Pokemon Moon, Day 8

Okay, it’s finally time to leave! But first…I need to get her eyes back to normal, take off that lipstick, and go back to the original shirt.

And somehow I missed the entire mall. Okay then!

I found the place with nicer shirts, but everything is crazy expensive. I guess I’m meant to come back here later? I can still use their changing room though………….

……..my beautiful shirt’s gone!!!

Okay, so according to the internet, the original outfit doesn’t show up on the list, and you have to uncheck the existing clothing. WHY DID THIS SEEM LIKE A GOOD IDEA.

There’s also a show about ridable pokemon. Machamp are included! I feel pleased with myself. And there’s one of those battle resteraunts. I only manage to beat up two preschoolers, though. And the lady says she’s still hungry, so let’s try loading up on my higher level pokemon and trying again.

no it’s once per day okay FINE I’LL GO.

On the boat, Hau expresses excitement about getting to see the other island. Is travel itself prohibited? That’s honestly pretty concerning. Even ignoring that the game claimed beating Hala is hard and assuming it’s just an arbitrary roadblock anyone can get by if they put forth the effort…it’s still restricting travel a lot. It’s going to impact island unity – traveling around to meet other people is really important!

It might just be Hau personally…but we also know festivals and such are important. This means there are no celebrations that everyone takes part in, everyone only does their own local ones.

Well, I’ll shelve my concern for now. Hau says a dumb thing upon landing, Lillie says as much, Hau looks to me for support and not a chance Hau, I not only like Lillie better but she was right and you were dumb. Prof. Labsafetyfail then supports him and the two idiot boys laugh while we girls stand and wonder why this is happening.

???: Still haven’t managed to find shirt that goes with your lab coat, hmm, Kukui?


In fact, here you go. Now stop embarrassing everyone.

Lillie quickly tells her pokemon to hide again.

Kukui: Don’t sweat it, Lillie.

Ignore the dumb guy who doesn’t know how labcoats work, Lillie. The fact he knows this person does not change the fact that the fewer people know about Nebby the safer it’ll be.

Anyway, now we’re getting introduced to two women, which is nice. One is the captain, and one is the kahuna, I presume? Greenhaired Mallow is laying on the cooking metaphors, which is less unstereotypical, but they’ve had plenty of guys obsessed with cooking too.

Kukui says that really, she was probably there to make sure we were okay…does she know something about the boat you didn’t share? Did we just risk our lives on that thing?

Rotom: You’ve made it to Akala, clever girl!

You sound so condescending.

To my understanding, this is from Yokai Watch. I don’t know if it was done better there, but I’m really not a fan. Rotom’s dialogue is largely unnecessary or actively distracting (why do we need both a “added to the pokedex” standard message and then Rotom saying the same basic thing but longer), and having a pokemon that can definitely talk while everything else stays the same is, at best, really awkward – that last bit isn’t an issue when the yokai can all talk just fine.

Oh, and here’s a ferry. And I forgot to get berries. Let’s celebrate reaching a new island by immediately going back.

Crabrawler! At last!


It punches so much, its pincers often come off from overuse, but they grow back quickly. What little meat they contain is rich and delicious.

Mmmm, sustainable yum. Team Rocket should get on this. You’ve even got plausible deniability this time around!

Not such a fan of the design – like when pokemon seem to have clothing built into them, it’s weird it comes standard with an eye that looks like a human’s black eye.

Right, back to the new island.

Balding guy: Many Trainers who traveled in Kanto and Johto long, long ago came together to form this town, now known as Heahea City.
Non-balding guy: Hmm. So maybe the Pokemon people brought back from Kanto have increased here in Alola?

But if it’s both regions, why special forms only for Kanto ones? It’s all the weirder when the Johto games include Kanto and had some new pokemon only found there. And both games are pretty old, so giving both sets new forms wouldn’t have been that big of a deal.

Lillie has stopped outside a shop.

You looking for the ruins?/You looking for new clothes?

She’s stopped outside a clothing store, game. If I ran into her at random this might make sense, but I can clearly see clothing through the window!

She says she was trying to, but Nebby’s into the “Ruins of Life”. What were the previous ruins called? She then asks if we’ll come along, saying Nebby likes us. It’d better like us, Bonnibel got mauled by spearow for it!

She says to find her at the hotel.

I’m supposed to be meeting someone there… Someone very important to me…


She then says that she can see the building from where she is so Even I shouldn’t be able to lose my way. I think.

