Pretty Cure Max Heart Part 4

Last time, is time passing? What is time? What is hurry?


Somehow tertiary friend of Sporty who wants to be a director has roped actual special effects people into doing the wire work for the school play. There’s no explanation for this at all. It’s just a thing.

I can’t believe there’s only ten episodes left and there’s still no sense of any danger. I mean, they look upset during the battles, but that’ it. Don’t get me wrong, the srs bsns school play is cute too, but in the previous season, there’d be actual concern about it getting crashed by their enemies mixed in.

Hey, new opening. Why only now?


This episode is about Honoka maybe moving away to Paris and oh no they will be sad apart.

Also everyone would be dead in a week or so because you two are magical girls who are all that stands between the dissolution of our universe and whose powers only work when standing next to the other one.

After rambling about all the friendship concerns, she adds that there might be some slight issues with the Pretty Cure thing (and our continued existence), then back to friendship.


Meanwhile, baby evil king is wondering who he is and the meaning of life and all.

It ends with Science’s groupy begging her not to go because she wants to be together with Science forever, then Science decides that it’s most important to stay with her friends. And that’s why the world still exists.


Today it’s about some psychotic lacrosse captain. Sporty invites her out to eat with them and make her less psychotic. I really hope Sporty’s team finally loses. Nothing against them, but they always win.

Huh. This time they’re winning from the start. Dare I hope? And now psycho lacrosse captain has been converted to the happiness method and is running her team on praise.

Huh. Now they’ve got to the alternate zone while Sporty was mid-throw, with first villain guy catching the ball. What on earth does this look like to the mundanes? Last season when she popped out her stuff didn’t come with, but this time the already in the air ball went along.

And…no explanation at all for the transition back or attention to that missed shot by Sporty. Instead, Sporty wins yet again. Luckily converting psycho captain to happiness means she’s not too bothered. There are no consequences this season at all – none in the magical girl serious area, none in the mundane area.

Anyway, that means the second to last heart fairy has turned into a marble. So I guess a couple more episodes of hijinks related to whatever the second to last fairy is, then the seeker fairy will finally get its butt in there too and the dark king endgame triggers at last.


And now Sporty’s obsessing about her crush’s upcoming birthday. Meanwhile Queengirl is sad because she want to see kid dark king.

Today’s monster looks pretty cool – it’s a dragon with net wings.

We end with the two kid-versions both expressing unease at what their whole versions coming back will mean for them.

(Also, somehow her present getting mussed during the fight remained after defeat. I think this is the only time that’s happened.)


Her crush invites her out for Christmas Eve!!!!…with everyone else.

The dark kid confirms his non-maliciousness by suddenly seeing queengirl about to get hit by something and warning her, and they keep having a weird connection.

The battle goes badly, Lulun has to save them, and apparently that pushes the dark kid over the edge and something ominous begins.

But back to regular life, Sporty still can’t tell him her feelings, so she shouts it when she’s just too far to be heard. I guess it’s just never going to resolve.


Apparently they’re no longer head of their respective clubs, having passed it on to the next generation.

It ends with them getting a farewell-soon party, which makes the love heart fairy decide that yeah sure, that’s good enough, undoubtedly recognizing Sporty will never manage to actually say her feelings or anything.


Okay, now the boundaries between the worlds are falling apart. Finally endgame?

Queengirl and kingboy spend the episode in some alt dimension chatting and we learn kingboy has no idea what’s going on at all.


Okay, so the alt dimension was the dark dimension.

So no one can remember queengirl, which the girls are all freaked out by and Mepple says it’s some great power doing it, but she memory-cuckooed her way into everyone’s life in the first place, and this seems to be working exactly like it did when the reincarnated evil guys realized they weren’t human and turned into monsters. Reality snapping back happens every episode and seems to be automatic as soon as whatever anomaly did it was removed.

Meanwhile Porun’s figured out what’s up and starts running around with Lulun holding onto his tail. He’s really grown on me since he stopped being so annoying. Well, mostly since he started suffering.

So, two episodes left for proper end of the world stuff.

