Pretty Cure Season One Part 2


Ep 13: While seeing her crush play soccer, another boy shows up out of nowhere and does better than everyone. So we’re already on a new ridiculous evilguy? But ridiculous evillady was so competent last time! If we’re switching up, why couldn’t it’ve been with Musclebound Uglyface.

Also, I think Science’s partner is jealous of her new friendship? Or maybe just actually concerned it’s getting in the way of their research.

Also, Sporty eats both their lunches because they don’t have time to eat. Why doesn’t she just bring a bigger lunch in the first place?

Haha, now she tripped horribly and the boy everyone’s calling cute is hitting on her. Japanese schoolgirls, don’t you have better adjectives? I would really not call his angleface “cute”. He’s your standard murderbishie.

Now he seems legit crushing on Science? Things are confusing this episode.

Did I mention the lady villain’s name is Poisony? Better than some of the others. Not sure what bishieface’s name is. They’re squabbling about who sucks more.

Kiriya? That’s his name? Maybe it’s meant to be Killer.

Also dammit, didn’t get to see the other science projects. They use manual slides and not powerpoint! Truly it is ancient times.

Okay, now, Science’s fangirl appeared for an impassioned plea not to destroy the possessed science project, but their powers never destroy stuff.

Also at the end it turns out they named it after the fangirl and not Science because she did such a good job.

Ep 14: Sporty is thinking about how last time they transformed in a populated place and oh no what if someone saw them. Cue her friends showing up to ask if she’s heard about Pretty Cure, the pair of magical girls people say is around.

Villain lady continues to be pretty competent at all this, using the fake ones to threaten suicide and stuff. Apparently their magical therapy beam no longer exists so this is a real problem.

Turns out two of their friends were pretending to be them, and there’s this big explanation for why that ultimately doesn’t involve how they actually know about the pair in the first place, let alone in such exacting detail.

Also, confirmed that teen evil is rooting for lady evil to fail, because ???

Ep 15: Vacation! Luckily Sporty and Science will be at the same hotel by chance, otherwise this would be a magical girl free episode.

Oddly, villain lady seems to be getting a lot of comic relief bits. She’s also the only one who seems to be able to transform into anything, rather than between villain form and similar looking human form.

This episode, for some reason they should run and not fight? But then they do transform. But they get their butts kicked and the ghost tree flute saves them instead. Then they use their therapy beams to stop the other ghosts? The therapy beam that wasn’t an option last episode.

Ep 16: This episode is about overachiever girl! Villain lady dresses up as a fortune teller, but then she just snaps her fingers to possess her anyway. I guess she just likes being undercover. Well, it’s good to have hobbies.

Another plan that involves the girls not wanting to hurt humans! Good job, villain lady. And they have to solve it with a plan of their own.

Of course, there’s then the craziness of the evil dark thing being harder to beat when it’s not possessing something.

The doodles on the girl’s face Sporty made don’t disappear after the battle, so that aspect continues to be confusing.

Ep 17: They all go to the farm to help, and for some reason evil teen came, although he doesn’t have any idea what’s going on. His cluelessness is great. Also, Science, usually so smart, for some reason doesn’t think anything weird about him talking about how weird and weak humans are and how he doesn’t understand anything that’s happening. It’s not clear if he even understands what food is.

Is he Science’s actual love interest?

Villain lady shows up to criticize him going native and also being a weakling. He says he’ll help her beat them. Then she summons a giant earthworm, as you do. He flinches when Science is attacked, allowing Sporty to get through the barrier and win. So yeah, love interest. Then Science scoops up the earthworm cooing about how cute it is (very). She shoves it into Sporty’s face so she can share in the adorableness, but inexplicably Sporty runs away instead.

Ep 18: We finally learn why the dark king keeps making ominous statements about a time limit. It turns out he’s getting eaten alive by his own power, and only the magic stones can stabilize things. That’s actually a pretty reasonable motivation, much better than so he can murder more kittens.

One of Sporty’s friends says that she’d have better luck with boys if her grades were better. Japan has some good messages for girls. Meanwhile, teen evil tries to understand “humans” and their “feelings” and their “not wanting him to break people’s legs just to score a goal”. Oh, teen evil, if only all of team evil could be like you.