You are the saddest character, Lillie.

Sorry, but my Stoutland is a real thorough kind and likes to uncover every last stone! Could you take another route until we have uncovered all of the hidden items here?

…no? Because you’re not even blocking the road or anything, look, I can walk right by-


I really hope someone hacks the games thoroughly. Maybe in a couple years I can play a fixed version of Sun.


I am cutscene ambushed by people in giant glasses. They go on about how they are tourists. Why do I need to know this.

The girl challenges me. She has a L15 delibird and a L16 glaceon.

And when I scrape out a win, the guy hands me “the Zygarde Cube” which is not, technically, cube-shaped.


Okay. I did like my zygarde last time around.

The item that I just gave you is for collecting the Cores and Cells of a Pokemon–Zygarde. Alt forms are okay when I don’t like the original, but honestly, I really loved the snakey design.

Then he says he’ll actually explain some other time, so it’s basically useless and how do you even know there’ll be another time? Are you planning on stalking me?

I’m then told yet again to go to Route 4 and dammit game you won’t let me!

FINALLY. I can get to grass now. A lillipup pops out. Sorry, lillipup, don’t really like you. Also, that’s the third dog pokemon we’ve seen! I don’t really associate multiple canine species and islands. Aren’t there more bugs we could be using?

The long fur surrounding its face functions as radar, enabling it to probe the condition of its battle opponents.


Mudbray! I…do not think I much like you either. You’re just kinda clunky, plus you’re so ordinary in color. And you generally look more like a stuffed animal, complete with fake eyes.


It has a stubborn, individualistic disposition. Eating dirt, making mud, and playing in the mire all form part of its daily routine.

Pure ground type, too. Why not just make an Alolan ponyta?

There’s a bellhop battle.

Recently, there have been cases of Pokemon staying by themselves…

That’s super interesting, why won’t you say anything more?

Continuing on, I find a giant green flatworm that gets sucked into the “cube”. p08_04_en

Igglybuff! Uh…is hovering in midair, legs flapping uselessly as it floats. WTF?

My best guess is it’s meant to indicate that igglybuff are so balloonlike they don’t even stay on the ground, but they don’t have the levitate ability.

It moves by bouncing along. As it moves a lot, it sweats, and its body gives off a sweet aroma.

So basically it smells like food.

Also ledyba levels up and learns light screen, reflect, AND safeguard in one go. You can really tell they were not expecting you to keep this pokemon on your team long. It is interesting just how good of a support pokemon it is – I’ll have to try to remember that it’s a way to get quick access to all those moves.

I need to heal, so I head back, then go check out Lillie’s hotel. There, she’s standing forlornly off to the side, and says she thinks she missed her meeting but it’s okay, she’s fine just standing at the hotel.

I continue to the ranch, where…arg, Hau just healed my pokemon. Which wasn’t even necessary, since they were at full heal. You’re an awful rival, Hau.

L16 pikachu. A threat to my L13 wingull, sure, but not so much my L13 magnemite.

…or so I thought until it got a million critical hits. Okay fine, L16 mankey, finish it off.

His only other one is his starter. Torracat, still with all four paws on the ground as is proper. Also evidently still a pure fire type, since karate chop is just regular effective.

And z-power, that’ll be it for my poor mankey. L13 slowpoke, go!

…licked almost to death, with the help of paralysis. Let’s try Wingull.

Our Pokemon all look like they had a blast too! You’re still worthless as a rival, but you’re better at being on-theme with the whole friendship business.

He also gives me a dire hit, explaining that if I use this and then get a critical hit, the protective aura totem pokemon have doesn’t apply. I assume that really means any critical hit bypasses it.

And that, in turn, means things like my karate chopping mankey, or the various pokemon learning focus energy, are more useful in tht context. I like the fact we’re getting varieties of battle. The call for help mechanic means a lot of battles end up double so moves that can hit two pokemon at once are more important than usual as well.

Exploring the town, someone says charizard will be ridable once I beat a certain challenge, and another person says their tauros digs up hidden items. So that’s not something that unlocks with the stoutland, it’s just a thing I either don’t have access to or don’t know how to do or am doing but haven’t encountered any hidden items.

Someone telling you about it might be a clue… Well, I’ve now both walked and charged over the area, so I guess not. Onward!

ARG CUTSCENE. I walk over, the guy says the captain is there, I am then dragged in instead of being allowed to walk. Jesus christ game.

