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ERROR: Human Not Found

ERROR: Human Not Found is a murder mystery visual novel about a murdered AI. You play as one of the researchers involved in the AI’s development, and team up with another AI to investigate the mystery. It’s free and you can pick it up on Steam here.

As I’ve said in previous reviews, this is right up my alley. I’m a huge fan of transhumanism and emergent humanity, and sapient AI is a great topic for that. Unfortunately, the story is just a bargain-bin of cliches that adds nothing interesting to the conversation. The AIs are all just humans wearing robot hats, and the plot has all the depth of a Saturday morning cartoon.


The Fall

In The Fall you play as ARID, a combat suit’s operating AI. Your pilot is shot out of the sky and is knocked unconscious in the titular fall, thus activating your control of the suit. You have to navigate the facility in which you’ve crash-landed and find medical treatment for your injured pilot.

This review will be spoileriffic, as I’ll be going over the entire plot. If you want the cliff notes: don’t buy this, it’s one of those “to be continued!” scams and is essentially just the origin story for the real game. The controls are also awful and it’s full of bizarre frustrating adventure puzzles. Watch a playthrough on YouTube if you’re interested. The story does some interesting things with AIs, but I found the execution very lacking. It also does the “we’re going to force you to do something horrible and then insist you’re horrible for doing it” thing, which is just so lazy and trite and I am so numb to it at this point.