The Wolves in Dionaea

I’ve been enjoying reading about the rabbits of Downtrodden for a while now, ever since I found it following a post about this glorious nightmare. There’s a lot of worldbuilding posts, which generally answer questions while raising others. There’s one interesting post about wolves, which is about as bad for the rabbits as you’d expect the combination of the words “rabbit”, “wolf”, and “downtrodden” to go but not at all in the ways you’d expect. And the design of those wolves…


Look at their fluffy little feets! Don’t you just want to know more about them? Well, now that Spooktober has begun, there’s a hybrid game/worldbuilding infodump for that. Enjoy!


  1. illhousen says:

    Hm. Can’t say I like the game very much. It’s riddled with typos and various minor errors that trip me every other entry. It also has this flippant tone I generally dislike in horror.

    The basic concept seems to be interesting enough, but I felt that the focus was off, and ultimately the story didn’t deliver.

    I did like the casual attitude towards ghosts, though.

    1. Farla says:

      The typos did bug me, but I’d say it’s not mean to be super horror-mystery, more about the sins of the past/present. The wolf post itself is enough to work out they’re transformed rabbits and something bad went down in the past that led to the current division, but a lot of the why is now explained. And if you’re familiar with the rest of the lore, there’s actually some fresh worrying hints in there – the center of the island calling wolves, a swollen wrist…

  2. Zephyr says:
    To be honest, I don’t really get why people like rabbits so much? Is it just because pet rabbits are cute?

    I admit I probably have a pretty skewed view on rabbits, being Australian and having grown up in a very environmentally-minded family. I saw a hell of a lot of stuff as a kid about how terrible rabbits were for our environment and how many – much cuter in my biased opinion! – native animals are threatened or extinct because of them (also, reading stuff like <a href=””>The Rabbits</a> by <a href=””>Shaun Tan</a> and John Marsden before I was old enough to understand the allegory definitely didn’t help any).

    I really liked the horror stuff in their blog, but I kinda feel like getting straight-out answers in the text adventure – particularly when it was just told to you by an NPC – made it a bit boring. It’s still a cool concept, but it was more interesting when it was just hints like the wolf teeth structure and never having seen wolf pups.

    1. Zephyr says:
      Huh, apparently I’ve messed up my html links somehow? Can I not use them as a guest poster or have I just missed a bracket or something? Sorry about that.
      1. illhousen says:

        I think html tags are just disabled in the rich text editor we have now. There is a link button on control panel, though, so you can still insert links. Or just post them separately as links.

        1. Zephyr says:

          Oh, I hadn’t noticed that option up there. Thanks for that! Can’t edit my guest comment, though, so I’ll just keep it in mind for next time.

    2. Farla says:

      I’m baffled by people who keep them as pets, because they’re a very bitey kicky sudden-death pet, but that’s also why I like the idea of rabbit-people. They’re prey and basically food for everything, but they’re not at all passive animals. Everything rabbit is SO MUCH. SO MUCH babies. SO MUCH speed. SO MUCH kick. SO MUCH panic.

  3. Indiscretion says:
    I realized that I often read things and then don’t say anything unless I have negative emotions about them, so here’s me saying everything about Downtrodden is amazing go read it!!!


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