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I stumbled upon this book by chance. My father mentioned it was mysterious horror very in line with my interests, then the cat woke me up with her mouse murders and I decided to read the first page, and then I ended up committed to reading the whole thing because there was no hope of falling asleep after that. I would highly recommend it.




The second book of the Southern Reach trilogy! Go read the first one.

This one is much less traditionally horror. (Though the moments it has are quite effective. I particularly hope someone makes a short movie out of the first expedition snippets.) When I began reading it, I was wondering if it’d actually make more sense to read this one first, since there’s a lot about the character trying to figure out what happened in the previous book so you already know and it’s harder to be anxious about. As things went on, though, that dramatic irony expanded to include that precious horror staple, the slow disaster that the main character is unaware of.

Also, after Dresden, it’s just so nice to have a main character who is a nice, pleasant person.


Annihilation, the movie about self-destruction

So yes, I did see this movie! It is not the glory of the book, but it was far closer than I had any hopes of it being (so many women! so much biology!). The changes it made seemed to be in service of making a story that would work as a movie, and I think it succeeded at that task (I quite like its decision to reframe the situation into something more focused on self-destructive behaviors, as it gives a nice overarching theme). It’s also got some lovely visuals. Overall, would recommend!

It is, however, a much simpler story, the sort of story where at various points a character will say, “What’s going on here is…” and we can take it at face value. (more…)

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