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UnWholly Ch80-84 Miracolina, Hayden, Connor, Nelson, Connor

Having finished with the Goblin King and Trace, it’s time to finish our roundup of characters with names.

We last saw Miracolina get shot with tranquilizer yet again, and Lev asked a kid to help her, and the kid agreed while internally screaming FUCK THIS EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF because this is not a book where people without names get any sympathy.

Miracolina’s head is spinning as she awakes. That’s how she knows she’s been tranq’d. This is the fourth time she’s been tranq’d—she knows the drill by now.

It is ridiculous, isn’t it?


UnWholly Ch57-63 Connor, Trace, Lev, Starkey, Noah, Starkey, Trace

Well, we’re back to this again. Which means we’re also back to fucking Connor.

“Chatter,” Hayden tells Connor. “All kinds of chatter.”
Hayden paces the tight space in Connor ’s jet, hitting his head on the ceiling more than once.
Connor has rarely seen Hayden this agitated. Until now, he always managed to keep the world at smirking distance.
“Is it just on the Tucson police bands, or the juvey bands too?”
“Everywhere,” Hayden tells him. “Radio, e-mails, every communication we can intercept. The analysis programs have us shooting to red alert.”

Okay, so what’s going on here is they JUST FUCKING REALIZED that Connor2 has been burning down houses while screaming it’s revenge for unwinding plz kill us in retribution for two solid weeks now, and only by accident on the way to noticing that everything’s gone crazy suddenly. This happened only because their analysis programs which run through everything noticed that for them, because they’re that unspeakably incompetent. And yet, we’re supposed to believe they caught Risa’s broadcasts right at the start.


UnWholly Part Five Ch36-37 Connor, Risa

We’re reached the fifth part! Matters of Necessity. There are seven parts total. There’s also eighty-four chapters. Luckily, it looks like the “parts” option is a more accurate measure because we are indeed most of the way done and it’s just there’ll be a lot of micro-chapters to come.

Wait, you say. That can’t be right. If that’s so, the plot should’ve kicked in a while ago.

Yes. It really should’ve.


UnWholly Ch28 Cam

New Procedure Allows Kidney Transplants From Any Donor

Welp, that’s it. It’s the end times. Soon we’ll ban abortion, build massive state warehouses for abandoned infants, and have Christian childmurder cults. Even worse, we’ll have the dumbest anarchist group ever and some asshole sue walking around nice-socksing people.

That’s how bad these books are, they even ruin great scientific progress by association.


UnWholly Ch25-27 Lev, Miracolina, Lev

He’s going on about how incredibly attractive Miracolina’s disdain for him is.

No, seriously, this is looking endgame ship and it’s squicking me out – like, this can be cute if there’s the sense it’s because the guy recognizes and respects her opinion, but here there isn’t, it’s just the novelty and he’s trying to stamp it out at the same time. Worst of all options, really.

UnWholly Ch24 Miracolina

Ah, and now we’re actually on Miracolina! She’s very mad. She also continues to be the source of the only good writing in this book:

Would this please them, she wonders, for her to be captured and forced to live whole? Denied the holy mystery of the divided state?

Doesn’t that sound like something a religion would actually say? And what would have more claim to the phrase than a thing that is like the already mysterious death but even stranger, and done for the most noble of reasons? (more…)

UnWholly Ch23 Lev

Charles Cavenaugh Jr. meets Lev personally at the entrance of the crumbling mansion. He’s dressed like he’s too rich to worry about how he’s dressed. Even with the Cavenaugh family fortune long gone, Lev figures there must be enough residual wealth to keep at least his generation living elite.

Or, he still moves in rich circles to get information or because it’d be suspicious to suddenly act otherwise – the fact his mansion started out as the headquarters of one side of the war should mean he’s under at least moderate scrutiny. And he’s obviously not pouring tons of money into his outfit if he’s going with slobby chic.

But no, it’s adults doing a thing, they must be hypocritical or stupid or greedy or maybe all at once.

Also haha Lev thinking “family fortune” and “industry” have any connection these days.