Digression, or it’s time for our mid-book break

“Didn’t you order that van full of girls?” I say.
“My father did,” he says. “But before that, what made you want to be a bride?”

It’s time for a break. For my sanity.

As you may surmise from the little bit above, in Ch15 the author attempts to convince us that her precious Linden-chan had no idea about the kidnapping and murder, and presumably, if she was capable of recognizing rape existed at all she’d insist he had no idea about that either.

And, after the blind rage and that weird calm period, I realized I’ve seen something like this.

So let’s talk mpreg, or MPREG as it’s so often referred to. It’s not a thing I care much about – I don’t seek it out, but I’ve never understood the big deal people make about how awful it is either. Like anything, there’s good and bad fic out there for it.

I followed the link to one and wound up reading and reading just because I kept waiting for it to make sense. In it, women all either died or became sterile, but luckily a few men suddenly would have their balls dissolve and end up with a uterus. So of course the government mandated that they get pregnant for the good of the human race.

This actually makes sense so far. But it rapidly turns into this trauma congo of dehumanization and spousal abuse. The story seems to become a vehicle for putting men through an exaggerated version of women’s issues – they suffer absolutely ridiculous degrees of sexism, they’re raped and blamed for it, they’re pressured into committing to a boyfriend, they’re forced to do nothing but learn how to care for their babies or other fifties-era women’s classes, the authorities not only allow their boyfriends to beat them bloody but stop anyone from helping, right down to extreme control of their diet for their own good. Little to none of this makes any sense based on the premise. Also I think sex is painful but it’s okay because their boyfriend wants it, although I may be misremembering other bits about how painful being half female is and I’m not rereading to find out.

And the resolution is the main characters becoming happy with their abusive rapist boyfriends.

The story ultimately reads as some disturbed attempt to normalize all the things it chronicles, as if by saying that they ended up happy means the same is true of the real world equivalents. Much effort is expended on how the abusive rapist boyfriends aren’t as bad as the even more abusive, more rapist non-boyfriends. The nicest of the boyfriends, a horrifically manipulative bastard of a person, uses the threat of being assigned to what’s apparently a nonstop rape facility to get his chosen wifey to stop protesting about being forced to do everything he says down to having long hair. But it’s okay, because it’s not like he made the nonstop rape facility, it’s just there and he’s so concerned wifey might get sent there if the complaints don’t stop. So very concerned. So concerned he drags wifey there so wifey can see exactly what happens if wifey doesn’t learn to shut up and make him a sandwich.

Later, I followed another link. In my defense, a lot of my link following is harmless, you’re just hearing about what happens when things go badly. In this one, mass sterilization all around, with some men still normal and some men suddenly getting a uterus. This is an OTP story, so of course one half is a regular guy and the other’s got an assvagina ready for impregnation. (Similar to the other one, feminine indignities are inflicted on the uterus-bearer, like the fact they remove all his hair, and of course he has no rights.) I was squicked much faster and had to stop at how the author had made up a transparently bad character (who enjoyed raping) in order to make one half the OTP look good in comparison. Yes, they’re all going to force someone who just got raped to have sex with them constantly, but look, this one’s doing it so he won’t get raped by the other one who’ll be rough and hurt him!

I want to repeat that. It’s important the character rape someone so another person won’t rape him. Oh, and also it’s important because if they don’t rape the uterus-bearer pregnant he’ll get sent to…a nonstop rape facility, serving to show the current situation isn’t so bad since it could be even worse. I have no idea how common a trope this is in broader mpreg fiction, but there’s clearly some shared pool of ideas being drawn on here.

And I remember seeing this another time, much earlier, where it was this Lord of the Rings fic I have no idea where, where the men went sterile so they decided to start kidnapping hobbits because some hobbits had uteruses attached to their asses. The pregnancies were fatal, though, but much explanation was given by the rapists about how they had no choice but to do this or else their line would go extinct, and also at least they weren’t going to just gangrape them to death like the soldiers usually did. They would be very gentle rapists and hope super hard their little hobbit incubators didn’t die. I don’t know where the story went from there, but I think we can all guess.

So there’s this definite pattern of stories where for some reason it’s really important to the author that the rapists somehow be good and excused, but also important that the actual components of what’s going on is rape and abuse.

And there seems to be something similar going on here, scaled down to avoid any of that terrible crassness she’s so afraid of. The author does not do anything to actually mitigate the fact he’s fucking a thirteen year old, she just says it’s okay because reasons. And of course he’s still locking them up and keeping them as prisoners and refusing to allow them any sort of autonomy, but it’s okay because at least he didn’t know they were kidnapped in the first place. If they volunteered, obviously it’d be fine to do this to them.

The obvious psychological guess here is this is all some attempt to work through the author’s underlying fears about sexist treatment and abuse toward women. Or it could be that the writers involved only care about bad things when they happen to men. But for whatever reason there’s some deep need to set up characters who are by any sane measure horrendously abusive and recast it as love.

Well, now that I’ve made you never want to touch anything posted online again, I feel like I should link some good mpreg or something. But I have no idea what the masterpieces are, I’m mostly linkhopping to the horrorshows. I think Homestuck has some, but I haven’t been keeping up. So, here’s something tangentially related because it’s all I can think of: Take Clothes Off As Directed, less porny than it sounds, still very NSFW, in which a BDSM AU is reimagined as an allegory for women’s rights.


  1. Ember says:
    At some point you should rec Chain.

    (I haven’t really been following this one because every time I try I just get way too angry, but I figured I’d drop in to read the summaries, because I’m certainly interested in this monstrosity.)

    1. Farla says:
      Well I was trying for something not so traumatic this time. Maybe I’ll rec it at the end.

      I find prolonged contact reduces it to these flashes of blinding rage followed by numbness. Your way is likely smarter.

  2. Pinkpeb says:
    In defense of that OTP mpreg fic, the transparently bad rapist turned to actually be a good guy. He worked for some resistance movement and was just scheming his way into the facility to rescue the raped guy(s). Not that this makes the actions of the ~good rapist any better. I never wanted an OTP fic more to end non-OTPish than this one. So, I guess I rest my case.
    1. Farla says:
      Sadly, I didn’t even mind the bad rapist, only the way he was being used as a comparison point to claim the other guy was good.

      I am curious how the undercover thing worked. Does he violently rape people for credibility and it’s justified for the greater good, or try to find ways of avoiding it without blowing his cover?

  3. purplekitte says:
    Jeez, and here all the mpreg fic I can remember reading tends to be with a couple already in a relationship in the story having sex and then saying “Woops, all that shapeshifting/other magic we were doing had some unexpected complications.”
    1. Farla says:
      Most of it’s like that, since the point is usually just to stuff babies into a slash pairing or show their true wub. Well, except most I’ve seen doesn’t really bother with that much explanation.

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