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Crossed #1, or a word of warning about comics

(Contains gore and rape. If you’re at all bothered by that, or possess a sense of taste in general, you should probably skip this one.)

I want to do a recommendations post on non-manga comics, and while I was writing up my opening caveats, I realized it couldn’t really express how, while 90% of everything may be shit, comics plumbs certain depths within that you don’t see much elsewhere. That you would not expect to see elsewhere. That basic sanity would tell you simply would not exist. There are many great comics, but you absolutely do not want to just dive in on your own.

For example. Crossed is a zombie-styled comic in the modern infectious vein. People gain a cross-shaped rash over their faces and turn into monsters who, as usual, prefer to tear into the uninfected rather than each other. Unusually…