And indeed he ends up rescuing them due to his crush. Good try though, villain lady, your plan totally worked.

Ep 19: Now the piccolo looking guy is being told to get on with the stone-stealing too. And apparently he’s way tougher than the rest. He depowers them but OCM charges him in an act of self-sacrifice and this makes his depowering vacuum ball crack and release their energy.

Ep 20: Damn, villain lady just said she was going to get the stones if it killed her. I guess it’s her last episode. Also, none of team evil thinks anything of teen evil’s suspicious muttering about how humans are actually super tough. Also, I think villain lady turned into Science. Teen evil takes the opportunity to go incompetently flirt with actual Science when she leaves the school a few minutes later.

And…we get an actual fight where there’s more to it than just using their special attack. And the surviving villains are actually upset over it. Apparently the kid wasn’t being sarcastic when he was calling her his sister earlier.

Okay it actually went from sunny to pouring rain for his dramatic sad confession this is so great. God, anime, I missed you.

Science and Sporty are upset about how much it’ll suck to fight their friend. Or, in Sporty’s case, the guy she sort of knew who kept showing up her crush. They do try to reason with him a bit, but it’s no different than the delay they usually have before transforming.

For some reason they keep saying it’s okay to change your fate, but it’s not like it’s a metaphorical thing here, he dies if the dark zone dies and everyone else dies if it doesn’t. I mean, it’d be one thing if the dark king guy was going to dissolve his minions once he got what he wanted and they die either way, but they’ve been clear that’s not how it works.

Then when he finally suicides rather than hurt them they start crying and screaming. That’s what you were telling him he should do the whole time. I think this is getting into some Japanese hangups with fate that aren’t too understandable to me.

Ep 22: This episode dogs talk to each other a lot. Weirdly, also plot happens with the last villain knowing the name of the mcguffin guardian and seeming to have some plot to deal with it. This series has the weirdest grasp of filler.

Ep 23: Summer camp! Coincidentally again, Sporty and Science are together.

Okay, someone just said there’s a guardian who punishes you for hurting trees. So I guess the villain will do that? And yet no, they’re menaced by the mountain instead.

Anyway, this means they got the stones stolen! I was thinking things were moving along way too well – they start with two, then get the rest relatively easily.

Ep 24: And this episode is apparently the final battle…halfway through the season.

It’s very DBZ.

Then he gets the last two stones, which resonate or something and this hurts him.

 photo lazy.png

So really, they could have won by giving the dark guys the stones this whole time? Or maybe it’s that he became vulnerable because he had all the stones at once. So they put the stones together and this prince comes who seems like he’s about five and says they need to come to back to the OCM’s world. I guess that’s the other half of the season.

Ep 25: They don’t transform into OCMs upon going to the OCM homeworld. Disappointing.

Exposition dude seems to be saying that a lot of other places were wiped out by the evil dark zone and they’re just a rare island of safety because of their light powers. Wow, that’s pretty disturbing. Also wow they are not even trying to make the characters make sense.

 photo Queen.png

Titanic queen woman gave birth to a tiny stuffed animal. And there’s some humanoid in-between thing that’s an elder too. Sure why not.

And then the last villain ressurects and gets them and the stones and drags them to the dark zone. What a change from the opening episodes that were just no consequence easy battles.

Ep 26: And now the last villain has revealed his true form of a masculine naked monster.  photo evilguy.pngRight then. Then they totally fail to beat him and he gets destroyed by his boss for nearly hurting the stones. They really need to step up the heroics.

But this triggers a super rage from the girls for hurting his own servant, but I’m pretty sure if the stones get destroyed all the dark people die, so… Also, the black king guy has had all these swinging chains around him, but now he’s down to one. I probably should have paid more attention to that.

And…now the queen is going to do something? And she’s chatting and then she shrunk down to the same size as they are to empower them. Which was not a self-sacrifice, yay. But oh no, when they go home the annoying mascots will stay there. How terrible. Let’s all be very sad.

…aaaaaaaaand they’re back already. With the tiny prince there too. But no sign of what the plot for the rest of the series will be.

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