Pokemon X Day 34

Last time:

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But before we get to the actual game, I hope everyone participated in zubat wonder trade storm why are we doing this day! I ended up trading a perfect three boxes worth of zubat. If you didn’t trade at least that many, you should be ashamed. Atone by dumping more zubat into wonder trade just when people think they’re safe.

Two boxes, three rows produced nine zubat, with most of the zubat in the first box. I got Katherine’s Hi, Ian’s Ian m!o, Dan’s TAISHANA, Nathaniel’s !, and regular zubat originating from Oweny, Nicole, Stephanie, Chaos, and Jordan. I saw three people with zubat messages, although one sent me a scyther instead.

Then trading those ones got me another zubat from Syn, who didn’t have the zubat message but seemed in on the fun anyway. From there I only needed two more zubat to complete the third box, so I hatched one and dumped a gengar in the GTS for another before moving on to breeding squirtle. That I named Zubat. Two rows later, I got a noibat and also called it a night.

I was the only person I found to be doing premierball zubats, so apparently other people don’t understand those are the prettier pokeballs.

My final haul.

5 charmander (that’s why I figured I should put some squirtle in)
L61 haunter-turned-gengar that took surprisingly long to unload to the random strangers who kept asking me to trade, and another L58 one.
2 magikarp
3 froakie
4 goomy for whatever reason

Also, I saw someone named Obsidian in my passerby list with a zubat message, but they ignored my trade request.

But anyway, to the game.

There’s still an intact lodge that somehow survived the newest blast, and the guy inside appears not to have noticed anything amiss.

Inside the hotel, the person who lectured earlier is happy to finally have some conclusive information about the stones.

The stones were there to absorb energy from Pokemon? I guess the theory about them being gravestones wasn’t too far off! Thankfully, they were destroyed, which means no Pokemon have to worry about their energy getting stolen now!

Sure, if those were the only stones like that in all the world.

Above is some hiker who says The Kalos region is nice and all, but you should really check out my region! We have this town that you wouldn’t believe… Ah, never mind. You’ll see it in due time.

So what, you have double murder flowers?

I gather this is meant to be a source of speculation, and I wish I could join in, but it’s obvious this just means there’ll be another pokemon game in the future. Sorry, nothing can ever reproduce the insanity of the originals when we were all too dumb to even consider there might just be more games. Not to mention all the times since then that later games have just flat out failed to follow through, starting as early as the second gen (there at least it at least worked in Japan, but that’s cold comfort).

So, to Anistar! I buy some more items. Then I get a holo clip when I try to leave. Stop using this system already!

Sycamore: Do you have a minute? I’d like to talk to you face-to-face. Let’s meet in Couriway Town!

Right. So, can I finally get on this route?

Yes. And a durant just jumped out of a bush. And now she’s mine!

Individuals each play different roles in driving Heatmor, their natural predator, away from their colony.

You know what I haven’t tried? Raising one of these.

Also, catching her made me remember I’m nearly out of premierballs, so time to head back to the megacity and buy another 99. Also, while I’m here let’s see if the haircut shop offers anything new…

Hey, I can get a ponytail! Done and done.

 photo HNI_0014.jpg

Okay, so, current team is my talonflame, sliggoo, durant, Xerneas god of life, skrelp, and a yanma I’m going to drag around for a while for the evolution. All are L45 or just over, except Xerneas of course and the low-level yanma.

Back to the route. A torkoal emerges. Wow, durant, you really know how to pick your habitats.

You find abandoned coal mines full of them. They dig tirelessly in search of coal.

…Well, that sure puts bad habitat decisions in perspective.

Presumably the idea is that these are abandoned coal mines that still contain coal, despite generally people only abandoning mines for the lack of what they’re mining. I mean, there could still be some dregs, but as a species we’re pretty good at getting the dregs ourselves.

Speaking of my durant, she makes herself useful by taking one for the team and sacrificing one of her four better moves to learn cut and let me destroy a tree that had the bad sense to be in my way.

Another durant ambushed me from a bush. Is that the only way you find them?

I find a wacan berry tree and a railing for skates that lets me travel over water. Who’s putting these things up?

And now heatmor.

Using their very hot, flame-covered tongues, they burn through Durant’s steel bodies and consume their insides.

Hey, my skrelp’s evolving. And doing so right after a battle with a fairy-type trainer that’d have been a lot worse if she’d been evolved.

Wow the evolution looks freaky in all the best ways. Dragalge.

 photo 691Dragalge.png

Their poison is strong enough to eat through the hull of a tanker, and they spit it indiscriminately at anything that enters their territory.

Lairon! And she’s a girl, too. Shame she gets confused by accident and knocks herself out… And the next one’s also a girl.

It loves iron ore. Groups of them fight for territory by bashing one another with their steel bodies.

Right. Well, it’s late and my game is flashing every red light it has, so I’m just going to call it quits for today midroute.


  1. Hadithi says:
    Durant freaks me out. Giant metal ant. And they have colonies! It’s like something out of an old horror movie. They’re going to swarm and invade, and our bullets will bounce off their steel bodies! Soon we will be nothing but food for the colony!
    1. Farla says:
      No, no, not food. They’ll grind us to pulp and filter the iron from our blood.

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