Pokemon Black, Day 13

Last time on Pokemon Black, my pokemon were underleveled so I explored the area first before heading back to the gym. This time on Pokemon Black, the gym!

Oh, my yamask is evolving into…Lord English?


It’s called Cofagrigus, but we all know what it really is. Also, it looks lamer than yamask did.

It has been said that they swallow those who get too close and turn them into mummies. They like to eat gold nuggets.

Hm. So let’s check out what else is in the pokedex. I think I’ll go with the mienfoo, that looks like it evolves and hopefully, not soon. Plus, it’s fighting and that’ll be moderately useful in

My other pokemon options now: woobat, drilbur, scraggy, trubbish, minccino, gothita, vanillite, foongus, ferroseed, klink, elgyem, cubchoo. And karrablast, which evolves some special way, plus shelmet, which might evolve weirdly too.

I don’t have any interest in raising a trubbish, so that’s staying off my team regardless.

Back to the gym. It’s at least got an actual puzzle, but given there’s arrows pointing where you should go, not that hard. I flailed around at the first puzzle, but once I realized that none of the others gave me any trouble.

The gym leader might have been, but Litwick handled it well.

Anyway, out I go.

And there’s my two failrivals.

Cheren: Farla, I’ve been talking with Bianca, and I’m wondering… Since we left Nuvema Town, has something about me…changed?

You’re pretty flat, honestly.

Thinking about what I want to do… Thinking about what I should do… It felt like there was nothing… Have I really become stronger? Or is it just my Pokemon that have? I don’t know anymore!

Another victory for Douchy McFlamehair.

Bianca: Hey, hey. Cheer up, Cheren…

“I’ve accepted I’ll never accomplish anything, and you don’t see me crying over it!”

Isn’t it nice to see everyone?! Farla! Know what? This time, I’ll go to the Pokemon Fan Club. I’m really searching… for what I want to do and what I can do!

“I mean, there’s got to be something the designers will let me do. I’m not picky. I’ll take anything. Anything.”

Then Brycen barges out.

Brycen: Who are you?

Bianca: Who? Us? I’m Bianca, and this is Cheren…

Brycen: I know you are there! Why don’t you show yourselves?

It’s the ellipsis ninjas! Hi, dot dot dot friends!

Impressive, Gym Leader of Icirrus City. We, the Shadow Triad, are beings of the shadows…and not easily noticed.

Our mission was to speak only with Farla, but so be it.

Whoa whoa whoa, I’m happy to ditch these losers. Don’t feel you need to include them on my account.

Ghetsis has a message for you: come to Dragonspiral Tower.

Look, I tried and I didn’t see a way in. Why don’t you escort me? I like escort ninjas. All the scripting of an escort quest, none of me being the one who has to worry about you.

It is there that our lord N waits for you.

Better and better!

…Now, our mission is complete.

Brycen: Dragonspiral Tower?! What’s going on?

Nothing that concerns you.

Hey! Tell me…

But they ninjavanish.

Brycen: Now, hang on. Young man, if you’re here for a Gym challenge, hand on for a bit.

“I see no reason to acknowledge the existence of the young women who is obviously not a real trainer, although I admit being confused why she hasn’t provided me with a sandwich yet.”

I’ve got to head to Dragonspiral Tower!

Dammit. Well, as long as you stay out of my way and we don’t end up double battling or anything. All the experience is belong to me.

Cheren: I’m going, too.


Dragonspiral Tower is to the north of here, right?

And the two boys walk off.

Bianca: Whoooooa! Whoa. Wh-what should I do?

Stand around like an idiot, apparently.

F-for now, I have to go to Dragonspiral Tower… OK! I’m heading north!

And she doesn’t move.

Once I go to the tower, she runs after me.

Cedric: Oh, Farla! And you must be Bianca. I’m the other Professor Juniper. The Professor Juniper who gave you the pokedex is my daughter.

Bianca: Nice to meet you, professor! Thanks to Professor Juniper, I got to go on a journey and start figuring out possibilities for my life.

“Naturally, none of them involved actually being a trainer, but I’m still super grateful just to be allowed to stand near real trainers.”

I’m very, very grateful to her!

Cedric: Is that right? Grand, grand. Actually, we should chat later. Farla, Bianca, here’s the situation.


Some members of Team Plasma–quite a large group–broke through the tower wall and went inside. Brycen and the young man–I believe his name is Cheren–

“I’d have asked, but they were male and you can’t just roadblock men to chat endlessly with him the way you can girls.”

–the two of them went after Team Plasma, but…

Bianca: Professsor, what’s the Dragonspiral Tower?

Explain it again and I’ll cut you. Try me.

Cedric: Ha! I guess you would be curious. Well, I’ll explain briefly. Dragonspiral Tower has stood since long before Unova was founded. On the top floor, the legendary Dragon-type Pokemon waits for a person pursuing ideals to appear… That’s what is said. Are you going after Team Plasma like your friend did? It’s admirable of you to join the fight against Team Plasma, but it’s risky, too.

I guess technically that’s a different explanation, so still worth my time listening, but now we’re begging the question of why you didn’t say that the first time.

Bianca: Don’t worry! Farla and Cheren are both really, really strong, and they’ve beaten Team Plasma before. But…I’m not all that strong, actually. I admit it. I’m not very strong, so I was thinking… It would be nice if, maybe, I could… Stay here and be your bodyguard?


I thought the bodyguard thing with Juniper-I-don’t-loathe meant Bianca was growing more confident as a trainer and as a person. I didn’t think it meant “I suck, so I need someone to hold my hand so I don’t get scared”.

Cedric: Why, thank you! That makes me feel much safer! Well, Farla! It’s up to you! Climb the tower! This is all I can give you, but it might help you rest!

…an old gateau. Thanks so much.

Cedric: Still… What could Team Plasma be after?

I could probably have found out in the time you wasted blathering at me.

Current Team:

PhotobucketKrokorok L37
PhotobucketDucklett L33
PhotobucketTynamo L32
PhotobucketDeerling L33
PhotobucketLitwick L36
PhotobucketMienfoo L31

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  1. Minder says:

    This game has a really shitty moral.

    I’m positive.

    I…I just have to find it…

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