Pokemon Moon, Day 7

Okay, so it’s finally time for my big island-escaping fight.

I think I’ll gather some of my better pokemon, but not too good. So…

L8 grubbin
L15 yungoos
L15 popplio
L11 diglett
L15 spinarak
L15 grimer

Alright, oran berries for everybody and let’s go!

Kukui: I’m lookin’ forward to seeing what moves you and your Pokemon will pour your soul into…


Lillie then says that, as a nontrainer – you really don’t have to say that every time, Lillie, I do remember who you are – she would never dare suggest she has any grasp of what I just did but if it’s not too impudent she’d like to say she thinks it was great. Then her pokemon thrashes around in her bag yet again.

Kukui: He’s a trainer who can use Fighting-type Pokemon to the fullest

So, these guys are just straight up gym leaders, are they.

Hala: You think you and Grubbin are ready for me, Bonnibel?

Not only is this awkward, but how does he even know what I have? I literally just caught that.

Anyway, let’s go!

And he does the sumo stomp thing.

He reiterates the “partner grubbin” thing. Making me do one on one battles would make so much more sense with this mechanic. Why not? The game’s let you select pokemon before.

L14 mankey. I mean, I’m not that surprised, but jeeze Hala, you kinda totally suck. You could at least have a full team if that’s the sort of level I can expect from you.

Focus energy. I use mud slap, because you can’t crit if you can’t hit! …which it proceeds to do with pursuit.

Well, let’s roll the dice. Even after the berry, Grubbin can’t survive another one of those either, so I’ll try swapping.

Nope, got hit. Alright, Spinarak! Mankey then misses its next pursuit and I infest its fur with whatever bugs I’m summoning with that move. I start whittling away with poison sting, only for Hala to use a super potion. But now it’s poisoned. So, switch to absord and try to get some HP back. Alright, one down! And Spinarak is L16.

I leave him out and continue the infestation/poison thing. Meanwhile, it starts sandattacking me. Well, at least it’s not damaging me as it does so. But now I’m pretty much unable to hit, so, swap time. Popplio, you’re not weak to fighting! Go for it! And he does, after missing a million times.

Back to Spinarak for the final one, that damn crab I can’t find. It starts using pursuit and that’s it for Spinarak. Grimer! You’re also not technically weak to this. Poison the crab!

Z move time. Dammit. I guess at least that means there won’t be another such, but still, so much for grimer. Diglett, mud slap. Crabrawler, weirdly, just keeps using leer and pursuit. Oh, there’s power-up punch, but it misses by now. Then pursuit takes poor Diglett out in a single hit. Yungoos! You might survive if it never hits you. Just tackle it a bunch, okay.

Wow, that worked.

Tapu Koko crows approval again.

Hmmph! Perhaps Tapu Koko is hoping that a day may come when you will grow strong enough to battle it as well…

It may regret this when it ends up in a box forever like almost every legendary I’ve ever caught.

He then gives me the fighting z-crystal. Yay, another shiny thing that serves only to show off how great I am and has no practical value.

If you wish to use the Fighting-type Z-Power


I also get a stamp, but I’m going to keep pretending the crystals are just a new word for badges.

With it, Pokemon up to Lv. 35

Whoa. Your best is L15 but I can control things more than double that? Is this because the islands are so tiny? Is there a huge jump in power per island?

The moon in daytime… The sun at night…

Um. One of those things is normal, the other is end of the world level.

Now to see if you can pour your heart into something that cannot be seen but is very much real. As you continue on your island challenge, consider what makes up the people and Pokemon that you meet: both what you can see and what you cannot.

Oh, and then rabid taurosfriend appears. Hala decides that the fact a violent, barely controlled animal has charged in yet again means I should get to ride it. I like your policy on child endangerment, Hala! Now can you talk to those captain wusses about tearing down their dumb barriers?

So now I can page pokemon for rides. And, apparently, do a sporty magical girl transformation. Hala is still talking for some reason. Here in Alola our Pokemon lend us their strength and let us ride about on them!

Hala, that’s true in every region, it’s just they have to catch and use TMs, except in ORAS which was probably the test run where one special legendary will just appear and let you ride it.

Oh good god he’s explaining the pager. I’m already doing this Hala, just shut up.

Arg now Ilima is here to talk! Apparently he helped develop it. I would’ve been fine finding that out by talking to you on my own, Ilima.

I’m amazed you won without even using your Z-Power.

Ooh, the game noticed! Probably on the assumption I needed to be told yet again how it works, but still.

Apparently Tauros doubles as a way to smash rocks, and now I have false swipe too. Kukui tells me to go talk to Mom, then tells Lillie to start cleaning it.

Everyone else leaves, but as usual, Lillie stays behind. She wants a favor. She explains it’s for Nebby, naturally.

