The Other Pokeauthors, Part 91

“A psychiatrist deals with mental illness. A DOCTOR prescribes medication. Actually RESEARCH these things BEFORE putting them in your reviews”

re: Your review to In the Twilight of Delta
19 FebAzalee13
A response to your review at

Honestly thank you very much for taking the time to write such a honest review. My mother language is German and i’m not writing in English for a long time…. So I am still working to progress myself. Honesty like this is essential for that and I work on my skills.

Hm my thought about her thinkibg back then the world is rotten, is a reason fof her to join because Maxie promises to progress humanity and to change the world. Fot example that is why I think she says :Leader Maxie you have to change this world.” and is so angry about the world in Delta Episode, stating that she “Had enough” of the world and that Team Magma and Maxie were her last hope. Maybe we interpreted this differently.

Anyway I thank you for taking the timw for being honest to me. The people I ahowed it ao far thought it was good like it was, but I slso really appreaciate critisism to better my English writing skill.

Have a nice day!

14m agoI corrected it now. Thank you you helped me so much!!!!!
re: Your review to Rise of korotenshi
19 FebWildcat227
A response to your review at

Thanks for the detailed review :)
I’ll keep all that in mind. I’ve gotten a bit lazy with the little things cause I have a beta reader but he is on break XD

1m agoI am also super embarrassed now
re: Your review to Be OK
19 Febsparkysplash
A response to your review at

Thank you for the advice! One thing I may suggest though to not seem like you’re being completely rude, (which, I’ll be honest, I thought you were at first,) is to also write in what the author did right, rather than pointing out all the flaws. Some people can not take criticism very well, especially if it’s everything bad about how they write.
Plus, I’m just a teenager on the internet who writes for fun. I don’t plan on becoming an author in the future, but if my writing is that flawed to you, then I will try my best to follow your advice to improve!
Have a good day / afternoon / night!

secs ago[One thing I may suggest though to not seem like you’re being completely rude]

It’s impossible to control how I “seem”, as that is in the mind of the beholder. If someone feels I’m being rude, there’s nothing I can do about that.

And then they demonstrated why by blocking me. They also reposted their fic.

re: Your review to Pokesmut
21 FebGordo the God
A response to your review at

thx m8

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Korrasami 88

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Subject: re: Your review to PokéTherapist

A response to your review at

A psychiatrist deals with mental illness. A DOCTOR prescribes medication


You have received a message from:

Korrasami 88

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Actually RESEARCH these things BEFORE putting them in your reviews


re: Your review to Tales of Emerald
22 FebAwesomeFanFictionAuthor
A response to your review at

You raise some good points. Some of the technical stuff is stuff I have issues with a lot xD I should probably learn at some point. Some of the things you say about overpoweredness, well… that’s kinda the point. I know they are overpowered and they are supposed to be overpowered. As for the lore and details of the Pokemon canon… Well, I wrote based on memory of playing the games and a quick look at Pokedex entries, I could have probably done some more research, but it’s an AU, not the word of pokemon as shown in various media, but A world of pokemon. And make no mistake, I am well aware that this story could be literally anything besides pokemon. So why is it? Cause I like Pokemon, and I’m having fun. Thank you for your feedback, tho. I hope you have an awesome day ^^

secs ago[but it’s an AU, not the word of pokemon as shown in various media]

In the fic you just said this was set in an original region, not that you were changing the whole world. If something is an alternate setting you need to declare that, as well as all the details of the changes provided they’re not spoilers for your plot. Some people really care about the cosmology of canon, so changing it may be a dealbreaker for a lot of people you should let them know about in advance. (Conversely, of course, you may draw the interest of people who do want to see stories about Arceus being Literally God.)

re: Your review to A Retelling of White
22 FebThe Masked Crusader
A response to your review at

I was surprised to see a review go up so quickly (especially after I’d been gone for such a long time), and yours is almost certainly the most detailed I’ve gotten. I don’t mean to sound like I’m disregarding your points, because it’s a lot of valid criticism and pretty professionally laid out, citations and all. It just seemed like the kind of thing to respond to, since you put good work into it. I would guess that this won’t be a story you’d enjoy though, because some of your concerns about style or realism or the like just remind me of the way I write. In my opinion, that was even worse in the first story and I wanted to fix it a little bit, but as you noticed I’m not super dedicated to total realism. And that is absolutely not for everyone and could definitely come across as a problem if you were looking for that. One other thing is about the grief and loss, just to clarify I do realize that issue. There aren’t any feelings of loss at all in the first version and while they’re not showing up now, this is a preview and they begin to well up soon. The idea is that Algoran is a little detached right now, from shock and various strange occurrences. Though again, not always in line with how people in shock really are. A lot of that lack of realism comes from me not wanting the story to have a persistently dark tone, so I skirt around some things. Those are the few things I wanted to address, because a lot of this is pretty genuine mechanics or style issues. But that’s why I’m not posting any more until I’m done, so I can keep working early stuff. In conclusion, reasons for responding with a whole paragraph: partially so you know I’ve got some of this under control, partially to kindly let you know you might not enjoy the story if you didn’t like certain things about this, and largely because you put time and effort into my thing and it seems good to return the favor. Hope this doesn’t read like a ramble either, so I cut off with a sincere “thank you for your time.”

secs ago[A lot of that lack of realism comes from me not wanting the story to have a persistently dark tone, so I skirt around some things.]

You didn’t want to make an extremely dark story, but you did want to kill off the protagonist’s entire village in the opening scene? o_O

19m agoAlright, good point. But my hope is not keeping it that way. I’m sort of seeing if it’s possible to write a story whose post-apocalypse premise doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be gloomy the whole way through, even if it reasonably should be for a while. You might ask why I would start the story like that if I’m not going to include the necessary implications, and now I’m asking that too, but what I think White is pretty much a pet project since I’ve been working on it for so long. The point of that being I came up with it a while ago, before I knew much about the importance of a good premise anyway. And that definitely sounds like an excuse, but ultimately this is a long-time hobby and so I’m okay with having a little bit of a weird thing going on.

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