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Nov 9Kaleidoscope Glass

A response to your review at


I’d like to thank you for the criticism, especially the corrections on grammar.

Everything you said is very true – the first chapter does seem very clunky. If I am honest (and I hope that this doesn’t seem like I’m just saying this to save my ass), I’ve already almost given up on this piece. Like you said, the shoving in the characters so they fit resulted in a haphazard timeline, and I can’t find a way around the issue with classes without really changing some of the other things. I’m obviously nowhere near being a professional writer, so I don’t think that I’m ready to really write a complicated AU yet. I probably jumped the gun by trying to start this now.

However, if I ever do bring this back, I will definitely use some of your advice, especially with the Midnight Crew and the Condesce. Again, thank you!


re: Your review to Sickness

Nov 10Pairing-Naz

A response to your review at

We seem to have different ideas on how the Handmaid works. First of all, The handmaid’s timeline is not mapped out in any way. At least in a way that was ever described. Its up to interpretation. Liberties can be taken. You don’t seem to know this.

Lord English’s fetishes are very tame. Not even actual fetishes. Kissing, Hand holding, cuddling, romantic sex are what he considers Fetishes. Pretty obvious given he is an Older Caliborn. Handmaid calls them sick as thats what he thinks they are.

English is taking care of her to get her better faster. So she can work sooner. The felt are still concerned about her. Snowman was pushing English’s buttons to make him mad. That’s what she does.

Kindly shut the fuck up and think before you criticize.


re: Your review to Can’t Stay Away

Nov 10Pairing-Naz

A response to your review at

It’s how me an my friends type it to show how the ‘o’ in her name is a different color. It crosses over into writing sometimes.


Regarding Your Review of “Kismet Nemesis”

Nov 11amauroticRanger

A response to your review at

Since two messages might end up being just a bit confusing, I think I will just address both of you reviews here.

As far as the apostrophes and spelling go, I am not inclined to care. Much of the time proof reading is not something that I do, and tiny errors such as wetjer don’t concern me. I understand how ‘its’ and ‘it’s’ work, thank you.

I enjoy my semicolons and their ability to prevent simple sentences. As this writing is old and I haven’t even skimmed it recently, I’m not sure about the number of those, but less is always better in my mind.

I’m not going to argue the wording of my own story with you, as it’s a waste of time, but I don’t intent to take your opinion into account. I don’t know how you react to other people’s work on a regular basis, but most of the time unsolicited critique is just that: unsolicited.

But some of the time unsolicited critique isn’t unsolicited, apparently, so I’m good.


Nov 13FeebleFealty

First of all, I’d like to thank you for reading and critiquing both of the stories. I would also like to thank you for explaining how they were wrong and how it should be written since, if no one points out how I’m wrong then I won’t learn.

In Additions to the Midnight Crew, I wasn’t sure what term I should use because at the time I was still contemplating whether using the sweep ages or regular human ages – though now I think about it obviously it would be human since that’s where they will be raised and it will be all they’ve known. You made a point that they can walk into the stores and buy clothes, yes, you’re right. I had it in my head that they had a bounty or were perhaps one of those “America’s most wanted” but seeing as I had planned it so they would be confined to only one city I should change that since it would go against the ideas I had later on. I also wanted them to steal because they would have to constantly buy new clothes since the trolls would always be growing and who has time for that? Not the Midnight Crew. Getaways and robbing and all that. I admit you have pointed out a lot of problems in this and wow, I need to go back and fix so many things. I just had the idea and I was really excited over it so I hurried up and wrote it out. I thought it was nice enough to be published but I need to reread these things again.

As for The First Mission, it was just a little experiment I wanted to try since I had never written in second POV and thought it was nice enough to post. Like Additions, I probably should’ve reviewed it again to make sure it was all…correct. I wasn’t aware of the dialogue rules and I read your grammar guide (which proved I was wrong on other things) and I’ll try to keep it in mind so I don’t make the same mistake again. It isn’t humanstuck, but I wanted the Midnight Crew to have a similar appearance to humans, which Karkat was going to bring up later once I started the actual stories these two tied into. Um, semicolons, yeah, I don’t know how to use them and the only reason they’re in there is because Microsoft Word told me the commas should have been semicolons – and I won’t be making that mistake again. See, the reason the Midnight Crew sent them out was because they wanted experience and they had the idea that the kids wouldn’t be stupid enough to get caught and if they did they could try bust them out of there or the trolls would die and oh well. But it was second POV and since you/Karkat didn’t know that I wasn’t sure how to put it in there so I left it out. That also went for Slicks accepting his failure, he never believed the trolls to actually get the items and knew they were going to fail, he just wanted Karkat to know the whole ‘no buts’ thing. The reason for the trolls in the sopor slime was that it was supposed to be implied that the Felt had trolls as well but the kids never mentioned that so the Crew wouldn’t know until much later…

All in all, I will be going back and fixing it because I didn’t realized it needed so much work and I didn’t have a beta and now I do so hopefully if you stumble upon anything else I’ve written it’ll actually be grammatically correct in many more parts and not as much of a blunder as these two were.



