Annihilation (movie)

Since I spent last October rambling about this, hey look, the movie’s actually happening and it looks like it’s sticking to the good stuff of the book!


  1. illhousen says:

    I find it funny that the trailer felt the need to tell us twice that the movie is from the director of Ex Machina.

    Anyway, I’m not sure how good the movie would be. The book was very introspective, which often doesn’t translate well across different mediums. Still, would be interesting to check out.

    1. Act says:

      I can’t imagine how it could work except that Ghost Bird’s narration is laid over the movie. She spend so much of the book completely alone.

      I also would hope they resist the impulse for jump scares and over-the-top effects, since the books horror was so subtle and in not seeing anything.

      1. illhousen says:

        Seems they’re using interrogation after the fact as a framing device.

      2. Farla says:

        While I’m suspicious Hollywood could ever not do jump scares, the fact the trailor is just cut to be all like “hey, look at this freaky place!!! oh hey, and this one!!!” actually makes me feel hopeful!

    2. Farla says:

      That was my first thought, but then I figured, the book has so much horror that not only doesn’t work well in movie format but can’t be done at all (just…ALL of the unreliable narrator, the question of if what she says she sees she sees) that they’ll have to redo it to be a movie-screen set of horror equivalents. In that case, we get additional content that may or may not live up to the original, but at least won’t be redundant. And the book offers some few examples that are nice cimematic moments, like the description of the first expedition’s video, so I’m hoping they’ll use that as a springboard for the rest – the fact they didn’t redo it so she’s the lone woman in a group of men makes me think they’re trying to work with the book.

      1. Act says:

        the fact they didn’t redo it so she’s the lone woman in a group of men 

        I wonder if the group will still be all women.

        1. illhousen says:

          Going by the trailer, seems that way. They added men in the framing story, though, so depending on the script, it’s possible male characters would become more prominent than female ones other than Ghost Bird.

      2. illhousen says:

        Hm, so your hope is for transformative adaptation that would take the themes of the book and build a semi-original movie around them? That’s rather optimistic.

  2. illhousen says:

    So, did anyone see the movie? I thought it was OK taken on its own merits but rather lacking as an adaptation, especially considering the changes to Ghost Bird’s characterization. She was massively more interesting in the books in ways that could have been adapted to the movie.

    It does have a strong focus on “look at the freaky shit we put together!” so there is that.

    1. Socordya says:

      So I finished the first book but I have only started the second one. Should I see the movie anyway,even though it seems (from the trailer) it uses events from the second book as a framing device, or are there spoilers?

      1. illhousen says:

        The director did not read the second and third books (at least at the time of making the movie), by his own admission. Apparently, they weren’t out when the work on the movie began. So any spoilers are accidental.

        I can confirm that it’s safe to watch the movie without reading the trilogy, the movie goes in a rather different direction.


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