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Baffling Author Reaction Awards, Part 1

And in the “comments I have no idea how to respond to and can’t even tell if they’re serious or not” category, we have Matthew Dalzell:

“Excuse me, Act. Since you took such great pains to make us aware of your exceptional reviewing abilities and your likely dislike of our favorite authors, I thought I should mention some things to you with equal frankness:

authors are to be remembered by more than their surnames. As people united by the mutual bond of a love for writing, it follows that we should extend some courtesy and respect to others.

In addition, “Tolkein” will not do. I believe what you’re searching for is “J. R. R. Tolkien.””

edit: For some extra lulz/wtfery, you can check out his review on this fic (edit of the edit: and this one). “I personally enjoy wolves very much. I love them both in a literary, and biological way.” I wonder if this is an ellaborate troll.

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