On to a new section. Now we enter The Great Panic, which is naturally referring only to the events in America because AMERICA FUCK YEAH and I guess other countries dealt with it in their own way whatever that might be.

[Gavin Blaire pilots one of the O-17 combat dirigibles that make up the core of America’s Civil Air Patrol.


Okay you know not even touching this the military wankery was always the most boring part fine, fine we have those they’re super important against zombies whatever.

He describes seeing this long line of cars

It stretched to the horizon: sedans, trucks, buses, RVs, anything that could drive. I saw tractors, I saw a cement mixer. Seriously, I even saw a flatbed with nothing but a giant sign on it, a billboard advertising a “Gentlemen’s Club.” People were sitting on top of it. People were riding on top of everything, on roofs, in between luggage racks.

Nice! Seeing a lot of people moving in one direction is always something to give one pause.

And there’s all sorts of stuff thrown out on the road and some abandoned cars too, and there’s people walking around between the cars like they’re trying to trade.

Back down the road, about thirty miles, traffic was moving a little better. You’d think the mood would be calmer. It wasn’t. People were flashing their lights, bumping the cars in front of them, getting out and throwing down. I saw a few people lying by the side of the road, barely moving or not at all. People were running past them, carrying stuff, carrying children, or just running  all io the same direction of the traffic.

Even more disturbing!

And he keeps looking further back to see what they’re running from.

Those creatures were swarming among the cars. Drivers on the outer lanes tried to veer off the road, sticking in the mud, trapping the inner lanes. People couldn’t open their doors. The cars were too tightly packed. I saw those things reach in open windows  pulling people out or pulling themselves io. A lot of drivers were trapped inside. Their doors were shut and, I’m assuming  locked. Their windows were rolled up, it was safety tempered glass. The dead couldn’t get in, but the living couldn’t get out.

Downright nightmarish!

what haunts me most about it, they weren’t headed anywhere. This was the I-80, a strip of highway between Lincoln and North Platte. Both places were heavily infested, as well as all those little towns in between.

Yeah, it’s extra horrible knowing there’s no safe place to even run to so they never even-

What did they think they were doing? Who organized this exodus? Did anyone? Did people see a line of cars and join them without asking?

Oh and we opened so well.

No, you smug fuck, they were leaving because it was the only goddamn direction they could move in and there were zombies behind them. What the fuck were they supposed to do?

He ends by telling a story that might just be a myth about how in Moscow some American tried to see if people would just queue up if he stood like he was in line and again you smug fuck normal people stand in line for a reason it isn’t anyone’s fault that they weren’t expecting “lulz it was a social experiment!” And that’s not what happened here anyway, you verified they were heading AWAY from the zombies. The fact there was no safe place to aim FOR and there were too many people trying to leave at once to go FAST ENOUGH not proof they were stupid for going in the direction that wasn’t a swarm of zombies.

MOREOVER, yes, following a line of cars makes sense because you cannot see what is on the other end but the people on the other end CAN. Assuming the cars are all moving, that means there’s still something to move toward because otherwise the line would’ve stopped. All you have to ask is if the people in the car line share your goal. Your goal is not dying by zombie, so yes probably. This guy must start frothing when he sees a funeral procession WHY FOLLOW HOW DO YOU KNOW YOU ARE ALL JUST SHEEP.

This fucking book just hates people. Here they were acting like people and you know what, it worked, it worked as well as it could in the circumstances and a hell of a lot better than the oblivious supposedly not yet zombied people of last chapter who just completely ignored their surroundings until a zombie lumbered through a door at them.

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