Shiplympics Round 2

Lots of good stuff that did a terrible job at actually following the prompt for the round.

abstrata: bunnykind (Dirk<3Karkat with Dave<>Karkat)
GENRES: Dystopian High School Sports Zombie Hunter Romance

Jarringly simple style, plus zombies/high school isn’t exactly boldly going anywhere new. Also, what’s the point of a rare pairings team if they just throw the most popular characters together in a slightly different combination?

abstrata: jokerkind Autoresponder<3<Sollux
GENRES: Cyberpunk + horror

“There had been rumors floating around that Dirk Strider, the engineer who had designed the helper AI in the Aeronautic Rogues line of light craft, had programmed one of them based on his own brain.”
But why would anyone program each AI individually arg.
Otherwise pretty solid but doesn’t have much of a conclusion, and isn’t that much of a fusion – not only is “horror” overly broad but this particular kind of horror is commonplace to cyberpunk.aradia <3 eridan (MPOV)
GENRES: Historical Fiction and Horror
Another one that thinks “horror” is good enough to count as fusing genres. Technically it’s specifically a ghost story, but technically those are already overlapping with historical so that doesn’t really solve the problem. Spelling/grammar errors, no real characterization.

GENRES: Magical girls AU, Dinosaur AU
Again, pretty characterization light, and I’m not sure superheroes with the powers to summon dinosaurs counts as a dinosaur AU – really, it barely counts as magical girl. Dinosaurs as magical girls would be what I’d expect.

You know, a lot of these really seem like they’re visual ideas. Frilly-dress Aradia and Feferi riding dinosaurs would work as a picture just fine.

aranea <3 porrim
GENRES: Echtrae, immram, and giant robot. Echtrae and immram are both types of traditional Irish story telling, focusing on voyages and searches for Otherworld. One is distinctly Christian and the other more Pagan.
OC story. A bit more of a giant robot AU than the last was a dinosaur one, but still pretty much just the thing itself existing rather than the genre.

GENRES: Fairy tale and splatterpunk
Really clumsily written.

GENRES: Mahou Shoujo, Zombie Infection

Boys are now magical girls thing, though this one has a cute reason. Not really convinced it counts as either genre, though – it seems like everyone’s doing genre-fusion by way of throwing in some minor trapping of it.

GENRES: Superhero & Domestic Comedy

Very amusing but the ending doesn’t seem to follow from the rest. (And seems to be that Dirk’s inexplicable snit is actually to blame for all those deaths.)
calliope <3 jane <3 roxy
GENRES: Magical girl and military fiction
See, this is what the magical girl genre should be.

GENRES: How to, Sex Comedy, BL Manga
A good idea that didn’t manage to address the celibacy thing, and was really only one genre.
damara <3 kankri (MPOV)
“GENRES: Religious Scripture and Parody”
Oh come on you’re not even trying now.
alpha!dave <3 dirk
GENRES: Science Fiction, Medieval Fantasy, Choose Your Own Adventure

Well, it does actually have all of those genres. Like so many other books.

dave<3jade<3john<3rose (Mixed POV)
GENRES: The Internet/Youtube, Film Noir, Westerns, Sci Fi/Video Games, High School Musical, Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff

Actually contains all of those adequately.

dave <> kanaya (Mixed POV)
GENRES: Comedy/Instruction Manual.

I am dubious of how much that counts but it certainly delivered on it.

GENRES: Urban Fantasy, Romantic Comedy


dave<3rose (MPOV)
GENRES: Historical diary, Horror
It’s perfectly good Lovecraft, but Lovecraft is one genre and not two.

davesprite <3 dirk
GENRES: Advice column/foodie blog
Proper genre mixing that manages to be shockingly IC.

dirk <3< dirk
GENRES: Yaoi fanfiction, metafiction, introspection
Still, some good Dirk exploration.

dirk <3 equius
GENRES: Disney Fairytale/Survival Horror
Not survival horror, but it’s definitely post-apocalyptic. Pretty good fusion, not much more to the actual story. And not a game, though I guess it gets points for containing one moment of interaction at the end.

GENRES: Science Fiction (desertpunk/dystopia/post-apocalyptic) & Magic Realism

Eh. Also, I feel the -punk subclassifications have officially lost all meaning.

dirk <3 jane (FPOV)
GENRES: Magical Girl AU, Supernatural, Whodunit, Mystery
Actually a game, wow! Slightly bothered by how it’s detective/magical girl but Dirk’s calling all the shots, though.

dirk <> jane (MPOV)
GENRES: Comedy/Pulp fiction
This just abruptly stops. Also, the main relationship is Dirk<3Jake.

dirk<3roxy (FPOV)
GENRES: Mystery, Sci-fi(mecha)
Not mecha, flirts briefly with mystery.
Romance is just one of those no-really-totally-in-love things.

dirk <> roxy (FPOV)
GENRES: Science-Fiction and Zombie Apocalypse
“then pulls Dirk away from the triggering scene.” bluh tumblrism.
Pretty solid but it’s not like scifi zombies are a new one.

