Tag: Chosen of the Sun (Exalted)

Chosen of the Sun, Ch10-11

Last time on finally some exalting, Yushuv exalts. The Prince of Shadows is the next chapter’s viewpoint character! This book has never seen a viewpoint switch it didn’t love.

It’s an incredibly pointless chapter, but contains no lack of things not making sense. He wakes up in his bed and decides that he just knows something’s up, so he gets up and he’s naked because ??? and then goes for a walk without bothering with clothes.

In the hallway he finds a dying rat with a cut on its belly and somehow knows this means Ratcatcher, despite the fact it doesn’t make sense that Ratcatcher would be represented by a rat. I think you can fanwank an explanation for the symbolic part happening at all, though – when the Unconquered Sun fucked with the loom to produce the illusion/dream for Yuyu, he, like his Solars, did it by brute force instead of properly, causing there to be echos of the same situation happening in other areas of reality.

…and that’s the chapter.

In Ch11, we jump back to Yuyu, suggesting that the previous chapter was there just because the author wants to always switch viewpoints between a chapter.


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