The Twilight Zone – The Midnight Sun & On Thursday We Leave For Home

Long ago, when I was very young and the syfy channel was spelled based on what a shortening of “science fiction” could be expected to produce, I watched some Twilight Zone episodes that horrified me and left me with the lasting impression that the show was all terrible things happening to people. These are probably far less upsetting if you’re not seven, but they’re still pretty haunting ideas. Enjoy!


  1. Act says:

    I lovelovelove the Twilight Zone; I watch the marathons every year on the Fourth and New Year’s. Serling just had such an incredible grasp of the good and bad parts of human nature, and was a master of psychological horror.

    On of my favorite episodes on the ‘touching’ side of the spectrum is the one about the man and his dog who drown fishing. “You see, Mr. Simpson, a man, well, he’ll walk right into Hell with both eyes open. But even the Devil can’t fool a dog.”

  2. Nerem says:
    The worst episode was the famous “Time Enough At Last” one. It just seemed mean-spirited.


    1. SpoonyViking says:

      To be fair, many of them were intended to be mean-spirited.

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