She gives me a stoutland and explains pressing B will give me that search thing. So how was the other person using tauros for it?

I go on to try to talk to a tauros in the corner, triggering another cutscene. They want to train this guy for riding, but he’s hyper aggressive, so they get the “mistress” of the place, a miltank.

One roar from Miltank and even the most ornery Tauros is instantly as quiet as a little Litten!

She heads over.

Mooo! Mo-mo mo moooooo!


He roars. She moos. He roar-moos. She gives up.

So they say I should beat this creature into submission, I mean, “burn off his energy”. He’s L15. Hitting him enrages him, maxing his attack. Is that a hidden ability? Because it seems kind of broken.

Yep, he’s now killed almost my whole team. Still has a sliver of health, but he’s faster. Time to use a revive.

ARG of course that’s the turn he uses scary face.

Okay, I think Mankey is faster…

Mankey is not faster. Well then! I hand over…a pittance. Seriously? I have $32,542, and I gave him less than $300, so that’s not even one percent of it. What the hell’s the point of it, then? I’d have to be losing more often than I won to have any problem. Getting your money gutted because of a surprise loss was the closest these games got to challenging.

Okay, let’s try that again. This time, I put to sleep, confuse, reflect, and then paralyze, as well as not triggering that stat maxing, and it goes much better with magnemite scraping out a win in the end.

Onward again! And I run into a wild tauros of almost the same level. So why does the other one have to get trained? Why can’t you just go with ones who already have the right temperament?

Also it has a pokeball slot next to it when the pokedex image appears, so either it evolves OR they’re now treating tauros/miltank as an official pair.

Although it’s known to be a fierce Pokemon, Tauros in the Alola region are said to possess a measure of calmness.

But not an alt form? Interestingly, mine actually does have the calm nature – it’d be interesting if they altered those with certain pokemon, changing the probabilities.

Grubbin learned a new move! …spark? Where are we going with this, game?

Also, mankey is L18, so I swap for a L15 mudbray.

Spark and bite are a nice combination.

So’s my ledyba against mudbray – only the L15 ones even have a move that can hit her, and it’s double-kick so it does barely any damage. Meanwhile she can hit two with swift and they hit each other with bulldoze. Still takes a while but at least she’s finally leveling.

They’re a weird pokemon, though – they know rototiller, which exists only to boost grass types. I’m dubious something so specific is ever going to be useful (moves that exist only to boost your partner in a double battle are of minimal utility as it is, and this one has the benefit of boosting opponents…) and it’s certainly not going to be this early in the game…I haven’t even had a single proper double battle yet, so no way for the player to take advantage of it, and come to think, I don’t believe we’ve even seen any grass types! That’s really kind of weird, isn’t it. And mudbray sure didn’t look like it ends up half grass, as cool as that’d be. And they’re weak to grass, making the move all the more dangerous to use.

You know what they should have? Ground immunity ability/not-hitting-partner-in-double-battles ability. They’re a herd animal but ground moves tend to hit multiple targets and aren’t safe to use in a group.

At L15, ledyba learns mach punch – so, 40 power but goes first, basically fighting quick attack. Note ledyba is not part fighting and the only thing worse than its special attack is its physical one. She is currently rocking an attack of 11, to be clear just how bad this is.

I’m a Pokemon Nursery lady. I help take care of the Pokemon of Trainers like you. Lately, for some reason, I see some Pokemon holding Eggs. It’s mysterious, isn’t it?

People make fun of the fact pokemon eggs are a mystery, but I’d say the bigger issue is how this seems to have always JUST started happening. Like, a week before the protagonist rolls into town, suddenly pokemon become breedable.

Inside, someone’s offering a hidden power TM, and better yet, they can tell me what it’ll be if my pokemon learn it. Interface is still awful – you say you want to know, then it takes you to your team window, then you select a single pokemon. It could just display type on each one, like how during contests it says eligable/not eligable.

Apparently, Wingull could learn fire hidden power…but it can just use flying moves. Magnemite could learn ghost… Hey, might be useful. More useful than tackle, anyway. And Mudbray has the heart of a dragon, and also that totally worthless rototiller move.

I then head over to the PC to consider who I want to put in the daycare. I eventually settle on vullaby (takes forever to evolve) and lillipup (raised one not too long ago, final stage is relatively high level). Then I go up to the counter and discover that nope, this is a nursery, it does absolutely nothing but produce eggs except that apparently that only just happened.