Its real home is far away from here. And I want to help it get home. It’s like I told you before… Nebby saved my life once when I was in trouble. Now I want to save it! I feel there’s not much I can do on my own, since I’m not a Pokemon Trainer… But if I had a real Trainer like you helping me, Bonnibel, then maybe… But I probably shouldn’t ask a near stranger to help, right?

In the personal safety sense, yes, but otherwise it’s fine.

I know it’s just my own wish and it has nothing to do with you…

Lillie is so sad. Of course I’ll help!

Oh, thank you so much! I’m so glad! I really didn’t know what else to do!

Plus, it pleases my ego that Hau isn’t an option, or Kukui. You can’t trust someone who doesn’t understand labcoats with anything important.

Then I suppose… The two of us will be heading to the next island as well!


Also, time to run all over smashing rocks. First, to rockruff territory!


This Pokemon has lived with people since times long ago. It can sense when its Trainer is in the dumps and will stick close to its Trainer’s side.

This is basically a more puppyish growlithe. I wonder if the emphasis on growlithe’s aggression is meant to help differentiate the two.

Also, it’s a pure rock type! I was thinking normal/rock.

Machop also abound, so I guess that’s where the other person got hers.

Oh, carbink!

Although this Pokemon is not especially rare, its glittering, jewel-draped body draws attention from people.

Right, let’s see what the pokedex says…

Eve Pokemon love the big city life sometimezzz… Kick around in Hau’oli City’s grass pathes to find ’em!


Apparently psyduck show up in the area, so I’ll keep running around.

Oh hey, roggenrola! And apparently they come with weak armor. That’s…not really something I’d expect for a solid chuck of rock.

The hexagonal cavity is its ear. It walks in the direction of sounds it hears, but if the sounds cease, it panics and topples over.

How does that function?

Okay, I’ve now run around the grass for several youtube videos worth of time and no psyduck, time to move on and what the hell, spinda?

Each and every Spinda has a slightly different configuration of spots. There are collectors who enjoy the tiny differences in their spot patterns.

…well, my pokemon are near dead, so I’ve got to leave anyway. I’ll try poking around other places.

Bonsly!…why am I excited, bonsly is terrible.

From its eyes, it can expel excess moisture from its body. This liquid is similar in composition to human sweat.

Munchlax!…and I didn’t really need you, did I, since they’re gifting that around. This one has leftovers, though, which is an item I love.

When it finds something that looks like it might be edible, it goes right ahead and swallows it whole. That’s why it gets fatter day by day.

Only if the food is digestible. Munchlax sound like they’d be getting plastered on posters about the danger of plastic pollution.

I’m honestly annoyed they didn’t throw around snorlax for Thanksgiving in Pokemon Go, by the way. The Halloween event came with themed pokemon! It should’ve been wall to wall pidgey with the occasional snorlax. Although the normal pokemon setup meant I finally netted a grimer, which is pretty awesome.

Anyway, in conclusion baby pokemon are awful. I can’t even remember how these guys evolve, friendship? Probably. I’m just going to hope I run into evolved forms later.

Also my yungoos learned bide. That’s not really what you’d expect from a constantly moving ferret-shrew.

And there’s a much higher level ledyba here, so I’ll catch her too. Also another leftovers munchlax, since I don’t have any pokemon capable of direct theft yet.

Popplio’s evolving! FINALLY. I can’t believe he didn’t evolve at L16 like a normal one. How dare this pattern be slightly deviated from???

Brionne. Aw, so happy looking!


It cares deeply for its companions. When its Trainer is feeling down, it performs a cheery dance to try and help.

That’s really cute, but also pretty close to what we just got on rockruff.

And while popplio are the sea lion pokemon, now mine’s the pop star pokemon.

Leftovers are great – now that my pokemon are stupidly overleveled, I can just battle and battle without worrying about getting worn down.

Since I evidently can miss pokemon, I guess I’ll see if the pokedex is actually telling the truth and run around a bit in the city.

God abra are so annoying. See, when they’re rare they’re a real challenge. When they’re common and also you have ultraballs so you catch one the first time, they’re just a bunch of fake battles that net you no experience.

Okay, I want to move on. I’m not seeing anything new, my team is half dead and the other half are running out of PP. I’m still missing almost a solid pokedex row at the bottom, but on the way to getting to rockruff’s area, there’s a big block I need to use strength on, and for all I know there’s something else beyond there. And given there’s apparently a good lot of pokemon around that trainers don’t have, it’s possible some of the others I’m missing are version exclusives I won’t see no matter how long I run about.

Current team:

L13 mankey
L8 wingull
L11 magnemite
L11 ledyba
L14 grubbin
L12 slowpoke

(Still no sign of those adorable black slipper pokemon.)

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