Pokemon Moon Day 49

I’m actually getting near a full pokedex, so I decide it’s time to get trading. First off, I go to try to get a few sandshrew and drampa.

Huh, my vibrava’s evolving at L45. I kind of slotted these guys away as in the dragonite mold, but I guess it’s metagross that’s the official semilegendary, which means others must evolve sooner.

This Pokemon hides in the heart of sandstorms it creates and seldom appears where people can see it.

Ah, and now my bagon! I got him up to L53 on the easymode islands, so…

They lurk deep within caves–motionless, neither eating nor drinking. Why they don’t die is not known.

So does this mean the rest of the cocoon pokemon do eat, and that’s why science finds this so confusing?

Also you can feed it pokebeans, which suggests it likely does eat occasionally and this is just science being lazy and not actually keeping up proper round-the-clock observation.

And now, my beldum’s evolving as well.

It adores magnetic minerals, so it pursues Nosepass at speeds exceeding 60 mph.

Ah, so even the inorganic are getting in on eating each other!

Metang then blessedly learns confusion and metal claw. And now to never use take down again.

With my fresh sandshrew and drampa, I head off to trade. It turns out no one is trading the spiky red turtle for anything reasonable, but the vulpix folk are sane and I easily get one.

In hot weather, this Pokemon makes ice shards with its six tails and sprays them around to cool itself off.

Yet more thermodynamics nonsense with ice types.

Worryingly, there does not appear to be any way to sort the GTS by form.

The starters are also pretty cheap. I get a female littlen for a surskit…

It doesn’t allow its emotions to be easily seen. Earning its trust takes time. It prefers solitude.

…and a female rowlet for a lilligant.

Silently it glides, drawing near its targets. Before they even notice it, it begins to pelt them with vicious kicks.

That is a lot darker than I expected for cutesy owl. I guess it foreshadows the final evolution well.

Also, I need a passimian, which is even cheaper – I get one for a sableye.

And apparently the two exclusives share a page in the pokedex for some reason.

They battle with hard berries for weapons. Their techniques are passed from the boss to the group, generation upon generation.

But are they, really?

Well, no takers on my drampa, so exiting. Back to the grind!

Evolving my vulpix into ninetales…

Possessing a calm demeanor, this Pokémon was revered as a deity incarnate before it was identified as a regional variant of Ninetales.

That’s actually kind of odd. Is what happened that people familiar with regular ninetales showed up, scratched their heads a bit, then explained to the natives it wasn’t actually a god but just a slightly different version of something they’d long beaten all the mystique out of, or did everyone know about regular ninetales but think wispy ice version was a god? People have considered white animals sacred in the past before we all worked out they’re just regular ones with broken genes, but that’s a matter of contrast, while Alolan ninetales is the only ninetales the people of Alola would be familiar with, unless the idea is that proving it was a regional variant was a matter of proving it wasn’t an ice god who happened to think ninetales looked awesome and made itself a similar form.

On balance, probably a matter of Alolans being more prone to worshipping pokemon while Kantonians are more into stuffing them into PCs, and this is another instance of mainlander culture overwriting their own. Soon the tapu will be described similarly.

And now, into the desert!

Ah, and my shelgon’s leveled up. I’ve now hit 90% on Melemele’s pokedex.

It flies around on its wings, which have grown in at last. In its happiness, it gushes hot flames, burning up the fields it passes over.

Also, my pair of new baby starters are powerleveling.

Torracat, still cute. Still right.

It boasts powerful front legs. With a single punch, it can bend an iron bar right over.

I’m getting the impression the /dark came as the last second, when someone realized an angry mob was forming at the rumor we were getting another fire/fighting starter. Shame we failed to communicate that the bipedal punchy design was the bigger issue than the literal typing.

Dartrix, who is already not a cutey but some sort of nerd bird.

It throws sharp feathers called blade quills at enemies or prey. It seldom misses.

Ah, and now my trade is done.


It gushes fire and poisonous gases from its nostrils. Its dung is an explosive substance and can be put to various uses.


In the desert, I find some ill-prepared hiker.

I’ve been getting so much dust in my eyes in this awful desert, you know? And my Pokemon have been rubbing their eyes a lot, too… How are your Pokemon doing? Are their eyes holding up in this mess?

They’re burning brightly
They’re sniffling all the time
They’re looking pretty bleary

Unlike some people, I’m leading with my metang who’s immune to sandstorm.

Well, that sounds like they might not be getting enough sleep. Warm them up and let them rest.

No right answer, huh.

I chat again, this time saying my pokemon have the sniffles.

Wouldn’t that be their noses, not their eyes? If they’ve got snot running down their faces, be a good Trainer and wipe it away for them!

Who says I’m not? It’s not like wiping their faces would cure the sniffles.

Finally, I select the final option.

Well, that doesn’t sound good! I’ll give you these, so put ’em on your Pokemon.

Safety goggles.

This Haina Desert, though… It’s a beast. I’ve been wandering lost through it for… Well, I guess it’s been about a year now. When am I ever going to get out of here?

How are you still alive.

Or are you a ghost? Let’s see if you repeat yourself.

Ow! Arghhh! More dust in my eyes! What I wouldn’t give for a pair of Go-Goggles right about now…

Then why did you give up the safety goggles?

So… I guess I just leave you to your fate then…? …Bye.

And now here’s some other guy.

