worthless as actual protection, because I fainted two of the damn things before getting this one.

Also aw, I can’t cuddle the slug? What’s even the point of a slug blob if I can’t cuddle it?

Off to the next weather area.

Vanillite, ugh.

It feels pleasantly cool when embraced. This Pokemon is treasured by households in warm regions.

People have defended this design as it being okay for pokemon to look silly, and you know what, fuck you, I hope you all die. The problem isn’t this pokemon isn’t my grimdark fursona, the problem is it has a fucking flat-bottomed molded wafer cone stuck to it!

If they wanted to do a visual pun on sugar cone/icicle and stopped there, it could’ve worked. The next stage is merely ugh and could probably have even been good if it looked a bit more like it had an actual face and not a sticker slapped onto the rest of the image.

Alright, let’s go hunt some drampa. It’s really weird they live in the only icy area in all of Alola, though.

This Pokemon is friendly to people and loves children most of all. It comes from deep in the mountains to play with children it likes in town.

Okay, I get the dragon/mountain connection, but Alola has lots of non-icy mountains to hang out in.

Also, if it hangs out with people, why does only a single trainer have one? The remoteness of this area could partly explain it, but the entry claims it goes into heavily populated areas where it has no fear of humans. Is it considered wrong to catch it?

It also has the ability “berserk” where its special attack increases at half HP, which is a weird choice for something characterized by friendliness – I assume the idea is that if you’re a jerk, it gets mad, like so many mythical creatures who are generally peaceful but can get riled up when people try to take advantage of that, but the thing is, being generally nice but getting mad when punched is not really a rare personality trait. It’s right next to “jokes around but can be serious too” as far as useless personality traits go. Also, this seems a lot more powerful than the standard torrent/blaze/overgrowth abilities, which only boost one type and require taking more damage. I guess that could be part of it being a dragon and meant to be powerful, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t stick to the standard 1/3 health system.

Ah, and a sandshrew at last.

An ancient tradition of Alolan festivals, still carried out to this day, is a competition to slide Sandshrew across ice as far as one can.

Which evolves into…

This Pokémon’s steel spikes are sheathed in ice. Stabs from these spikes cause deep wounds and severe frostbite as well.

Ah, gruesome descriptions of what a pokemon’s capable of. Always great.

While I must admit that, like everyone, I find Alolan ninetales lovely, I do find sandshrew/slash quite appealing as well. Icy color schemes are just generally pretty.

I’ve also managed to see some castform, but keep accidentally killing them. The problem with the SOS battle pokemon is it’s so tedious I do it while doing something else, then inevitably screw up.

Trying to catch pokemon takes forever, so I’m going to go back to poking the plot again. Or possibly poking sidequests.


  1. Raven says:
    Do the sandshrew get any say in this sliding-the-sandshrew-on-the-ice tradition?

    1. Farla says:

      While it’s hard to be totally sure, I think evidence points to yes, actually!

      The traditional ways of doing things an animal doesn’t like are:

      1) Use an animal that loves you and will do stuff it doesn’t want because you want it, like dogs.

      2) Keep the animal at an unnatural temperature for a while in advance, like chilling a reptile or overheating a mammal, to make it docile.

      3) Put it in a cage and keep it there so it can’t make its objections known, like when people who mostly use dogfighting for entertainment want variety and use a caged oppossum for a new year’s ball drop.

      Sliding an ice type ice inhabitant on ice doesn’t fit two or three – even if there was some degree of overheating in advance, the pokemon would perk back up upon being returned to the correct temperature, and then they’d be extremely cranky. The only one that could be an issue would be that pokemon seem generally obedient, but this doesn’t sound like it’s the pokemon of trainers, Alola has had a number of pokedex entries that make it clear pokemon will maul people who piss them off enough, and shrews/voles/porcupine/hedgehogs are not known for their doggy good natures, so sandshrew are probably bitey assholes. Armadillos are more chill, but armadillos are also very stupid animals who don’t care about much, so they’re unlikely to mind anything that isn’t actively harming them.

      So, the sandshrew either enjoy it or don’t care in the slightest. We could narrow that down if we ever see it in canon and can tell if they wander away afterward or stick around to get rolled agan, in the manner of a fish swimming back into someone’s hands to be thrown a second time.


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