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The Witcher (Netflix), Misogyny, and Narrative Trust

I checked out The Witcher on the basis of random gifs showing up on Tumblr and Act’s comments that the books had been surprisingly non-misogynistic after the miserable disaster that was the games.

It has a lot of women, who do a lot of talking, and it portrays the women in a really…on their own terms way, is the best way I can articulate it, and this is both what I want and deeply unsettling. I am three episodes in and intensely invested in seeing the rest of it, but there is the unshakable sense of waiting for the other shoe to drop. Like, you can’t have women like this and mean it that way, right? (more…)

The Witcher

I know I missed Fate this week, but omg real life, so have me ranting incoherently about this nonsense game instead, which is a wRPG for the XBox and PC:

Everyone seemed to be going crazy over how this franchise is ~morally gray~, but we all know that just means grimdark. I was prepared for it to be machismo-fueled existential-pseudo-philosophy stuff, but I at least thought I’d get a compelling setting and cool story out of it. What I did not expect was misogyny, probably one of the worst control layouts/battle systems I’ve ever encountered, and most importantly, some of the most horrible plotting I’ve ever seen.

Guys, this game is hilarious.


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