I am Mr… Mr… I can’t remember… I am just the ashes left behind…

Okay kind of weird that they used that same metaphor twice.

What remains when everything else has been given… I can’t remember any longer… Not how to get back home… Now anything about who I once was… But in the depths of my memory, I can still see the form of that dear Pokemon… As hazy and distant as a mirage… It looked…like the moon…my…Luna– Where is it? The Pokemon that always held me close? That curved body… That perfect arc… Coming to the most exquisite points… If only I could see it once more… I think… I might remember something…

So, what, Lunala also fucks up people’s brains?

Speaking of, guess who just evolved! I’m now the inconsiderate owner of a zwellious…which still has no pokedex entry for me. Nice animations, though – when you go into the poke-cuddling minigame, the standard happy dance is instead the heads trying to bite each other. At least they seem to share their pokebeans.

I find the guy again. He starts to go through his same dialogue, then a question mark slithers from his head. Hm…? … … … That Pokemon you journey with… It is Luna… Lunala? No… That’s not it… It’s all wrong… Where is it?  The Pokemon that always held me close? That curved body…That perfect arc… Coming to the most exquisite points… If only I could see it once more… I think…I think I might remember something…

Ohhh. Cuz it’s a lunatone he wants. That actually makes so much more sense than some random guy being buddies with a legendary.

Well, I have no idea where that is, so I guess stay in the desert dying of dehydration for now! I’d tell the police there’s some confused amnesiac lost in the desert, but we’ve established they’re useless and you’re on your own.


  1. Raven says:
    What is it about the GTS that makes a lot of people ask for absolutely ridiculous trades?

    1. CrazyEd says:
      I don’t know the details of how the GTS operates because I’m an anti-social shut-in who’d never trade a pokemon to someone he couldn’t shake down to get it back later, so I’m not sure if this is true, but are there any repercussions to offering totally unbalanced trades besides “no one accepts your trade offers”?

      1. Raven says:
        Not that I’m aware of, but that’s what makes the whole thing so baffling.  They have to know no-one’s actually going to give them a LV 100 Dragonite for their Pikipek, so why do they go to all the trouble of asking?

        1. Farla says:


          I’ve heard that people trying to collect other country’s pokemon are willing to do trades like that – probably a lot of overlap with people who can clone pokemon, so you’re not losing your only mewtwo.

          It might be just that there’s nothing lost for asking. You can leave a pokemon in the GTS forever and hey, maybe someone will trade? Or it could be trolling, since previous versions of the GTS were stuffed full of pokemon taking advantage of the glitch where if you named a pokemon another pokemon’s name it was untradable. Or it might be that the weirder trades are those of the really young, barely literate players, who really don’t understand that how imbalanced the trade request is and are just thinking in terms of “what I want/what I don’t mind giving up” with no thought about the person on the other side.

  2. Roarke says:

    Alolan vulpix and ninetails actually look really pretty, wow.

    1. CrazyEd says:
      Alolan ninetales, marowak, sandshrew, and sandslash are the only alolan forms I actually like. Alolan vulpix isn’t a bad design, I just think its hair looks kinda silly. It reminds me of Bulma’s mom from Dragonball Z. And the games could use more ice types.

      It’s a real shame. Ratatta gets an extra dark half-typing (I’m highly biased against normal types), and my favourite pokemon (raichu) gets an Electric/Psychic pairing. But they just look so stupid. Ratatta gets a silly chevron moustache and raichu is just… bleh. It looks like some kind of chinese knock-off raichu. And as much as I like a pure dark meowth over a pure normal meowth, I really don’t want a meowth with bedroom eyes, or the stupid cartoony persian. And the Fabio hair on the alolan dugtrio… god damn, regional variants are such an interesting idea, but why did they pick the oddest list of pokemon to give a bunch of weird designs?

      Ground/Electric golem was a pretty interesting idea, but did alolan golem really need more body hair than a sterotypical depiction of an eastern european? Golem’s design already isn’t that great in the first place.

      1. Raven says:
        Alolan Diglet and Dugtrio are actually based on a phenomenon called Pele’s Hair.  The other ones don’t have any excuse, though.

        1. CrazyEd says:
          And alolan exeggutor is based on a coconut tree. That doesn’t make it look any less dumb. Granted, regular exeggutor is one of the more terrible gen one pokemon to begin with, but still.

          1. Keleri says:

            Dishonor on you and dishonor on your mudsdale for making this entirely false comment. ;)

  3. illhousen says:

    Soon the tapu will be described similarly.

    Would they, though? Bonnibel would probably play up their godly status so it would reflect on her, not try to destroy the mystique. Well, I guess unless far too many people accuse her of blasphemy or something, at which point switching the position to “they’re just pokemon” may be viable, but I kinda doubt people in the game would object to capturing their gods… If only because you can use their gods to destroy them now.

    1. Farla says:

      Someone who won by some trick would absolutely preserve the legend, but someone who easily overpowers the gods doesn’t need to pretend those gods matter. Sure, Bonnibel could pretend they still have meaning if she wanted to, but she doesn’t need to and and may well not care – these were never her gods in the first place, just some weird-looking pokemon other people had superstitions about.

  4. Dartrix is the sweetest though, only the sun version talks about how vain it is and it goes cutely with how much it loves its bow being rubbed and will hate you if you touch its perfect cowlick. I had no idea the moon entry was so different.


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