GENRES: Sea story/paranormal romance
Short with an abrupt ending, unpolished, not really any genre save romantic noncon.

GENRES: Film and Romantic Comedy

Noiry and somewhat romantic comedy-y.

equius <> nepeta
GENRES: Post-apocalyptic, Fairy Tale

Cute but no real story.

eridan <> kanaya (FPOV, I think)
GENRES: Nature documentary/medical drama/fanfic tropes
This is almost entirely delightful! On the other fin, the parts that aren’t are the intended pairing, so.

eridan <3 feferi <3 sollux (MPOV)
GENRES: Horror/Sex Comedy

OC story.

eridan <3< rose (MPOV)
GENRES: Slice of Life, Lovecraftian Horror
Do people not get that Lovecraftian Horror already was pretty slice of life up to the horror point? It does manage some romcom though.
““I know for a fact that you appreciate those nudes.” She ought to do, she sends back critiques of your composition and lighting. That’s how you know a kismesis works, when you improve by it.”

eridan <3 sollux
GENRES: Space/science fiction, heist.


eridan <3< sollux
GENRES: Slice-of-Life/Romantic Comedy

Works fine otherwise (well, it and the other could stand to swap quadrants) but ARG.

GENRES: Psycho thriller and Gothic horror

Disturbing looking.

gamzee<3<kanaya (FPOV)
GENRES: Science Fiction & Western

That sure was both genres! But the gif was even more annoying than it was pointless- not only does it only play once, but the timing’s too fast to read it. Also, while it has characterization, it doesn’t have time to show a relationship.

GENRES: Hardboiled Detective Story, Mystery, Religious Horror

Even for this round, listing detective and mystery as separate genres is a low.
Decent on the relationship front.

GENRES: Religion, Science Fiction
This is just a setting.

gamzee <3 tavros
GENRES: Noir, War
OCs. Also noir already has the war as a backdrop.

grand highblood <3< summoner
GENRES: Epic poetry/Mon (Creature Fighting)

I don’t much like poetry, but this is certainly epic poetry with pokemon, so it delivers what it promised.

jade<3john (MPOV)
GENRES: Western/Horror

Not really much of a relationship there.

GENRES: Audio drama, daytime cooking television, comedy

It…was that, I guess? Pretty much just the cooking, though.

john<3rose (FPOV)
GENRES: Film noir, supernatural romance, dieselpunk
Dunno what to make of this. It seemed to be going well with wererabbit John, and then it just…kept going, and didn’t do anything interesting in all that space.

GENRES: Choose Your Own Adventure, High Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Horror, Adorable Childhood Antics

There’s something hilarious about how the best game is the one not made with game software. And it’s so cute, and also full of ridiculous choose-your-own-adventure deaths and jumping around. Quality!

kanaya <3 vriska
GENRES: Bishoujo/Magical Girl
Yeah that is totally two amazingly distinct genres good job everyone.
Cute except for the Rose handling but by god the Rose handling. It’s bad enough when it’s Kanaya/Rose bashing Vriska, but at least when it’s Vriska her being evil makes a degree of sense.

karkat <3 meenah (MPOV)
GENRES: –Science-fiction, Medieval Fantasy, Magical Girl–
Okay, people need to stop thinking they can get a whole extra genre by mentioning magic or frills, but otherwise pretty good.

karkat <3 nepeta (MPOV)
GENRES:Noir, Heroic Pet, and some Fantasty/Comedy
Not clear why Nepeta’s keeping it a secret, but it’s cute and Karkat’s chewing candy cigarettes.

karkat <3 terezi (FPOV)
GENRES: Noir, Frame Story, Romance
Similarly adorable and generally very well put together. Only a noir parody, though – the rest go within it normally.

ms. paint<3spades slick (?)
GENRES: Reincarnated Lovers/Horror

You would think with the genres that maybe there’d be some horror in the reincarnated lovers thing, but no, after she realizes she remembers him I guess she’s okay with him murdering her husband. Dammit, carapace fandom.

GENRES: Magical AU, Revolution/Wartime, Plot? What Plot? and slight dystopia.

I’m not sure if “establish setting then get sidetracked by porn” is actually a fusion.

GENRES: Steampunk, superhero, and a touch of gothic horror

This really impresses me because it manages a plot involving amnesia and personality change inside and AU and still makes the characterization work.
So in conclusion, this prompt should probably have stayed a bonus round thing, since all the good stuff comes out of unorthodox fusions while left to their own devices, most people write something, then stick a pink dress and a monster in and say it’s magical girl/horror.

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