So the strongest bad guy is all gloaty that their leader is resurrecting and tells them it’s time to see if they even can resurrect the queen, to which the other girls say they weren’t even trying to do that, because what is competence.

Also apparently the dark king produces the chain things and shoots them out into the surrounding area. I was assuming they were restraining him but I guess they’re anchoring him? Come to think, that makes sense given he’s at risk of his own power devouring him.


Queengirl wants to save kingboy and meanwhile Sporty and Science have a surprisingly decently choreographed battle with Team Evil.

The kid ends up going into the giant dark king body, so queengirl decides to do the resurrection thing too.

Continuing the choreographing improvement, this episode two of Team Evil sacrifice themselves to destroy the girls’ powerups. (…the ones that are made anew each episode so they can reuse the animation…)

Which I guess means I was wrong and this will end up with everyone dead, unless they can pull the same resurrecty trick as the other guy later.


So they can’t fight anymore, then they flashback a bit, and then they get their powerups back. That’s pretty lame, and things were going so well on the battle front. I’d have much rather they’d found a way to win without the powerup instead.

And then it turns out the strongest member of Team Evil is actually the dark king? Or else just ate the power and became the new one and they get beaten again. You’d think it’d be a heart/life/fairy split, but it really seems like straight up usurping his power, which admittedly there’s precedent for. Then they power up again, and also queengirl finally manages to kill herself but not and resurrect the queen, and between them all, they blow it all up.

Then we get the end about how they won’t get to be magical girls anymore…

But everyone’s alive and memory-cuckooing, and this time the OCMs can stay without going into a coma. Actual happy ending and not that creepy thing from last season!

So, I feel there were some improvements in addressing the flaws of the last – removing the excess of guys that built up over the previous season, shifting the powerups from Porun to a new magical girl and then making a girl-Porun for the remaining deus ex machinas, and the fights seemed more coherent on a whole, although still prone to being a bunch of stuff happened until they decide to pull out the reused animation attacks. And giving Porun to someone who could better control him helped reduce the time spent on everyone else hving to put up with him being a brat, then the later addition of Lulun who was only a brat at Porun made him actually enjoyable.

But on the other hand, everything’s dulled out. The first season had a lot of concern about balancing their responsibility as magical girls and their other commitments, and they seemed a lot more stressed. Their enemies were steadily more dangerous and the stakes rose understandably. Plus the evil guys would infiltrate their lives by pretending to be human. There was also more of an arc to it – the individual members of Team Evil had a lot more personality, interacted with each other and the girls and as a whole has a small character arc of their own. Even Sporty’s crush had more of an arc to it – we’re introduced and have episodes building off it so that one mention followed another, while here every scene is the same – Sporty can’t admit to her crush, stresses over it, says something but doesn’t manage a full confession.

That latter part may just be an inevitable result of dragging another season out of the character, but as they made an entirely new Team Evil, I have no idea why they dropped the ball just about everywhere in relation to that too. This was almost completely episodic – we just keep seeing Team Evil hanging out at the mysterious mansion, and only once in a blue moon does anything change. Same for the line about truth getting closer – it’s all just filler as the wheels spin, because nothing’s actually changing in almost all of the episodes.


  1. Ember says:
    “Also everyone would be dead in a week or so because you two are magical
    girls who are all that stands between the dissolution of our universe
    and whose powers only work when standing next to the other one.”

    THIS ALWAYS DRIVES ME NUTS. And it happens repeatedly in mahou shoujo! There were actually TWO episodes of Smile where the possibility of Reika opting out of Pretty Cure came up and NO ONE brought up the fact that because they need to combine their powers for their final attack that would mean EVERYONE DYING.

    Fresh actually did the plot well in that they weren’t relying on a combo attack at the time Miki was considering leaving, and also she decided to stay explicitly because her friends need her to help fight monsters and not be dead, not just because it would be sad to get separated.

    …huh, it’s always the blue magical girl this happens with. I just realized that.

    1. Farla says:
      Here, not only can they not win but they’ll die almost immediately because unless they’re standing close enough to touch they can’t even transform to defend themselves!

      I wonder why they don’t do something like have the move be months in the future, after whatever magical-girl prompting crisis is probably resolved.

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