Shiplympics Round 1 Part 1

Meant to do this all in one go, but I also want to go to sleep at some point.

abstrata: bunnykind

The magazine clipping part of this is really well done, but the rest is pretty standard up to the twist, and that part’s just confusing – I gather the idea isn’t just clones, but it sure seems like that’s it just from what happens.
Also, come on, did we not have enough Dave ships? At least it’s not stealthing onto the Dave/John team’s territory, since this John version went the OC route – if anything, he seems to be more based on Dad.

abstrata: jokerkind

This one is basically perfect – lots of Alternian worldbuilding and clever writing. The pictures are not only well done but also serve to continue be propaganda in themselves.

This is pretty IC with the problem that as a result, it’s really not much of a <3 thing. And it does seem forced that they dance around talking about the revolution without realizing they’re on opposite sides – Eridan seems particularly obvious that he’s in a position of power.
It’s also not really propoganda – quite the opposite, for some reason the caste-obsessed empire thought penpals who didn’t know each other’s blood was a good idea, which is particularly bizarre given their letters are written in their blood color. Doing it in Karkat-grey and maybe having her go red for the final letter might have worked.
The way the art is laid out is very nice, with the only problem being that what it shows seems silly – Aradia’s taping up a picture somewhere with scum written on it, like they’re high schoolers, and that’s the big thing.
A cute drawing but nothing more than that. Could be anyone, really. And barely related to the prompt.
Noooooooot really propaganda related. And seems more moiraily, too.

Related, but then the plot goes nowhere with it. Also, just kind of blah about tumblrized interpretations of Alternia. Things don’t need to be so obvious.
Perfect use of the prompt.
Your standard Bro has issues about wanting to fuck his little brother. Not sure where the prompt comes in.
Badly executed – they really should have the text on the image.
Really nicely done, but an oral history seems kind of the opposite of propaganda. I’m not sure if the middle bit about did/didn’t Dirk have a chance to kill Caliborn earlier is meant to be hiding the truth – it really doesn’t make sense he would, but then, it doesn’t make sense enough that I can’t see why anyone would assume it either.
Game. And it’s not even really one, it’s just using the interface to be one long cutscene without most of the good images. Plus, not particularly about the relationship, and the plot there is is rushed.
It’s a poster with a slogan, but that’s not really much.
OC fic in an AU setting with the ending spoiled by the title and a plot that doesn’t actually make sense. Also, weird sexual harassment elements.
“Hey, shitty queen whore!” Why.
More tabloid than propaganda, but nicely done.
This one’s really about war, with some iconic propaganda stuff there as backdrop. Pretty much OC-AU. A good story, though.
Cute but could be any pair. Appreciate the sensical skin colors, though.
A lot of these really seem like it’s plot first, characters last, which is weird given that this is supposed to be teams based on love of a particular pair. The writing’s quite nice though – setting up the situation as a math problem, the description of Kanaya that makes her really seem like a dangerous alien… Propaganda aspect’s subtle but it’s different than usual so there’s that.
MAJOR TAGS: Violence, bullying/harassment, transphobia, transmisogyny, slurs (transphobic, intelligence-shaming), dysphoria, (brief, canon) underage drinking/general alcohol, near eye trauma, blood
ADDITIONAL TAGS: Cross-dressing, trans* issues, misgendering, binarism, cissexism, anxiety, trans!Dave, agender!Karkat, allusions to drowning/fire/body horror (imagined), allusions to insects, light/minor sexuality (sfw), references to misogyny, (non-sexual) dehumanization
dave <3 rose

Another game that’s not actually a game, although at least this one lets you click on which dialogue you get first. Maybe they should just let people make videos? Anyway, this is one of those where the character’s dialogue ticks are quite present, but the overall plot doesn’t seem to have much to do with people. Also, like the last, the plot just suddenly rushes to the end.

dave <3 tavros

Very cute, but not propaganda.
Very creepy, but not propaganda.
Weird and confusing – somehow, Dream Dirk and Regular Dirk are two different people, and also he’s writing notes in the future to the past bitching at himself, which is really Karkat’s thing.
This is a good Equius thing – it’s not Equius as he is now, but I can believe it for an adult, particularly since he’s still got Nepeta around nagging him. And nice propaganda snippets.
Very amusing, with a good focus on carapaces and side characters.
Maybe it’s just that I’m bored of saving Jane from brainwashing corporation stuff, but it just feels so nebulously connected to Homestuck, maybe because it never seems to go anywhere. Like so many entries in the Shiplympics, also doesn’t much sell the quadrant relationship.
Whereas this does a nice job of showing them interacting, even if it’s just budding friendship and not at all a diamonds affair. Less to do with propaganda, though.
Seems this was a good round for the carapaces, and this one is nicely cute. Still not diamonds.

Interesting ideas and a decent wham at the end, but even less about a relationship than usual. I guess this is where Dirk being buried in girls comes from – people want to write about the two of them, and to do that you need to pick a quadrant.

equius <3 eridan

Another OC-AU one, and it’s trying to stretch propaganda to be any disagreement between people about events.


  1. Ember says:
    “people want to write about the two of them, and to do that you ” missed some words here

    1. Farla says:
      Gah, I could have sworn I finished that sentence. Definitely finished the thought, at least. Fixed now.


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