She asks if I want an egg, and yes obviously.

And don’t go trying to crack it just because you can’t wait to see what’s inside!


Though I’ve never heard of a Pokemon Egg cracking except when it’s ready to hatch.


She then coos about how carrying it will make it hatch and I bet it must feel pretty happy being surrounded by your team, even before it’s born. Not if it can hear this conversation!

Beyond, I find the way blocked by sudowoodo. A small child explains that they’re tramatized by Lana beating them with water z-moves, so now they’re blocking anyone else from getting a crystal. I’m not sure why I can’t just beat them up but I do appreciate that this roadblock is inventive and suggests a larger world.

Ah, a pair of small children have attacked with their pair of baby pokemon. First double battle! Ledyba is theoretically useful, throwing up reflect, but Slowpoke could tank the hits just fine anyway.

And then, a delicious L14 metapod appears. Ledyba can actually handle herself against this.

Well, the metapod, at least. The caterpie chain that results is more difficult. Also, caterpie know bug bite now. I wonder when they started getting semi-decent moves? And just when Ledyba almost pulls it off, L16 butterfree who very nearly finishes off my whole team.

But! We are victorious, and now I have ledian and the ability to kick it off my team.

In battle, it throws punches with all four arms. The power of each individual blow is piddly, so it aims to win by quantity rather than quality. Well then, it should have an ability that lets it use all moves twice, maybe then it’d only be a sucky pokemon (or that ability that lets multi-hit moves hit more). Or at least all punching-class moves. Currently it has Swarm, which is not only a bad ability generally but completely useless given it knows no bug moves at all. According to Bulbapedia, it’ll learn a whopping two bug moves total, one at L29 (long after you’ve dumped it) and another at L53, which I assume was found by data mining because no one has ever raised a ledian to L53. (Back in Gen3, when abilities were introduced, it learned no bug moves at all.) And apparently it can get an ability to boost punching moves…as a hidden ability, because obviously, ledian is just too overpowered to have that as a normal option.

It can also have Early Bird, which isn’t quite as aggressively useless as Swarm, but who the hell bothers to put a ledian to sleep?

This is something that really bothers me with Pokemon. Someone cared about ledian when they first made it – the support-heavy moveset, and having it only found in the mornings, means at least one person was seriously thinking about what sort of pokemon ledian would be. Third gen comes, though, pfft, it’s a bug, give it swarm. I’m not even sure if Early Bird is meant to reflect when it appears, because that one seems to have been handed out somewhat randomly and almost entirely to first and second gen pokemon. And no one really cared since then. There’s all sorts of interesting pokemon that are invented, get a second or two of attention, then fall by the wayside.

BUT. Currently, it’s awful. Also, my team is nearly dead, so it’s time to retreat-

And I just ran into a trainer. She sends out a mushroom plant.

I didn’t remove leftovers from Ledian, and she resists ghost and plant moves, so she actually starts getting back her HP. But I don’t want to waste any exp on her, so I actually do want her to die. I eventually manage to trigger effect spore to poison her and that whittles her down. Unfortunately, giga drain and moonlight mean my opponent just hops back to full health, and none of my other pokemon similarly resist. My team is demolished. Finally, my grubbin, paralyzed and with just three HP left, takes it down…and she sends out her second pokemon. Luckily, it’s a ledyba, and we have established what ledyba are. I spark it to death without injury. I’m not actually sure it even knew any attacking moves.

Then I flee more successfully, get to the nursery, and box/unbox all my pokemon to heal up.

THEN I had to go do a bunch of stuff and after that I drove around parking lots catching pokemon because I want to do a mass evolve tomorrow in Pokemon Go, so I accomplished nothing more.


  1. Aw, I like Mudbray. I think non-human eyes are cute and interesting.

    1. Farla says:

      Nonhuman eyes are okay, eyes that are obviously chunks of felt sewn on are creepy.

  2. Raven says:
    See, I just assumed Hau talking about never leaving the island was more like how I’ve never been to all the states in America.  I was never forbidden, but it wasn’t the easiest thing to do either, so even now that I have my own car, I’ve never bothered.

    You occasionally get items with Tauros when you smash rocks.

    1. Farla says:

      Never been to all is very different than never been to any, though. And it’s a tiny, tiny island – people on mainland Kanto discuss traveling to other cities all the time, while his island has only one city and Hala says that they don’t have many people.

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