Shiplympics Round 1 Part 2

Done with this! Now on to all the rest.

equius <3 gamzee

I stand with the commenter here – it’s all very interesting while you’re reading but there’s a million questions and nothing’s ever cleared up.

Actual moirallegiance! Pretty simple otherwise.

eridan <3 feferi <3 sollux
I kept waiting for the punchline but there doesn’t seem to be one. It’s just yay everything is fine and all the inherently bad stuff didn’t actually need to be true after all!
eridan <> kanaya
The usual problems of the pairing. Does have Eridan fanboying Hitler, though, so there’s that. Propaganda is present but not really the focus.

eridan <3< rose
This one’s weird, it’s really the story of the Rose and company rebellion, with Eridan just there. Not really propaganda-y either, thinking humans are dumb is just a matter of being wrong.

eridan <3 sollux
A very cute video with a very OOC Eridan.

eridan <3< sollux
MAJOR TAGS: Physical Abuse

So I guess bound enslaved Sollux covered in bite marks isn’t getting raped or anything.
This fandom’s implementation of warnings is truly a thing.

eridan <3 terezi
An OClike one, and nothing much to do with propaganda. There seems to be a lot of stuff that’s treating Feferi’s general existence as a good enough substitute.
gamzee <3< kanaya
Ah, actual propaganda. Failing to really sell the ship, though, unless we go with spades=platonic murderous hate.

gamzee <> karkat
Real moirallegiance again, and well balanced to have Karkat accomplishing something without actually fixing Gamzee properly.

gamzee <3 karkat
Cute but really, really misunderstanding propaganda.

gamzee <3 kurloz
Hm. Public service announcements seem like they’re sort of a related subspecies to propaganda, but not really the same breed. Quite nicely done, though.

gamzee <3 tavros
Good art that doesn’t seem to have too much connection to the prompt.

grand highblood <3< summoner
Clever setup and story with some random posters added in to be propaganda-y. Nice to see Mindfang’s involvement and death being really a part of it too.

jade <3 karkat
OClike – I really wish people weren’t so enamored with AU stuff, it means that much more separation between the canon characters and their fic selves.

jade <3 john
Nice art and slogans, not much for where this is taking place and what’s going on beyond that.
john <3 karkat
You know that subsubsubgenre where someone gets enslaved, they like their oblivious master though, then nothing whatsoever resolves? That’s it here, only the setting’s unusually bizarre with Condesce apparently ruling the humans and her empire expanding into the troll planets.

john <3 rose
And in this one they’re all trolls dealing with the Condesce and John’s her favorite again. Why is this even a thing when he hates her?

john <3 vriska
Here John hates everything about Crocker and her meals most of all! Finally. Nice heavy focus on propaganda too. Vriska isn’t really as terrible as she should be, but she’s pretty kid-gloves in her interactions with John in canon, so she fits with her behavior within that one relationship.

kanaya <3 rose
Carapace AU instead of the usual, particularly heavy focus on propaganda and in a different way than the rest. I feel like they’re more them than a lot of AUs manage, but maybe that’s just the fact it’s not as standard so their behavior feels less generic.

kanaya <3 vriska
This one’s funny and cute. It’s kind of weird how few of these just went straight for propaganda posters regarding the pairing, when it seems that’s not only a better fit but also a more obvious direction than all the fighting-the-batterwitch stuff.
karkat <3 meenah
This one I guess does both, but doesn’t make much sense, since sticking within your caste for relationship’s never been an issue on any version of the troll culture we’ve seen, Condesce doesn’t exist in Meenah’s universe, and if it’s meant to be a discouraging poster and not a threatening non-propaganda photo sent to them, a mutant with the heiress  doesn’t seem like something anyone would pick.

karkat <3 nepeta

Karkat isn’t even shouty, though Nepeta’s adorable. Also, so much telling and so little showing, and Karkat being automatically the leader despite spending the story with Nepeta doing everything, down to pointing out that maybe a rebellion might be a good idea.

karkat <3 sollux
Desperately needed proofreading, “When Feferi cracked under the pressure of the revolution Karkat stepped up and took lead of the whole thing” and revolves around Sollux whining about how the revolution maybe isn’t such a great idea so he won’t pick a side, and then Karkat wins and becomes emperor and picks the lazy selfish fuck to be his adviser over everyone else, then it suddenly ends with something unknown that’s come up.

karkat <3 terezi
This one has Vriska recognizing Karkat’s ancestor from the diaries and illustrating her always hilarious morality, decides the only important part of that is she should badger him to follow in his ancestor’s footsteps like a good troll. See? Every fic should involve Vriska, she’s hilarious.

Could use a closer following of canon – Terezi is blind despite still seeming on good terms with Vriska and Signless seems perfectly well known, so it ends up rushed and infodumpy feeling at the end.

ms. paint <3 spades slick
I don’t know if it’s just that this line was done to death in fandom years ago, but this one just doesn’t seem particularly striking – maybe it’s that it’s arranged as propaganda, but it’s not at all clear who it’d be aimed at, since comic-MC are four guys living in a hideout and not a lifestyle choice being argued for like the song. It is funny to imagine Slick sticking up posters like this in the common room, though.

psiioniic <3 signless

Cute, hits the prompt and the IRL pictures were a nice touch. Actual slogans rather meh, though.

rose <3 roxy
Surprisingly solid AU, adorable handling of the pairing.

sollux <> terezi
Definitely follows the prompt, but not really funny propaganda and doesn’t do much with the relationship but say it’s there.

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