Nov 15ApocalypseGrip

you’re right. you’re really right about everything. i don’t know, i just kinda figured, well she has had a pretty long life? so maybe some things grew on her? it was more as a teasing kind of thing. but you’re right, i actually kind of hate that story. tbh, i really shouldn’t be writing at all.


re: Your review to Dancing Fool

Nov 16Pairing-Naz

A response to your review at

It was a prompt on tumblr. LE gets mad when he finds a member of the felt dancing with the Handmaid. Dancing for the felt is a mating ritual.
And when did short stories need a point? Or any for that matter?
If you hate the Handmaid being with LE why are you even bothering with reading it? I like the pairing and I have multiple ideas on how the pairing could work. So little information is given on the Handmaids time under him that it can be taken many ways. Like how the kids can be any skin color.


re: Your review to Tummy Rubs

Nov 16Pairing-Naz

A response to your review at

You are forgetting LE has a thing for affection. He is Caliborn after all.
I also think he manipulated the Handmaid, treats her kindly at random intervals to keep her loyal or at most infatuated.

Christ I hate fandom.

re: your review of “And the Big Bad Wolf”

Nov 19Elizabeth Culmer

A response to your review at

Thank you! I’m glad that dashed hope works for you — it was both fun and unsettling to write, since one gets used to stories somehow pulling a happy ending out of a hat, and this one, by the nature of the challenge, absolutely couldn’t.



re: your review of “Gifts Unlooked For”

Nov 19Elizabeth Culmer

A response to your review at

Thanks! Jane and Roxy are adorable and I keep meaning to write more fic about them one of these days. :-)

I have stupid amounts of fun with world-building, and Homestuck offers such potential for trying to make sense of a thousand little background details Hussie tosses in without much explanation. And while krypton and xenon are heavier than air and thus remain on Dirk’s and Jake’s worlds of their own accord (and Jane’s helium is neatly trapped in the balloons), *something* must keep those neon flares from spreading willy-nilly through the Medium.



My story.

Nov 20Dark-Poet3

Thank you so much for reviewing and correcting me. God knows I need it. I originally wrote that story for an assignment last year and I guess that could explain the OOC Jack, but I’m not going to make excuses. I appreciate that you took the time to correct me.



Nov 20AphroditesRage

A response to your review at

now im not saying im the greatest writer out there but i already know there are many mistakes in my chapters, but you are really rude,,,,
i cant even finish this whole thing because im not going to consider this as any “help” or whatever you were trying to do.
i know nothings clean about my story
“Your grasp of grammar is atrocious. ” ohh wow you used a big word, many claps, such applaud.
im not writing this for you. i writing this for my friend.
if you think its so idiotic then why did you bother even reading it???
just saying.
you could have thought it was so ridiculous you could have stopped.
im not butt hurt about you thinking my story sucks, its not like anyone’s work is perfect.
thanks again for reading my shitty work though.


re: Your review to Misery Dungeon

Nov 20Burningsarcasm

A response to your review at

Thank you for the constructive review, I appreciate it. Ya, I often miss typos like the last one… xD

But otherwise, thank you a lot for the legit review. This is my first time writing a Pokemon fic, thank you for correcting me on my errors.


  1. Ember says:
    The nice thing about Pairing-Naz’s responses is that I didn’t realize until I saw them that the vast majority of the awful Handmaid stuff you’ve been hitting this month is all by the same person. Yay positives!
    1. Farla says:
      One of the few positives about being on the fringe of fandom is that most of the pairings have only a person or two being creepy about it!
  2. Hadithi says:
    I hate to be rude, but this is unreadable, Farla. It’s blinding. Is there any way you could fix the white on limegreen?
    1. Farla says:
      Yeah, sorry about that, the code works in mysterious ways. Looks like the fix is holding.

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