The Reconstruction Part 15 (Guest Review)

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Last time, I arrived in a new area! Let’s have a look around this wretched place.
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Although, neither Fih’jik seems interested in that particular topic of conversation under normal circumstances. So, maybe not.


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He looks a little flustered, as his workers are no where to be found, for the most part.

…Huh. I guess this is after the bloodhawk attack? Weird that he won’t offer the quest until much later, in that case.

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Show don’t tell, game. He’s been nothing but a weaselly psycho so far.

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He appears to be planting some of the native flora from his home jungles in an attempt to beautify the city just a little bit. It likely won’t survive, with the colder late seasons and poor soil, but the gesture’s nice, considering what most Shra think of Nal.

Uh, why is he doing this? Is he complicit in the slavery and speciesism? According to Zargos, he could be kidnapped and sold at any time. Does that factor into his behavior at all?

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Sufferers could transmit the disease by shedding blood, which caused a universal downturn in violent crime and war for years. Of course, those who chose to remain violent, despite the risk of infecting others, were locked in here until remission or death.

Wait, “despite the risk of infecting others“? Why would violent criminals care about that? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? They should be afraid of getting infected themselves if they injure an infected.

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If it weren’t for that sword he’s carrying, he probably would have been kidnapped and sold on the block by now.

Eeeh. Poor shra. Is there seriously no one in the world who objects to all this? I mean, other than the fih’jik who are apparently too lazy to actually do anything other than radiate stern disapproval occasionally?

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Wow, that bad? What happened here to make it so barren? At this point I think we’re getting into magic curse territory.

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Why did they think bringing him along was a good idea.

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Some say it’s due to the training and the initiation they go through. Others say it’s a prerequisite to join at all.

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It’s quite apparent that she wants to go home.

Poor Santes. Although, again, she should be used to this kind of thing.

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I…have no idea what the game is trying to say here. Does she annoying him so much he’ll take any excuse to escape? They must be a horribly dysfunctional couple if so. I hope they never take it out on their kids.

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There’s a tourist area? Who in their right mind would want to tour this place? We haven’t heard a single positive thing about it so far.

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This is probably the weirdest scene in the entire game. I’m not even going to try to summarize it. Just…here:

Dehl: “Uhm, how do you do.”
Odd Girl: “Ooooooh! A Shra! Never had to service one of them before…”

She steps closer.

Odd Girl: “…but I’m not one to miss a chance to walk on the wild side! Well, what’ll it be?”

Dehl backs away.

Dehl: “I’m sorry. I’m not sure what you’re selling, but I should get my guild’s approval first.”
Odd Girl: “A whole guild! Golly, this day just keeps getting’ better! Hehehehee… Wait a sec. Your guild. Are y’all at least Rank 8 yet? I don’t like ’em small.”
Dehl: “W-well, not yet, no.”
Odd Girl. “Aww, that’s too bad. I find 8 to be the most sensual of numbers… All those curves…and holes… Mmmm hmmhmmhmmhmmmmm.”
Dehl: “Right. I should be on my way, then.”

…Well. That certainly was a thing that just happened. I’ll leave her alone for now, but I’ll be coming back when the guild is rank 8. Unfortunately.

Moving on. Brenetto is here as well.

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He explains that he’s come up with an idea for an improvement on the abacus. Instead of a device that relies on manual counts, what of one that counts on its own! So, functionally identical to a computerized counting machine, which is a big step up from a mundane abacus. It might have been better if the quest started with something like this – it’d have made it more believable that this was a radical new invention.

Because this counter thing uses magic and not electronics, it requires “elemental calibration” so as not to be thrown off by “outside forces”, by which I presume he means natural rather than magical ones? Qualstio proposes calibrating it with magic, which Brenetto says is a no-go; the sources have to be naturally-occurring. He’s actually done most of the work himself this time, as he only needs me to do the heat-elemental calibration.

Brenetto: “Only sources located in and around Nal will do, to maintain proper calibration. I have not tested the effects of calibrating in different regions in the world, you see! It must be precise! Factors such as ambient temperature, humidity, Attractium flux… These can all skew the results away from the other elemental sensors! So, near Nal only!”

Wait, then why does it work fine in other areas? Maybe the calibration makes it stable everywhere, but the whole point of calibration is to attune something to a very specific circumstance, so that doesn’t make sense.

Qualstio: “Yyyyyyeah, that’s right. So what do you want this time, kid?”
Qualstio: “Huh? Oh, sure, automatically, yeah. Get on with it already.”
Qualstio: “All right, all right, I got it! Shyeeesh.”

Qualstio is very rude and dismissive of him throughout the whole thing. Qualstio is a jerk. Does he just hate all Fortians on principle? I suppose it would provide another reason for why he doesn’t get along with Ques.

Anyway, he gives me three stones, which are the sensors. I can calibrate them by bringing them to specific map locations. Two are in the hunting grounds, one is in a later quest.

With that, I’ve examined everything in the city. I try to go hunting, but to my surprise, I am denied! Ques says I need to get permission from the Nal-guard first. I wasn’t aware of this. I guess I’ll cut it here, then.


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